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Dolphins whip Jets 30-9 and make a statement

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- What a woodshed whipping this was.

The Dolphins, overtime losers to the Jets in the first meeting at Sun Life, flipped the script today by basically dominating the home team 30-9 and capturing second place in the AFC East.

So what does this mean beyond the standings?

It gives you a tangible measure of how much Miami is improving. Understand that on Sept. 23, the Jets could argue they were better than Miami. They went to Miami and, like it or not, came away with a win.

Now, a month later, the Dolphins have grown to the point that New York was blown out by halftime in their own house. And Miami did it with their backup QB, Matt Moore, who played three quarters for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Tannehill said after the game he has a hyper-extended left knee and a deep left thigh bruise. He is scheduled for an MRI Monday.]

That says a lot, folks.



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Posted by: Food4Thought | October 29, 2012 at 10:07 PM

All in one short sentence this dumbass refutes his own statements and PROVES once and for ALL, Drugs are VERY Bad!

(PS: I know the rest of you guys get that. But somehow(if he was dumb enough to post it in the first place-lol), I get the feeling he'll need it to be explained.

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dear mr. odinseye,

i really admire you, you are my hero.

You guys are so silly. Tell me what coach doesn't believe in out-scheming the competition. LOL.
Gimme a break.

Posted by: TKO | October 29, 2012 at 10:44 PM


Iron Mike Ditka............Dilweed!

He didn't try and out schemeing or finesing opponents!

He **BELIEVED** in Smashing you right in the Mouth and beating you to a Pulp! The same thing I like to do with punks that try and argue just for the **SIMPLE SAKE of ARGUING**. I don't mind debating and talking football, but trying to waste peoples time and energy over YOUR type of absurdities?

You give US a BREAK!

I've seen Ditka respond to this SPECIFIC question in this same EXACT way(Ironic and too funny at the same time).

Sorry for ruffling your feathers with some reality. You ASKED.......I answered. As usual though, I don't expect you'll admit how wrong you were-AGAIN. You ALWAYS ARE.......and YOU NEVER DO - ROTFLMAO!

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I like Odi. He fixed me up with a 12 year old. My hero

I mean when you havent won a playoff game in 15 years and you have 3 consecutive losing seasons, .500 sounds great.

Posted by: Jay | October 29, 2012 at 11:07 PM

Either way, it's better than 3-5 with Spazano, Sancheeto and Tebags to look forward too.........now ain't it-lol?

Jay, can you BELIEVE that the wets PRIZED Free Agent aquisition this off season was TeBags-ROTFLMFAO!

Apparently Rex Ryan was hoping TeBags would bring Jesus Christ himself to New Yak with him-lol.

Cause BELIEVE ME, these pitiful New Yorkers are in Dire Need of a Miracle ;)

(I SLAY me.......what about you Jay? I think I'll get another Bourbon On The Rocks after that one-lol)


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P.S- With the 8th Pick in the Draft the JETS Select "MATT BARKLEY"!!! HOPE U GUYS WILL BE HAPPY!!

And with the 9th (Ireland Trades M.Moore Back to Dallas with the Fins 20th Pick) Pick in the 2013 Draft! The Fins Select Manti Te'o!!

Why is it, that NO ONE can come to Armando's Blog and discuss The Dolphins or Football in General?

Seriously Armando?

You can't tell me that this Knob Polisher is worth alienating all of your faithful Bloggers.

Can you remember back when you use to actually have Fans and The Fans respect here Armando?

Which reminds me, while your "Good Thang" continues to make a ignorant idiot of himself here on the Blog, why no update on the status of our most important player?

Hey Monkey Bu-oy, admit it, you're worried about where Armando is tonight and what he's **REALLY** doing, aren't you?

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tell us, given these options, which would you most prefer:

1. talking football with odin
2. jerking off a camel
3. eating live cockroaches

frijole | October 29, 2012 at 11:54 PM

If you actually asked a question and stamped a name to it we could sit and debate Football but you don't you do nothing but constantly look to belittle everybody with your cast of 1,000. Say what you will of odin or myself and some of the others but at least we have the balls to type something and look to back it up with our points of view. You on the other hand are about as easy a mark as I've seen given your little knowledge outside the fact the team uniform is aqua, orange and white with a funny shaped ball that spirals when thrown, I'm done encouraging your act go talk to your peeps over at Jets.com already and F off!

