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Dolphins whip Jets 30-9 and make a statement

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- What a woodshed whipping this was.

The Dolphins, overtime losers to the Jets in the first meeting at Sun Life, flipped the script today by basically dominating the home team 30-9 and capturing second place in the AFC East.

So what does this mean beyond the standings?

It gives you a tangible measure of how much Miami is improving. Understand that on Sept. 23, the Jets could argue they were better than Miami. They went to Miami and, like it or not, came away with a win.

Now, a month later, the Dolphins have grown to the point that New York was blown out by halftime in their own house. And Miami did it with their backup QB, Matt Moore, who played three quarters for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Tannehill said after the game he has a hyper-extended left knee and a deep left thigh bruise. He is scheduled for an MRI Monday.]

That says a lot, folks.



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The vast majority of Wall Street trading is done electronically. Closing the physical building stops none of that.

Been asleep since about 2003, Mr. Van Winkle?

Now that's not...
Well Christian..
Jut saying.

(I don't know why I'm being so pessimistic as of lately. maybe my illness which no Dr. knows where the hell it is coming from). But I know. From the Election.

Dude, Of course you dont post during that time., Your sleeping off your drunk/drug usage from that night before, You post from 5pm till 4am, Yeah you goota sleep Dude, Your a buffoon., COME ON MAN.
Stop the madness, just Go away.

Posted by: Coalition to Ban Odin And Ireland. | October 30, 2012 at 11:15 PM

Well, when you work long enough or smart enough, maybe sometime you too can and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But I'll tell you this right now, You Wanna Be Revolutionary(Bhwaaaa Haaaa Haaaaa), trying to support that meth habit with a welfare handout just ain't going to cut it-lol.

You can't get rich or comfortable like me laying around on your a ss and sucking that Devil's Dick of a Meth Pipe all day!

Sucks to be **YOU**!


Believe NOTHING that the National Media publishes. Draw your own conclusions and there's plenty to draw from in Virtual Space. Learn. Study.

Oscar, Is it a "ELECTION" problem or a "ERECTION" Problem, Better to be the first and not the latter..
Just saying.


My friend the market never closes. U already knew that. Plus everything is good in china. As the saying goes

OK, Dashi. Let's talk some Football. Have you seen how decisive D. Thomas has become in picking that hole to run thru? I think he has finally gotten the hang of it and he's a load to stop(less see)

The vast majority of Wall Street trading is done electronically. Closing the physical building stops none of that.

Been asleep since about 2003, Mr. Van Winkle?

Posted by: noticias de hoy | October 30, 2012 at 11:33 PM

Sure it does Bullwinkle. The NYSE and NASDAQ were shut down Monday and Tuesday and there was no trading of any kind.

Wake up.

I some old friends here, There's Redsky, and Odin giving it!! to a troll, You go guy.
Now lets talk about football girls, Fins-Colts, Both a surprise, Mighty fish going inland to battle the colts in the big oil can, my pick, Fish 20- Horses 10 fins go on to 5 and 3, and finally ESPN mentions the FINS are MAYBE for real.

I dont think I've ever seen a RB worse then D Thomas.

I'm wondering...if maybe...this would be a good time to pry Tebow away from the Jets. I think Philbin would do wonders with an all purpose player like that. And we STILL need a spark.

I don't think I ever seen a poster more useless than Fin 77.

Kris, Tebow is how to i pot this with it getting printed?
Worse then Sanchez.
Why would you want the jets to get better?, As matter of fact why would you post something like that?,

Tebow has proven to be a WINNER...when given a chance, like in Denver. The Jets don't use him enough to get him going.

D.Thomas is Running Like The Back Dashi thought he Was!

The 2nd Best RB in the Draft Last Year! Look it Up! Statistically Speaking! Only D.Murray had a Better Year! And Thomas is Still Sharing Time!

To Dashi! D.Thomas and L.Miller are the Perfect Thunder and Lightning! Plus we have Thighpen who can run some Plays! And Can Play the Slot!

Bush isn't that big of a need! Plus he Runs Scared More than Half the Time! I was Taught RB's are Violent Players! U Initiate Contact! The One thing U have to Love about Ricky!

Ricky has Broken a LB's Shoulder by Running Him Over! Violent Back! Not Reggie Bush!

Now Does Thomas Run To High! Yes! But thats why we have L.Miller!

Remember L.Miller had a Injured Shoulder which Cost him to Drop Before the Draft! But he was Ranked behind T.Richardson as a Late 1st Pre-Draft!

The Fins got 4 guy that Could've been 1st Rd Talent! T-Hill,Martin,OV, and L.Miller!

