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Miami Dolphins tied for AFC East lead

Are you ready for this? The Dolphins are tied for first place in the AFC East.

And it's mid-October!

With the Patriots losing to Seattle on Sunday, the Jets beating Indianapolis, and the Bills beating Arizona in overtime, those teams join Miami with a 3-3 record. All are tied atop the AFC East. So the first six weeks of the season has resolved nothing in the division.

It's irrelevant. What matters is that Miami finds itself mattering at this time of year. Still.

My opinion?

As I wrote in my column in The Miami Herald for Monday, the Dolphins have greatly improved since the season began. There are tangible signs that players and units are getting better. I also write the new coaching staff is also improving and there were signs of that Sunday.

Bottom line is the team is headed in the right direction so far.

I believe only one team is going to come out of the AFC East and make the playoffs this year. But at this stage, the Dolphins have as good a chance as any of the others.


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Dashi has said it before, "Marino hold the Record for Having the Most Passing Records at the Same Time"

Some sick number! Marino had like 40+ Passing Records at the Same Time!!


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We didn't listen to you when you posted under HOME, why would we listen now.

Home posts under many names now and this is one of them. He got scared during camp and pre season, trashed the whole team Coaches, Players and even the Cheerleaders.

He particularly trashed Philbin, Tannehill, Sean Smith and Jonathon Martin. Hepredicted they would all suck and that we would onlyt win 2 games.

Now that ALL of his predictions turned out wrong, he is not Man enough to post under Home. He freaked out when we didn't sign Tebow and the jets did. Now he uses almost as many fake names as the resident troll.

All of you that thought he disappeared are now sadly mistake. Kind of pathetic.

told you 4 months ago that Horseface and the Broncos have bad karma for what they did to Tim Tebow.

I would think you would consider listening to me.

Gee the Broncos sure are performing differently than they did last year when Tebow was 8-2 including a playoff win over the vaunted Steelers, during which "can't throw" Tebow threw for 316 yards.

Tebow doesn't throw pick 6s and then blame the receiver.

Pay attention here slow ones: the pick 6 *was Manning's fault*. He pointed to the DB exactly where he was going to throw the ball. News flash: the defense, 4 feet away, can also see and hear Manning's pointing where the hot route is. Duh.

Posted by: Danny Whuerffel | October 15, 2012 at 10:08 PM------------------------------------------

Home on sports center they all state that the receiver ran the wrongroute.

Most of us already knew that though because Hot Blitz Reads seldom call for deep routes-HELLO!

Nice try Home, but Manning made up for it. By it I mean the WR running the wrong route.

Also, Maning set some three records tonight. How many records has Tebow set?

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Lewis is OUT for the Season!

That is HUGE!

I don't know how big it is to US! Yeah, I said **US**! I'm talking about MY Miami Dolphins-LOL!

I heard Ray Lewis was out for the year and my FIRST THOUGHT.......****MY VERY FIRST THOUGHT**** was, How might THAT affect our chances at making the Playoffs?

It might end up not affecting us at ALL, but that was my first thought. That's just the way I think: It's All about MY Dolphins!

Anyways, Good Luck Ray Lewis and I hope you're not hurting too bad. Though I have to say, I'm GLAD you're OUT!

Buh Bye!

PS: Hopefully it helps us sneak into the Playoffs!



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Good call Dashi, regarding Tebow's throwing motion.

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THE JETS- "Eeeeewwwww" When The Phins play at the Jets in 13 days this game is gonna be a great because Miami will actually be able to DESTROY the Jets like we all know they can. The Dolphin defense is becoming so dam great that it makes me Vomit . This is reality- Cameron Wake he is on pure fire.... And someone from the jets will pay. (SANCHEZ) Cameron Wake on pure animalistic fire add Solia Starks Dansby Olivier Vernon Odrick Burnett and Starks- with Sean Smith and Reshad jones not playing but actually PATROLLING BACK there and I trust this defense for the first time in my 40 some odd years. Im not saying this because im a fan. The dolphins do in fact got this defense finally frickin so tuned in im no longer in fear llike I used to be. I ACTUALLY WOULD RATHER WATCH OUR DEFENSE OVER OUR OFFENSE BECAUSE ITS FUN SEEING THEM SO DOMINATING FOR ONE OF THE FIRST TIMES SINCE manny fernandez days I CANT BELIEVE HOW LETHAL OUR DEFENSE IS (Starks Wake even Nolan CARROL IS GITTIN SOME. KOA MISI GREAT DEPTH .. PREDICTION MIAMI 23 JETS 6 there is no way We lose NONE '

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Pa, with bye week, we have time to Gaffney and Armstrong on track, get everyone healthy....and kill Jets, NE, at least once, we might lose a couple more, but could be 10-6, what say you? I originally thought we could be 6-10! I'm more optimistic now! More than in the last 20 years!