Now Onto some Real Football!

It's Good to see this Coaching Staff is still Hungry!

Agreed on the Bill Walsh Comparison. In the Sense of Being a Perfectionist and Trying To OUT THINK the Other Coach!

Now on the Rest we Have to See! Bill Walsh is a Legend! Him and Paul Brown Created the WCO! The Whole Philosophy Of What Philbin Runs!

Now Philbin is his own Man and has shaped it to his Own Personal Philosophy! But when Was the Last Time we can compare a Coach to Someone Great!

Heck Mr. Ross Wanted to Compare him to the Next Don Shula!

I love how in the First Hard Knocks it Starts with Philbin Telling the Team "I've been Assistant for 10,061 Days before being a NFL Head Coach!"

Telling the Team this Is What U do!

If that One Statement Doesn't Tell U about Philbin The Man! I don't Know what Will! The Man Is Smart! Screw the IQ! The Man Gets IT! No Excuses!

Again, This team is Acting Like this is any other Week! And We have to get Better! The Mission is Still Not Done!

Love How we Don't Risk Our Stars From Further Injury!

On Matt Moore!

Where Do I Start And Finish!

Odin Said it best! WORST CASE SCENARIO! He can Come in and Play for a Couple Games! Showcase his Talent! Philbin is a Fair Man! Plus it let's T-Hill sit back and Watch from the Sideline! He is Still a Rookie and Sometimes Watching From the Side! he Can See the Whole Field and See the Plays Develop!

Now! Dashi has Been Extra Critical Of Moore! Specially when "Some People" Think he is Worth More Than a Rookie T-Sizzle! But 1 of his Flaws that can Help T-Hill is that he is always Looking DownField! Moore Sometimes holds on for the Ball too Long looking for the Big Play!

Dashi wouldn't Mind T-Hill Sitting 1 or 2 Games! But More than Likely he Will Start this Week! C'mon! It's his Shot against Luck! Daddy(Sherm) will have to Hide the Pads! This Week! T-Sizzle ain't Missing this for the World!

The Benching Is Also to prove a Point that the JETS play Dirty! And that was A Low Blow! The Guy Went at T-hill's Knee!

Brady Would've Gotten a Flag!

I love how in the First Hard Knocks it Starts with Philbin Telling the Team "I've been Assistant for 10,061 Days before being a NFL Head Coach!"

Telling the Team this Is What U do!

Posted by: Dashi | October 30, 2012 at 12:26 AM

Great Call Dashi, I like this too. Actually I love it now that you've pointed it out.

I took this as a very intelligent Coach passively/aggressively telling his troups that Hard Work and Perserverence indeed pays off!

Just like anyone else, after the pre season and a shaky Texans game, I had some concerns and some doubts.

It didn't take long for Philbin and the TEAM to dispel most of this!

Despite the fact that I predicted a 9-7 season, Philbin has already made me forget about it. The important thing is how well they've put the right players in the right places. How they made the most beneficial calls dumping Marshall and Ocho, while not giving up on guys like John Jerry and Brian Hartline!

Then I go ahead and credit the players themselves, but keeping in mind that Philbin and Co have Coached them up and definitely put them in the best situations in which to succeed!

(PS: Gaffney looks like he could go right to the top of our WR rotation. I know he had the drop, but his quickness and the few routes I watched him run? He looks like something we've been missing for quite some time. I see him fitting in/complimenting Hartline, Bess and Fasano. Marlon Moore appears to keep on.....Keeping On......too!)

I'm just LOVING what I've been seeing so far this season.

Eyesnido says Dashi should work for Ms. Cleo. Rotflmao, Vallhalla, anywhoo. Fins will go 11 and 5 and play in wild card game.

Less see if odin is around here somewhere. Wassup, man!

Never too many WRs. Gaffney looked very good in one play, very bad on another. But it's early yet. Marlon M. is solid. Looking good.

Nothing Tannehill could do about that rush. Please protect better.

I'm still here, I'm ALWAYS here!

I'm having trouble getting my "NEXT" novel published.

I'll try a re-write with a sequel!

Can any of you imagine Tony SpOrano telling a group of reporters about how some film study showed that Cinci would be vulnerable to the Fake Punt?

