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Dolphins working to cure ailing running game

The Dolphins are the No. 11 rushing team in the NFL, which is a pretty good place to be. But the ranking is deceiving.

The Dolphins got off to a magnificent start running the football the first few weeks of the season, ranking as high as No. 2 after the second game of the season. But the last three weeks?

Eighty-six yards against Arizona.

Sixty-eight yards against Cincinnati.

Thirty-six yards against St. Louis. The season's worst mark.

The Dolphins averaged a paltry 1.1 yards per rush against the Rams. The trend is a concern to Miami coaches and players.

"As you guys know, we haven’t been very effective running the ball the last couple of weeks and we’ve got to get our running game back on track," coach Joe Philbin said. "It’s an important part of what we are and what we do. Our run defense and our ability to run the ball on offense, those are kind of core principles of the program. Frankly, we’ve been struggling the last couple of weeks. We’ve got to get ourselves back on track in the running game. You would think that with the success we had the first three weeks that we’d be able to sustain some level of it. But we’ve struggled as of late."

It has been a struggle and it has been a disappointment because one thing the Dolphins strive to be on offense is balanced. Frankly, the passing game isn't effective enough to carry them. And they know it.

“We want to be balanced," quarterback Ryan Tannehill said. "I think the last couple games have been tough. We haven’t been able to run the ball like we want to. Last time we played the Jets, we were fortunate to get some good runs and establish a run game. Since then, we’ve had some tough games on the ground. That’s kind of our identity. We want to be a balanced team. We want to be able to run the ball and we expect them to do things to try to stop the run. It’s just a battle of who can execute better."

The good news is indeed that Miami plays the New York Jets on Sunday. The last time the teams met, the Dolphins rushed for 185 yards and, as New York coach Rex Ryan notes, "that was with Reggie Bush not playing the second half."

So it stands to reason this is the week the Dolphins hope to regain their ground game mojo.

The reason the ground game has sputtered is, in part, that teams are basically loading up against the run. They are challenging the Dolphins to throw the ball while stacking the tackle box against runs.

That's not good for anybody, except for Tannehill. Indeed as teams have loaded up on Miami's run game, Tannehill has benefitted. He's been able to deliver his three best games in that his completion percentage went from 63 against Arizona to 65 against Cincinnati to 72 against St. Louis.

Tannehill's quarterback rating has similarly improved going from 86.5 to 92.3 to 112 in the last game.

And, ironically, while the Dolphins have been unable to run with much effectiveness, they've won two of the three games in which they struggled.

Still, despite the success, the team wants the problem resolved.

“I think it’s important for us, just we want to be balanced," Tannehill said. "I think that, if you’re able to run the ball, then you’re going to open up some passing lanes, open up play action and things down the field. Like you said, we haven’t had the run game we wanted to the past few weeks, (but) we want to build and get better there."


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Now, that grabbed everybody's attention.


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I was thinking about this team and how alot of the young players from last year has improved this year and even some of the vets. What i was thinking was maybe the players Irland drafted and picked up was not coached up and that these set of coaches are coaching them up



Finally a trade hint for Bowe, but only if the Dolphins win against the Jets. No furthercomments.


Fins 20 Jets 10....bank on it!!

Pure stupidity to yap like the NY has all week!!

No games a guarantee. To be at a certain level you should be certain teams more oft than not. We always atleast split with NYJ. Though, they stole the first one.

Very few good Coaches in Sports. Look at Baseball, Jim Leyland back with a pennant Team. Belichick, Harbaughs in Football. Pat Riley here. Not much more. Is there?

I think it can be safely said that the most important members of any professional Sports Teams are the HC and the GM.

Now, that's great Baseball!

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Have to be careful with these professional Athletes. Some might do anything for $. Better take Anibal Sanchez out of there now.

Dolphins Beat the Jets

Oh!, he's wild. Anibal Sanchez won't last past the 6th. Everybody knows.

Anyone watching the ND vs OU?

Great game. So far. #5 ND! On DEFENSE and Offense!


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It is very hard to get Somebody out of Mediocrity. We'll see about the Dolphins.I think they are safe.


They should cancel the game in light of the impending killer hurricane.

