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Miami Dolphins tied for AFC East lead

Are you ready for this? The Dolphins are tied for first place in the AFC East.

And it's mid-October!

With the Patriots losing to Seattle on Sunday, the Jets beating Indianapolis, and the Bills beating Arizona in overtime, those teams join Miami with a 3-3 record. All are tied atop the AFC East. So the first six weeks of the season has resolved nothing in the division.

It's irrelevant. What matters is that Miami finds itself mattering at this time of year. Still.

My opinion?

As I wrote in my column in The Miami Herald for Monday, the Dolphins have greatly improved since the season began. There are tangible signs that players and units are getting better. I also write the new coaching staff is also improving and there were signs of that Sunday.

Bottom line is the team is headed in the right direction so far.

I believe only one team is going to come out of the AFC East and make the playoffs this year. But at this stage, the Dolphins have as good a chance as any of the others.


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Wasting a pick on o-line depth?

Really one of our first 5 picks? On a linemen? Samunda was undrafted! Maybe waste a 4th or lower? But a Top 100 pick? Nah


I have to agree on Philbin. He turned this stuff around QUICK! He's even seemed to have reigned in Ireland and together they've made some awesome LOND and short term moves.

He **APPEARED(we don't know all the details)**a little shaky early on with Game Management(Clock/Time outs/kicks opposed to going for it, etc, etc.)

I really don't have any complaints with Philbin. On the contrary, a couple of Kudos actually.

First the practice pace. He doubled up the reps at a time when we needed more than we probably ever have. A simple little thing like that and he turned it into a major plus.

The other thing(there are more, but these two are my favs)is the up tempo/no huddle play. Whether or not we use it isn't the main thing. The main thing is when need be, we have the CAPABILITY! Thats the way we practice and thats the way we can play.......WHEN and/or IF needed.

I can see how some people think it sucks that we got rid of guys like Marshall, Johnson and Davis(I was one of them **INITIALLY**). **SHORT TERM** I'm sure they could have helped us. But at what **LONG TERM COST**?

Philbin has a plan and a well defined idea as to the type of players that are going to execute his plan. He made some tough choices, but he stuck to his guns(his integrity)and it's ALREADY paying dividends.

This turned out to be what I like most about Philbin. That and how quickly he's got this thing turned around(probably, arguably with LESS overall talent than Spo/Henning and Daboll had).

The Players are BUYING what he's SELLING and it looks like it's going to keep getting better. LOTS BETTER-LOL.

dashi are you home????????just askin

I'm checking out some of the game recording(I always do-lol).

On Tannehill's TD pass to Moore, he takes a wicked shot to the right knee. Rams LOLB comes free(blitzing) and Bush picks him up. But the Rams Linebacker knocks Bush off his feet and right into Tannehill's right knee. It's scary to watch on replay, but apparently he's fine.

Make no mistake though, it was more Tannehill making the play than it was Jenkins blowing an assignment. For a Vet QB it was a Great play, for a Rookie, it was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!

Granted Janoris Jenkins was expecting **BETTER** help from the safety, still, Tannehill made this play and he made it happen.

First off, The Rams were in a 3-4 defense and blitzed their ENTIRE front 7(The two inside linebackers ran a stunt). So, that right there tells you Janoris Jenkins was expecting a quick throw(a hot read, I think Jenkins guessed it was going to Bess((Who was open on a quick crossing route))and he guessed wrong).

But thats NOT all, Tannehill waited till the last second, with the blitz coming, sold it to Bess(open underneath) and then hit Moore like a seasoned Vet!.

Tannehill took the snap and looked at Hartline on the opposite side of the field. Then Tanny looks to Bess and THATS what froze Jenkins just long enough for Moore to run by him.

Jenkins knew they had a blitz on, so he expected a quick hit to Tannehill's Mr. Reliable. Tannehill froze Jenkins by sticking with his progression(He looked him off of Moore BIG TIME). And like a seasoned Pro, he found the open guy for a TD. A PERFECTLY thrown TD by the way. He hits Moore in perfect stride. Just enough zip and touch to get it there before the safety can make a play.

It looked like a broken play, but their was WAY more too it. Tannehill "Broke" the play for Jenkins by looking him off.


Wasting a pick on o-line depth?
Really one of our first 5 picks? On a linemen? Samunda was undrafted! Maybe waste a 4th or lower? But a Top 100 pick? Nah

Posted by: Dashi | October 15, 2012 at 12:53 AM

Agreed Dashi. It looks like we have our O-Line set. Barring any MAJOR shake ups or extenuating circumstances, I'm not even thinking O-line with those 5 picks in the first 3 rounds.

