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Dolphins whip Jets 30-9 and make a statement

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- What a woodshed whipping this was.

The Dolphins, overtime losers to the Jets in the first meeting at Sun Life, flipped the script today by basically dominating the home team 30-9 and capturing second place in the AFC East.

So what does this mean beyond the standings?

It gives you a tangible measure of how much Miami is improving. Understand that on Sept. 23, the Jets could argue they were better than Miami. They went to Miami and, like it or not, came away with a win.

Now, a month later, the Dolphins have grown to the point that New York was blown out by halftime in their own house. And Miami did it with their backup QB, Matt Moore, who played three quarters for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

[Update: Tannehill said after the game he has a hyper-extended left knee and a deep left thigh bruise. He is scheduled for an MRI Monday.]

That says a lot, folks.



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Any news on Tannehill ??

I think it's also time to give Ross some credit for hiring the right coach.

I believe Philbin has the right attitude and approach for long term success, even more so than Harbaugh and much more than Fisher (the ones we "missed" on).

Sorry tyos guys but hey we all have them huh!


I dont think it would be such a bad thing if Tannehill had to sit a few games or more...Matt More is a good player and the way our defense is playing he won't be asked to win many games.

But, I do hope Tannehill comes back I'm more concerned with Reggie Bush because he just seems to me he;s not running the ball like he did the first 3 games but we have alot of games to play and I'm sure if healthy he will get back to his earlier results. On one hand it was nice to see Daniel Thomas get back to running the ball better, but I sure would like to see the rookie rb play some more, he looks explosive at times.

But I very happy with the results and it's a long season ok I have to get back to work lots to do.


The deep thigh bruise is more preoccupying. Blood clots could come from there and you need to thin it. Not sure how many weeks out.

It was not Ross that decided on Philbin, it was Ireland. btw, many less commentaries about Ross and Ireland appearing here lately. I wonder why. heehee

If that's true, it is another good reason to give Ireland some slack.

I heard one of the talking heads compare Philbin to Bill Walsh yesterday (his demeanor & expectations of his players) and it occurred to me that it was true.

I like Philbin's normally even-keeled persona and the way he offsets it with some passionate F-Bombs while on the sidelines.

that's how it ought to be, IMO.

Fodder @2:25 even keeled with some f-bombs, haha, funny stuff! Philbin does seem to have to get it though. Cerebral is good. Not sure who made the call but I do know I read in this blog that Ross was the one who was bowled over by Philbin so indeed the owner does deserve some credit no matter who gave the final call. He was obvioulsy on board.

As far as tannehill playing or not playing the next couple of weeks are not as critical because it's a soft part of teh schedule and Moore should be able to beat Indy and Tennessee.

However a brutal three game stretch including Seattle, SF, and NE will disctate the season and you want the kid in there with as much game experience as possible for it.

Hey where's the "Philbin = Cameron" moron?

Hey Aloco ,"the Jets fan", no more corned beef coach comments? No cellar comments? Come on dude, you knew everything in the offseason, where is all of your wisdom now?

While we're at it...

Hey Lego,





That guy was hilarious. Perfect example of a jet fan...

I liked what I saw from Gaffney yesterday.. He had the one drop but you could tell a difference with how he got open and got open down field. He makes that catch 8/10 times. Moore had a nice diving catch to add too.. Once Gaffney gels more I think we will have a pretty decent group of receivers.

If Gaffney and/or Marlin Moore keeps showing up on tape, defensives will have a lot to think about. And then it really won't matter that we don't have a 'true' #1 receiver.

I like the guys we've got.

Clay needs to take a breath and focus on catching the ball. I think he's thinking yards after the catch and forgetting to make the catch.

Fun team to watch, they do seem to improve every week.

matty, how's Sandy treating you guys in NC?

I have to say this has been an enjoyable 24 hours after the huge win yesterday. This team has exceeded my expectations for this year. The coaches have done an awesome job and the players are team first guys.

