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Dolphins whip Jets 30-9 and make a statement

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- What a woodshed whipping this was.

The Dolphins, overtime losers to the Jets in the first meeting at Sun Life, flipped the script today by basically dominating the home team 30-9 and capturing second place in the AFC East.

So what does this mean beyond the standings?

It gives you a tangible measure of how much Miami is improving. Understand that on Sept. 23, the Jets could argue they were better than Miami. They went to Miami and, like it or not, came away with a win.

Now, a month later, the Dolphins have grown to the point that New York was blown out by halftime in their own house. And Miami did it with their backup QB, Matt Moore, who played three quarters for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Tannehill said after the game he has a hyper-extended left knee and a deep left thigh bruise. He is scheduled for an MRI Monday.]

That says a lot, folks.



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don shula, that article was on point. Indy is a passing team (Reggie Wayne is having one of his best Seasons). Could easily be a trap game. We need to savor the win today and maybe tomorrow, but THAT'S IT! We're not there yet. Only 4-3, Steelers on our heels (as far as landing a Playoff spot). We need to keep improving, keep learning how to win. Crazy as it sounds (from me) we DO have a shot at the Playoffs THIS year. And if so, we need to take advantage of it. Will make it easier to re-sign our FAs next year (who wants to leave a team that's on the rise?).

DC, I'm not saying I would grossly overpay for Long but I would certainly make him an offer.

It has taken us 4 years to finally get this o-line to gel and John Jerry hasn't totally backed away from the dinner table yet.

I like you am truly impressed with this coaching staff though. They've got the guys buying into what their selling and thats half the battle.

Please stop the trade Matt Moore nonsense!! The QB position is the most important one on the field. Obviously we have 2 good ones. Screw draft picks. Let's play for this season. With Ryan's health in question let's keep a motivated Matt Moore around. Love Philbin. His pulse rate never gets over 60 during the game. Great calming influence. Beating the Jets is soooo sweet!!! I have seen high school teams more organized.


WE HAVE A TEAM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

WE HAVE A TEAM ............

DASHI............DO YOU HAVE A JOB ?

Sorry BPA it was mags who suggested trading Long. He's entitled to his opinion though.

I'm just excited as hell about this victory!!!

Married.....for the record (and the 15th time)......I dont want draft picks for Moore, I want a good player in return--yes, a good backup is a luxury, and trading him is a risk, but continuing to build for an increasingly bright future with a stud WR or CB (or whatever position) is a good thing too--also, I'd sign Long, without a doubt.....and yes, I know he wont be cheap.

I'll remind everyone that Garrard had beat out both Tanny and Moore early on (and I aint some Garrard fan, belive me)--Moore was 3rd on the depth chart at that point.....its not like he's irreplaceable (by, uh, maybe Garrard?).

Matt Moore is THE BEST relief pitcher in the game! This is you don't trade PLAYERS! Nothing better than beating the sh:-) :-) out of the Jets!

got it Rick, sorry

@Married. Great franchises do a great job of balancing their short term results and long term success. Look at GB, Pitt or NE; they trade or would be willing to trade great players if that sets them up for success 10 years more. Moore has proven to be a good backup, nothing more. Unless Tannehill's injury keeps him out for 6 weeks why keep him? Guy will walk out at the end of the season or ask sill money to resign...Do we need a Flynn-type sitting the bench and eating up $, while we have needs in CB, WR or LB?

Also, i trust in Philbin & Co so much that Im sure they can plug a Devlin in and make it work withntheir system

Great win today for this team. Nothing more that needs to be said really. Dolphins DOMINATED in ALL areas.

To the guys suggesting trading Moore, that's about the dumbest thing I've heard. Tannehill is injured and we have no idea how bad is it right now. So obviously the suggesting this are saying 'let's give up on the season'. Just plain dumb guys! And where is it written that Moore is leaving at the end of the season? Where's he going to be a starter next year? Tell me. One team? There's another 4-6 QBs coming into the league next year all looking to start. If Moore's smart he'll stay right here in Miami, sign a two year contract and stay in an offence he already knows. He'd be dumb to do anything else.

wow,there were so many things in the game today that would have caused the old dolphins to blow it.tanny injury,bush fumble,jets last drive of first half,1st drive of 2nd half but these guys overcame it.must be coaching.starting to feel a difference.
how stupid does ryan look now for hiring sporano.what a dumb ass.that was are biggest problem under him"offense"

Where are the haters comparing Philbin to Cam Cameron? Where are the Mike Sherman haters? Where are the "Barf for Barkley" know-nothings? Where are the Daniel Thomas detractors? Where are the Hennehill dolts? I tell you where, pulling their pudding. Because it's no fun hating on a WINNING TEAM!!!

