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Dolphins whip Jets 30-9 and make a statement

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- What a woodshed whipping this was.

The Dolphins, overtime losers to the Jets in the first meeting at Sun Life, flipped the script today by basically dominating the home team 30-9 and capturing second place in the AFC East.

So what does this mean beyond the standings?

It gives you a tangible measure of how much Miami is improving. Understand that on Sept. 23, the Jets could argue they were better than Miami. They went to Miami and, like it or not, came away with a win.

Now, a month later, the Dolphins have grown to the point that New York was blown out by halftime in their own house. And Miami did it with their backup QB, Matt Moore, who played three quarters for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Tannehill said after the game he has a hyper-extended left knee and a deep left thigh bruise. He is scheduled for an MRI Monday.]

That says a lot, folks.



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Matty nc, I was not referring to u. I remember u posting. I was talking bout odins stalker. Dude is a certified nut bar. He prolly thinking up ways right now about how to impersonate or troll. IMO he is probably the same guy posting under lego. It's hard to imagine there's more than one psycho out there with the same ol routine. Jet fan troll

Ok thanks B33RCA53.. I didnt know so I was making sure.. Why do tards come in here and impersonate other people? Its a football blog..

B33 @ 8:37,

And don't forget that the Dolphins are as good as there is during Ireland's entire tenure in getting useful players in round one and two.

Teams IMO off the top of my head that Matt Moore could start for.... Chiefs, cowboys, eagles, raiders, jags, jets, cardinals....

When u talk trash your supposed to back it up. If you get you butt handed to u n are embarrassed the talk becomes just that... Talk. No meaning whatsoever. I guess the jets missed that memo.

Respect is earned.

Can't wait to hear all the bs excuses from Espn today. The dolphins might get more than 15 seconds of recognition before they start clammering on bout tebow's jests

Espn n the jets deserve each other...

The Jets are a confused team with no direction. Thank you Jeff Fisher for taking your talents to St. Louis!! Philbin is the smartest and calmest guy on the field. Richie blowing kisses was so cool. Hope Ryan is ok. Matt looked great! What a day:)

B33, ESPN is a home based operation. They are based in CT and serve the tri state area - so it's all about NY/NJ and New England. All the rest of the country has to fight for their 15 minutes of glory.

personally, I love when teh Dolphins are under teh radar. Even when this team was losing, they were playing hard and aggressive. Oddly, in some ways I think the team was playing better when they were losing but were just making too many rookie mistakes. The offense has slowed down a lot during the last few weeks. They will need to pick it up because big brother (NE) is on the horizon.

At any rate, enjoying this season thoroughly and the next guy who says Big Paul does nothing, ask Nick Mangold and Schonn Greene exactly waht he does. He and Starks tossed around that interior offensive line that it was funny most times when the Jets tried to run. This front 7 is a bad group of men. Rather rub a cougar's butt with sandpaper than play against them.

...As a franchise we made the commitment to Ryan Tannehill the day we drafted him. The team further cemented this commitment to him when he was announced as the starter for this year. He has done nothing to make the team question this commitment, in fact his performance has only solidified the teams belief that we have our guy. Now this is all going to go away because Matt Moore did hid job yesterday? It was 1 game against a poor team..Now everything that Tannehill has built this year should be thrown away..Just flushed down the toilet becuase Moore did his job yesterday? Brilliant idea. Lets discard everything Tanehill has done, and re-start with Moore. Great plan.

Lmao hit the nail on the head.

IMO there is 6 or 7 Guys on defense that should be pro bowlers
Soliai, Starks, wake, dansby, smith, jones. The entire unit looks great. The only player to do damage against the d this year is Andre Johnson. They've shut down opponents

Overall Great game. Dolphins starting to look like a different team. Still gotta get that first drive in the EndZone. Red Zone trips need to be TDs. Also gotta remember the Jets are without Revis and any Good WRs.
SO dont get the big head.

Personally I am not old enough to remember a Dolphins defense that was just this nasty. They are mean, they enjoy hitting people - they take pleasure in inflicting pain and smashing people.

And the offensive line plays with a similar streak. Loved watching Pouncey and Richie and Martin mix it up with the Jets. As married said above, Richie blowing kisses was funny.

Jimmy's defenses were a good unit but were all finesse. This defense will punch you in the mouth and rather go through you than around you. Some teams will beat us but none will feel good after playing our lines that's for sure. And our linebackers love to hit too. Burnett had a couple of beauties yesterday.

