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Dolphins whip Jets 30-9 and make a statement

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- What a woodshed whipping this was.

The Dolphins, overtime losers to the Jets in the first meeting at Sun Life, flipped the script today by basically dominating the home team 30-9 and capturing second place in the AFC East.

So what does this mean beyond the standings?

It gives you a tangible measure of how much Miami is improving. Understand that on Sept. 23, the Jets could argue they were better than Miami. They went to Miami and, like it or not, came away with a win.

Now, a month later, the Dolphins have grown to the point that New York was blown out by halftime in their own house. And Miami did it with their backup QB, Matt Moore, who played three quarters for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Tannehill said after the game he has a hyper-extended left knee and a deep left thigh bruise. He is scheduled for an MRI Monday.]

That says a lot, folks.



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This was a good game to evaluate QBs and their Schemes. Don't you see that it's not Mark Sanchez's failure but the Jets Coaches and their schemes? Tebow didn't work either. However, our backup QB, in relief, played steadily and well and made us score several times. It's the System. You see?

I think that was real Kris @4:37 replying to the troll... and real Kris, could be wrong but I don't think the real troll is oscar.
Mando could help by ID'ing all names connected to the 4:33 'kris' post.

What an awesome win, Sparano could be canned in the bye week and should be lol!!!!
On a side note, now Matt Moore has serious trade value before the deadline!!!

Somebody text Rex and tell him we gonna whoop that asz next.

Is somebody impersonating you, Kris?

the win was great. just curious, am i alone in thinking the refs seem to hate the dolphins this season? we lost challenges in previous games that i just don't get then the non call for pass interference and that quick whistle on the bess catch??

Posted by: Mike W | October 28, 2012 at 04:53 PM

Thought that as well, but glad you posted it.

sorry to ask this again, but as a 50 year Canes fan, IU'm always pulling for my Canes.
So, again I have to ask, Why isn't Lamar playing?
Surely, even as a less than stellar QB protector, he would offer a threat on swing passes and such.
To be another reason. We're lucky Thomas has really stepped up.
no Lane either.
Miller wasn't a tremendous practice player, so maybe philbin considers that during the week?
I'd certainly not have a problem if that's the reason. The great teams PRACTICE like great teams.

Easier to see now the difference that good Coaching has made on Nolan Carroll, Sean Smith, Jimmy Wilson, others.

Awesome win! People, if you've been here before, you'd KNOW Kris RAILED against Fisher as our HC. He obviously is being impersonated by oscar or whatever Jets troll is angry about their loss. Too bad for them, the only thing pitiful today is how we destroyed what was a high school football team. F*ck 'em, hope they crash and burn rest of the Season.

Anybody heard Tanny's status? Will he be ready for next week?

There's only 2 Posters here besides myself. Alright, I don't mind.

Rick, hyperextended knee, going in for an MRI. Hopefully, they find nothing torn, and then it will just be a qestion of mobility and soreness. Either way, Moore is a capable backup. Indy's defense is giving up the most yardage to RBs, so it should be a great day for the run game (by the way, where's Lamar Miller, especially with Bush not looking that great today?). If he's not 100%, I'm fine not rushing Tannehill back. Let Moore beat Indy.

I think he will be playing Rick, didnt look too serious and he a tough kid. Tannehill vs Luck, who knows I may even get to watch the game on CBS this week but then again Peyton and the Broncos will be favoured again no doubt!!!

wish I could watch the jets Press conference, but I'd feel as troll-like as the Jests trolls here.

Knowing how slavishly the NFL network and ESPN hype the Jests, we'll see all the bloody details eventually.

Matt Moore deserves to feel very proud, and it's a shame we couldn't pay him near starter money, but the fact is he wants to play7, as any QB would.
J-ville would be a logical place, and they'll have a high #1 end o0f season.

Moore certainly looks the part of of a #1.
Just heard, as i suspected, it WAS a hyper-extension of the left knee.

Id be calling the Chiefs GM this week about Moore, more draft picks could be on the way

IMA, Miami is a team on the rise. Moore is MUCH better as a backup than a starter. And Jax is heading out of town (possibly to London). If I were him, I'd be thankful to stay right where he is and enjoy the ride to the TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!

DC, i asked the same thing above...regarding Miller.
Now is prolly not the time for Mando, or anyone to ask Philbin or Sherman, I suppose.
Maybe toward the end of practice week?

it will be interesting facing Vontae next week.
you KNOW he will be active, but he can be beaten deep, and now with Gaffney and Marlon maybe we can take a few shots.