Mark In Toronto,
Im somewhat towards the mountains, in the foothills, and its just overcast, drizzling, and a little wind. 30% chance of rain here today and is going to be getting cool tomorrow with a high of 46. then back to the 60's during the weekend.

I have one thing to say...."Alright Miami!" I would have loved to have heard Jim Mandich call this ass whooping to the Jets.

Glad to hear you're out of the way. Been raining here every day just about but had nothing to do with Sandy - but it will add to the rain. I didn't sign up for this or I would've moved to Seattle!

To everyone in the eye, best of luck and stay safe!

Iowa, where's the "like" button for that comment!!!?

Yeah I hope everyone in the path of Sandy is doing ok...


Time to go after Vontae all day! Knock down Luck early and often. Our D is better than Indy and will propel us to yet another big road victory!

The feeling I get from ESPN is that Tannehill's injury is not serious. He may miss this week though. This is all accoring to the AFC East Blog on their site.

Perfect example on why Reggie might not be here next season!

They asked Philbin about D.Thomas. And the 1 thing he said he liked is D.Thomas doesn't Dance! In the hole!

Reggie's Main Problem! He Dances and Runs Scared more than Half the time! D.Thomas has Size and is a All Around Back! Ronnie Brown 2.0!

Yes, that's not much! But Ronnie was GOOD IN A GROUP! D.Thomas, and L.Miller can develop into a good Duo! And u can add another RB Low in the draft! Ireland Strong Suit. Or let him find another acorn like Thighpen or Lane!

But Bush already has reached his potential. And it's a Guy that can be great if he just runs hard! Else he hurts himself and the team trying to do to much. Just Resign the defensive stars and J.Long!

I don't know if any of you caught the episode of it's a Football life featuring Eddie DeBartolo Jr. last Wed. on NFL Net. but D.Fouts sure did with his comparisons between Philbin and Bill Walsh because I saw it and was thinking the same thing when Fouts was making the point. Both caught there 1st gigs a little later after being anonymous life long assistants and like Walsh, Philbin is not an intimidating figure just a perfectionist who will accept nothing less from those around him and his players. You can see it in his demeanor after the back to back Time outs with Moore yesterday were he gave the QB the look then tore somebody on his headset a knew one!!

One of my biggest peeves with Sparano was his folded arms while chewing gum in alot of those instances. The constant false starts that killed drives, the off sides on the DL giving away 1st downs, the breakdowns in the D-Backfield giving up the big plays ect.... We played yesterday and executed one of the most efficient, clean games I've ever seen out of Miami. I thought about it and there just aren't alot of games so soundly dominated in every conceivable fashion. For those that remember what the 49ers looked like under Walsh know what I mean, no need for screams, you just play and execute or they replaced you with someone who could, plain and simple like when they dumped star CB Tim McKyer on us in 89 because he didn't walk the Company line. That was just the Walsh my way or the highway line no matter who you were and Philbin seems to be cut out of the mold.

Using Dansby to chuck Keller at the line within 5 yards then releasing him to the Safety's was a thing of beauty which swung the door completely closed on the only drive were the Jets really threatened late. Sticking it to Westhoff was nice as well given he can never drop it with his dismissal by JJ and always seemed to have a trick play Vs. us of some kind. More then the thrashing was the efficient sound game we played were I believe we weren't even flagged till Cogs got a holding call late in the 3rd. The 49ers did it this way in the early 80's before great drafts just cemented there legacy but for those that remember that team going back to the catch know it was a blue collar bunch. I'm not saying we are them but can now fully appreciate what type of H.C. Philbin is, so we wait and see what the luck of the draft/lottery holds in the future.

Great Win yesterday.
For the first time since Shula it feels like we have something special.
I'm glad we went with a first time coach instead of Fisher or someone like that.
We've been in every game this year except week one.

We have to give Mr. Ross and Jeff Ireland a little credit as well.
We are loaded with draft picks for next year.
And not going after Kyle Orton and Matt Flynn was one of the best moves
Ireland has made.