If Ireland can Hit Again like that with Higher Picks! I don't Care if doesn't take Care of MLB! But if he can get us 5 Guys that Could've been 1st Rounders! I don't Care What Position! This Team Will Be Loaded! Plus a Couple Patent "Acorns"! We are going to start Loving that Word Around Here!

I love reading my opinions over and over! Dashi is the highlight of this blog! Trolls and bystanders, let Dashi teach you.

I can't get a bead on the Colts.

They get stomped by the jets, lose to Jacksonville and just squeak by the Browns.

Then they beat the Pack and the Vikes(barely),

It's hard to say, but I bet our Defense negates all of this. It doesn't matter if it's Tannehill or Moore. We'll win the game handily.

If we get a quick start with an early lead, it'll be just like the jets.

Again, Let's See how the Line Dominates this Week!

Both Sides Of the Ball!

The Colts are really Good in the Passing Game Because Luck has More Weapons To throw To! He has 2 Te's and 3 Wr's!

Getting a Rush On him will be Important!

They are a Average Running Team with No Real RB's!

On Defense The Colts D Has Never Been 1 to Apply Pressure! It Used 2 DE's! And Now those DE's Play OLB for the First Time in Their Career!

And That #7 Pass Ranking Can Be Deceiving! The Colts Have Played Some Real Bad QB's! Or Pass Attacks If U Will!

They Don't Get A lot of Sacks! So it's not the Pass Rush! It's The Opponent With Them!

Plus, They Give Up over 100Yds On the Ground!

Bush was the focal point of all the jets panzified BS!

On Bush first big run of the afternoon he was throwing stiff arms like punches and Cromartie got caught retaliating.

Bush is coming back from a knee injury. So I suspect Philbin did the smart thing. We had the lead early and never looked back. We didn't need Bush to win that one so why put him out there with that bunch of tards and low lifes?

He got Thomas some good work. Including that power run/TD! He got Bush in there just enough to keep him on the right page.

Why over work Bush and risk a re-injury when we had these hapless chaps stomped?

I think we'll see TONS of Reggie vs the Colts. And because Philbin was smart about it, I think we'll see a fresh Reggie at or near 100% for the first time since his inury!

Now The Fins!

On The O-Line! It's Funny how Many Fans J.Martin Has Gotten! MARTIN MISSED HIS BLOCK ON THE PLAY THAT T-HILL GOT HURT! LOOK AT THE REPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin Blocked Down! He Went Inside!

Let it Be Jake and We Would have ourselves a Good old Fashioned Lynching! YA Amaze Me! (Talking to the Jersey S. Boyz!)

Back to Evaluating the Line Play. We Should be Able to Run On The Colts! And Pass Protect! They Don't Really Have anybody and the 2 Best Rushers Are Playing Out of Position!

On the Fins! D-Line!

This One is Simple. We have a Top 3 D-Line Pass Rush and Run Stopping! The Colts have a OK line and Luck gets rid of the Ball Real Quick! Don't Expect the Colts To do Nothing Fancy in the Run Game! And They Don't Have a Good RB!

If we get our Usual Pass Rush and Get 2-4 Sacks on Luck And a Ton Of Hits! From the D-Line! We Will Be Ok!

This Game Will Go Down to the Major Match Ups of Every Fin Game!

Our WR And Te's Vs Another Teams Back 7! (We seem to have 3 Wr's)

And Our LB's And CB's Vs The Colts Pass Attack!(Or any Teams Pass Attack)

Defensive X-Factor! Split Between N.Carroll and C.Clemons! If these 2 Keep Developing this Game Should be Another Route!

And Dashi's Most Important Defensive Player for this Game! The Dynamic Duo! If these 2 Cover them Te's and the Middle of the Field! Dashi will Guarantee Victory!

But We Still don't know What we got with the 2 Veterans Of the Defense!

Maybe they Wake Up after The Bye! They Woke Up after Week 8 Last Year and Started To Dominate!

I Believe the Same Can Happen this Year! I expect Great Things From Here on Out From the 2 LB's For the Rest of the Year!

I think we should check the Hospitals!

I can just see it now. Armando returns from a Road Trip and Monkey Boy finds condoms in the Trunk of the Vette.

Monkey Boy loses his mind, goes berserk and reaches for his knife. But having pawned his knife for Meth Money, all he has is a Glass Pipe. So he breaks his pipe(much like Cowboys would break a beer bottle in those old westerns)and stabs poor Armando in the Stomache!

It was premeditated. Monkey Boy wanted to "Stab Him". Just.......not in the stomache and not with a broken Meth Pipe!

Odin Bush is a Great Running Back! If he Doesn't Run Scared!