I'm thinking a depth type of journeyman vet in free agency for the league minimum or there abouts. Then MAYBE a flyer in a later round.

We can ALWAYS use good quality depth on the O-Line. But NOT BEFORE we settle some other more immediate and pressing needs.

But I get what the poster is saying. It's just going to keep on getting better and better from here on out. We're **ALMOST** to the point where we can simply just go "Best Player Available" in the draft.

Agreed with everything Odin said.

This team is better conditioned! And it's all cause of Philbin! We train harder than everyone else! That affects a players psyching in a good way! U know u are in better shape than the other team!

I actually thought Daboll was OK! Look at Cleveland after he left! He produced a better offense with McCoy and Hillis than this new regimen! That was a Ireland hire also! Should've told us something about Spo! When the GM hires the OC! A coach should hire his own staff!!

Also agreed on 1 thing! Philbin should be allowed the right to keep who he wants on his team! Didn't mind the Marsha trade or the Davis trade. Maybe The Marsha one? We were going after peyton at the time! Everyone wanted peyton manning! But Philbin made the right move!

On chad. Dashi had chad making the team! If we all can remember Dashi said only one out of 3 will make the team out of chad, naanee, and Hartline! Dashi had chad. To me Hartline has always just been average. And other than that 1 game! This season he has been average! Nàanee sucked from the beginning!

Will watch the game tomorrow on replay! But T-Hill looks like the real deal!

Great win!

This will be a quiet couple weeks from the trolls! Dashi was giving them to week 6!! But it looks like the winning is doing more than enough to the battle we face everyday with these trolls!

Dashi Out! (Did it for U)

Yeah Dashi, I'm going to call it a night too. I am going to make a couple of points and post some numbers, but then.....it's a WRAP!

A Great Weekend Of Sports for me. Michigan trounced Illinois 45 to Zip!

Then Verlander finished off the Oakland A's to advance. And now the Tigers are up 2 - 0 on the Freaking Yankees! Thats surprising, at one point I didn't even think The Tigers would make the post season.

Then of course.......The MAIN EVENT! **MY Miami Dolphins** even their record at 3-3 and put a Smack Down on Fisher and his Rams!

Life is GOOD!

Once again no Dolphins make the Top Ten Plays of the week. A least not Deions on the NFL Network.

One play(er) should have. Cam Wake moved into 3rd place in Sacks with 6.5. He trails only JJ Watts and Clay Matthews.

One of Wake's sacks should have made the top 10 somewhere. I'm talking about the sack where Wake goes down with the Right Tackle thinking he's going to fall on him and take him out.

Nope, SOMEHOW, Wake puts a hand on the ground, contorts and launches himself like a cruise missle! Bradford of course being the unfortunate target.

If you didn't see it, watch Replay. Wakes effort on this one sack alone is worth the Watch!

That reminds me, I have to ring my own bell. I predicted that Wake would draw special attention this week because of the state of the Rams O-Line. Pretty obvious, I know.

But I also predicted that this special attention would allow either Shelby or Vernon to step up and have a good game. Which Vernon did. He had a career day and took two scores off the board for the Rams.

I know we'll probably have rto draft a pass rusher pretty high. But I'm hoping we can draft a pass rushing OLB!

Because if you look at it OBJECTIVELY, TODAY, Wake played great and so to did his Bookend in Oliver Vernon. I hope this is a hint of things to come. But seriously, these two played GREAT!

PS: I'm giving a shout out to Ireland on this one. The way it's starting to look, he landed us a couple of very special ones!

How do you know only one team in the afc east will make the playoff's Armando? wheres your crystal ball? just like you said miami was gonna stink this year because of what happened on hard knocks ..LOL Love how all the experts were saying we were going to suck this year because of what they saw on hard knocks!!! ( like the "experts" on NFL network") If you value hard knocks as a source for telling if a team is going to be good or bad, you don't know what you are talking about!!!. Hard knock is a entertainment show!

Tannehill continues to improve!

He just had back to back wins without throwing an INT in either. He also finally threw for two TD's in a game.

He managed to get his QBR up to 76.5. He's improved to 27th just behind Cutler and Vick. He's ahead of Hasselbeck, Gabbert, Luck, Sanchez, Weeden and Cassell.

He's completing 59.6% of his passes and has 1454 yards(14th). He's in the top half for yards.

