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Dolphins to telecast Sunday's game vs. St. Louis

OK, so maybe it's not a sellout.

But if you are in South Florida and want to see the Dolphins play the St. Louis Rams, you can do so on television because the Dolphins have guaranteed the purchase of any remaining tickets.

That means the team has complied with the NFL requirement for lifting the TV blackout.

Tickets remain on sale.

This game may not be the sexiest because, well, the Rams are team without much success lately.

But the game does offer the Dolphins the opportunity to reach .500 for the second time this season. It will also mark a ceremony for former Dolphins Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas -- both of whom will be inducted into the Dolphins Honor Roll.

[Update: A couple of players you are unlikely to see are cornerback Richard Marshall and running back Daniel Thomas. Although Marshall is pushing to play Sunday, a source tells me he's likely going to miss the game barring a fantastic and unexpected recovery between now and then. Marshall missed practice again today. Thomas also is not expected to play because of a concussion. He is hoping to be cleared for contact by the end of the week (Friday) but the club is being very cautious because he's had two concussions in four games this year. Not good.]




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there were many thought out and compelling arguments made for both sides of the argument on the last blog....but in the end....

This was the only REALISTIC OUTCOME....

Good Job Mr. Ross....



Like I said on the other blog--ownership would render your blog topic moot.

Next....Where's Starks contract extension???

The night the Dolphins retired Marino's number, they beat the Ravens on Sunday Night Football. I distinctly remember Jason Taylor saying that they had better win that game or Marino was going to come back and kick their butts. I'm hoping that this team still has enough guys on it who remember #99 to return the honor.

Mando, you should have a raffle to give help fill up the seats. example: The person with the best grammar wins 4 free tickets.

Told you they would have the game. Fox game..only two every year.

I would've liked to attend the game just to honor JT and Zach.

Zach Thomas is one of my favorite players all time.

How many playoff games did Zach Thomas and JT win?




cracked under the pressure

DT will be looking for a job come next year. often injured RBs don't last long in the NFL. Ireland bust!

From the last blog: I'm going and I live 2-1/2 hours away. Shame on the 'fans' for not going. A) Got a good chance of winning. B) Special day for Zach & JT

well glad you all get to see the game down there, I took today off due to getting sick but i watch all the games again(alot of fast forward) I did notice a couple things right off the bat. Bush the last two games is not bursting through the holes like he did the first two games. He is hesitant and loses yards due to changing direction leaving his blockers trying for homerun, T-hill is doing alot better not staring down recievers and cornerbacks are doing alot better tackling and covering recievers, we need bush to get back to hitting holes and defense to keep up progression, we will have more passing yards against our defense because offense in second half just stops trying to run

oh yeah like everyone has said they need to get bush into passing offense alot more

go fins

Where is jabar gaffney

Well if you look at StubHub the Dolphins have a lot less tickets available then other teams. I know its the secondary market but it's still a good sign if your comparing it to other teams

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt no longer leads the NFL in sacks.

Elias Sports Bureau, which tracks statistics for the NFL, ruled Wednesday that Watt was incorrectly credited with a sack against the Miami Dolphins in Week 1. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Elias determined that the play in question was a designed run.



has anyone heard if Gaffney is going to play this weekend. if he doesnt it is more than him just not being in game shape, He is a veteran and should pick up the playbook pretty fast

34-0 lol hilarious

To bad about DT. And Marshall. Get well soon guys.

DT is soft pure and simple. 230 pounds of marshmello, couldnt think of anything softer than that/

i watch the last game and DT was pounding it up there between tackles against 8-9 fronts was getting hit hard carried better up the middle than bush, Bush looked timid running between tackles, also T[hill should of audible out of run plays into pass plays when there are 8-9 man fronts. he needs to learn that

The Rams are improving as well. Luckily they will be without Amendola.

We have to continue to play hard and continue trying to win the turnover battle.

We a good chance to win this one but their certainly good enough to beat us. Hopefully we'll be ready.

Came down from Ohio for 25th wedding anniversary & game.

Congrats Turd. Hope its a great weekend!!

"How many playoff games did Zach Thomas and JT win?"

How many brain cells do you have left you dumb piece of garbage?

How does a DE and a LB win games on a team with 51 other players, coaches, etc.?


Get this through your pea brain once and for all, last time ANYONE should have to educate you about a sport you supposedly watch.

Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas did EVERYTHING in their power to help this team win. They have around 18 pro bowls between them. They both put up hall of fame numbers.

HOW ABOUT THE REST OF THE TEAM THEY PLAYED WITH? Did everyone else contribute the way these two did? NO DUMMY,,,,,NO.

These two all pros played on a team that had mediocre talent all around them. And you're going to blame them for the team not winning playoff games and super bowls? Grow up and learn something, stop posting garbage.

You can keep changing your name and asking the same stupid question. I know who you are, you're the same dummy who has been asking this for weeks. You want to debate this? Come back with something intelligent. Put some reason behind your blog throw up. Don't just puke all over the page, MAKE A REAL POINT!

Yeah, I attacked this pos and I will again. I'm so sick of hearing this question from the same stupid person over and over. Freaking moron.

You want to live vicariously through the teams eventual success but when a couple of players have success despite their lousy team you try to take that away from them.

That's a pos right there, plain and simple. You don't deserve to be a Dolphins fan. Please go to the stadium Sunday and tell JT and Zach they don't deserve the honor ring because, "you two didn't win playoff games for the team". F*&^ing dumba%^es in here.

Personally, my health is not what it used to be, so I'm grateful to the Dolphins organization for televising the games. I give them credit for that, I think the fans will return to the stands as the team improves. Shame we're not filling that stadium though.

Phins78, Taylor and Thomas were some of the best to ever play the game!

The Miami Dolphins read this blog. That is not bragging. It is simply true. Folks at all levels of the organization read this blog from the very top on down. And they read your comments.

-Armando Salguero-

Really? I've often wondered about this, and frankly, I'm not surprised. If not from a business standpoint, it's human nature for many of those involved. I can see it, from the business types right on down to the Players. It's a good gauge for all of them to use.

Having said all that though Armando, it does make me wonder. Have you ever asked any of the "Honchos" or the "Players" for any feedback?

Have you ever asked them what they thought of your trained Monkey? Have they in turn ever questioned you about the degenrate antics of the "Blog Hit Bridgade"?

Some how it just sickens me to think that Joe Philbin could have possibly read Monkey Boys comments when he's doing his "Pricemaster Persona".

Or how Mike Sherman would vow to never bother reading this blog again after seeing his "Bloated Liver Spots" routine.

Can you imagine Don Shula ever checking in here, only to see the idiocy of ALoco's tired and boring stupidty?

Man -O- Man, if Shula ever put two and two together, realizing Armando condones this bullshyt for the sake of "Blog Hit Bragging Rights", Me thinks **SOMEONE(Ahem...)** would be in for an A ss Kicking.

Just Keeping it **REAL**.................


Slauson got a 10k fine for the hit on cushing


Thanks for the information. I don't want to kill the messenger, but 10,000? That's it?

I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts Loydds of London would have INSURED Cushings ACL for **AT LEAST** 5 times that amount!


I won't go on and on about, but man, what a travesty. No suspension? Just 10,000 Dollars and thats it?

WTF Goodell? I know Offensive Lineman that can spend 10 Grand on Dinner and Drinks!

What a Fvcking Joke!

What a PUKE this Slauson must be!

by Josh Alper on October 11, 2012, 6:12 PM EDT

AP: Jets guard Matt Slauson doesn’t see why people have been making a big deal about his block on Texans linebacker Brian Cushing that resulted in a torn ACL for Cushing.

Yeah Matt, and Jerry Sandusky doesn't see why people are making such a big deal about what he did either.

Living PROOF that a little perspective goes a LONG Way!

Whe you're a Fat Slob of a Schmuck all your life, this doesn't seem like a big deal. NO! Whats a little cheap shot? I mean, it's just an ACL and possibly a carrer.

No Biggie!

Ok Matt........and if Cushing had done THAT to YOU?

Yeah! Thats what I thought.

just read in the local papers sports page injury report and saw danial thomas with a concussion and thought surly this is a miss print or just bad info cuz this paper sucks, but i now see its true. i cant believe it already 2? man i was looking forward to seeing what he may be capable of but 2 already thats scary, not good.

daniel, surely. oops!