Garrard beat out Moore because Matt is literally the worst practice player ever. When he has played for the Dolphins in games, he's mostly been quite good. I would need to be blown away by an offer to trade him with Miami having a great shot at the playoffs.

If I was Arizona, I would inquire though. Kolb and Skelton stink and I think they could make the playoffs with a guy like Moore.

+1 to Nolan Carroll finally making strides. Makes the Vontae trade much more palatable. I hope his growth continues and that he stops trying to catch the ball with his face.

It is killing me watching Brandon Marshall dominate in Chicago without the weird, horribly timed drops. I honestly think Miami could have taken a longshot run at the AFC if they still had him playing at his current level.

Trade Moore? Yeah and what do you do while Tannehil's side lined?

Lets get back to the game.
Did ANYONE expect an onside kick in the 1st quarter?
And we recovered.

We hold them on 3rd down every time we HAD to.
Something we couldn't do last year, with MANY..in fact MOST of the same players.
We couldn't get off the field, even with Mike Nolan's schemes. sat least not till we were already 1-7.

Our HC and assistants are teaching our guys how to play,. how to FINISH.

Craig.....agree its a risk to trade Moore (and clearly I'm in the minority here), and I also agree its great to have Moore as our backup--no argument--and while its possible he'll return next year, obviously, I'd be shocked if he does because he wants (and deserves) and opportunity to start somewhere-or at least compete for the starting job (he'd take that shot, guarantee it)--he wont even have the shot to compete for the starting job here.......tiny chance that he stays.

Rick, I don't want to trade ANYONE right now (except maybe Clay). I'd try to keep Long too. I'm just saying, Long WILL eat a lot out of our CAP to keep him (he's going to demand top money). Moore won't cost as much. If we can keep them both, great. But, at this point in Long's career, I'm not ready to say he's DEFINITELY more important than a reliabe backup QB. Look, may be a moot point. Devlin might develop (with Philbin and Sherman) into a reliable backup, and Moore might walk. Or maybe someone offers us a #2 and something else for Long. Or maybe Long gets renewed right after the Season.

It's not my call, it's Ireland's call. And right now, I trust him to make the right decision for the team (with the advice from the Coaches).

I just LOVE when the Dolphins beat the jets.
Honestly, that's the only thing as ask of this team. Beat those sorry _ss jets and I'm a happy Dolphan.
Kudos to Jeff Ireland and Coach Philbin. My win total have been met for the season (4-12). Any more wins beyond this point is just icing on the cake. The only Hurricane to hit NY was THEM DAMN DOLPHINS!!!


I'm out with the Moore talk....said my peace, most dont agree, thats cool, but didnt think it would be that much of a distraction.....let it go.....lets get back to enjoying a butt whipping today.

Watching Sporanos play calling was laughable. Ground and pound? Whatever. So glad he's gone. We had to live with that crap for 3 years, I wouldn't wish him upon anyone, oh wait, except the Jets! Loved every second of this butt whoopin.

i gotta put this out there/
jimmy smith
reggie bush
ryan tannyhill
mike pouncey
chris clemons
nolan carrol
shawn smith
koa misi
jake long
richie incognito
devon bess
brian hartline
d thomas
f--ck it its pretty much every player on the field was either drafted or aquired by ireland.GET OFF HIS BACK
its coaching man plain and simple.
while im not getting overly optomistic about this year

Here's to the 3-13 J.E.T.S!!!! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!
STICK a fork in the circus of a season for the j.e.t.s
The Dolphins canceled all remaining shows in the BIG TOP.

They whipped them good. This was an amazing win.

IMA, whomever was the IDIOT who hired Sparano as their OC should be fired, whether it was Rex or the GM. Dumbest. Move. Ever!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 28, 2012 at 05:36 PM

POST OF THE BLOG.....imo.....


I don't want to beat a deadhorse but wehre would Long start next year? Give me one team? KC? I think they'll grab Smith or Barkley. Jacksonville? Same thing. Buffalo? It's either Fitz or the kid from Tennesee. Raiders? I think they'll stick with Leinart and Palmer. Landry Jones will figure in there somewhere too. Give Moore a two year contract and let him continue what he's doing in Miami. He's a reliable backup. That's what he'd end up somewhere else. Give him the same kind of contract he signed with us before (something like a 2 year $5 million contract). It's win-win. To trade him NOW, with the uncertainty surrounding Tannehill would be about the dumbest thing this organization could do.

Dear Rex,

Hot Sauce didn't work. I think the team has an ulcer. Suggest we go to blander food.

Tony S.

Dear Rex,

Hot Sauce didn't work. I think the team has an ulcer. Suggest we go to blander food.