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I have a question for you. But I'm a little nervous about asking, if it's something you'd rather not discuss, I understand fully. Also, please don't attack me for just asking. Like I said, if you'd rather not talk about it, I'll leave it at that.

I was just curious about you being a Quadriplegic?

I noticed you talking about athletics when you were younger. The your Armed Forces Duties(BTW-Kudos to you Sir!). Now, even talking about fighting Redsky-lol.

How did it happen? Do you have to live with alot of recurring pain, etc, etc? You and I have talked quite a bit and I was just generally curious, thats all.

Again, if you'd rather not, I totally understand.

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Jim Florio,

I like that kind of talk.

As soon as I heard we got Coyle and were going 4-3 I was PUMPED The Fvck Up! Checking our Roster right off the bat I thought we would be a dominating defense. I posted this all off season and off course had to suffer at the hands of all the doubters. I got slammed-PERIOD-LOL.

The thought of Wake moving back to LDE where he set all the Canadian records? I was estatic and posted as much. (BTW - Some seem a little confused about Wake. He starts at RDE. On MOST(not all)on most passing downs Wake moves over to LDE and this the pos. where he got most of his Canadian snacks(pun intended ;)

Then my second thoughts were about our Defensive Tackles. Starks and Solia on the field together at the same time? Then our depth and versitility with Starks, Odrick and McDaniels all having played inside and out!

Then to top all of that off, Ireland takies a chance and goes after a possible STEAL in Oliver Vernon! How ballsy of Ireland? Taking all the heat he was getting? The planes and demonstrations. He sticks his neck out there going after the TWO..........the TWO UM Stars. Miller and Vernon.

Enough about Ireland's Balls-LOL. Coyle brought Vernon in slow and made sure he wasn't in over his head. On the surprise run plays out of passing formations, Vernon did very well. He set the edge, played with discipline and earned all of his playing time.

Add in this giant confidence boost! The tackles and the sacks! Playing and learning from Pro Football Focuses No. 1 DE Cam Wake! Whats Vernon, like 21 years old? He couldn't possibly dream up a better scenario.

If Sunday is any indication of what the future has in store, This Defense Is About To Become Fierce!

It's all good and well for us to dream about the playoffs this year. But we simply shopuldn't loose focus on the big picture. THIS IS YEAR 1 Of a Major Re-Build! When we get our Pass Rushing OLB, another Corner and a Big Time Safety to add to this unit in the off season? Look The Fvck Out!!!!




I'm trying to avoid yours and Dashi's Beef!

I don't knock passionate Dolphin Fans. I am one of the Worst Kinds Myself-LOL!

But ah........Natural Selection? It's a Beautifully Perfect Theory. I believe in it so thoroughly, I find it **ALMOST** offensive to call it a Theory.

Whats more, Natural Selection and my God's "Creations" are **NOT** mutually exclusive! On the contrary, it was done this way for a REASON!


Odin, I was afeared of the post Mike Nolan Defense. I'm more accepting of it now. Still wait and see for O and D, but seeing progress weekly helps, ALOT!!!!

Odin, I know you stay out of BEEFS, as I have, but there are times when I've done what's right and stated, Odin is right, but then it all falls to natural selection! As I stated and you agree! It's why we hunt, fish, grow our own veggies! Whoops, unless you're one of those entitled ones who thinks someone should provide for you! But yes, it's eat or be eaten and why Dashi is toast! Really, do you think he has a chance? I'm 60, 6'1, 220! Ok, 225, ok, I'll admit to 25 lbs of ugly fat, but if you cut off my head I'd be 200 lbs of beautiful muscle!


I didn't really want to lose Mike Nolan at first either. While he failed to get us over the top defensively, he always kept us at or near respectable.

But I bought in to the Philbin Experiment very early on. I checked where he worked, who he worked with and how much success he had and that was enough. Us as Fans, we get 99.9% of our info on line, so we don't know the intimate details. But EVERYTHING.......I mean EVERYTHING I could find on Philbin was all good.

So when he picked Coyle I did the same thing and came up with very similar results. The one thing that stood out to me about Coyle was how he took a questionable group of players from a past regime and Coached Em Up!

I think he's done it again here in Miami Already. Even moreso than in Cinci. So I'm sold and not missing Nolan at all. I can't wait until Coyle gets a years worth of continuity out of these guys and then actually adds in some of his own Free Agents and Draft Picks!

To top it all off, as big of a Homer as I am, Philbin and Co came in here and have ALREADY exceeded my Lofty Expectations-LOL!

The last time I felt this good about a Miami Dolphin Team, Don Shula was the Head Coach!

