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Miami Dolphins tied for AFC East lead

Are you ready for this? The Dolphins are tied for first place in the AFC East.

And it's mid-October!

With the Patriots losing to Seattle on Sunday, the Jets beating Indianapolis, and the Bills beating Arizona in overtime, those teams join Miami with a 3-3 record. All are tied atop the AFC East. So the first six weeks of the season has resolved nothing in the division.

It's irrelevant. What matters is that Miami finds itself mattering at this time of year. Still.

My opinion?

As I wrote in my column in The Miami Herald for Monday, the Dolphins have greatly improved since the season began. There are tangible signs that players and units are getting better. I also write the new coaching staff is also improving and there were signs of that Sunday.

Bottom line is the team is headed in the right direction so far.

I believe only one team is going to come out of the AFC East and make the playoffs this year. But at this stage, the Dolphins have as good a chance as any of the others.


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Clemons is tricky... He's solid for 95 percent of the time then he'll be outta position or gets beat for a big game. Tackled a bunch yesterday but I saw at least one play he was responsible for that the defense got shredded n jones had to come from the other side to cover for him.

Remember when Henne couldn't throw a touch pass to a running back on a screen pass? T-Hill can and it makes me smile like Joe Biden at a debate!!!

Go Phins!

Truth ur assuming worst than all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at RG3's injury history! Add that he plays in the NFC east!

U assume RG will last a decade!!!

What's wrong to assume with his style of play and the way he is coached to play the game. RG3 will get hurt a lot! Specially with a Suspect Line!

How is RG3 going to get better when the team around him can't really add impact players the first 3 years of his career! Except in destroying the cap! By adding free agents! And check the redskins history with FA's!!!

But still because the false prophet has spoken rg3 and the redskins are about to embark on a decade of greatness!

Get off the rocks truth!!! RG3 is nice for a video game! But Dashi prefers that his qb makes better decisions than him in a game! Have a Top 5 mind when it comes to passing offenses!

This is a passing league not a running league!

U think RG3 is going to do that against a team with a real MLB or a HEAD HUNTING SAFETY!


RG3 is good, but to be a NFL QB!! U Need to be 90% mental 10% physical! Just helps to have top 5 athleticism! But what good does it when u are Mr.glass!

But we know truth rg3 won't get hurt!

D Thomas = 3 busts

Russel Wilson > Tannehill

Doesn't J.Martin look like the black guy from Reno 911?

Now that u said that! And yep, ur right! Hartline with a mustache!

So is sherm the crazy OC?

Carpenter does kick like a girl!

And the crazy hating fans are straight out of major league! We want Vaughn(Moore)!! The Fins suck!

Aloha FINLAND, Fins tied for first in the middle of october????
Mando showing love to fins???
What the DUECE is going on??
To bad the world ends Dec 23,2012.....

( . )Y( . )

Carpenter is KID ROCK

Go Phins!

I hardly ever agree w truth but RGIII is super intelligent. Hate all u want RGIII is already a star. In the same breath I believe Tannehill has the same ability n potential.



cuban...tell us the story you told us a month ago about YOUR JAIL CELL


The team with the fewest turnovers wins 90% of all NFL football games.

The team with the most yards from scrimmage wins 58% of all football games.

It is clear, therefore, that the most important thing is limiting turnovers.

Tannehill > Luck > RGIII (starting 2 games ago)

Luck and RGIII threw INTs in game 6. Tanne did not.



Hey, what are you doing?

Um.... #WINNING. Duh!!!




Dashi and Odindouche same person.

Lil Aloco, I see your still dealing with your demons.........

Wasn't henne a engineer?

Intelligence helps! But learning the passing game and mastering to be a qb are 2 different things! Marino was dumb like a rock! But he understood football! Shula taught him football and he mastered his mechanics in the pocket! (Marino has stated that after he joined the fins he got a pocket awareness class! His first offseason)

Look at the qb Whisperer! Harbaugh! Luck looks a little slow to Dashi but he's made Luck into the rain man! Look at what he is done with Alex smith and kapernick!

Shanahan is what unsettles me with rg3! Does he care about his development? Care About RG3? Help him with his mechanics? Wants RG3 to master the position!

RG3 is supremely talented! But talent is only as valuable as his coaching staff!

Perfect Example! Jake Long! The Prototype at the Position but got destroyed by bad coaching! Hopefully Long can be saved! Remember Jake couldn't lift weights till training camp this year! Getting healthy! Maybe next season he has his punch back! Jake is one of the strongest linemen ever! Remember Spo had him playing with 1 hand!
Maybe Philbin has him playing with both hands by the end of the year!

Will philbin be on NFL Live?

LOL At my friend Lil Aloco, Your still funny as always Aloco.

Boycot youre a tard.. he didnt have full control for 4 years.. Parcells himself said it. You can keep on asking for him to be fired but with this draft his job is safe buddy..


you keep on educating these people, you have my support on everything except on the Ireland thing..lol


Your post's are getting a little tired, Ireland is doing quite well building this team through the draft and we have a good coach and a really good young QB,


Thank you FZB... It is getting old quick.

FZB, LOL, You just called Boycott Toilet paper.
I dont know why this makes me laugh, but it does....
Anywhoo. I think the next 3 games(Esspically the jets) Are all important for us, Fins should hve won last time.
I EXPECT the breathing swimming Mammals to win sunday.