Tony S.

steve.....its jimmy wilson, but thats ok--and dont forget R Jones, who is really coming into his own last year.....and signing Moore last year as a FA was big too.....dont forget J Martin.....Burnett has been solid too.


Sorry, that SHOULD have said 'where would Moore start next year?'


The Solia contract isn't looking to terrible at the moment either.

Thats what I'm hoping Long will do. Take a little less to stay in Miami.

i'm not sure i read one of these post right. did ijust read that we would be 6-1 with fisher. i'm sorry but are the rams not 3-5 did we not just beat him 2 weeks ago. some fans will just never get it. so tired of reading about marshal,davis and fisher, this is becoming a true team. something neither one of them knows about,oh an btw what the hell has davis done lately. he sucked face it an we got rid of him for a decent pick. i love this team i always have , and i love the direction this staff is taking them and the picks that our gm has gotten us are really starting to show us something ,but then again most dolphin fans will continue to bash him , not for his pick's just because most dolphin fans are ignorant

Gotta love some fans. Some weeks ago are saying that drafting Tanne is the dumbest move ever and were at best a 1-15 team. they also said not gettng Fisher and hiring Philbin was dumb. Now they say a scenario where we trade Moore is dumb. Makes me want to think that trading Moore is actually a smart idea...

Craig......I'd love it if they could re-sign Moore for a reasonable contract, as our backup--just thinking he's gonna want at least an opportunity to start, which he doesnt have in Miami.....its not even a competition here--he's young, and pretty good so you gotta think he's gonna explore any option he has to start--we'll see.

Kris, DC, can't be coincidence that since Tony joined the Jets, their O-Line has disintegrated as well. Nearly non-existenty rush attack, except against the Pats, but everyone runs well against them.

Since he's gone, our O-line, with a rookie is vastly improved.
i wish Tony no ill will. he got a raw deal from ireland as regards the Harbaugh debacle.

In fact, I hopp[e the Jets offer him a 5 year extension.


You also forgot Odrick, Vernon, Dansby, Carrol. Ireland is a genious! All of us that critisized Ireland owe him an apology for not knowing what heck we are talking about.

On another note,you guys should check out the NY paper comments from the fans. They are worse than what our comments used to look like. They are slamming Sanchez and Sparano. It is fun to see Jets fans feeling our pain.

Moore should stay right where he is , I told you guys last week that Tannehill is one good hit away from the bench , when I was complaining about Long letting him get blindsided, WE need moore , what if the 72 Dolphins had traded Morrell away for a decent player , thats retard talk, just enjoy the fct that we can win with either , its not a Luxury its a Necessity to have Two good QBs


If you're calling ME out, I'm right here to face the music. I sad Tannehill was absolutely the right pick but I figured he'd be best to sit the year out. I said the team would be 4-12 this year because I thought all this change would be too much for the team. I'm also saying trading Moore now for a 4th or a 5th, in a year where they have a shot at the playoffs, sends the wrong message to the team and would be the dumbest thing this team could do.

I just want to make certain I understand your plan. You'd trade Moore somewhere and who would you start next week if Tannehill can't go? Pat Devlin? Do you really see Pat Devlin taking this team to the playoffs? Not a chance! As for this idea that Moore will be DEFINITELY play somewhere else next year, I'd like to understand where that comes from? Has he come right out and said that somewhere? I'm not believing it.

steve, i understand your point regarding a head to head, Tanny and Luck, but a pissing contest between those two would be a disaster for us.
We need to be in control on the ground, as we'd want to against Brady, Brees, Peyton.

We're not built to be in shootouts.

LOL @ rtd 1....and nc finfan....


all these other "real" poster's who miraculously read some comment about Fisher...and then NEVER READ ANOTHER COMMENT IN THE BLOG SECTION....what a coincidence....what are the ODDS....probably ZERO....lol....

but you "guys"....keep getting hung up on that statement...and NEVER acknowledge that it was made by someone (you guys)....impersonating someone (me).......

keep being SO OFFENDED....lol....

and i'll keep reading and laughing @ you as you identify EACH AND EVERY TROLL NAME YOU USE.....


I'm not calling you out on Moore, I'm just trying to understand where you think he'd have a chance to be a starter next year, better than his situation here. Arizona? Oakland? Jacksonville? Buffalo? I see a lot of these teams adding a QB in the draft and I don't believe Moore will have a chance to be a starter there.

Great win for the franchise.....GO TEAM !!!!!

On a win streak.....bring on Indy........

.....get healthy Tanny.....great job by Matt M meanwhile...

....game ball goes to him....not the coaches IMO....

...Gaffney looked to be getting open.....fingertip miss was a bummer....but he is a gamer...looking for him to play big the rest of the way....

