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Dolphins whip Jets 30-9 and make a statement

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- What a woodshed whipping this was.

The Dolphins, overtime losers to the Jets in the first meeting at Sun Life, flipped the script today by basically dominating the home team 30-9 and capturing second place in the AFC East.

So what does this mean beyond the standings?

It gives you a tangible measure of how much Miami is improving. Understand that on Sept. 23, the Jets could argue they were better than Miami. They went to Miami and, like it or not, came away with a win.

Now, a month later, the Dolphins have grown to the point that New York was blown out by halftime in their own house. And Miami did it with their backup QB, Matt Moore, who played three quarters for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Tannehill said after the game he has a hyper-extended left knee and a deep left thigh bruise. He is scheduled for an MRI Monday.]

That says a lot, folks.



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Blog Fodder.....

EXCELLENT points......

Philbin was seeing a team for the 2nd time.....and he DISMANTLED that team.....

That bodes well for our 2 match-ups with the PATS.....and now most likely we will SWEEP the Bills....something we haven't done consitently enough....especially for as bad as they are.....

Obviously I LOVED the Blogg Fodder post...as evidenced by the 2 straight re-post.....

Agreed! That it is awfully quiet around here!


We know the NE is good! People around here have been posting. The Jersey Boys! DC! It was one of those rainy hurricanes! Again hope ya had insurance! As long as everybody is OK! Every thing else can be replaced!

Writers Block?

Oh, well!

Again, T-Hill will be back when he is a 100%! All u Moore fanatics can give it a break!

Good game really?

U clowns amaze me!

That's a SubPar Performance for T-$izzle! We expect more! So give it a break!

So much to write about! The Wr's! The RB controversy brewing! The Safety Play! An Apology letter by all the Sfla sport writers to Jeff Ireland! Philbn getting his respect!


Dashi(Conspiracy) Theory!

Philbin is the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL! No Respect! No Respect I tell ya!

Maybe this week the Ref's start seeing things down the middle!


I know your predictions (or mine for that matter) are assurances....or even the least bit credible....they are predictions....based on little more than what we HOPE will happen.....it just so happens that my predictions have been in line with this FO and the pulse of this team.....

I said Hire Philbin OVER fisher...they did....

I said sign Manning....they scoffed....

I said DON'T draft Tanne @ # 8....they did

I said start Tanne DAY 1.....they did (it only made sense).....

I said 11 wins....we'll see.....

looking @ the full remaing schedule.....it will be tough....we lost 2 we shoudn't have....but I stick with my 11 WINS...and i'll ride with it until we have 6 losses on the board.....

Predictions are purely educated guess (sometimes not even that).....It just feels better when you seem to be in lock-step with the organization.....

are = aren't....in the first sentence....

It's all right in front of them.

The fins just need to take care of business against the colts, titans, jaguars, and buffalo twice.

These are games this team should win. If they do, that's a 9 win season and probably good enough for a wildcard this year. Now if they manage to split with Seattle/SF and split with the pats, they'll definitely be in.

But, they have to win the games they should win.

Not since 2008 have I looked at a schedule of week 9 games and considered playoff scenarios for the fins.

Thank you Joe Philbin....

i for one am hoping thill gets back for this game. couple weeks out and then we put him back in and momentum can swing big time , could be rusty,etc. we will be favored in the next 4 games so lets go get them before we have to face the pats and then fly to san fran

...So all of you guys that have been whining that we get no love from the media..(Something by the way that puzzles me why people care) We will see how people hate Peter King Today know that he has said some nice things about our team. King thinks the Phins are the half way leader for a wildcard spot.

BTW..did you guys know we lead the NFL in 3rd down defense?

Anyway..I have heard nothing on thisblog except for hatred of this guy. Some have had their feelings hurt because his opinions were truthful about our team..Discarded as a baffoon, or clueless hack...This coming from the omnipotent bloggers on the web. Well we will see if opinions about the media, and King change now that Miami is getting some attention.

no doubt blog, philbin deserves some big time credit.

Agreed! That it is awfully quiet around here!


We know the NE is good! People around here have been posting. The Jersey Boys! DC! It was one of those rainy hurricanes! Again hope ya had insurance! As long as everybody is OK! Every thing els
Dashi(Conspiracy) Theory!

Philbin is the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL! No Respect! No Respect I tell ya!

Maybe this week the Ref's start seeing things down the middle!

So early in the Season to qualify for a Wild Card? Then what would those 2 Games vs NE mean, Division Championship?

im hoping to be 8-3 going inot game vs pats. they play nobody so they will be 8-3 also. would be a huge game

Superb work by Joe & crew...offense, defense, special teams back up ... towel people...excellent well organized next to no penalties, until the very end. Superb job of coaching and great job by Moore as well.

