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A day to remember good 'ol days and chase new good days

The Dolphins are aiming at a .500 record today (I picked them to win). They are trying to do right by televising a game that really did not sell out. They are trying to find the right course and navigate to better days.

That's today.

But today is also about some better days -- the days Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor were on the team.

Taylor and Thomas are going into the Dolphins Honor Roll today, and as I write in my column at The Miami Herald, it is a nostalgic time for the pair who were the signature players of this franchise for many years.

Check the column as the duo share the irony of their greatest NFL moments, share what being on the Honor Roll means to them, share with you what they would do if possible to fill the void that was left in their careers.

A couple of things I didn't have room to fit in the column that I will here because, you know, there's no space crunch or deadline here as promised:

What do he pair not miss about the NFL grind?

“There really is nothing," Taylor said, "especially now with the new [workout] schedule, it’s really easy now. This is an easy job. It’s an easy, fun job. I won’t miss the losing. But the problem with not risking the losing is you don’t get a chance to win. And that sucks.”

“You sound like the old guys when we were playing that would say, ‘You guys have two-a-days, well we used to have three-a-days,’" Thomas chimes in. "Now you’re one of those guys.” 

"Dude," Taylor responds, "these guys today wear pads once a week.”

A pause from Thomas and then, "That’s true,” he said. "There’s nothing I don’t miss -- because even the losing, that made you more focused the next week. And the stress? Man, that’s what I miss the most because that brings out the best in you. You know?”

 Thomas played for the Dolphins from 1996 through 2007. What made him so very, very good?

“No. 1 he was more prepared than anybody on the football field," Taylor said. "He was ultra competitive, very intense, very focused. He refused to lose. And he always played with that chip on his shoulder and carried himself with that chip on his shoulder. He refused to be denied. It was amazing to run around and do the things he did. As a teammate, you know he’s playing well. You watch him all week. You see him do it throughout the course of the year. And I never felt he got the respect or notoriety for it off the field that he deserved. That used to [peeve] me off. Not to take away what any other linebacker would do who was playing well. But I saw what this guy was doing. And he just kept on going."

Taylor played for the Dolphins from 1997-2007, then in 2009 and 2011. Why is he going to get Hall of Fame consideration?

"No.1, he’s just the most competitive person I’ve ever been around," Thomas said. "He’d do whatever. He’d throw his head in there, he sacrificed a lot on the field because he’s a wild man on the field. You only get respect in the locker room when you make plays on the field and he had an impact on the field. He was a high-character guy that everybody respected. He got more respect from his teammates than anybody else I ever played with."

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