The Future is bright my fellow Dolfans.
Even if we don't make the Playoff.

What does it say about Dolphins fans and the media that when they are losing there is a new blog post up every hour and there are tons of people in the comments section. But when they win everyone ignores them? The Dolphins embarrass the Jets and this post has been up since Sunday at 4pm. And the comments section is dead. And every sports station on tv doesn't say one good word about the Dolphins instead focusing on the Jets and their woes, and acting as if they beat themselves.

No kidding. there was a noon press conference and Armando is sleeping. CRUISING!!!

every sports station on tv doesn't say one good word about the Dolphins instead focusing on the Jets and their woes, and acting as if they beat themselves.

Blog Fodder | October 29, 2012 at 04:26 PM

This really drove me nuts last night as well watching the highlights show on NFL Net. It seems it was the woeful play of their team in general more than a Dolphins spanking. The only one to mention how great we look was M.Irvin to the rest it was all about the team that went to 2 straight AFC Champ. games, just sickening the lack of respect League wide and you know one of the only reasons they gave the game significant air time was because Big Boss Goodell happened to be in attendance for it

It was so fun to watch the game and hear the New York fans boo and see garbage Sanchez still out there throwing INTs and fumbling and no sign of Tebow. Just great fun.

To me the funnest part of that game was watching that empty stadium with over 7:00 minutes to go! Only a group in Dolphins jersey's left at the Meadowlands, great stuff!!

It's not our O, is our D that's killing People. And as to D pertains, there is nothing anyone can do about it to prevent It.

The Jets are getting all the press today on the NFL channel,because Miami still isn't being taken seriously. All the media & fans ever do is speculate at teams faults without considering the opposing teams improovment. Now we have to hear the hater Dolphins fans & the media stomp all over the Jets like they stink. WELL I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU PEOPLE.IT'S NOT THAT THE JETS STINK, MIAMI IS JUST IMPROOVING THAT MUCH & AREN'T GETTING THE CREDIT FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

every sports station on tv doesn't say one good word about the Dolphins instead focusing on the Jets and their woes, and acting as if they beat themselves.

Blog Fodder | October 29, 2012 at 04:26 PM

Heeeyyyy, wait a minute....

You're not the original recipe Blog Fodder. I know this, because...I am. However, I agree with your post and almost posted something along the same lines. I was wondering if a lot of the 'regulars' were doing some trolling of their own on the Jets blogs today.

I mean, if you're in to gloating and being vindictive, today is the day to do it!

go finssssssssssssss any news yet on thills mri

It's always good to wait 24 hrs and then analyze stuff after it happens.


I tried to tell you and the rest of the blog BEFORE the game started that PHILBIN is one of the sharpest minds in the NFL...32 years of coaching experince.....the aritechct behind the GB SB winning offense.....

I typed MANY times that the NFL world would see on SUNDAY that you CAN'T give a PHILBIN 2 weeks to prepare for you.....this was NO FLUKE...this is the NEW STANDARD in FINS football coming off of bye weeks....

This will also serve us well when we get 2 weeks off before the SBs in the future....

btw, I was very happy to see Coyle use Carroll & others to pressure sanchez from the blind side.

So cool to drive around with Dolphin flags on the car again.

Somebody earlier said hyperextended knee was bone problem? Nope, probably slight ligament tear. Don't rush him back in coach.

I See its a great day of blogging, Almost, Let me state why, Number 1 being the fin beatdown on the jets, This is great, We havent seen the drunken Village idiot Odin all day, It was almost a perfect day till Odins life partner showed up(That being you Douchie)., Oh well 2 out of 3 not bad.

Erik Lester is bald. Haha


I saw your post from earlier....and I accept you @ your word.....I didn't believe that the sign-in name "ncfinfan33" was a troll name....that is why I was so surprised that you were so QUICK with the DA comment (took me a while to fihure out what it even meant).....

Having said that....while I understand you don't read all of my stuff (who would).....I think you should know that EVERY WEEK i Bash Fisher...either before or after the game....ask CRAIG M....he is sick of me taking shots @ Fisher.....