....GO FINS!!!

Devlin is better than Moore!

Now does that mean play Devlin? NO!

U let Moore play out his contract! Meaning the rest of this year! (Unless a 4th or Better comes around!)

Once, T-Hill is 100%!

U bring back The Franchise!

Let M.Moore beat A.Luck! That's how much of a team we are!

Again, Devlin is better than Moore!

And Matt Barkley is a 6th Rounder!

If u would like Dashi to explain I'll be happy to Oblige!

LOL @ IMA @ 6:32.....

a 5 year extension would be sweet....

Kris I know you didn t say the Fisher thing , I had someone using my name last week as well , its immature,you think they`d be focusing on the win , and be happy we have two good QB`s , but they gotta start the rumor mill and make ridiculous statements about trading Moore , when we don t even know the extent of Tanny`s injuries yet, they should put their crayons down and go nappy time


Yeah I know (Devlin is better than Moore), just like Dansby and Burnett are two of the worst LBers in the league. Keep them coming bud....you're full of good one!

'Devlin is better than Moore'.....based on what? They guys never played in an NFL game, only exhibition football. Moore has multiple starts in the NFL, was 7-6 last year and won the game today. But don't let FACTS get in the way of your argument. Keep 'em coming!

Craig. Not trying to poin you out specifically but I just dont get what is the fascination with Moore some of you guys have. not sayin I'd trade himnfor a 4th, but what if a KC comes calling and they'd swap Bowe for him or maybe give us a 2nd or 3rd? I'd do that if Tanne is healthy. Heck, I'd even do it and bring back a Garrard who actually beat Moore in camp. Moore is a .500 QB so why should we think he will take us to the playoffs?
question for all: who is backing up Rodgers, Brees, Eli, Schaub, Ryan? why do these teams feel that they can backup their QBs with no names but we need Moore?

Kris, thank you, sir.
Even an old dog finds a new bone every now and then!

Holy shyte! YOu have to hand it to the Cowboys. They SHOULD have been done in their game today with the Giants. Down 23-0 at one point and the game should have been over and they are now leading 24-23. Crazy stuff!

Exactly xtremewayz7......

It's like the sole focus is to take away form the SMOKING we put on the jets.....

The thought patten of this guy is really weird.....when you think about it...

I mean what events happened in his life that lead to him being a blog troll...

was he bullied in school?

still gets no respect @ work?

NO friends...and his family won't visit.....

come on here and post something when I get close Oscar....tell me hot or cold......


Question for YOU. Who backed Manning up last year? Answer: a collection of nobodies. If they'd have had someone made they won't have been as bad as they were. Moore gives us reliable protection should something happen to Tannehill. I actually think he's a better than .500 QB. That was a lousy team he played for last year with a 'dead man walking' HC. Agreed? I still think he's a realiable QB to have around and I'd have no problem paying him a couple of million a year to be backup. Who is it you want for backup? How about next week? Who do you want starting if Tannehill can't go?

rex must be coking up players cause i never seen clyde gates catch a pass before being cut from fins. he had 5 or 6 today and a few were moving the chains. however, we didn't need him anyway because his new team just got there a$# kicked. kudos to the st's and solid play from rest of team. next week will be fun, one good rookie qb against another. i heard some posting playoff aspirations and it could happen with the teams left remaining, but the pats are good and aren't going to lay down like the jets. a very proud fan in am!


I think Craig M has pinned you in a corner @ 6:45....

I can't think of anything you will be able to write that will be able to even REMOTELY......support you statement of Delvin being better than Moore.....

but good luck....I look forward to the read.....


Clyde Gates is SUCH a tool. The teams's losing 27-3 but he still takes the time to celebrate after a catch. What a complete a**. Still think you've got the team made Clyde? The guy will never get it.

yea guys its to many to list and excuse my bad spelling"public school"
ima writer' you are correct i dont think we can win a shoot out with anyone.but it would be nice for tanny to go up there and have a nice 1 or 2 td day and our d shut down mr luck who looks to be as advertised.
hopefully those to will be the next decades manning vs brady kinda thing.
it would nice to see"JOE ROBBIE"sold out for the next home game

It's only 1 game but the two teams appear to be moving in different direction. The Dolphins on a great roll The Jets collapsing. If the Jet can use this bye week to turn things around all bets are off if not it will be time to throw in the towel. http://nysportsexchange.blogspot.com/

Jets win/loss total at the beginning of the year was 8.5. Seemed like a good bet to me to take the 'under'. So $500 riding on it. I may have been off on my win total for the Dolphins but the Jets one is looking pretty good.

Steve...good point....

It's time for some of the local's to pony up....this team is in the thick of it...

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