YG disappears and cuban menace appears


How do you keep track of all these personalities....and what triggers you to use this one...but not that one.....

This is fascinating to me...

let the show continue....

Truth tries to stir the pot more than martha stewart does.


Dude, Tou think Iam Yesterdays gone???, LMAOROTF.

Cuban Menace,

How are you old buddy, I really don't post here too often but when I see something really stupid I'll say something, I'm over at Cote's blog..We missed you over there..lol

Slow down folks. Mondo, maybe the Dolphins are tired for first in the AFC east but u could keep that under ure hat. Dolphins have a long way to go and some good teams in between. If u believe Seattle will be a push over, then I got land in Big Cypress I wanna sell u. IF the Rams kicker had been a little better the Fins would have lost yesterday. U folks remember two missses by Carpenter, I know. Dolphins have to many unanswered positions on the field, and when is Gaffney going to suit up? Dont get hopes to high......

cuban + flipflop + frontrunner + uneducated =



Sorry man, busy day at work.

Yeah I'll continue to say Fisher is a good HC. I'm glad that Philbin is our guy but it doesn't take away from how I feel about Fisher. Knock him if you want but he'll turn things around in St. Louis. They are well on their way to having a competent team.

As for Russell Wilson, I just reported what I had heard. I'd heard a number of people say that Flynn had better be warmed up and ready to go. Seahawks are playing well but nothing is guaranteed for Wilson at this point.

What up FZB, CHRIST....Been a long time, I go to Cotes blog sometimes, We've conversed over there a few times.
Love what the mighty air-breathers are doing.
I hate all the ANTI dolphin posts on here.....
Get it???????

Craig M....

Just poking @ you....

Fisher is building the 2009-2011 FINS.....

and you know how that turned out....

We hate all the FAKE NAMES that post anti-Dolphins stuff on this blog....

I get it!!!!!!!!

Not to get on the giddy bandwagon, but hey....move over...

I have repeatedly made fun of Philbin's OCD-like behavior (from Hard Knocks). While I still imagine he keeps everything on his desk at perfectly right angles, whatever works - and I apologize. He has made this team, win or lose, fun to watch again!


You say you think only one team from the AFC East will make the playoffs, which is reasonable, but if the season ended today there would be three AFC East teams in the playoffs... just saying.

Dashi, what are you talking about RGIII and Shanahan? Shanahan changed his O to fit his QBs talent and skill set! As it should be, they didn't do that here for Henne, of course Henne is no RGIII, but to make a QB a success the coaches have to identify a players strong points while correcting errors. It's what made Shula so successful.

Shout out to Cuban and FZB.

Thanks Fzb!

The winning is doing the talking! But u know Dashi just wants what is best for the team. Dashi is the kind of fan that even if go 15-1 would still like for improvement! Find things we can do better. Just don't look for Dashi to insult my team cause we are losing! There is a way to go about criticizing without going to the ridiculous!

Sky, RE: RG3, it comes to mind what Shula did with Marino, Shula was a pound it out through the run type of guy.
He changed it big time after Marino came on board.
Agree 100% on your 5:15 post.....

Thanks Cuban, that was what set Shula at the top of his class. Being able to earn his players respect while exploiting their talent.

Shanahan hasn't changed nothing! He runs the same o he has always ran! With more qb running!

Shanahan is burning out rg3! His college coach took better care of him! Shanahan has never been big on player safety! Burns out all his stars! Name 1 player shanahan didn't burn out! He's worst than spo

Red, Still remember Marinos first game(They lost to Buffalo Something like 35 to 31) And during the post game intervtew Shula ststed the words " We think we found the future of our offense and his name is Dan Marino"......

Cuban Menace--




Shula never said anything of the sort. You are imagining this happened. It did not.

Hal, Trust me, that is exactly what the great DON said.

Let him continue to talk to himself....

I want to see how long he can keep this up.....

Shula did NOT ever say those words. You simply have an overactive imagination and thought you would add more 'color' to your commentary by fabricating this quote.

cuban got tired posting under a different name. now he is back as


I like pecans and walnuts but not Brazil nuts or hazelnuts. They are grainy and fatty.

Wow, Havent posted for over a month and this is the garbage I gotta deal with??, I'll see you all in another month........

You will be posting again within hours (if not minutes under a different name). When you return, please refrain from fabricating quotes that Don Shula never said.

Thank you and good day.

Folger's coffee is for white trash losers. So is Budweiser.

Dashi and Odindouche same person

Good game finz......keep growing every week and we could find ourselves deep into the playoffs.

go get healthy and get ready for sweet revenge on those damn jets.

>>"Been following this site for years. Do I sense a lessening of really ignorant negative immature commentary from some clearly clueless 'fans'?? If so, Philbin/Ireland have accomplished a ton. I for one am happy as can be . 50yrs old and ready to roll !!!!!

Constantine, i think you are onto something. It was like starving dogs attacking each other over scraps. Now we get a little meat and folks regain some dignity

hal2500, I've forgotten more football in the last hour that you'll ever know in your little life,
Troll on over to the Sun-Sentinal(Oh yeah BTW, have your credit card ready)

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