Howdy redsky, odinseye, and all others.

How bout 'dem Dolphins!!!

Really are exceeding what I thought would be possible. The late success makes the OT losses sting more for me as I see "what coulda been".

That said...I am very happy with the Fins. I like the Philbin hire and always did with his pedigree. I think he has been there and seen that enough times to drag enough into his rookie coaching campaign.

I put my foot in my mouth bigtime by calling out how awesome the Rams(potential HoF)kicker was and that we had better watch out for him. LOL, maybe I jinxed him! Three strikes and you're out haha. The fact that Fisher let him attempt a 66 yarder shows his confidence in the kid. I believe he can break the all time record.

The thing that strikes me about the Fins is how they aren't even playing the ball I believe they are capable of and are still getting some victories. They have tons of room to get better.

Was shocked Miller didn't get to touch the ball more.

Two of those challenges could have gone our way and didn't yet still we get the "W".

If the DEF keeps bringing this effort and THill stays away from turnovers we have a shot. I still think our DBs are too suspect. Smith's big body hinders him when he covers WRs that can turn on a dime and the league is full of em.

Reggie needs to get it cranking again. Guys like Clay, Fasano, Lane have to contribute and hang onto the rock.

Overall...in a rebuilding year...these Fins are showing well.


PS Pouncey is STRAIGHT BEAST MODE and I am sooo glad they chose him. I was with them all the way as I saw no better option while others said "you can't draft a center that high!" Well he is a pivotal key piece of our OL and should start reeling in pro bowls at this rate.

Fins for the Win!

Night all!


ok, I'll admit to 25 lbs of ugly fat, but if you cut off my head I'd be 200 lbs of beautiful muscle!

Posted by: redsky | October 16, 2012 at 03:58 AM


I usually do a small garden very specific to my own personal tastes. I wasn't able to this year because of my neck/shoulder injuries.

But then a Good Friend(Neighbors) of Mine, his wife and 3 of his Daughters(The Oldest of Which is Blonde/Blue Eye'd and Gorgeous already(Still Jail-Bait though)they all came over and got mine going for me.

It pays to BE a Good Neighbor. I let the Kids Ride my Quads, use the Pool and The Trampoline. Then I have Bon-Fire parties and they all make shmores(Sp?).

Anyways, they kept it weeded and watered and helped in every way. The Wife even canned a stew for me with almost all the ingredients straight from my Garden. I just throw a Roast in with that stuff and it's: "Grub ON"!

I digress, the fact is: I Love Me Some Tomato SaMMiches-LOL! The Psychology of eating/living off of my own Garden just gives some sort Primordial Cave Man Satisfaction ;)

Odin, this is my last post for this evening and this young day! But I Agree with your feelings regarding Philbin and Coyle, I too was hesitant! More about switching from Nolan to Coyle than Sparano to Philbin. I though Nolan was solid, even though our D didn't help early last season. Coyle was an unknown quantity to me, Nolan had history. Similarly, Philbin was an unknown, but here I knew I didn't like Sparano. And honestly, it was because the man couldn't put a proper sentence together. I figured, I was Cuban born, haven't had much schooling, but can speak and write better than he can, plus, make better on field calls and personnel calls than he could.....that soured me on him! Team unity, locker room camaraderie, wasn't there! I'm retired, so I was in there for some games, I've got many contacts still! But this turn around was unexpected, by fans and pros alike. I'm flabbergasted! So yes, I expected a 3 win season, but now believe a 10 win season is possible! 1st time EVER, I'd be so wrong! I hope I am! AwwwRightMiami!

Rob in OC, if I were stupid enough to get married again, my best man/men would have you, Odin, Darryl Dunphy, Cuban and a couple of others! I've been married 3xs, so who cares! LMAO!




Hey all you Day Shift Guys, Eat your Heart Out!

LOL - Just kidding. I just wanted to point out all the good posting that went on here. We had a good Monday Night Game to get us going. From there it kind of took off.

I personally want to Thank You Guys for a Good Late Shift of Posting. Even Rob in OC stopped by-lol.

Anywhoo, I'm starting to HATE Pete Carroll and his "Class-Less In Seattle" Group(I won't even call them a team).

I didn't like the way they handled the Re-Placement Refs Debacle against The Packers. I haven't liked Carroll from some of his Class-Less acts elsewhere. And from Some of the incidents I've read about after their having beat the Pats, they're a Low Life bunch of thugs in **MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION**.

It's not just me and some sour Grapes either. I'm not a Packers Fan. Especially up here where I live, a Bunch of them(Wisconsin-nites) come here for work. So it's Trendy to not like them or the Packers-LOL!

It's not that they Beat the Pats either. They helped us maintain our First Place Tie!