Kris youre a DA if you think Fisher coming here would have been good.. look at where the Rams are.. he is a mediocre coach.. hes been to a superbowl.. our coach has been and won one..

mags, I disagree. Relying on a QB to play an entire year is a risky move. You need a reliable back-up. I'm not sold on Devlin (would rather trade him). I'd prefer having Moore here so if Tannehill goes out, the game plan stays the same and the team trusts the next guy up.

Moore's trade value will never be higher plus he's walking at the end of the year.....trade deadline is Tues so package him with a decent pick and grab a good player

Don't you see? Matt Moore is a simple backup QB. Philbin's System has made him shine. Trade him, but not now.

ncfinfan33, that was an impostor, not the real Kris.

nc, it wasn't Kris, it was a troll who's using his handle.

IMA, can't WAIT to see Vontae. He'll need his grandma on speed dial after next week. Sean Smith is TWICE the player he is now, who would a thunk it? That's what happens when you rely on talent alone (Mike Vick anyone).

Total team win...l find myself saying that more and more about this team. It's been a long time since you could say that about the Dolphins.

Moore played a great game in relief. Just don't want to see Tannehill's growth slowed.

I thought Reggie looked good early but apparently the Dolphins had alot of Daniel Thomas in the game plan, which would be fine if I didn't have Reggie on my fantasy team..lol.

Really. With Tanny questionable for next week, and you want to trade Matt Moore?

DC whilst you are right about having a good back up, BPA hit the nail on the head. Moores value will never be higher and he's walking to the highest bidder in FA come season's end. Grab the draft picks if we can get em. Too many time we let good players leave for nothing.

Miami has a football team again!! It feels so good. Nothing makes me happier than watching fatboy Rex Ryan pouting on the sidelines because his J E T S suck suck suck!!!! Enjoy the basement of the division where you belong. FINS UP!!!

mags, you TOO?
Tanny may be out 2 weeks.
You want Devlin in there?
Think, man.

So is that serious tannehill

DEZ, another thing, mugging a team on THEIR turf gives our team a BIG shot of confidence.

yes IMA.....trade deadline is Tues and after that he's worth nothing besides value as a backup QB (always some mid-level vet backups available, I'm sure a few who know the WCO)--contract is done at years end so he aint sticking around--Moore with a 2nd or 3rd has got to be an attractive package to a few teams.

Maybe now Rex Ryan will learn shut his pie hole. What a wind bag!

BPA, I give up.
I want this team to go to the playoffs. That won't happen without a proven backup.
This is a WEAK AFC.

IMA, I see the augument for keeping him but I'm all for more draft picks to make this team a serious contender next year. We ARE NOT a serious contender right now, just a rapidly improving team. We should not Moore leave for free if we can get a 3rd/4th now for him, anything less than a 4th though and I'd keep him.
Big Jake should also be traded if anyone comes waving a No 1 as hard as that decision would be unless he agrees to a reasonable extension. He def cannot be allowed to leave for nothing in FA.

guys, don't get all caught up in the moment. Moore's good, but if he's "definitely" going to walk end of Season, then we wouldn't get him for anything better than maybe a 4th rd pick (he's an undrafted player). You're kidding yourself if you think we'd get a 2nd (or even a 3rd) for him. I say try to keep him. See what Devlin's status is end of Season, and if he's not reliable, offer Moore the cash to stay. Maybe he takes it (and maybe he walks like you think). But we're not getting a 2nd rd pick for Matt Moore, sorry, never going to happen.

The Dolphins already have 8 draft picks, 4 in the first 100, i believe, and 60million in cap space, so why panic and trade Moore?

Please, ENOUGH.

DC--no, I'm not saying we'd get a 2nd or 3rd for Moore--I'm saying to trade Moore ALONG WITH a 2nd or 3rd and get an impact player in return--go get the CB or WR upgrade we need

a 4th-5th round pick won't be the difference of you being a "serious" contender next year or not. A reliable backup will.

Apparently, the Jets are still internet yapping.
Rex may get fired before Tony. Wouldn't THAT be a kick?

Oh, that's a different scenario BPA. I'd be open to that (depending on the impact player). Would have to REALLY be an impact guy for me to want to get rid of a reliable backup QB though.

Trade Moore, trade Long?? C'mon can we keep our guys and keep winning football games for a change.

If it were up to me I'd take alot our cap money next year and keep'em all. Long, Smith, Starks, Dansby.

I'm not sure how much I would give Bush however, with Thomas and Miller waiting in the wings.

IMA, whomever was the IDIOT who hired Sparano as their OC should be fired, whether it was Rex or the GM. Dumbest. Move. Ever!