Even during the GAME BLOG...i praised PHILBIN...while talking about fisher getting his @ss handed to him by the pats....

how you missed ALL that stuff....but see that ONE-LINER by our resident TROLL oscar...well...thats beyond me.....

I said all that to say this....apology accepted......most of us are civil on here...the exception being oscar and his many...many names....and perhaps a few other douches....but I doubt it.....

We have your URL, Kris. Paul and I do.

...I have to say that yesterdays team was as well prepared a Dolphin team as we have seen since the 2008 wildcat game v NE. The big reason I would mark this game as better then that game are for these reasons.

We did it without a gimickie gameplan. No wierd offense, no suprise scheme. We did it with the best special teams display this team may have ever had since the start of keeping stats in this category..Think about it. A blocked punt, a blocked kick, a recovered onside attempt. Solid kicking, and some very good returns when the chances presented themselves. Quite a turnaround for this unit.

The backup qb came in and ran the offense well. A testemant to his professionalism, and perhaps a reason he is so respected by his teamates. He may not be the most talented guy, he has his flaws. But kudos to Moore for his performance yesterday. Also. Jimmy Wilson played his best game as a Phin. He has always been a better player when he was allowed to be aggresive, and when he gets moved around to be in position to be attack minded intsead of having to be reactionary. I wonder if he will be allowed more freedom in the defense in the future..

Finally. The coaches get a nod here as well. Philbin, and his staff are coming into their own. It makes me wonder a bit about the Peyton Manning sweepstakes this offseason. Manning is all time great. But I wonder if Philbin had more say in this then we realize. What I mean is that I'm starting to realize that the system here is more important then one player. That in the best case scenario, we can fill in roles without missing a beat because of the way the program is taught. With Manning it would have been his system, no ifs ands or buts. And perhaps it was in the clubs best interest to pass, even if it meant short term success. There is only one Peyton Manning. what happens when he goes down, or is done? Then what? We will see if this is the type of team that can eventually plug guys in and have success. I'm starting to believe this may be the case in the future.

Oscar.....good,,,,,use it to obtain my physical address.......then when I EFF you up on my property...its ALL LEGAL....

see you soon...i hope....

HoHo! You believe this sh-t, Kris. You're such a Child.(All Religious People are).

So now Obama will rescue the NorthEast and will win the Election as a result of it. What do you Cuban Republicans here think about that?



Nah, DD, the say was Ireland's. Since year before last.

I don't know, nobody on any Blog I write wants to go into a deep discussion on any particular topic with me, ALoco. I wonder why?

The say was all Ireland's, I mean.

Lets come down to earth. The Jets were worn out after a grueling OT game against NE, and we had a bye. That was the difference, we had fresh legs, they didn't.

We have not beat a team with a winning record.

Maybe, TKO. But TKO it was.

Ohhhh Snap, Aloco and oscar on here at the same time?
I'am ut, To many people here for me .

Sure, TKO. We beat NE on Dec. 2, we're for real. Not even that. We have been preparing for Brady for more than 2 yrs now. Let's beat the 49ers right after NE and we'll see.

Don't you see, in Virtual Space you are at a severe disadvantage if you are not highly Educated in most subjects that pertain to Humankind; and is carrying over to Real Space. Learn stuff, Study.

Why Is Mando not posting today?
At least a Tannehill update.
He's taking Mondays off now too?

Last season is done and gone, irrelevant. NE didn't need to win that game anyway. We need to beat the top teams at some point, otherwise we are just celebrating being mediocre.

Breaking on NFL Net.

An MRI reveals no structural damage to R.Tannehill's knee what so ever. A deep thigh bruise and bone bruise is the extent of it. He will be fine and is expected to get the rookie showdown start Vs. A.Luck next Sunday. The difference being I've seen everybody pound that Colts D pretty good with even B.Gabbert putting up big numbers in there game while we come in with a group on D that will stick it to you.

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