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Dolphins whip Jets 30-9 and make a statement

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- What a woodshed whipping this was.

The Dolphins, overtime losers to the Jets in the first meeting at Sun Life, flipped the script today by basically dominating the home team 30-9 and capturing second place in the AFC East.

So what does this mean beyond the standings?

It gives you a tangible measure of how much Miami is improving. Understand that on Sept. 23, the Jets could argue they were better than Miami. They went to Miami and, like it or not, came away with a win.

Now, a month later, the Dolphins have grown to the point that New York was blown out by halftime in their own house. And Miami did it with their backup QB, Matt Moore, who played three quarters for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Tannehill said after the game he has a hyper-extended left knee and a deep left thigh bruise. He is scheduled for an MRI Monday.]

That says a lot, folks.



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This idiot thinks he's a prophet, guru, know it all. In all reality, he's a simpleton drug addict that can't face the facts that he loves corks in his mouth. He ruins the blog every day of the week and NOBODY, I REPEAT......NOBODY can stand him and they all wish he would die.

Posted by: odinseye | October 28, 2012 at 10:48 PM

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I'm I the ONLY one that thinks the SECRET SERVICE should take out HONEY BOO BOO? I hope NOT! I'm Barack Obama, and I approve of this message!

FP4FGs, my predictions were not great. After so many years of failure, I'm cautious! But I hope for the best! I'm encouraged, Moore stepped in today and kicked ass! That's what should happen when the 2nd QB steps in.

Dolphins Whip Jets and Make A Statement.

Hurricane misses New York and Strikes In The Meadowlands.

Rex Ryan Being Checked For Hoof And Mouth Disease.
Puts Foot In Mouth Once To Often.

Tebow Mania Officially DOA. Sanchez Clinging To Life Support.

SpOrano Happy He Only Leased New Home In New York.

Rex Ryan Hoping The Housing Market Improves Quickly.

I know alot of us predicted a jets implosion was imminent. But few of us knew it would be so thourough!

To be honest, all I saw was implosion imminent. The picks they gave away(for sanchito-lol). The disasterous handling of the salary cap. There were many indicators.

But when they topped it all off with the hiring of SpOrano and the signing of Timmy Tebow, I almost pee'ed my pants I laughed so hard.

SpOrano and Tebow? ROTFLMFAO-WTF were THEY thinking?

Tebow as their "Prized Off Season Signing" - LOL. What did the EXPECT?


Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa and we just sent them packing for Irrelevent City(3-5 LOL)!




ROTFLMFAO - Poetic Justice if I do say so myself!

PS: T-Bags Sucks - Sucks - SUCKS - LOL!

Can there be anything worse than a network that uses Michael Irvin and Deon Sanders during the same broadcast?

You can't take anything away from either as far as being All Pros'. But come on, Armando's Knob Polisher is the only guy I can think off that sounds MORE ignorant as these two and their obvious biases.

Haha there are some weird people posting on this blog. Fins rule! Philbin for Prez!

I couldn't agree more. The Jets have really squadered alot of resources and talents.

The Bills are even looking better than the Jets. Week to week is one thing, but its a long season.

The Jets and Bills are irrelevent already. The AFC East is all about Miami and New England now.

I'm not a Tebow hater but lets be realistic. Sanchez is terrible and Tebow is one of the few worse than he is.

Tebow and Sanchez might wat to start sending resumes out to Arena League Teams.

The Jets are in need of a house cleaning top to bottom and including both.

Great Game, Great Coaching, Great Win.

It is time for the Dance of the Lesbian Egrets.

We shall have pancakes.

Death Nell for jets! Sparano as OC! Death Nell for Rex Ryan? Choosing Sparano as OC! Major changes coming for Jets!!!

I just saw the replay of Carroll's blocked punt and Vernon's TD.

Monkey Bu-oy, would you like to try and guess who whiffed on the block(the non block)against Carrol?

I'll give you a hint: On punts they call him the personal protector-ROTFLMAO!

Yep! You guessed it, you're boy T-Bags let Carroll **WALK** right by..........OMG! **UNTOUCHED** OMG! A straight unblocked run right at the punter-LOL.

Duh, I wonder what T-Bags thought would happen when he decided to pick up the wrong guy?


It's "knell" not "nell." Jesus Christ.


I'm Barack Obama and I approve of lesbians and pancakes! But only with REAL maple syrup!


It was a Great Win. In addition to that, it was a Great **TEAM EFFORT** and probably the MOST ENJOYABLE win in the past three seasons(maybe longer).

PS: I left this out of my post about Oliver Vernon(because I was too pissed about Troll Boy ruining our night of celebratiing).

Anyway, the Dolphin Coaches said they believed that after last week, that is what you'll see from Vernon from here on out. They basically said that he has improved so much that they think he has arrived.