IMA--what are you talking about?--who's panicking, by suggesting we trade Moore.....c'mon, relax--I love the direction of the team but I also dont think we're a serious contender, AND we definitely wont be if we have to start Moore for a bunch of games (ie. if Tanny is hurt for awhile)--just saying that with the trade deadline a few days away, and with Moore's good showing, his trade value is high with that deadline approaching--PACKAGE him WITH a pick and get a good player--is that crazy?--or "panicking"?--Moore likely wont even play again, assuming Tannehill is ok....heck, go sign Garrard if needed, as a backup.

Scratching my head here.
However, if teams were willing to give Flynn...after 1 game, millions or trade a #1, who's to say Moore, who has had some success with the =Fins wouldn't get at least a 2nd.
IMO, ANY quality BACK up is worth at least a mid round 2nd.
Ask the 72 Fins, or even the Patsies, when Drew went down...boom, Brady.

not saying Moore is Brady, just saying, for those teams like Green Bay who run a form of this offense, a guy like Moore becomes VERY enticing.

Their #2 next year would be a lousy deal.

A very positive and happy win for the team. Great game. Who cares about the Jets? New Yawk ain't the center of the universe but there is better news in bad news. The Jets are a bunch of thugs.
I like Incognito's new dance. Blowing kisses to the opposition. That was great...

BPA, to be without a quality backup would demoralize the entire team. Can you imagine the constant 3 and outs, and then our D exhausted by the 3rd quarter?

agree DC, re: Sparano......geez, the Jets bring over Sparano along with several of our castoffs from last year, and wonder why they stink--baffling move.


Why don't you think we're a contender. 4-3 and the Colts, Titans, and Bills coming up.

We could be sitting at 7-3 three weeks from now and steady improving.

The Phins get the last word on the field

Let's all say it! Were sorry Mr. Ireland! U do know what the F!' Ur doing!

U sir can even pick a better coach than par cells!

Wasn't Coach P a Wr Coach? The man definitely knows Offense! Must've had a great Teacher! That's right! The Shermanator!

Great Teams win at all 3 Phases! That is what makes this team scary good! The fins get it done at all 3 phases!

Hey, Oscar u got ur helmet strapped?

In all seriousness It's going to blow really hard up there! Now I'M no weather man(Check that off ur list). But what really is going to suck is all the rain! Just remember if u live close to the coast u get hit the hardest. Be Safe don't be a Hero. If ur in a Evac Zone. Get the F out of Dodge! But knowing u and ur Obscenely high IQ! U'll be safe! From ur Penthouse Apartment in The Sky. With BulletProof glass.

Rick, that's 2 separate things. Moore is MUCH cheaper than Long. Long will want top money, and isn't even a top 3 LT right now. And if he gets injured, he may be done. Plus we have a LT in waiting in Jonathan Martin. AND we have a coaching staff that OBVIOUSLY knows how to develop players (Jerry's started every game this year I think). Not that I WANT to see Long go, but if that's the way the cookie crumbles I'll trust that the FO and Coaches know what they're doing. The days of keeping guys too long are over (no pun intended). This is a young man's game. It's all about the scheme, not the names on the back of the jerseys (that's what the Patriots taught the league).

Honestly, to me, Moore is more important than Long.

How about the savvy vet Mcdaniel coming off the bench and immediatly making an impact.

Our D-line is certainly a contender.

Exactly, Rick.

Brian Kelley
You are so corectt. All the NFL Channel wanted to talk about is the loser Jets. What about the team that just spanked them, 30-9? This channel is in love with the North East teams. No respect fopr teamsd that are actually playing well, Like The Dolphins.
Mando its about time you got into this conversation. Shine the light on the Eagles-Giants-Jets-Pats- network.
They spent 20 minutes on the Eagles and Jets,,WHo lost.

Rick.....who said anything about trading Long--cmon, dont just chuck stupid stuff out there--I dont want them to trade Long......Moore is a backup QB with some value, and he's a FA at the end of the year, thats all-again, gentleman, the reality is that Tannehill will probably return this week or soon after, so dont get all nutty over Moore.....unless Tanny is hurt worse than expected, or gets injured again, Moore wont see the field again.....I like Moore, just saying he has some trade value.

As much as i'd love a 11 win season i'd still trade Moore. Would a desperate team like the Chiefs cough up a second? I'd take that. We probably won't resign the guy next year and better get something out of him. IMO we're still setting the foundation to be a very succesful franchise for the next 15 years. This year should be about getting the young guns the experience and gearing up for 2013 and beyond

Keep Moore around so he can keep doing his best Frank Reich, golden backup impersonations. I love Moore, just not too much Moore. Hope Tannehill gets better soon.

Been a fan of this franchise for forty years! Best road victory against an division opponent in the last ten years!!

Posted by: 72 Dolphins | October 28, 2012 at 04:30 PM

Great road win for sure, but not better than the Wildcat win vs the Patriots in New England.

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