Yes, It seems the Fear he had after getting Hurt is Finally Over. Let's Just Hope he is Ready for a Big Game!

(I'm Expecting for the "Team" to Get Close to 200 yds Rushing, If Reggie Wants To Go Off! Dashi won't Get Mad!)

But we can Agree Signing Reggie for More than 2 Years will be Pushing it by Ireland!


Just got back from Miami. Was great to spend a week there. Miami's vibing all over the Dolphins right now boys!


Regardless of how you or I feel, I think Bush will get the chance to finish his career here. Not because he's a Hall Of Famer or because we can't live without him.

I think Philbin and Ireland will try to lock him up for a 3 or possibly even a 4 year deal. Philbin and Sherman love his skills and his talents. But maybe more importantly, they love his work ethic and team first attitude.

On top of that, they envision him as a very good mentor for the two youngsters Miller and Thomas. Reggie is a Philbin and Sherman type of player and they'll want his experience and leadership to rub off on ALL the younger players.

Like I said, regardless of how you or I feel, I just think this is the way it will play out.

Dashi's Theory

Troll #1 Oscar is the Dad To Troll #2 The Ban Odin Guy! OR the Guy who hasn't posted under YG! in a Minute (Aloco). Who Dashi Likes to Refer to as The Jersey Boyz! Notice it is Mostly these 2 That ARE THE REAL PROBLEM!

And It Makes Sense With what Odin was saying. These Guys Project Themselves Onto Others!

The Failed Doc and His Son! Frankenstein!

Ok, Dashi Out!

Fins now #11 in Nfl Power Rankings. Peter Peter King ranks Fins #9 in his personal rankings poll. Moving on up, fellas!


Wouldn't Mind Reggie Ending his Career Here! But Dashi Knows Ireland Won't Overpay!

Remember it's a Group Effort. And A RB is like a QB! U know what U got in them first 3 Years! So those 2 Need to See the Field. To Make Sure they are the Future.

And Philbin has Already Stated. The Reason D.Thomas is getting More Carries is Because He Doesn't Dance!

Meaning Someone is "Dancing"!

Reggie can still be a Beast for 2 More Years if he Stops Running Scared!

Ok now for real.

I dont know whats worse, Odin and Dashi going on and on about trolls for hours at a time or just the few posts that trolls post and those two going on and on aqnd on and on and on and on and on ETC, ETC. BOYS QUIT POSING ABOUT TROLLS. Yhank you.

Another point I have to take exception with.

I saw the conversation about the possibility that we only resign one or the other of Solia and Starks. I think it was POSSIBLY Kris, Mark and Dashi talking about it.

I don't more than anyone else here. But I'm not afraid to say that I think it's crazy talk. We run a 4-3 defense now. The 4-3 first and foremost is predicated upon the play of your two DT's and your Middle Linebacker. Gardner, Bowens and Zach come to mind from back in the day.

Anyway, I say you put an EMPHASIS on making sure we resign the both of them. These two are the Heart and Soul of our new 4-3 Defense. With Solia being a fireplug and Starks versatility? I believe we have to do EVERYTHING possible to keep both of these guys.

I don't even want to think about Odrick making a permanent move inside either. On passing downs, yeah.....sure. But on run downs, he couldn't carry Solia's and Stark's jock.

Starks is a free agent after this year. Solia after next year(I Think). If I were Ireland/Philbin/Coyle I would do everything possible to resign Starks and AT THE SAME TIME, try and EXTEND Solia. I try to not even let him reach free agency again.

If your Defense pitches a shut out, your offense only has to score once to win. In laymans terms, DEFENSE wins Championships!

With the money we'll have this year, the draft picks and all the talent on Defense we already have, we're set to go over the top this next off season. We can't afford to let any of out star defenders get away.

Mando! Are you paid civil worker wages that you can't post more often? Really, you lazy buzzturd!

I dont know whats worse, Odin and Dashi going on and on about trolls for hours at a time or just the few posts that trolls post and those two going on and on aqnd on and on and on and on and on ETC, ETC. BOYS QUIT POSING ABOUT TROLLS. Yhank you.

Posted by: Just Passiny by. | October 31, 2012 at 01:33 AM

While you may not know whats worse.......I DO!

You still being alive and taking up completely good oxygen you waste of DNA!

Do you know how cheap Lead is these days?

I know you're on a budget and most of your money(welfare is earmarked for meth)is accounted for. But think about it. Every time you're smoking or shooting up the last of your stuff and you start having those suicidal thoughts. Think about it! Think about how cheap just one little lead bullet is.