Probably the most impressive thing, more impressive than all the stats. He's running the offense like a seasoned vet and winning games. To top it all off, he has improved from week to week. Steady!

Stick around, I think it's going to start getting REAL Good!

Really. Great win. But the PHINS are not going to win these type games again elite teams. Mando. 462=win 90% of the time. So let's count our blessings. I take it!

Agreed Dashi. It looks like we have our O-Line set. Barring any MAJOR shake ups or extenuating circumstances, I'm not even thinking O-line with those 5 picks in the first 3 rounds.

by: odinseye
Odinseye .. you are never set at O-line .. not in todays football....


Maybe a poor choice of words. I meant we have our 5 starters.

Ultimately I stress the need for depth. I even mention possible free agent signnees and later round picks in next years draft.

Lets not make it about semantics. We have our starting 5. If we get a GOOD chance to improve........you do it.

If you get a GOOD chance to add depth, you do it.

I think we're on the same page in this regard.




Is Moore that deep threat wide reciever that can spread the filed and give something defenses have to be aware of? If so, we will have a pretty complete offense to for teams to deal with. Right now that"s the only thing missing. Good job gents....!

Honestly tannehill played a great game, didnt see much from the running game though, hopefully the d keeps up the good work!! and honestly we should be 5-1 right now (if dan shoulda just been a carpenter made kicks!) so clearly we have a good shot at this season.

Games are won One by One.

Great win, but what the f with the tuck rule, and the reversal of Givins fumble? We should have won by a ton more.


stats r 4 losers.

I thought Vernon was a monster yesterday. He always had the physical talent - maybe he's figuring it out now. Would be nice to get 8 sacks or so out of him on an annual basis - maybe it would give us a chance to look elsewhere than DE in the upcoming early draft.

Poizen, that ref was Steratore, the same genius who didn't call Rothliesberger's fumble a few years back. This chump obviously doesn't know what a fumble is. And the NFl keeps sending him down to Miami - I never want to see this guy again.

And PS, the tuck rule is the most stupid rule in all of sports. How is a tuck not a fumble?? Absolute stupidity.

Agreed Mark (on Vernon and the stupid refs).

Great to win a close game, great to be right in the thick of things in the division, but Dansby put it best, “It’s definitely gotten better. But we’re still a long way from being perfect.”

Bye week gives Gaffney a chance to learn the system and get into the game in a couple weeks. We'll have another tough matchup when we come back. Since we're all so close these division games will mean even more. Gotta win that one (so we split with them and don't get swept). I'm hoping Tannehill keeps growing, getting better every week. Very pleased with the progress this Season. The future looks bright in Miami!

When Tannehill plays well (and the secondary doesn't blow it) it shows just how good of a team we really are. A rookie QB with no-name receivers did enough to allow us to win when our rushing game did absolutely nothing for him. Just imagine what a legitimate receiving threat would be able to do to this team. Hartline was held to 0 yards and we still managed to win with Moore leading our receiving corps (why now, clearly he's more productive than Naanee and Armstrong -- clearly Roberto Wallace wasn't that good either as no one picked him up).

Happy we're going into a bye week with a win. Also nice to see Wake continue to be such a dominant force again, clearly he is one of the best DEs in the league, nice to see Vernon compliment him too, maybe by season's end we will have solved our DE/Pass rush issues

go findsssssssss screw u fisher!!!!!!!!!! wow that was ugly but we found a way to win. horrible game but we will take it

I said before the Cincy game, Miami was about to go on a 5 game win streak. It might be 6 games. Weak schedule but, that's who they play.

Not a knock, just the truth.

Those final games vs Seattle, Ne X2 & SF will determine our fate.

NE looks uncharecteristcally weak at times. NYJ are going no where unless Sancheeze suddenly becoems a pro bowl QB & Buffalo's D is terrible.

I can honestly say, for the first time in a long time, Miami's stock arrow is pointing up while every other team in the division is pointing down.

cant really say that. we just looked awful at home vs a very bad road team. nothing is even close to being a sure win for us

MD20, nice to see Moore have a nice game. This guy was a longshot to make it in the league and did absoultely everything he could to stay in the league. While he was mastering the gunner role on special teams (why he made the team), Wallace was off modelling and doing crap that young guys with a little bit of money and good looks like to do - so the guy with lesser physical skills makes it - go figure. Nice to see them use Reggie in the passing game. This was an absolute failure of the previous regime to ignore this skill. He is Miami's third receiver. Let's roll the Jets ...