Sorry if my post is a little incoherent and all over the place but right now I'm on a combination of lack of sleep and incredible pride in this team.

me, the Dolphins got two out of three red zone trips into the end zone - that's very good. And all year, before yesterday they ranked 13th in the NFl in red zone offense. It's been solid. Far from a problem and way better than under the mental midget Sparano.

No chest beating yesterday Sparano, was there??? Even Vernon kept you from one of your fist pumps. Actually quite funny to see Ryan fist pump a 4th down conversion in the 4th qtr when they were down by 3 scores. Now the jets can go fist each other all year. Season's over.

Thrilled with this team's performance yesterday. A+ to the coaching staff and special team's. I can't recall the last time, I was that excited about the Dolphins special teams!

Still keeping expectations in check because this is a good, not great, football team. The lack of playmakers on offense could hold them back from making a serious run.

Already thinking about how much better the Fins can be after adding a legititmate #1 WR, a true #1 TE, and a couple more beasts in the LB and secondary positions. Still not sure if Ireland is the guy to take them forward, but I will enjoy this for now

I must say, they have exceeded all expectations, and is is suddenly fun rooting for the Fins again!

Fasano played great. That first td grab that his foot touched the line on was truly a great catch. Very underrated TE. I do think they need more weapons for tannehill but Miami does have playmakers n they are a contender. Marlon Moore n gaffney stepped up into the third and 4th wr role n honestly I thought that was the teams biggest need. I'm starting to think wr isn't as big of a need. I'd like to see a true vertical threat w height n. The run game needs to improve IMO. I'm currently thinking RB. Reggie bush is great don't get me wrong it's just that I'm of the opinion u dont pay running backs past 28 big bucks. If Reggie resigns at the same rate id be happy but talking 8mil+ yearly is a ill steep. I'd rather pay long n Starks big money. Very hard to find LT n DT in the draft unless you pick m in first rd. Also Stephen Jackson is a free agent n would be the same price prolly

vegas, Westhoff had a very large tab with us and Rizzi made him pay yesterday. Our special teams did more than the offense yesterday - they were great as you said.

B33, I think we definitely do need more talent in the passing game. Our guys are all bllod and guts. Great team guys and very smart all of them - but they need some more talent - but it has to be the right guy. Can't be a Dez Bryant type of moron - he just won't last under Philbin.

As far as Reggie goes, I think he will get signed to about the same amount he makes now. He just won't command 8-9 mill a year. he isn't that kind of player - Sherman needs to get him more involved in the passing game though - he is a chain mover. personally I think all the impending free agents should be signed. They have the money and I don't want any free agents from the outside - none.

Respect that opinion of keeping it in house for player signing... Teams don't let great players go unless there is cap issues. But there are a few veterans I'd definitely take a good look at.
Stephen Jackson n Steve Smith would look great in a Phin jersey imo

If this was last year, the team would have lost the game yesterday under Sparano, once Tanehill went down. Kudos to the coaching staff, the players and Moore for not missing a beat yesterday in the win. You could see a more conservative approach under Moore yesterday, once he entered the game and that's OK. The defence and special teams won the game for this team yesterday but the offence did a good job limiting the turnovers. Special mention to Jimmy Wilson, who was everywhere yesterday, Vernon, who had another strong game, Nolan Carroll, who has REALLY stepped up the last two weeks and the usualy suspects like Soliai, Starks and Wake. Very strong performnace by this team yesterday and the result was never really in doubt. I even liked what Clemmons did yesterday, which is rare for me.

We don't need other teams problems by signing or trading for players we build through the draft with that said we must make wise decisions about our own possible free agents and just move forward I have total faith in our front office and our coaching staff they are doing exactly what they said they would with that said go dolphins kick some freakin ass

I love this we all deserve it

Bring on the patriots

Mando, why didn't Bush get more touches?

B33, I can see the appeal in Steve Smith but not sure he is this regime's type of player. Didn't he once crack a teammate in the jaw? Steven jackson though? Forget it, he's spent. Not much different than Daniel Thomas at this stage in his career. great career but it's over. If I see any free agents from the outside, it will be mid tier type players like the Patriots always add. Guys that won't break the bank but will add depth.

Matt Moore > Ryan Tannehill

We'd be 6-1 if Moore was starting.

FA's will see this team as on the up and will want to come here to play which will give us more of a barganing chipo when it comes to contract negoiations. Players will take less to play for certain teams that are winning and are serious contenders. Take that into the fact that FL has no state income tax and they actually make what their contract states. That goes for the FA's to be currently on the Fins as well.. some will take less to stay here because of Philbin and the winning. Philbin seems to have the GB mentality of building through the draft which is how it needs to be.