I hope this "Follow Up" week was an indication of just how right they were. On top of having a good afternoon at DE, Vernon single handely accounted for a 10 point swing on the scoreboard.

He scored a TD and followed up by blocking a short, chip shot field goal taking 3 off the scoreboard for the jets.

Sacks are GREAT and everything. But when you're getting sacks, SCORING TD's and blocking field goals?!?!

The only thing Vernon has to do to prove he's the Book End answer to Wake is...........is...........well, he just has to keep on being Oliver Vernon!!!!

This is ALREADY getting GOOD. So it looks like NEXT YEAR is going to be SICK! I'm starting to think we can go after a Pass Rushing Phenom of an OLB as opposed to DE!

Can you imagine Wake and/or Vernon with a Pass Rushing Monster of an OLB lining up behind them in passing situations?

PS: I wasn't even this pumped up when Parcelss **INITIALLY** came on board!

I want to dedicate todays win to Mad Dog Mandich!

AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

I'm not kidding!

Look at the replay of how stupid Tebow looks on Carrols Blocked punk and Vernon's TD!

Tebow is doubling another guy and just looking right at Carroll running by him!

Freaking Priceless!!!!

I don't need a camera to know that look: Duuuuuuuuuh!

It was an enjoyable win Odin. A sound all around effort by offense, defense and a realy special, special teams.

Not to start any arguments but do you think you could be going overboard in your hate for Tebow?

Just saying.

His name is "Olivier," not "Oliver."

I thought of the old song today during the game that goes like "the scottish man the scottish man, here comes the scottish man" and I was thinking about Tony Spatano that used to be the DOPHINS coach and now he is terribel with the New YORK jets, LOL!! "The scottish man, the scottish man!!"

I think our boys have finally turned the corner. I hope Tannehill is OK and that MRI is negative. Miami Dolphins winners of three straight? Go figure but still no national respect. We must take our respect on the field.

I'm NOT KIDDING EITHER!!!!! NO PANCAKES AND LESBIANS WITHOUT.....REAL....MAPLE SYRUP! I'm Barack Obama and I approve of this message!

My bad.........I kept posting Nolan Carroll blocked the punt. It was Jimmy Wilson..........But..........I'll bet the rest of you ALREADY knew that, Duh!

Anywhoo, I have to eat a little Crow on Wilson and Carroll. I've been down on these two for awhile. Wilson not as much as Carroll, but down anyways.

Apparently they're the latest subjects in Coyles next great job at coaching up some defensive backs. Give credit to Coyle, Wilson, Carroll, whoever you want, the point is, these guys are balling.

Again, my hats off to this Coaching Staff. I know these players are freaks and have all kinds of skill. But you just can't deny, these Kids are getting Coached Up - BIG TIME!

Tell me Sean Smith just suddenly improves this much all on his own!

We trade away are alledged best CB and put our Nickle(Marshall)in as his replacement. Marshall somewhat holds down the fort until he's injured. Then these Kids step it up and haven't missed a beat.

Think about this! Since Coyle arrived, he and Philbin have Jones, Clemons, Smith, Carroll and Wilson playing better than any secondary we've had since Madison, Surtain, Marion and the others!

We obviously have to TARGET and FIND our Big Time WR this off season. But with the improvement of all these rookies and youngsters, it's REALLY looking like we'll have the liberty of simply drafting the BPA in each round.

Add to that all the picks we have and the likelihood that Free Agency could/should land us at least one more upgrade/starter!

What a difference a day makes-lol. This is a YOUNG 4-3 team, that's playing like a 6-1 team(we should be). And if thats not enough, we just installed all new coaches and all new Offenses and Defenses. And if that's not enough, consider this: I don't think they can help getting a little better EACH and EVERY week!

The dolphins are back baby but this is only the beginning ,,,,,one more thing kris shut the hell up you are stupid

It was a great win for our team. Lets all just temper our expectations a bit- our team is very young. To this point, they have outperformed alot of expectations by experts and us fans. But there will be growing pains to come- but it is OK!! Why? It is a good feeling to know that we have a GREAT coaching staff in place. It is a good feeling to know we have a good young nucleus of players who are being coached correctly. It is a good feeling to know we have 4 draft picks and in the first 100 picks next April and have $60 million in cap room. The Miami Dolphins are not the laughingstock of the league anymore. AND.....I am one of the few fans who actually gave Jeff Ireland a chance. Its time to apologize all you "FIreland" people and you know who you are. Our team is heading in the right direction.

I loved when they would pan over to old "Fireman Bill", or whatever his name is and there he was, quiet and sitting on his hands with a long face. He looked upset that he couldn't rub his sweaty sack on the back of his boyfriends neck and shoulder pose for crowd. "Let Me Show You Something!!" Take That and See You Next Year!!!!