Phins78, I challenge you to name one good team besides Denver & the Indy playoff game that Zach and JT ever won against?
It sure wasn't againt San Fran when Garrison Hurst ran all over us. And dont forget about Curtis Martin running all over Zach all the time because he couldn't get off his blocks. Or maybe it,was the Jacksonville playoff blowout or the playoff spanking by the raiders and Ravens.
Zach and JT were great against average talent. But they often got whipped by the big boys. I still love them though!

I'm watching Pitt vs Tenn because wwe play them in a few weeks. Actually I'm watching because I'm a Hopeless, Football Junkie(I got a 2nd TV getting ready for the Tigers vs A's).

Anywhoo........just wanted to comment on Mayock as a Broadcaster!

He comes up with great information. If there's a scoop to be had, he's usually got it. And for those SOUNDBITES he does leading up to the darft-FANTASTIC. He's pretty good in my book.......**IN SMALL DOSES**!!!!

OMG-Listening to him for a whole game? His nasally, nerdish sounding whine? I want to stab myself in the head with a pencil!

He's like some weird cross between John F. Kennedy and Howard Cossell! ENOUGH Already!


I don't think you get it.

ALoco(and possibly you)and a couple of other Aliases repeatedly ask what did JT or Zach win? The troll asks this is response to Why should they be Honored.

You, like ALoco and his Blog Hit aliases apparently, fail to realize that single players simply do not win games. They play games, with their TEAMMATES and hopefully put forth a winning effort.

There are after all, 22 starters and 31 more reserves and rotation guys. You see, the 53 make up a **TEAM**.

BTW-mentioning Zach not getting off his blocks is a great example. You could learn from.....well.....from YOURSELF.....if you would simply stop and think once in a while. You see Zach had Defensive Tackles in front of him. Their assignment was to keep the blockers off of Zach, thus allowing him to make the tackle.

The play of which you refer to is a perfect example of TEAMMATES not doing their jobs and the TEAM as a whole suffering because of it.

Hoped you learned something............

The Titans offense looks like a bunch of Keystone Cops!

Damn! The special teams and defense kept giving them chances. Wow!

Hopefully the struggle like this against us. Without the special tean gifts of course.

They're leading 13-10 though. So who knows....

so how comfortable are we re-signing our FAs like Hartline, Starks, Smith, Long, etc, for some of the numbers being thrown around?....solid players (Long is very good, obviously, but injuries are a concern), all looking better this year but these are guys that have been part of a team that hasnt been very good for awhile--so how good are they exactly?.....I mean, do we wanna give Hartline 8 mill/yr?....S Smith 10-12?--have they shown enough?

8 mil. for Hartline? Nope, I say **HELL** no. If Hartline isn't any more resonable than that, send him packing. Don't get me wrong, I would like to keep him here, but not for anywhere NEAR 8 a year.

Smith too, he would have to turn into a Tall Deion Sanders for 10 to 12. Same with Hartline, I would like to keep him, but at an acceptable price. 10 to 12 for a guy that took 4 years to come around? To risky for me.

Who do you want to keep the most and who would be the easiest(smartest) to let walk?

For me I think it's Long, Starks, Bush, Smith and Hartline in that order.

Who else do we have coming free?

..This next offseason is going to be a challenge for GM Ireland. We will not be able to sign all of our free agents. Who do we keep? Who is most important? This is a debate that will no doubt be heated through the time the moves are made, and beyond.

Here is a hypothetic question...Let me start by saying that I'm not for this. I only ask it to stir the pot.
should the team try and trade Jake Long this season of we could get first round compensation? There is absolutley no basis to this, just a hypothetic question.

I would answer yes..Absolutley. Here is why. Obviously the cap space would be huge. We will not be able to resign all of our players. I know Long is a centerpiece, one of the best OT's in the league, But surely not irreplaceable. Do you realize we would have 6 picks in the first 3 rounds, and free agent flexibility next spending season...As much as Long means to this team. Would his cap space be more valuable? I know this would be met with tons of resistance(again fantasy land)..Just asking a what if?

...@ 11:02. Wow my post made no sense. Let me try and clear this up. I was posing a hypothetic question..I think we all go that. I meant to say I didn't think it would happen..I wrote I'm not for this, only to explain why I would be a few sentances down...So. In the hypotheic scenario..It raises a good question. Do I think it would come down to this...No.


For first round compensation? I seriously consider it. But even if it's a late first rounder, I say no most probably. Two things:

1. I doubt anyone gives up a 1st for long. A 2nd probably all day. But I doubt anyone gives up a 1st and surely not an early 1st.

