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Dolphins to telecast Sunday's game vs. St. Louis

OK, so maybe it's not a sellout.

But if you are in South Florida and want to see the Dolphins play the St. Louis Rams, you can do so on television because the Dolphins have guaranteed the purchase of any remaining tickets.

That means the team has complied with the NFL requirement for lifting the TV blackout.

Tickets remain on sale.

This game may not be the sexiest because, well, the Rams are team without much success lately.

But the game does offer the Dolphins the opportunity to reach .500 for the second time this season. It will also mark a ceremony for former Dolphins Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas -- both of whom will be inducted into the Dolphins Honor Roll.

[Update: A couple of players you are unlikely to see are cornerback Richard Marshall and running back Daniel Thomas. Although Marshall is pushing to play Sunday, a source tells me he's likely going to miss the game barring a fantastic and unexpected recovery between now and then. Marshall missed practice again today. Thomas also is not expected to play because of a concussion. He is hoping to be cleared for contact by the end of the week (Friday) but the club is being very cautious because he's had two concussions in four games this year. Not good.]




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Anywhoo.......I knew him from a Club our band use to play in. I was taking lessons from him before I met his Daughter(Hows THAT for balls? The Martial Arts Instructors Daughter story-ROTFLMAO!).

Posted by: odinseye | October 12, 2012 at 02:48 AM

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odinseye, per CBAyou can't trade a player in the season of his last year of his contract. You can't trade Long.


Thanks for the UPDATE....and I would like to comment on the UPDATE...

1. D. Thomas's 2 concussions in four games basically spells the beginning of the end of his time as a Miami FIN...and quite possibly his time in the NFL altogether....

A running back...by definition....is a BATTERING RAM....how can we keep a battering ram who splinter's every time you use him to break down a door....I sau...you simply can't....

2. PHINS 78....I know you are the protector of ALL THINGS JT and ZT RELATED....


apparently...a MAJORITY of S. Florida fans don't feel the same way...as evidenced by Mr. Ross having to buy his own product ONCE AGAIN....you would have figured that since Mr. ROSS decided to honor BOTH JT and ZT....he would have gotten MAJOR BANG FOR HIS BUCK....

but neither of those two also rans are enough interest in the fan base to make them dig DEEP into their pockets and show tribute....

The answer is simple...wether you want to face it or not....

the FINS didn't win enough while they were the captains of our defense....and when Marino was gone...the NAME BRAND of the FINS....and thus....the majority of the blame fall directly on their shoulder's....

just as in the late 80's and early 90's....MARINO must carry his fair share....

I know it's harsh....but it's fair....

Expect all the games to be televised, no way Ross does not buy up 1000 - 1500 tickets to avoid a blackout.

Ross is a smart business man and understands the circumstances, and buying up the tickets to avoid a blackout is least expensive now than it was last year and he bought up all tickets anyway.

Imagine how much people would hate him if he did not have the local games televised.

Zach and JT need to open up their wallets and put a 10 grand bounty on Sam Bradford's head.

Some of our defensive players could use the money.

Make it RAIN Zach, make it rain!!!!!

If you look back in Dolphin history, the fans started to flock away in droves beginning in late 2003 when it came apparant that despite having Ricky Williams the Dolphins missed the playoffs for a second season in a row and finished 9-7.

The year prior Ricky Williams rushed for an NFL rushing title and Jason Taylor was the Defensive Player of the Year leading the NFL in sacks but losses in the last 2 weeks of the season against the Vikings and Patriots netted Miami a 10-6 record and missed the playoffs by a hair.

The stadium was filled in 2002 the entire season, for the season opener in 2003 against the Texans it was soldout. We were 14 point favorites and lost. After that less fans showed up in the 2003 seasno that ended in 9-7

In 2004 Ricky quit and the fans ended up quitting also.

The end result is what we see today.

To Kris and Others,

If you want a lesson in how to beat a St. Louis team, look no further than last night. Follow the lead of the WASHINGTON...EFFING...NATIONALS!!!


THAT'S how you play when the chips are down and your back is against the wall...

THAT'S how you stay in driver's seat...

Now it'll all get settled tonight, and the only thing better (sorry guys, this will be the one and only time) than my Miami Dolphins winning this weekend would be my Washington Nationals going to the NLCS!!!


From an espn article on the Slauson dirty-hit to Cushing, tearing his ACL

"Replays showed Slauson diving at Cushing's legs. Jets coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday that he thought it was a clean hit. Asked if there was an illegal aspect to the hit, Ryan said, "No. I think that's just one of those unfortunate things."

"I've heard (from my coaches) that it was a clean block, that's all I know," Slauson said.