There is Bill again talking nonsense... Bill what do you base your opinion on that Moore is better than Tannehill?

We cant build thru the draft with Irescum as GM.

Just watching them shows Moore is better. He's been awesome. Came in cold and outshined Tanny.

We cant build thru the draft with Irescum as GM.
Posted by: Phinmanski | October 29, 2012 at 11:56 AM

Based on what Phinmanski? If you talk about the first couple of years drafts, those have Bill Parcells stink all over them.. Look at the last two years drafts and come back with a educated statement.

The drafts have been horrible since Parcells quit. irescum is setting records for most draft busts ever.

So you have seen Moore play 3/4 of a game and can base that he has been better than Tannehill? even though he played 3.5 quarters completing 11 passes for 131 yards is good enough?

Mark, you're prolly right bout both of those guys... I do think they were both once at the top at their positions. Jackson doesn't seem like he's 100 percent. If he were I think his size n strength r incomparable to Thomas. IMO Thomas needs to bulk up still

@ Matt,
I've seen Moore play 10 games not 3/4 of a game. He's been terrific.

Moore has been great bill. No doubt. Tannehill is starting for a reason though... He gives them the best chance to win. Coaches n players believe in both.

moore just pushed his trade $$$$ upto a 1st...

no you saw Moore play 10 games last year in a diferent system. He couldnt beat out Tannehill in the preseason in practice or under the lights..

name your busts if you dont mind.

Im not trying to bash Moore I like him and he is a decent QB but there is a reason Dallas let him go, the Panthers gave up on him, and the rookie Tannehill beat him out in camp.

Jaw-droppingly stupid commenatary here. Is there another blog that has actual ADULTS discussing the Dolphins?

lol what are you referring to This is a Playpen?

Matt Moore is a top 10-12 QB. And he's had to learn 2 new systems in 2 years. He was team MVP for a reason. Tannehill is #30. Nuff Said.


Now that The Jets are Known as a TRUE FAILURE!

Certain Someone is Making it his Mission To Stand Up For Moore!

Again, Everyone is Ok With Moore Coming in and Doing his Job! That's it! The Moore Conversation Ends There!

Moore is a BackUp at Best!

He will play out his Contract! Then Hope Moore Joins the JEts! Till then Get off the 1 Man Moore BandWagon!

And T-Hill will be Back when he is 100% READY! That's the NEW PROTOCOL! Don't Play ur Players when they are Hurt! Ur Suppose to have Players that Can Hold it Down For a Short Time! Good Coaches Play the Whole Team!

This is the Same Clown that was Crying For MATT BARKLEY!

He Must have some sick Fascination With the Name MATT! Notice it's always MAtt Ryan, Matt Moore, Matt Barkley! C'mon Guy Get OFF MATT'S JOCK!

Barkley is a 6th Rounder at best! And Devlin is a Better QB than Moore! If U Can't See that!!!!

Sorry Dashi Can't Help!

U need Professional Help!

Not really Bill, Its weird how a top 10-12 QB is sitting behind that #30.. If he really is a top 10-12 QB then why has he went through 3-4 teams? I guess those coaching staffs and Gm dont know as much as you do lol I smell a man crush

From the begining i have been a joe philibin fan , WHY? the obession with detail, im obssevive with detail and its brung me a lot of succes and wealth, so miami is headed the right direction.

Matt Moore looked like Joe Montana compared to Tannehill. The entire offense picked up when he came in.

Ireland should be GM of the year. To trade away 2 guys that didn't fit, to pass on Flynn who is stealing 9 mill while riding the bench and 2 have 5 draft picks in the first 3 rds of next years draft, also he has plenty of cap room and the 4th youngest team in football. I have said for years that Ireland is awesome and S Smith is much better than the overrated Vontae and now poeple see what I was talking about

Yeah he was Montana like with those 11 completed passes and 131 yards lol i see the resemblance.

I think with the combo of Ireland and Philbin the talent level in Miami is going to be great. Philbin is all about developing players and it seems Ireland is good with giving the coach what he wants and valuing his opinion. Thats an equation for success.

I agree, Ireland is building through the draft and not overpaying for FA. That means that Philbin will have a young team with depth that doesn't depend on 1 or 2 guys to win but it is a total team effort. Miami is good now but next year they should be awesome with a more experienced qb and another year in the system and 5 high draft picks added to a already solid roster



I'm going to say this about Matt Moore:

Moore went to BM a lot last year and the team lived & died (mostly died) on BM's desire & ability to catch the ball. Last year I was impressed with Moore's play, for the most part, but was afraid that he looked for BM too much and would fail without an Alpha reciever type. Yesterday proved me wrong. I know he didn't throw for 400 yards yesterday, that's not my point, but Moore did utilize all of the targets at his disposal, including one (Gaffney) that had never suited up for the fins before, and did it all without committing a turnover.