Yeah, you know what I mean don't cha? You know what I'm talking about. All the times you thought about ending it and then just pussied out. You don't have to keep going through that fella.

I'm here to help. You smoke up the last of it and start thinking about how you don't get your next welfare check for 3 more weeks. You don't have to keep going through all this.

Lead is CHEAP! You can have the last laugh on everybody Brother! Just pull that trigger "One Little Time!

Come on now! **YOU**.......Can......**DO IT**!!!!

It's Wednesday, Halloween, post something you lazy crocksucker!

You idiots criticizing Odin and Dashi, although I don't always agree, they keep this blog going! Since Armando doesn't post!!!!


Check out the headline on the new article just posted on the Herald!

Paul Solia, "Randy Starks spark Miami Dolphins' solid run defense".

What did I JUST POST Monkey Boy!

What did Odie just TELL YOU!

ROTFLMAO! Yeah Baby, lock them two Up or Down! Either way, just don't let them get away!

PS: Troll Boy..........Eat Me! Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I have to agree with Odin on both counts.

Keep Starks and Solia and by the Troll a bullet.

Anyone see Ross get his by a cheeseburger Sunday when he went to meet NYCDolfans club before the game tailgating?

Anthony Armstrong has been cut again.

Hmmmmmm........does this mean we have a roster spot open just 36 hours before the trade deadline?

Too bad I like Moore so much. Otherwise I'd say send him to Arizona for a pick or KC for Dwaynne Bowe!

We probably could package Moore and a pick for Bowe. But I don't see Philbin buying into any of that. Here Tannehill gets banged up 3 days before the original deadline.

Oh well, I like Gaffney, Moore and ALL of our picks going forward anyways!

dashi why is your name lower case in the first post then upper case the rest of the time? changing names again?

dashi always agrees with odin, as if he is posting under a different name in attempt to make him appear right, righteous, or the bigger cat in a fight of epic failures

yesterdays gone hasnt been here all week, which name is he posting under and why did he quit TRYING to sound like he knows football and like he isnt a flip flop bandwagon fan

The Colts, Titans(at home)and Bills.

I don't see any cake walks anywhere. But I do see 3 winnable games.

I feel like John the Baptist must have felt. Through the off season and training camp, I kept saying, "Worst Case Scenario" we have Matt Moore.

While people were predicting only 2 or 3 wins all season, I kept say, "Our personel is perfect for the 4-3 defense".

When people were hemming and hawing over Tannehill(even making excuses for him PRE-camp), I kept saying "Start the Kid now and lets see if he's got IT".

I feel kind of sheepish blowing my own horn. But I have to tell you, I feel VINDICATED!

I'll be honest and admit I'm not perfect because I had to eat a lot of Crow along the way. I advocated starting Tannehill right away(but deep down, I didn't think he would come through like he has). In my defense, WHO DID?

All that aside, I haven't been this confident in a Dolphins Team since Don Shula was Head Coach. I don't know if that means anything to you, but to me, it means EVERYTHING! Jimmy Johnson got my confidence up........ONCE! Then we played Jacksonville in the first round of the playoffs.

This group has got my confidence level up there. I believe we can now go 7-3. That would be perfect. Seattle being a good "Warm Up" game for the Patsies.

If we run these next 4 and get to 8-3, I think it's a given we split with the Pasties! Thus at least reaching my original prediction of 9-7!

I know I'm getting ahead of myself so I'll just end with this, we're going to beat the Colts this Sunday and we're going to beat them just about the same as we did the wets.

PS: I know what your trying to get at, but your wrong as usual.

Me and Dashi agree on Mando's "Good Thang".

But when it comes to the Dolphins we disagree on quite a few things. It's just we know how to discuss it or debate it or whatever you want to call it. Simple as that.

Unlike you, who thinks this place is his world and some sort of dumb, juvenile popularity contest.

You know, if you would just pick a sign in name and quit trying to convince yourself that your smarter than everyone, you'd be a lot better off.

Heck, if you'd come "Clean", we might even teach you something about football(I mean MORE than just their pants and cup sizes you queenie).

Now go find a KNOB TO P-O-L-I-S-H!

Yeah, where the Fvck is YG/DB?

Jails, Hospitals and Institutions.

That Mutha Fvcka didn't Fall Off the Wagon.........He DOVE!

Probably violated some restraining orders too!

wow, I have been out of electric for a couple of day's.But I am beliveing..Redsky you gonna fly into L.V.I and I will pick you up for the thursday nite game in buffalo???????


Come in on wed and we go to dinner and adult beverages afterwards...the 14th fly in. And ya she said it's ok.lol

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Tell me how you do this that I feel like an addict of this blog?

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