That the wets were backing off kickoffs and thats why he tried one in the first quarter?

That Tebow would be suceptible to a certain stunt on punt protection duty?

Can you imagine the conservative SpOrano going in for any of this? Especially as risky as a couple of them were?

I know this falls under the "Special Teams" umbrella, but the Head Coach is usually the guy that "Green Lights" any of these.

Thank God for Joe Philbin. People were criticizing him early on. Especially after some of the Hard Knocks episodes. He was called too an-al and accused of paying too much attention to small useless details(public image(peenis head haircuts/F-Bombs)inconveinient bathroom breaks, socks, candy wrappers on the field).

Well, if he's this detail oriented when it comes special teams, you know this carries over to offense and defense. If his assistants and coordinators aren't already this detailed, you know they're becoming so very quickly.

He has us playing **ALMOST** good enough to be 7-0. Right now, we'd be the 5th seed in the AFC. So, the worst thing you can say about Philbin to date: He's too detail oriented-lol! Say it all you like! I'm falling in LOVE!

Philbin gets My weekly **Odinsider's MVP Award**. Give the Head Coach a Game Ball for this one.

Matt Moore gets Honorable Mention. If this wasn't such an overall Team Win, he'd get my MVP Award. But then this week, we would have a whole bunch of ties.

I have a few weekly categories that I will be including. I'd like to put them up for votes and feedback. We'll have the Weekly MVP of course and the Weekly Bone Head Award(This weeks nominee is Jabbar Gaffney. It wasn't so much his single drop that gets me. But can you imagine how his debut would read if he had caught that TD and helped us run up the blowout on the hapless wetspots? If Gaffney makes that catch, me and all my HOMER BUDDIES are talking Super Bowl-lol!).

My nominee for the new category of the "Odinsider's Rookie of the Week Award: Olivier Vernon! There were alot of great efforts obviously, all across the board. Rookie Vernon played solid again as his playing time has steadily increased. But I have to nominate him for his overall hustle. Well, that and the fact that he accounted for a 10 point swing on the scoreboard. It was a pretty easy TD, but a TD is a TD. He showed great awareness and hustle just the same. His blocked field goal was pretty awesome as well. It wasn't a super long attempt either, so the kicker wasn't necessarily kicking it low. It was all out honest hustle and effort on Vernon's part!

I also have the coveted: "Odinsider's Warrior of the Week" Award. This one is close. Wilson's blocked punt. Carrolls strip/sack. Starks recovery/INT(I still don't know which-lol, it was all good. Thomas' TD run and Fasano's catch!

I almost wanted to nominate Vernon for this one as well. But since he got the "Rookie of the Week Award", I'm going outside the box on this one. I'm not going for the glamour spot. I'm talking about Warriors! Who stepped up and assumed some leadership during this Trash Talking rivalry week? Unlike all the wets losers, who talked the talk and back it up on the field? Thats right, I'm talking about "The Odinsiders" FIRST EVER "Warrior of the Week Award"!

**Mike Pouncey**

I think we only got about 100 yards on the ground. But that matters not! Pouncfey Manhandled the wets all week in their little tit for tat hissy fits. He went straight for the jugular in calling Maybin a joke back up(very true). He put the entire wetsies roster on notice. Then he backed it up on the field by man handling the middle of the wets defense. Great effort, great execution and most of all, he stepped it up when needed and assumed a leadership role(of sorts)that will help define this Miami Dolphins team moving forward.

Let's recap....................

"The Odinsider's MVP of the Week Award"

Joe Philbin
(Matt Moore gets an Honorable Mention here)

"Rookie MVP of the Week Award"

Olivier Vernon

"BoneHeaded Play of the Week Award"

Jabbar Gaffney

And my own personal favorite category: "The Odinsider's Warrior of the Week Award"

Mike Pouncey

While I'm sure it's obvious to many that I have way too much time on my hands. I still want to remind you that these are just nominees and others should be nominated and voted for(We could even add categories, it's ALL good now that were 4-3 and hitting what should be and easier stretch of the schedule. 7-3 SHOULD be a Gimmee, but I'm not looking past Indy for now).


OMG! I was trying to post this for over an HOUR-Duh!

It was because of my use of the word A N A L in regards to Joe Philbin.

Of all the things this Board lets through.........?