Odin, nice job putting the troll in his place. Also kudos on owning up on giving Carroll and Wilson a hard time. They have stepped up no doubt. Honestly the secondary looks better with Carroll starting and Wilson at nickel. I'm starting to change my opinion on Clemons as well. I had thought he was a liability but has improved steadily n has more experience. Very impressive win.

Ps dd anyone else notice the gangam style dance in the end zone? I literally peed myself

I've said many times sean smith will be elite. He has become a shut down corner

Olivier Vernon. Steal of the draft defensive rookie of the year

Correction we have 5 picks in the top 100 don't forget Jeffrey Ireland kudos to him he deserves it

Now we can weather this hurricane up in jersey with good feelings

Really impresses me is the late round steals Ireland has landed. Currently we have 3 fifth rd picks starting for us in secondary. N a 7th rd Pick at nickel. That is unheard of. I can't think of any teams that have drafted better or as well in the past three years

For all the trade Moore people. Guys the Dolphins need Matt Moore. It works when you have a rookie with a good back up.

Give Moore his love and Hope Tan's leg is all right. I do not want to play him if he has a hurt Knee. You do not ruin the crown jewels when you have a nice set of sterling silver to pull out of the cabinet.

Moore keeps proving himself and I for one like the dude.

Go Dolphins!! Nice win boys!!

Billionaire Donald Trump will buy the Dolphins from Stephen Ross it has been reported on the sports wires.Reportedly his first move will be to rid the team of general manager Jeff Ireland.Trump is not happy that Ireland traded away starters before the season started in what has become a season that the Dolphins are contending for the Super Bowl.

After being critical of this coaching staff and roster prior to the season, I must say I am looking dead wrong. Despite the lack of star power, they are playing team ball and buying in to Philbin's big picture. Washed hands with players with checkered past, Ocho Cinco, Marshall, and Vontae. Their is a vision here I'm starting to buy un to myself.

I still love Matt Moore! Looked great back there and you could tell the team was with him.

We should be 6-1 GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fins are a good football team. The Jets are not even a football team. They are a fly sitting on a piece of crap. It comes from wimpy "bully" meathead Ryan. The Jets are literally like the Cobra Kai from the Karate Kid and Rex is the idiot Sensei. Do you get what I'm saying?

Brains (Mr. Miyagi/Philbin) always beats "wannabe" brawn (Sensei/Rex). Rex and his Jets are not even tough, not mentally or physically. They just talk smack and try to be a tough guy team like the Raiders of the 70s but they're not even that, so the Jets are not smart or tough. They are just awful.

Odin, Nice job putting the troll in his place.
Posted by: B33RCA53 | October 29, 2012 at 08:22 AM

If you were referring to the NCFINFAN33 then you will also read that Odin apologized to me, which Odinseye thank you for that.

Jeff is correct about Matt Moore. We have ourselves a QB controversy. Matt Moore throws TD passes. Tanne looked awful on 2 of his first 3 throws. Still has thrown many TDs. Matt Moore is not a practice player, but now he's 7-3 in his last 10 games. The team loves him. He's loose. He's a leader. He freakin' chucks it down the field bro. His numbers would have been phenominal had Gaffney not dropped that last bomb. Marlon Moore has earned more snaps and targets. Fantastic catch on that slight overthrow.

By the way you saw that Moore, having not had 1st team snaps, obviously knew the offense, ran the no-huddle like a freakin CHAMP dudes.


There will be a couple of let down games, of course. Even Brady has them. But we should finish this year 10-6 and in the playoffs, and it should have been 12-4 had we not given away the first Jets and Cards games.

The Giants won the SB last year after going 9-7.

Agreed great defensive and special teams game yesterday. The offense did a good job and Moore managed the game with 11/19, 131, and a TD through 4 3.5 quarters. The offense needs to pick it up and with the addition of Gaffney I think it will. He knows how to get up and how to get open mid to deep. His first catch was for 30 yds and had that wouldve been TD drop that he catches 8/10 times. Running game needs to come back to life as well. Great win and I am going to have to rely on the blog/ you guys next sunday as I will miss the game for my baby's shower..

#-8. the #-1 #-2 qb in the league...

LOL there is no QB controversy.. Matt Moore is a back up and he did what a back up does, comes in when the team needs him too and manages the game. Moore only completed 11 passes for 131 yrds and a TD in 3.5 qtrs guys... thats not hitting on much.. thats a the defense is playing great and special teams is playing great, of managing the game in order to not screw up. Kudo's to Moore he was prepared as a paid athlete should be.. think about Charlie Batch in Pittsburgh, he did the same thing, came in when it was his time but was a life time back up. Is Moore good enough to start on another team.. sure KC but fellas he got beat out by Tannehill in the preseason, a college kid coming in that only had 19 starts in college and through 6.25 games is the highest rated QB with the deep ball and is second in highest passing yards in one game by a rookie to Cam Newton.. Tannehill is the future and Moore will be playing for another team next year..

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