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Dolphins whip Jets 30-9 and make a statement

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- What a woodshed whipping this was.

The Dolphins, overtime losers to the Jets in the first meeting at Sun Life, flipped the script today by basically dominating the home team 30-9 and capturing second place in the AFC East.

So what does this mean beyond the standings?

It gives you a tangible measure of how much Miami is improving. Understand that on Sept. 23, the Jets could argue they were better than Miami. They went to Miami and, like it or not, came away with a win.

Now, a month later, the Dolphins have grown to the point that New York was blown out by halftime in their own house. And Miami did it with their backup QB, Matt Moore, who played three quarters for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Tannehill said after the game he has a hyper-extended left knee and a deep left thigh bruise. He is scheduled for an MRI Monday.]

That says a lot, folks.



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Game ball should go to the entire coaching staff. Solid performance on all 3 sides of the ball. They've done a heck of a job developing and preparing these players. Even Matt Moore came in ready. Wilson, Vernon, Moore, Carroll, Smith - these were guys with serious question marks at the start of the season. Kudos to the coaching staff.

This has also been arguably the best game D has had so far this season. They did such a great job stuffing the running game, shutting down Keller and rattling Sanchez that they looked lost at times.

One of the most satisfying win for all.

Yeeeaaahhhhhhhh Dolphins!!!



Posted by: Kris | October 28, 2012 at 04:14 PM

Aloco, what's going on, no more "CELLAR" or "CORNED BEEF COACH" comments? How did your Jets look today? Pathetic,,,as usual?

Bwaahahahahaa! That's right beotch, the Jets suck!!!!!!

Game ball to Mr. Rizzi and his STs, of course.

If we take away the 9 points what do we get?


And people don't worry Mr. SuperTroll won't be talking for a while! So expect a new batch of characters!

The fins laid the hammer down! Heck, even carpenter was nailing them in today!

Great win! Now everyone get home safe and let's get ready for next week!


Great win and the way to come out after the bye. Now just need to take care of business within the division against the Jills and win against the Colts, Jags, 'hawks at home and we could be looking at playoffs.

Honorable mention to Mr. Coyle's D.

“I’ll tell you about our football team, we’re going to empty the tank,” Ryan said. “Whatever we have left, we’re pouring it out there.” Rex Ryan

“This game is a must win,” safety LaRon Landry said. “We can sweep those guys and also go into the bye 4-4. That’s what we’re striving to do and that’s what we will do.”

“It’s a big game,” Philbin said, “no question about it.”

great result and good performance. the god thing is different areas of our game are doing the business when needed. i.e sp teams today deserve a big mention.
go phins!!!!!

Great win! Now everyone get home safe and let's get ready for next week!

Posted by: Dashi | October 28, 2012 at 04:18 PM

That is the KEY...Dashi....


My posts are so important that I transfer them from blog to blog.

Although I knew about it and why, the downfall of the NYJ has been surprisingly steep.

Mike so Philbin doesn't run his mouth but carries a big stick!

The man is the truth!

What's that another dolphins touchdown or was that hurricane sandy you be the judge ,,,,,,,I love it

Great comebck victory orchestrated by Andrew Luck. Who could have imagined that the Phins and Colts would be 4-3 going into their game and battlig for a possible playoff spot.

Can the Dolphins put the clamps on Andrew Luck in Indianapolis?

The NFL network pisses me off. Tuned in to watch the highlights of the Dolphins game and all they talked about was the Jets. Anyway, great job coaches. To all the fans....this is and was the game that continues to show how the coaches have been out-coaching the opposition. I do not think we have had an x's and o's since Shula....and that includes Jimmie Johnson.

The media will bring up the question about cleaning the Jets' house this week including Tanenbaum, Ryan, Sparano, Westhoff, Sanchez and Tebow.

Same can be said for the Chargers. AJ Smith and Turner will be out. Can't excuse losing to Cleveland with only 6 pts.

Great Win!!!
We have a solid football team and next week's game against the 4-3 Colts will be HUGH in the AFC playoff hunt.

Game ball to jimmy smith! Good to see different playmakers every week

N.Y empty the tank all right. THE SEPTICK TANK, ALL OVER THE FIELD

Sorry Oscar....@ 4:21....

this win feels to good for you and your MANY NAMES (mine this time)...to ruin it....

someone else to bait....find another play toy to entertain yourself....


jets suck....DEAL WITH IT....

At last a winning record! How sweet it is!

I must admit I read each of my posts several times, but I ignore most others.

Ouch...feels good!

I love Milke Pouncey he doesn't take s h I t from no one. It was classic to watch Incognito blow kisses to the Jets as he walked off the field!

Man this one feels good. Broke out the Dolphins tie this morning, going to have to do that every week now.

Exactly Dashi. Jets talk and the Fins just dominate them. I'm really really happy with this team. I think Philbin is doing a great job with them.

The WETS!!!

Anyone else notice ever since we changed our defense has been a lot more stingy than last year. Soliai and Dtarks are both unguardable. SS played great today. Some of you need to lay off Clemmons he's been playing great this season!

OK so some of this loss has to be pinned on just how poorly the Wets played today. They are pathetic...I mean really bad!

But this was a true TEAM win for Miami. Coaches called a good game, showed aggression and balance the entire game.

Good win for the Offense, Defense and Special Teams.