2. Regardless of what we might get for Long, we would have to turn right around and use another premium pick to replace him.

If Long were another year or two older, I would say yeah. Trade him now and lets get him replaced while our rebuild is still young.

I think with the way it stands now and with all of other needs, I think we stick with Jake for now. We can start looking for his replacement down the line a little. Like after we strengthen the rest of our rosters weak spots.

Also, with the trade off in cap space, I don't see us getting anyone, especially not anyone reasonable, that will as big of a contribution to the team.

PS: I know how wrong I could be on that last point. But it's just the feeling I get when I think about it.

I watched most of the game and I'm still not sure how the Titans beat the Steelers-lol!

The Steelers are racking up the injuries too.

The Titans put a loss on the Steelers and it could come down to helping us get a Wildcard later on. So, I'm all in!


Fins 31
Mustache Men 10


Verlander is shutting out Oakland after 8!

I think I just heard them say the Orioles beat the Yanks too.

Anywhoo......Verlander is Da Shyt!

You can laugh all you want but there comes a point in time when this dolphins defense finally puts together a crazy masterpiece and Sunday its it. Miami 56 Rams 0 FIRST GAME OF ITS KIND! guaranteed shocker

We are getting a little thin at RB Give ball to LAMAR MILLER and you will see him do some serious damage to the heart of fothe RAMS. 19 carries 141 yards Miami 30 RAMS 10 .. Yea BABY 3-3 going in. how taylored made


DD, I believe your hypothetical deserves some hypothetical consideration. LOL
If it's a top 10, to a team OUT of the AFC, AND if we'd be looking at 10+ million a year, I'd have to take the pick. That is, if it for THAT draft, not a down the road pick.

Jake has missed multiple games the past couple years, and has not been quite the same since that crummy injury against the Cowboys in a pre-season game.(Sparano's gift that keeps on giving)

BUT...his value as our O-Line's leader cannot be ignored. You have to think his influence has helped Pouncy and Martin.

How's THAT for straddling BOTH sides of the hypothetical fence?

I hope Zach and JT pump these young-ins up!

I know it would me if I were a young player on the team. Zach giving a concussed Rah-Rah speech(I mean that in a good way too. If I'm on that sideline I see close up what this guy gave for his team! He gave more than just his Heart and Soul).

And JT(I'm less impressed with him than I am Zach. I "WONDER" what Armando "SEES in him(Ahem.....wink, wunk)"? But still one of the greats. A hundred plus sacks and over a DECADE of sustained high level play!

If I was a youngster on the team Sunday, I would be in Awe! I would dedicate my play to the Honor Roll Game!

The Rams are playing tough ball right now. But their offense is sputtering and our defense ISN'T. All Tannehill has to do is put a few points on the Board. Our defense will do the rest.

My Bad, After further Review it was 298 posts in 10 days.
But you guys get the message.
And thats not counting Odinstanks other names he goes by.

28 Today noy makes 326 posts in 11 days,95% are worthless babble by the old coot.

For alot of guys it's all about the money. But, when you think about it, Jake already got PAID! What really drives the point home, he's a high Fiber guy. You know the type, upstanding, clean cut to a fault. A guy with true values and morals.

Then, combine that with the fact that he's not the type to be clubbing, buying 5 houses all over the planet and 5 Caddy's outside. He's a married, Homebody Redneck to be frank.

So, the point is, Jake Long won't be real difficult about re-signing. He wants to finish out his career here too(I saw/heard him state this in a University Of Michigan interview on the Big Ten Channel-lol).

Jake will want to get paid accordingly(which will be-LOTD). But he won't try an break the bank. He'll want money somewhere around a top 5 to 10 player(LT). But he won't be all Fvcked up in the head and Diva-ed out about it. He's a good LOYAL team player and this holds true in all the things he does.

You watch, Ireland will lock him up with a nice 4 year deal with options for a voidable 5th. A ton of it will get back loaded too. As a favor to the team.

Thats the kind of Redneck Jake Long is!

Ah, listen up Meth W hore(for lack of a better term-LOL).

I don't use fake names. Begining of story - End Of Story-PERIOD!

The rest of your drivel isn't even worth addressing.

Now go get your Meth Pipe and......SUCK IT!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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