(Anywhoo, send $5.00 and ASASE to "The Odinsider" @ Aesir.net for a your very own, AUTOGRAPHED copy of my latest novel ;)

Interesting excerpt from Barry Jackson's new write up:

"Status of Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill Uncertain for Game against Indianapolis"

Intriguing matchup

If Tannehill can play Sunday, it would set up an intriguing matchup between the first player taken in this past year’s draft (Andrew Luck) and the eighth (Tannehill).

Here’s how the two quarterbacks compare:

• Discounting the 18 yards in Tannehill’s abbreviated appearance Sunday, Luck is averaging more yards passing per game (281 to 242).

• Tannehill has a higher completion percentage — 59.1 to 55.6.

• Tannehill is 27th in the league in quarterback rating at 75.8, barely ahead of Carolina’s Cam Newton. Luck is 29th at 74.6, ahead of only Mark Sanchez, Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel among starters.

• Luck has thrown more touchdowns (eight to four) but more interceptions (eight to six).

• Luck drove his team to a winning touchdown in overtime against Tennessee on Sunday, but Tannehill’s fourth-quarter numbers are better.

Tannehill is 13th in the league in fourth-quarter quarterback rating at 90.8. Luck is 29th at 69.9. Luck has three fourth-quarter interceptions, Tannehill none, though Tannehill does have one in overtime.

“Tannehill has been one of the most impressive-looking rookies to come into the league,” CBS’ Bill Cowher said.

I am so sold on this team, and just love having a chance every Sunday for a win. I hope all the Ross and Ireland haters whither on the vine out there and just go away. Ross is a hero for bringing in Joe Philbin and not getting stuck with the fishy Fisher. Ireland surely had a lot to do with that too. Ross also changed the game times back to 1 pm which got us our home field advantage back. Tannehill was the steal of the draft at number eight too. I would not trade him for Luck or RG111. I realize I may be alone on that but as I said, I am so sold on this team!

This is older from Jackson's chatter(Though I posted the numbers mtself after seeing it at Pro Football Focus).

In light of Sundays performance, I thought it worthy of reposting:

The Dolphins feel validated in sticking with young safeties instead of signing bigger name free agents. Consider: Opposing quarterbacks have a 39.7 rating when throwing in Reshad Jones’ coverage area (third-best among all starting safeties) and 67.6 against Chris Clemons.
That compares with Cincinnati’s Reggie Nelson (120.7), the Jets’ LaRon Landry (91.0) and Washington’s Madieu Williams (91.1) --- free agents Miami passed on. It’s 87.5 for Jets/ex-Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell, whose overall play is rated 49th by Pro Football Focus.
Conversely, PFF ranks Jones third and Clemons 22nd. “I see [Jones] evolving into the kind of player we had hoped he would be,” defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said.

he irony of this being written/reported just prior to Tannehill's injury-LOL(Gulp...)!

### CBS reported Arizona has interest in Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore, but it would be risky for Miami to move him in case of an injury to Ryan Tannehill.

What about trading Moore, an impending free agent, for a draft pick and re-signing David Garrard?

Garrard’s agent said the Dolphins haven’t called and Garrard still isn’t ready to play after preseason knee surgery that was supposed to sideline him only until mid-September.

The Dolphins like how Moore has supported and mentored Tannehill and weren’t sure how Garrard would embrace that role.

"I've heard rumors," Moore said of a potential trade. "But everything I know is that I'll be here."

The Cardinals are desperate. They're wasting a season with the two guys they have. I bet they'd pony up a pretty good pick though.

Now, in the aftermath of Tannehill's injury, would **YOU** trade Moore?

For what/how much?

According to a source, Ryan Tannehill's MRI did not reveal any structural damage but he has a bruised quadriceps and a bone bruise in his left knee and he has experienced considerable discomfort.
His status for Sunday's game at Indianapolis is uncertain. A lot will depend on how quickly he heals this week and how much mobility he shows in practice. Coaches do not know if he will be ready for Sunday's game.
Two players who saw him Monday said he was walking better than he did Sunday, when he was seen limping after the game.
Meanwhile, here's what offensive coordinator Mike Sherman had to say at his Monday press briefing:

(On whether he shares Ryan Tannehill’s optimism that he will play on Sunday) – “Well I didn’t see him do anything today. I saw him walking around a bit and I know he’s fairly optimistic, but we just have to wait and see.”