Moore came through as a solid backup.

Nice to see Marlon Moore, Gafney, Bess and Hartline playing as a unit.

Fasano gets a lot of slack on this posting board but he played well today.

The board is also rough on Thomas and he played well.

The Defense put pressure on Sanchez most of the game and the DBacks (who I have been really rough on the past few weeks) showed improvement.

Fields was a savior putting the Wets in bad field position many times today.

Great Team Win!! Go Fins!!!!!

Been a fan of this franchise for forty years! Best road victory against an division opponent in the last ten years!!

My only caveat is the Gaffney drop.
Not that familiar with his overall career, but are drops in his arsenal?

What a great TEAM win, as was said.
Hopefully, Starks and McDaniel will be OK for next week. We MUST find a way to get to Luck, or he'll pick us apart.
I can't believe how the NFL let the Colts tank last year.
14 years with Peyton, and now they have Luck.
Fins suffered with no QB since Marino.

It just dawned on me that this brilliant coaching staff had the game in hand and Tannehill could have come back in but left Moore in the game to show the rest of the NFL what he has to offer. Think about it. His contract ends this year. We trade him and get more draft picks. Could be a possibility. Philbin loves Devlin and would have confidence with him and a Moore trade would mean more draft picks.

4-3. I'll TAKE that. But....had we not blown getting Fisher to coach, we'd be 6-1... Huge difference.

I never wrote a 4:21 post, Kris. Perhaps you did. Calm down, this is nothing compared to what is coming.


Where are the JET bloggers now?

"I thought Matt Moore did a nice job today. You know, coming in for Ryan, and doing a nice job against the scout team.. I mean the Jets defense". Joe Philbin

4-3. I'll TAKE that. But....had we not blown getting Fisher to coach, we'd be 6-1... Huge difference.

Posted by: Kris | October 28, 2012 at 04:33 PM

LOL....your such a pathetic loser....

have fun with my name....

To bad life dealt you such a bad hand....

I'm not even mad....I truly feel sorry for you....

AHHH one of the best dolphins wins in a while. SWEET! Didn't we all know on this blog dolphins were going to take the jets out to the woodshed today? I almost didn't want to watch, I was afraid of the painful look I would see on the jets face.. Talking trash..

PS i'm glad sparano is GONE! Man do they have themselves an issue to deal with in NY

Jeff Fisher is in the blog!!

Kill yourself! Jackass!

Kris oh yeah because Fisher would have made Carpenters angled kicks miraculously turn straight! Come on man.

I never wrote a 4:21 post, Kris. Perhaps you did. Calm down, this is nothing compared to what is coming.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 28, 2012 at 04:35 PM

Of course you did Oscar....you always resort to low-life tactics like this....

the only thing coming soon is you going into the light....

in the words of Bart Scott...."CAN'T WAIT".....


I must be misreading your post. You want Fisher?

Man either your joking or this is the dumbest post of the year. Fisher's Rams just got beat down 45-7 and the Phins beat the Rams. Philbin is the best thing that ever happened to the Dolphins.

See, Punters go under the Radar, but Ours shouldn't. Yes.

KC could use Matt.

What a sock to the jaw that was to the Jets. I call that a Kappowskiiiiiiii.

Great team win!!!!

Trust in Philbin

Kris, you really didn't make that Fisher comment?
Philbin has the guts of a gambler.
You had to be HERE, in TN, and seen the problems he engendered with the FO, and the horrible penalties his teams incurred , always at the worst times.
several consecutive 8-8 and 7-9 seasons.

This win happened because our team was WELL COACHED, top to bottom.

Play Marlon Moore. I tell ya...

Fisher same old retread garbage. Best thing to happen to the Dolphins was Fisher declined the job!

The real Kris, I should have known that wasn't you.
Such children here.

Nothing bad to say about that game. Complete domination. Secondary IS improving finally; that's huge. Special teams was awesome.

Best of all, Matt Moore proved he is a great insurance policy just in case even if he is the worst practice player ever.

Huge game with the 4-3 Colts next week, who had that pegged?!?!

Guys, there's a loser who hangs out in this blog 24/7 and impersonates other posters because in his stupid mind he thinks it bothers anyone.

The Fisher comment would never be uttered by a Dolphins fan, it is said loser thinking he can make someone look bad. I know, I know, it's too sad and pathetic to be true.


I KNOW your smarter than that.....

There is more I would type...but I respect you to much to put it on paper...show me the same respect...and read the comments with a skeptical mind....

Great feeling! Future is bright! The stinking Jets are in a mess. That is double sweet.

The real Kris, I should have known that wasn't you.
Such children here.

Posted by: IMAWriter | October 28, 2012 at 04:46 PM


you got it man....thanks....


Daniel Thomas made several significant plays, and you have to believe this coaching staff has him straightened out. Just hope no more concussions.

Thigpen's return was timely, again things we just didn't do in years past. it would gave been a block in the back at the 15.

Fasano is having a fine year, and thank you for that, as Egnew has been, so far, a bust.

So MANY positives today, so many.

One thing everyone is overlooking that helped Miami is the discipline and lack of penelities...How many times have we seen Miami pushed deep in their own territory after recieving a punt due to blocks in the back or holding calls...this made a HUGE difference...HUGE...
THAT is a result of great COACHING...something the JESTS truely lack..

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