What's going on? This blog is going haywire!

I was posting something and it all got erased. For half of my last post! Oh well!

Oh Kris, now you're just cherry-picking to make yourself look better (if I read your post correctly).

Two can play that game. I said LONG AGO we needed an offensive-minded HC (and was always against Fisher or any defensive-minded HC).

I said LONG AGO we needed to draft a 1st-rd QB (Mark in Toronto can attest to that). I also was FOR the Tannehill pick, and told Craig M I'd NEVER blame Ireland if it didn't work out.

I won't say I initially liked the choice of Philbin (I wanted Andy Reid), but ever since I've been supportive (but I did say we needed to try the WCO). You're conflating my preseason prediction with pessimism. It wasn't. It was a hesitance. I didn't think the team would learn a new system, with a rookie QB and new Coaching staff so quickly. I also stated I was lowering my expectations because I was sick of being heartbroken by this team in the past, and that I'd rather be surprised than underwhelmed. But even with that prediction, I was on the side of Philbin. All PreSeason, when folks were calling Philbin Cameron 2.0, I defended him. I also defended Sherman's playcalling all year. I initially thought Tannehill should not start, but once I saw him play in PreSeason (and on Hard Knocks) I was on-board for him starting (thought he was the best QB then).

So, you see, you're "predictions" haven't been much more accurate than mine. You got a few right, and got a few wrong. As did I. Trying to equate past correct predictions into a predictor of who's more likely to predict the future more accurately is a fool's errand. Just like the storm. European models accurately predicted the track of this storm. American models were not (they said the track would head out to sea). However, the European models have been wrong before (and the American models have been right). So whose models do you trust? Well, obviously, neither is more accurate, as the weather patterns are still unpredictable. Just like future football games, we all can have our say in what will happen, but truth is, if any one of us were really that good at our predictions, we'd be billionaires from putting our money where our mouths are.

Is Ryan Tannehill going to play against the Colts?

We are favored by 2.5 as per LV.

yup oscar, i told craig we would be. indy plays everyone close at home, beat green bay but lost to jacksonville

...The point being that Miami has the easiest remaining schedule of the teams at 4-3 in the AFC..

Look at the teams we play and their quarterbacks..We will be favored in the next 3 games. We match up very well with San Francisco. And New Engalnd is not the juggernaught at this point that they were last year.
Now of course things may change. We don't know the stautus of Tannehill. We do not know what the Pat offense will be in a month, and of course who knows how injury will play a role. But if we take what we know today, plug it into the schedule. It certainly looks favorable for us.

next 4 games we will be favored

i disagree on pats not being a juggernaught. they took a rams team on a neutral field that we beat by 3 at home and destroyed them. there offense is unreal with gronk getting close to 100 percent and hernandez getting better. their d still sucks though. they can be beat but they are def the favs to win div. they have cake walk schedule also

Am I the only one who felt the offense was a lot more limited with moore in there and I want Tannehill to come back simply because he gives us the best chance to win???

Hey, if the Mooch (Mariucci) can mention the fins & the wildcard in the same sentence, and do it on TV, I feel more than comfortable doing the same.

It's just simple math, the fins control their destiny.

i agree 100 percent mark. and whats with bush splitting carries, does he have an injury they arent telling us about

Actually, DD, the Jets have the easiest remaning schedule (.433 opponent win %), followed by us (.493), Buffalo (.507), and NE (.526)

Detroit has a brutal schedule (.652) rest of the way ... ouch

dont go off that mark.jets only have 3 home games left and 2 are against pats and chargers. they play sea,tenn,buff,jack on road. all 4 of those teams are much much better at home

Sorry DD, misread your post. I'm hung over ...

For everyone's usage, here's degree of difficulty on everyone's remaining schedule. Third column is remaining schedule opponents win percentage ...

1 Denver 0.456 0.344
2 Oakland 0.425 0.375
3 Philadelphia 0.496 0.409
4 Atlanta 0.395 0.422
5 San Diego 0.426 0.422
6 NY Jets 0.521 0.433
7 Kansas City 0.478 0.438
8 Washington 0.504 0.448
9 Carolina 0.522 0.453
10 Pittsburgh 0.441 0.455
11 Dallas 0.517 0.455
12 Cleveland 0.500 0.474
13 Baltimore 0.470 0.485
14 Indianapolis 0.479 0.492
15 Miami 0.487 0.493
16 Cincinnati 0.457 0.500
17 Buffalo 0.475 0.507
18 Jacksonville 0.559 0.507
19 Houston 0.500 0.515
20 Tampa Bay 0.466 0.516
21 San Francisco 0.529 0.517
22 Tennessee 0.543 0.517
23 New England 0.504 0.526
24 St. Louis 0.555 0.542
25 NY Giants 0.474 0.552
26 Seattle 0.525 0.559
27 Green Bay 0.559 0.583
28 Chicago 0.504 0.588
29 New Orleans 0.504 0.594
30 Arizona 0.567 0.600
31 Minnesota 0.542 0.633
32 Detroit 0.605 0.652

Denver .344, what a joke.