A peel-back block is deemed to be illegal if initiated to an opponent's back or the side, according to the NFL rulebook."


Point being: Jests are once again proven to be a scum organization. Can't see how they get respect. People want to play for the Jests because they want to play for Rex Ryan, kudos, but don't be a dirty player...guess they can't help it

DC, I would root against you as a Mets fan...but they're so bad that I couldn't care less, we haven't gotten into a rivalry with you so if the Nationals win it's better than me having to hear Yankee fans go "how many rings" for the thousanth time. Just glad it's not the Braves and Phillies

Ok, had to get that last post out of my system (those who know baseball and the DC region will be able to relate).

Now back home where I belong. As a 4-12 predictor, I'll just say if we go into the bye, about to face the Jets at .500, I will feel like we won the SB. I am extremely proud of what the team has been able to do to date. Take 2 OT losses, and we're real close to being a pretty formidable team THIS year. Rookie HC, rookie QB, WRs who get no respect (even from the fanbase), swiss cheese secondary starting practice squad players. These guys are playing with heart. Can't say how much further along the team is then I thought they'd be by this point. Tannehill is coming into his own. He's single-handedly turning Ireland into the World's Greatest GM (yeah, bit of exaggeration there). Philbin's making Sparano look like Steve Spurrier in the NFL. Defense front 7 looking like the Giants of the AFC.

I won't get my hopes up just yet (we're still very shaky and turning the ball over too much). But I'm also revisiting my prediction. Could even see us double the wins I thought we'd have. That would be a great start for Philbin. Lots to grow on. I see a core there that can be pretty damn good with a few more pieces.

MD20, all good bro. Actually, I was a Mets fan too back in the day (family is from NY and Miami, and I liked the O's in the AL and Mets in the NL until baseball came back to DC). HATE the Braves. We are of one mind there.

I see a core there that can be pretty damn good with a few more pieces.
Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 12, 2012 at 09:11 AM

This was my stance at the beginning of the season when we were being bombarded by the 0-16 trolls (or troll under multiple names, but I digress). We have a young core, a lot of draft picks, and a pretty managable cap situation next season. I wouldn't say Ireland salvaged this team. I think Philbin did. His influence over this year's draft was felt with Martin and Tannehill, though I think Tannehill was the obvious choice, if they didn't choose him they would be under heavy scrutiny right now. Either way, we aren't and weren't as bad as we looked.

You hate the braves like I hate the phillies. But I hate the braves nearly equally as much, they always floundered in the playoffs so we were able to get a good laugh at Bobby Cox's expense

MD, one disagreement with you. I don't think Tannehill was the clear choice. Not sure he was the clear #3 QB in the Pre-Draft. People were talking about Weeden and some others. NO ONE said Tannehill could start this Season and be effective. I agree Philbin was in Ireland's ear, but that was a gutsy move (picking Tannehill, not a QB). But, you're right, this was Ireland's best draft, and that has a lot to do with Philbin (Ross too, remember he was the one who was out pushing for a franchise QB).


Yeah I know I'm missing a good thing and by all accounts it's been some good playoffs but I've bec ome disgusted with major league baseball, as I've become disgusted with hockey. Too much politics and a HUGE need for a salary cap. Understand I was one of the biggest baseball fans as a kid, yeah even a Canadian too.

It's gotten so bad that a Canadian chose to watch the VP debate last night over baseball playoffs and an NFL game. Yeah, that bad! And I don't have a dog in this fight (yeah, probably a bad choice of words) but I don't get what the media is talking about. I thought Ryan held up well and I thought Biden cane across as condescending and impatient. The facial expressions were just plain weird!



Not sure if you're around or not but I'll bite on your Jake Long comments. First off, let me say I'm a big Jake Long fan. Forget what the teams record is and what he gets paid, he's a warrior and a winner. Not his fault that the rest of the team can't do their jobs the way he does.

Having said all that, I recognize the team hasn't won with him on the team and I'm open to anything that makes the team better. So here's what I want to know. Assuming we trade him for a first, how do we replace him? What's your plan? Does Martin move to LT and we draft a RT? Again, I'm open to your idea, I just want to know how weaker our line is making a move this way. The other part is, what's the reason a team trade for Long, paying him all that money, rather than drafting their own guy and paying him a fraction of the cost. I'm open to it, just tell me the full plan.


Mando, has Joe learned that it's a game of field position yet? Seems to me that Joe's learning curve is much slower than Tannehill's. Tanne fixes mistakes. Joe keeps making the same mistake 5 straight games.


Steve Ross selling the team and the Dolphins actually being good would solve this problem.

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