I personally would love to see a Tannehill vs. Luck Rookie Showdown!

Luck is very good, but I think it's quite obvious Tannehill's ceiling is MUCH Higher! In my mind Tannehill's already as good as Luck with less than half as many collegiate/NFL starts! To me, considering Tannehill's steady improvement, that says it all.

I hope Tannehill can play. Not just because I think he can win, I also don't want anything interfering with his progress/development.

However, I get the gut feeling that Philbin/Sherman do what they think is the correct thing. And I think to them, making sure Tannehill is completely and properly healed up is right in the long run/big picture.

I predict they sit him down this week.

I also predict Luck has a rookie hiccup. Meaning Moore and our smothering Defense rips Indy a "New One".


agree odin, we need thill back asap.

Hurricane Sandy was the NY Jets. My house was the Miami Dolphins. No power outage, no Direct TV outage, minimal damage (tiny dripping from my ceiling for maybe 30 mins). Put me on the Bio channel because....I SURVIVED!!!

Now on to Indy to flood them out of a winning record.

Oh Gee, Randy Moss and the 49ers looked pretty good last night.

You will recall that I told you back in April that we should have gone for Randy Moss.

I love how in the First Hard Knocks it Starts with Philbin Telling the Team "I've been Assistant for 10,061 Days before being a NFL Head Coach!"

Telling the Team this Is What U do!

If that One Statement Doesn't Tell U about Philbin The Man! I don't Know what Will! The Man Is Smart! Screw the IQ! The Man Gets IT! No Excuses!


without a DOUBT my favorite line in the Hard Knocks series....grabbed my attention right away.....this is why I reference the 32 years of experince so much.....the man LOVES what he does....and he wants to surround himself with people who are equally as passionate about football.....

I said it before...and i'll say it again....

we DODGED a huge bullet by not getting Fisher......the football gods were looking out for us on this one....

yes we recall that and we are still very glad we didnt go for randy moss. guy has had 11 balls thrown his way all year even with that awful wr core.


did you get swept away in the Hurricane.....get to work man....and make it something positive this time....the FINS...and the fans deserve as much......


Remember when you thought this was a "throw away season"....

and now you on here saying we need "thill back ASAP"....lol.....

kris wow i thought ur football iq was betgter than that. u do understand it wouldnt matter if we were 0-7 or 7-0, we need thill back asap. nothing to do with wins or losses though. we cannot stunt his growth now. hes improving weekly and to stop that would be a shame and set us back for next year. coem on man u had to understand that? right?


all up next.....7-3 is very realistic @ this point....steal one from a road weary seahawks....and were on the cusp of the playoffs.....

GO FINS!!!!!!!!


I agree with the experince part of your post.....but c'mon man.....do you think sitting out a game is going to some how stunt his growth....lol....they dude only had 19 college starts....

I admit....i didn't like the pick....but UNLIKE most most of you....i said he should START right away....


because @ this level you can either play...or you can't.....and I wanted to find ouut as SOON AS POSSIBLE....ASAP......no waiting 1-3 years....thats foolish talk for a # 8 overall pick.....

If he sits out a game or two Bill....it won't stunt his growth...the kid has sjown that HE GETS IT.....

speaking of that.......

does anybody want to come on here and sew endless post of it takes a QB 33 starts....and everyone knows that....and we can't evealuate him properly until blah...blah..blah.....

you know....like they did with Henne.....

Did you watch the game last night? Moss looked like he was in "99" form... Took a guy that was right on him, made him miss after he caught teh ball, made another group of defenders miss and was at full speed in 2 steps.. it was ridiculous.

You've been silent too long, man(Did you lose $ on the Dolphins?). How about a new entry so Kris, odin, ALoco and I can keep on arguing?

During the game CBS showed a shot of Sanchez on the bench looking at photos with Tony Sparano right after he tossed an INT in the red zone.

I could not help but smile and say to myself "I am so glad we got rid of Sparano".

They guy just could not get the most out of his players and from a strategic coaching perspective...he has none.

Philbin is like a quite Bill Walsh...speaks softly but carries a big stick.

Fins 24 Colts 20

One last thing Bill....

I didn't know my football IQ was DIRECTLY linked to reading YOUR mind....and interperting YOUR post.....

You see how silly that looks on paper right??????