I think I had it backwards last year, Moore was not too dependent on Marshall, he was hamstrung by Marshall and the play calling....

Going to be interesting to see how Moore performs next week if Tanne can't go.

I'm not saying he should supplant Tannehill as starter, I'm just saying I've got a different opinion of Moore after watching him operate the offense yesterday and think the fins are very lucky to have him waiting in the wings, if needed.

Tannehill is the future and the fact that Moore was so well prepared yesterday is a reflection not only on Moore, but on Tannehill as well. I think it's a good group of QBs and they must work well together.

Matt Moore is our Frank Reich - no more, no less.

He can come in and beat about half the teams in the NFL but if we are ever going to own this division and slay the true heavyweights of the NFL, it's going to have to be Tannehill that gets us there. Nobody else on the roster.

It's kind of hard to imagine what this team might look like a year from now, having the benefit of several high draft picks.

I don't think Ireland is as big of a schmuck as some people want to believe.

All I know is, I saw a lot of very young players contribute in a great win yesterday, and it's becoming the trend on this team.

It's hard to ignore.

Unfortunately i couldn't watch the game until late last night. As luck has it i missed the only stress- free game we might have all year. Was smiling ear 2 ear though as i was checking the score every few minutes. The injuries, especially Tanne, is hard to take , as i cant remember the last year we had a QB play the full season. Even though Moore has been about as good as any back up qb could be for us, i would really like to see the Tannehill era continue to evolve and succeed. Lets hope the MRI comes back negative. Special teams and Defense dominated so much that it begs the question how bad where the Jets vs how good where the dolphins. Anyways proud to see that our guys have more wins the losses in the standings...that is a sight to behold. Makes it that much more satisflying everytime i see the Dolphins logo.
Considering all the pre game talk and how much unnecessary national media coverage the Jets get this thorough ass woopin was sweet . Awwwwright Miami!
other thought:.. At least Gaffeny got going with one catch but the drop was brutal. So where Carroll and i think Jones' interception drops. but hey cant all be good i guess.
Week 2 week league guys...still have a lot more to do until we start giving ourselves too many awards.

Any news yet on Tannehill? I think Ireland has earned some breathing room. He has to deliver in the off-season by signing our fa's, signing one big FA and hitting on those 5 picks in the top 100. He needs playmakers, not value picks.


I thought the game would be close and we would pull off a win, but the thrasing we gave the jets on defence was very nice to see, special teams was great and we had a couple nice td's by Daniel Thomas and a BEAUTY by Fasano! I loved that one and it's good to see Fasano tap dancing the sideline for a td, he's one of my favorite players as is Paul Soliai. Paul's int was a thing of beauty and the big guy gave his dance classic.

Everyone on D was in on the action tipped balls, sacks, qb strips, pass defelctions and int by the safety. Complete game by the D! love it.

Special teams great job got to love it!

Matt More came in and did a great Job you have to love his gunlinger mentality.

But a big shout out goes to our coach and his coaching staff! Our teams is making huge strides and it starts with them.

I don't know what our record will be at the end of the season, but I most certainly know we are headed in the right direction for sure! No doubt in my mind the growth by our rookie qb and each week our defence and special teams has gotten better.

To me that means at every level at every position we are getting better from top to bottom.

I'm excited and we have only just begun, wait till we land a few really good wide-outs and another seam player to help Fasano. On D we are still playing with one good cb in Smith and plug in's at the other coner.

The best is yet to come, and here is why: Aside from the things i just mentioned the biggest thing to me is the MIND SET the coach has instilled in this organization. The devil is in the details and Joe Philbin is great at not only the macronomics of football but the micronomics of the game. And the way a winning organization should not only be run, but how each player should carry themselves.

The best is yet to come guys and I like what I see so far yes in deed I do!


I think the fact that Tannehill stayed on the sidelines and could ride a bike were positive. Similar to the Reggie Bush situation earlier this year - if he needed to come back in he could've but Moore did a good job making a few plays and not giving the Jets any chance whatsoever so why wush him back in?

Given the hyperextension, the fear is not a ligament issue but a bone issue.

Fingers crossed! This would be a huge blow to the season, Tannehill needs to play.

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