DC, true true true on Tannehill. Already in week six we found ourselves in games where we rely on him to be our offense. Reggie was getting shut down in Arizona and St. Louis and I thought he did enough in both games. If only these brainiacs in Miami had enough foresight to take a first round QB ten years ago, we would have never found ourselves in that generation long downswing.

Already in his first year, the rookie has us in the respectable portion of the NFL pecking order. Not elite, not Sunday night football but not laughing stock. People know they are going to get punched in the mouth when they play the Dolphins. They may win but they're going to get bloody and right now that is good enough.

Yeah, using Reggie out of the backfield is a MUST when you don't have many other weapons. Look at how the Saints used him (though they had tons of weapons).

This is what I'm talking about hope. Sparano's teams played hard, but could anyone really say they saw a future in that style of play? Just look at the Jets. Everything on the ground, no big plays, relying too much on defense. The margin-of-error in that style is so miniscule, you have to be perfect to accomplish anything.

This Coaching staff gives their team a chance by ASSISTING THEM where they can. First down pass late in the game for 8 yards (to make it easier to get the first). Fake punt (extending drives when it counts), empty backfield (to at least give the QB some help in finding an open receiver). We didn't see that on Sparano teams. That gives me hope that with better talent at skill positions, we can go pretty far and win consistently.

loved the fake punt, but would of been hilarious to see people in here if we didnt get it

This is when you start to become a good team, meaning you may have been out gained statistically but we found a way to win. Remember not too long ago we were destroying the Peyton led Colts and Brees led Saints but we lost those games. We were like the Rams yesterday, doing alot of good and outgaining the opposing team but we would lose. Now the shoe is on the foot, atleast for one game, but it does give hope.

yeah, I agree bill, they would have called for Philbin's head. But that's why I'm not against Sherman taking chances trying to win games at the end by staying aggressive (rather than running the ball trying to run out the clock). That worked this time, but I prefer being aggressive generally (not in every situation). Especially when your defensive secondary isn't that good.

Actually, I think it was Fisher who made the mistake end of game. They could have run one more play (on 4th down). Probably would have made it too. Then tried the FG from closer (even a few yards would have helped his kicker). He was conservative, and his team lost. That happens all too often. With so much parity in the league, giving your team extra chances to win usually makes a big difference. Yes, it depends on execution, but you can't execute if you're never given a chance.

we got lucky this game and deserved it, that kicker usually never misses.

no bi week, they played like krap. they need practice...

DC, right on about the coaching. That fake punt was a ballsy call and aided the offense in grinding down the clock when the running game was sputtering. The coaches simply don't believe in the running 3 times into a brick wall and punting away and depending ona tired defense to do it all.

Wannstedt, saban, or Sparano would not have done that although Saban did have the next last good offensive co-ordinator in Scott Linehan to his credit.

Once again we overcome awful officiating to win a game. Wake is the most held guY in the league. longs guy slips and falls and they hit us with holding. tannehill gets pummeled at least twice with one helmet to helmet, no call, the one they actually did call in our favor was a crap call against the rams when the guy barley tapped his helmet. One day someone is going to come out that the officials are working with vegas.

What A Difference Good Coaching Makes:

“We didn’t have a whole lot of rhythm on offense,” Philbin said, explaining the gamble. “We felt it would be there. We’d practiced it a lot. We told the players [Saturday night] that if it was there, we’d go for it.”

That is coaching. That St. Louis’ susceptibility to a fake punt had been identified on film, and also that Philbin showed faith in his team to execute the play.

Wow, identified it on film, Sparano would have never done this. Remember "Suck for Luck"? We played to win the games last season and now have Tannehill.

This teams now seems truly headed in the right direction with 2 leaders, Philbin/Tannehill, none of can claim "we saw coming".

Mark in Toronto--

I have been yo your city and found it delightful. Much more clean, efficient and wealthy than the typical American city and the population seemed more intelligent and polite as well.

Furthermore, re: the offensive philsophy - look at the Giants yesterday. They can win with defense and running like they did yesterday and Manning can be a game manager. But is there any doubt that if they need to unleash the passing game that they can play with anyone???

That is exactly what this staff is building in Miami. They don't expect Tannehill to be Drew Brees but eventually they will line him up in shotgun on every down if they need to like they did against Arizona.

shaggy, I was screaming at the TV on that B.S. Long call. Exactly, defender fell, Long didn't hold, didn't push him down. That ref should have been attacked after the game, not kidding. Instead of going after Ireland, fans should go after the refs who call games like that. Make them think twice about coming to Miami trying to sway games for the opposing teams.

future is looking good fellas.