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I agree with Dashi. The Keller vs Dansby match up is the key.

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It would be like Miami to thoroughly choke against the Jets! I just don't believe they will after all the motivation the Jets have given them.

Not to mention I just FEEL the Fins are BETTER!!


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BTW - multiple sources are saying Bart Scott is DEFINITELY OUT for tommorrows game.

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Just been lurking, as this is my music Mac and Dolphin moonlighting.
You betcha I'M STOKED. We run well, we win. I'll wager Keller will be the main target, but Dansby has been doing a much better job with receivers up the middle.

Tanny is a cool customer, and the Jests minus Scott and Revis, we should be able to hit the short to medium stuff up middle all day. Cromartie holds like a bandit, and if the officials aren't intimidated by Rex and the gamblers, we should get a call on Cromartie.
Gotta be on guard for a trick play on ST with Tebow.
Fast start Dolphins!

Fins by 6. Hopefully.

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We do have to run the ball. We have to play solid run D and cover Kellerman.

But I still think it all comes down to Tannehill. After this off week everything could slow down for him. Allowing him to put together his best game to date. A 3 TD performance like he did a few times at A&M.


He could hit a rookie speed bump and self destruct. Another one of those 7 minute disasters.

I'm buying into to Tannehill, but I still hold my breath everytime he drops back. He still makes me nervous and I'm curious how the Break Affects him.

If I had to place a bet, I personally would bet on Tannehill. He's had a week off and an extended amount of time to study/prepare for a team he's ALREADY played once.

The task should be a little easier because of the injuries alone. But I'm betting on Tannehill because of they way he's progressed. He always seems a little bit better and he rarely makes the same mistake twice.

So I'm betting the major development takes a giant leap ahead in that the bye week helps everything slow down for him. He catches his breath and gets his feet under him(More Confidence).

So I'm expecting him to come out patient and taking everthing the D gives him. Ramming the ball down their throats in the process.......of course.

I'm also expecting the defense to bump it up a notch or two as well. A good strong showing and helping out the QB and the offense. In other words, I don't expect Sanchez or Tebags to get away with.........NOTHING!

So what do YOU think?

The off week helps or hinders Tannehill?

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Odin, My rhoughts on your 328 post, I think the weather's gonna play a big pat in this game, I hear 30 to 40 MPH winds in the low 40s, I also see the human turnover macine Marc Sanchez throwing at least 2 picks a at least 1 fumble.
We'll see though.

Now, that's a good point, odin. We'll see tomorrow if RT benefited from the break or not(I suspect not). Did you play for Lynard Skynard?

You have the wrong idea here. We expect you to Win every Game, motivated OR not. No true Professional needs motivation to do his work and only the pleasure of doing It well.

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Nice pictures Home,
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Now on real football talk!

Odin agreed,

This game goes down to the LB's in Pass Coverage! That and T-Sizzles development!

Can we stop somebody when it counts? Can we stop them on 3rd down?

Will Reggie run without fear? Dashi knows people hate d.Thomas! But at least he doesn't run scared! Make or break game for Reggie! Can't wait!

We are bringing the Miami weather with us! The fins have already have games in wet conditions this year! U need a Arm to throw in the wind! And Sanchez is going to be throwing a lot of floating ducks today!

Wow, Armando no longer updates his blog even on game days??

Time to start looking for better than this!

go finssssssssssssssss 40 mph winds. no passes today. just run right, run left. should be boring game but lets hope we run ball better than them and only kick fgs with the wind

Who cares about the garbage Dolphins?

not u so why are u here

JETS 24 Dolphins 10

I expect to see a ton of no-shows today. People have much more important things on their minds today than a stupid football game.

bill, I don't think you'll see the 40mph winds until later tonight into tomorrow (at least that's what they are saying here in DC, and so NY will get it later than us). So the pass game will still be operable. I just don't think (with the rain) it will be very prevelant. Also FG kicking will be impacted. So, yes, the run game will be crucial. Advantage Miami. Our defense is better at stopping their run, and our West Coast short pass game (plus a fresher Reggie Bush) is better than whatever crap they're peddling. Add to that history, Rex Ryan has NEVER swept the Dolphins, and you have a pretty good probability we win the game.

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