Kris, where is Armando or if Armando is unavailable, a reasonable facsimilie? We had a QB who had an MRI, the biggest win of the year and going on 72 hours with bupkus to discuss unless we talk amongst ourselves. If we got drubbed, we;d get the 4th blog on what is wrong with the Dolphins sinnce Sunday.

What's the rush with Tannehill? We already know what we have in him. Besides, Matt Moore played extremely well last Sunday and all expectations are that he will do so again this week.

Kris and others, you dismiss the Titans at your own peril. I agree they are beatable, but by no means an easy game. They are like Houston, always play us tough. Out of that 3 game stretch, that's the game I'm most worried about. Even Seattle (at home) is an easier matchup to me. Titans feels like a trap game to me. Especially if we beat the Colts (which also isn't an easy win).


Again. No Game is a gimme in this NFL.

Have you noticed that the Team has not been flat in any Game so far this Season? The effort has been consistently excellent and a credit to Joe Philbin.


You know I respect your opinion.....but you also thought the jets game was going to be 3 point game.....

EVEN after I told you that Philbin is one of the SMARTER minds in the NFL.....and that ALL woulf find out soon enough that you CAN'T give a PHILBIN coached team 2 weeks to prepare.....

I predicted the score would be 34-9...Sporano gets three fist pumps and passes out from stimulus overload......

30-9....close enough.....

Don't fight it DC.....just get on board.....

we win the next 3 going away....Seattle in the next challenge.....

Life and Horseracing have taught me not to take anything for granted.

DC & Kris,

I think we are not giving the defense enough credit. The Dolphins are going to handle the Colts, shut down the offense, and score enough points to make it a no doubt game...just like this past weekend. These guys are starting to believe - that should make them very scary to the rest of the league!

Kris, you were right about that, and I was wrong. The game didn't follow the probable script of the last half dozen. What I didn't take into account is Philbin's ability to gameplan for a post-bye contest. I won't ever make that mistake again, I'll include that into my statistical oddsmaking. But Miami does still have structural problems. We still are playing a rookie QB, who's doing a great job, but isn't yet lighting it up. He's consistently improving, but when Moore came in, you really saw the pass game open up. Not sure Tannehill is there yet (even though I'm not promoting benching him for Moore). I want Tannehill to continue to develop because he's the future. But what it means this year is he needs lots of help from the rest of the team. Last few games, he's gotten it. Honestly, we're in unchartered terrority here. With a new coaching staff, QB, younger players, it's very hard to predict what we'll do.

My predictions are just that, predictions. Not promises, not assurances, merely what I believe the greatest possibility is. Could we go on a 6-game win streak (when's the last time we've done that)? Sure. Is it LIKELY? Probably not. But I'd be thrilled for the team to prove me wrong about that.

By the way, my preseason prediction of 4-12, will be proven wrong in the next 3 weeks. I'm not giving a new prediction. The team has already beaten my expectations. No matter what happens, I will have a positive outlook on this Season and consider it a success. AND, I will have bigger expectations next year (Playoffs, SB, who knows).

Big week coming up. If the fins knock off the colts and the steelers lose to the giants, Miami will take a big step toward securing a wildcard spot.

There shouldn't be anyone losing focus this week.

This game is huge.

Tannehill OUT. Moore to take over.


The other thing to consider is that, not only was the jets game following a bye, it was the first time that Philbin has faced a team for the 2nd time.

I'm guessing that if you give Philbin tape of his team against another, he will come out on top in the re-match, more often than not. Miami hired themselves a winner.

Anyway, big week coming up. If the fins knock off the colts and if the steelers lose to the giants, Miami will take a big step toward securing a wildcard spot.

There shouldn't be anyone losing focus this week.

This game is huge.

Blog Fodder.....

EXCELLENT points......

Philbin was seeing a team for the 2nd time.....and he DISMANTLED that team.....

That bodes well for our 2 match-ups with the PATS.....and now most likely we will SWEEP the Bills....something we haven't done consitently enough....especially for as bad as they are.....

Blog Fodder.....

EXCELLENT points......

Philbin was seeing a team for the 2nd time.....and he DISMANTLED that team.....

That bodes well for our 2 match-ups with the PATS.....and now most likely we will SWEEP the Bills....something we haven't done consitently enough....especially for as bad as they are.....

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