Wake's now the highest rated 4-3 de in the nfl. If you've noticed, not only is Wake a beast of a pass rusher, he's also beginning to become a beast in the run defense game.

Wake keeps playing at this pace he'll easily become a top 3 nominee for dpoy at seasons end.

Suck for Luck! Suck for Luck!

Well, we didnt. As a grand prize for not "sucking for Luck", we are now experiencing "The Thrill In Tannehill"!

Olivier Vernon's 2 sacks saved the game. I hope Ireland keeps up with Golden. OV and Lamar Miller are both steals where we got them.

Posted by: B33RCA53 | October 15, 2012 at 10:19 AM

Ireland seems to have nailed this draft. Tannehill, Martin, Vernon, Miller, and of course Joe Philbin. I really trust this coaching staff to get Rishard Marshall and Michael Egnew developed too. Look what they did so quickly for leftover Sparano busts in the making. John Jerry headed that list.

how many of Tannehill's incompletions were dropped passes?

2 watt they need time to heal which is the reason for the bye week and yes there will be some that stay behind and practice.. for example im sure Gaffney will stay behind to keep learning the playbook and get into game shape. Guys like Long, Burnette, Marshall, and whomever else is banged up need to rest so they can destroy the wets in 2 weeks.

From this day forward, I will refer to Ryan Tannehill as:


The "THRILL" is back in the qb position in Miami, baby!

As far as Egnew.. Philbin took his time with Finley his rookie year. Finley rode the bench for most of it so maybe he is bringing Egnew along slowly too... Philbin is wanting to win today but is planning for wins tomorrow..

how many of Tannehill's incompletions were dropped passes?

Posted by: B33RCA53 | October 15, 2012 at 10:28 AM

Does it really matter on a day when TANNE-THRILL completed 73% of his passes? LOL

@ Bill C...how can you watch the game and say the Miami D looked "awful". You don't know football bro. Yeah, they gave up some yards on the ground, some big plays, but they held them to mostly fg's, had a sack on a crucial 3rd down that setup the game winning "missed" fg. Our D bent a little today but they didn't break, and that's all you can ask for...go jump off a cliff or something because you are obviously miserable

David, not too sure about the comparisons you made but I do love my city and would never live anywhere else.

I also believe the play of Tanne-Thrill has also re-energized our defense. The defense now seems determined not to be a weak limk of this team.

In the past, when the offense caved, the defense followed suit. Seeing the shotty offensive play, the defense seemed to say to itself: "Here we go a fvcking gain. Joining the offense in folding like a cheap tent.

just curious... He was really accurate all game. I can only remember two or three balls that weren't thrown perfectly. A lot of check down but that one to Moore was a thing of beauty.

El Dashi thinks we should let these coaches develop. OV has proven that(He's only a rookie). The kid is a beast! 8 Sacks this year won't sound bad! But this kid has 16+ Sack potential! Remember what golden told Ireland after the draft, U just got 2 first round picks if they would've stayed in college 1 more season! (That means Ireland got 4 players with first round talent this year! Not bad! He repeats that next year! Even with BPA! EVERY PICK! Ireland should do real well next year. )

Hopefully that relationship develops! Would be nice to have a farm system! And Ireland does seem to get players from Florida in general!

Parcells was the one who said certain players from certain regions play certain positions better. Texas Qb's! ATHLETES from the south and California. Big boys from the Midwest or the Samoa islands! A Coalition of players!

The Rams have a veryh good running attack. They are going to run on a lot of good defenses this year.

Getting that great Rams run game under control in the 2nd half, is a great testamant to the fact, we now have a coaching staff fully capable of making HALFTIME adjustments. Been a long time since this has happened in Miami too.

b33, bess dropped 1,
but that was his 1st this season i tink.
hands of clay had 1 that was behind him. but?

does moore kno it's 1 g to charity when he tosses the ball to the crowd.?.

Posted by: B33RCA53 | October 15, 2012 at 10:36 AM

On the Tanne-thrill td throw to Moore, Armando told everyone to calm down, a blown coverage was why he was so wide open.

My reply to Armando was that it was a big deal. How many times have we seen our wr's wide open deep and the ball was over or underthrown. Hitting wide open recievers deep in Miami has been a very rare thing in Miami post Marino.

dashi, the u is the farm system.
golden just has 2 get rid of shannons ghetto trash and they sho*u*ld be on their way next season.

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