I just don't like them from Carroll on Down and I can't wait for someone to clip their Wings! Like this Thursday Night! I'll be rooting for Harbaugh and the 49ers to bring some Karma back around on these lowlifes! I'm hoping for a Blowout that sends them into a tailspin of a losing streak that doesn't end until after we put a smack down on them OURSELVES!

Wilson has a Big Weak Spot too. Up until now, teams have been playing him like they're playing Tannehill. He gets alot up in the box with quite a bit of Man coverages. This plays to his strengths, which is hitting the backside. He's ALWAYS hitting the backside while the defender isn't looking. Other than that, he just lofts up a Rainbow and Hopes his receivers go up and saves his a ss. If we have three deep and can still get pressure with 4 and 5, that gives us 3 and 4 guys in man underneath. Wilson isn't accurate enough, we win this battle most times. We disquise our 3 deep and he's TOAST!

Otherwise, 90% of the time, he just throws a backside pass to whomever draws one on one! We can't sit back and let him do this too us all day!

We should keep a ton of pressure on him when we play. But don't mortgage the farm on it. We have to play a Two Deep and then even drop a 3rd DB deep when we get them in the right situations. As long as we keep his garbage IN FRONT of us, we will be fine and dismantle him. This of course means we have to win defensively on 1st and 2nd downs.

Otherwise they'll just continue to run hard and let Wilson keep killing people with his intermediate Backside......backside.....backsides.........!

I can't STAND the Seahawks! I live for the Day we beat the Snot out of them!


PS: Watch their game against the 49ers. Watch Wilson constantly trying to go backside. Thats all he's got right now. Maybe later he'll develop a better repoirtee(sp?). But for now, we can't turn our backs on him for a second!

Was Good to get a victory that we probably didn't deserve. Especially, after losing 2 (N.Y & Az.) that we did deserve!

We should be 5-1 with 2 and 3 game leads over the Pats and Jets!

Save for Dan Carpenter were cruising to a first round bye in the Playoffs!

Beating the scrappy Jets won't be easy.

It seems we are not the only ones that did not know how to protect the lead. I mean, 24-0 and you're throwing long. Ridiculous.

"a 70 y/o zombie doing meth", HoHo!

All you fuc-ing sub-Humans(except for redsky) were wrong last night...and then they get mad when we try to school them. And say we're waging War against them...but then again that's the mentality.

We'd be 5-1 if we didnt dump Marshall and Davis and get NO players in return...

Odin Dashi has said before that's another of Dashi's schtick! The autistic quadriplegic was to answer to the fools opinion! (Dashi has explained why handicapped is so close to my heart) I have a cousin who was born handicapped! His twin in the womb forced him to one side and his spine couldn't develop properly! Proud of his personal strength! Luv him to death!!!! People Dashi was visiting in HOUSTON!

Notice on his ignorant rants! He never has talked about his athletic ability! Dashi talked to him once and he brought up that corny line(so I told him fine Dashi can be an autistic quadriplegic and still have an opinion on sports) ! Oh, cause u played that doesn't mean u know! His best one is cause u read a article it doesn't mean anything! Always trying to belittle and denigrate anybody's opinion!

Oh and old man like Dashi says I don't brag about my personal Accomplishments!

But since u think ur going to strike fear in Dashi ha! Ur kind of light buddy! Dashi 6' 240+ (usually in 240-250 range don't weigh myself every week, 215 in my army days). U can say I'm 10-15bs overweight. Got a little gut don't run a mile in the morning no more! Wouldn't even call it gut. Let's just say I'm thick. told u I can dead lift 315!(Currently) And if U've been in the army or any forces of this beautiful country U've taking a PT exam! Usually every year. Dashi use to do 150 pushups and 140 sit ups in my 2 minute test! How about u Rambo!

But weight and strength have nothing to do in a fight! It's how hard u hit with ur fist! Guess u would know right! Let me guess u break bricks! Or have broken somebody's jaw!

Again, new day new life. That was yesterday. And Odin, Dashi is not one to hold beef! Remember this the internet! U can't really get mad! Why get mad?

P.S.- Notice how the troll said Odin doesn't attack? He wanted to get Odin on his side. Odin Red sky=Oscar!! Plain and simple notice how he disappeared yesterday. Me and the troll just haven't gone at it the last month!

Well another couple more weeks before me and troll engage again in another late night session! Glad he didn't delete! This time! At least the troll is getting better with that!

Oh and one last thing on ur "Weight" slim! From what u just described! That's a slim frame! And u do know men constantly lose muscle mass as they get older! Specially after ur 50's. Since ur such a human fitness expert! Any of my Canadian bodybuilding friends can tell u that! Get u some HGH! It even helps with ur demented brain!

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