I don't know if the offense was limited because Moore was running it...over the last 2 weeks there has been no shortage of criticism right here on this blog regarding Sherman's play-calling being too aggressive, when he should have been sitting on a lead.

Imagine if Sherman played it "too aggressive" with the backup QB in the game and let the nyets back into the game. This blog would be lit up this week with people screaming for his head.

I remember saying during the game (I talk to the TV from time to time) "Ok Matt Moore, your job in the 2nd half is to not give the game away".

Know what I mean?

yeah mark denver plays nobody. played everyone good early on. denver will be loaded and rolling into playoffs. hou and den best 2 teams.

All of you are invited over to the rectory for some 'Christian Fellowship' today.

I have beer and clean towels.

Has anyone ever met a Jacksonville Jaguars fan?

Has D. Thomas separated himself from bust status yet?

Fodder, even when the game was 10-0 and in the balance I just felt they couldn't move the ball as well and consistently.

I just had a feeling that it was scaled down. Can't really point to one play other than the throw to Bess in the flat where it should've been an easy first down but Moore through it behind him then Cormartie got a gift from the official with the forward progress on the missed tackle.

Has D. Thomas separated himself from bust status yet?

Posted by: Uncut | October 30, 2012 at 12:10 PM

2 yds/carry is a total bust in the NFL.

Moore would lead us to the playoffs.

2 yds/carry is a total bust in the NFL.

Posted by: Kiper | October 30, 2012 at 12:25 PM

He's actually at 3yds/carry...3.4/carry over 2 yrs. Not good but he ran better last week...TD vulture on Reggie Bush with 3 this year.

I'm sure its been mentioned (I didnt read the blog), but speacial teams was awesome and won the game for us IMO.

Darryll the media will jump on any bandwagon that has room left on it. Right now the Dolphins have won some games so the all important media are begrudgingly giving them attention while they anxiously await a collapse so they can be proven right. This blog hasn't changed since 4:15 Sunday. Go check out previous blogs after a loss.

Thomas is garbage. Miamis receivers other than beds and hartline are garbage. On the bright side the defense looks good.

and Bill, Denver is home and cooled in the playoffs. Like you said, will have either the first or second seed too. Cake schedule for a pretty good team.

Thomas will be cut as soon as his contract expires.

Hey Dashi, your keyboard called, it wants all of it's exclamation points back.

As far as Thomas goes, yes low YPG but let's not forget that he does a lot of the heavy lifting. Not exactly going to have a 4ypc when you have the bulk of your carries when defenses are keying the run and/or in the red zone.

If you want to truly value Thomas, Miami is #9 in the NFl in Red Zone offense. So like usual Kiper looks at a superficial number to try ot value someone's worth without looking at the total contribution.

How do you cut someone when they don't have a contract? That's the very definition of a free agent, not a cut.

Nice hair, helmet head.

Has anyone ever seen Thomas break a tackle? lol

moore can beat the colts.

moore can beat the titans and the bills 2.

and the shawks fly east for a 1pm'r. moore wins that 1.

Moore > Tannehill

and moore beat the krap out of the putzs' 4 3 q's until the d collapsed in the 4th last season.
this seasons d won't.
moore wins that 1 also.
c a pattern here knuckleheads.?

Who cares what you ignorantly believe Moore could do. He couldn't win consistently with Marshall at WR but now he will with less talent. Yeah, okay buddy. have fun with that idiocy.

moore = 9-3...

marshall = bust.

No one with eyes can knock Moore. he's been great in pretty muvh evey game he's played for the Dolphins. He'll get MVP aain if he starts.

who had a better 1st game to their season. moore or tannehill.?.

moore with this quality of coaching = lights out...

moore = brady.

Against the same defense Tannehill had a 50 QBR and Moore had a 90 QBR. Duh, which is better?

I'd like to ask Matt Moore what he thinks of Brandon Marshall and whether or not that was addition by subraction.

I'd like to know what he really thinks.

Moore HAD to throw too marshall last year .... The offense was designed around him and reggie. Bess was pretty much ignored last year. Plus brandon would poop his diapie everytime it was suggested someone else should get the ball. This offense gives moore multiple options and gives him a chance to go thru his progressions not force the ball to one guy.

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