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A day to remember good 'ol days and chase new good days

The Dolphins are aiming at a .500 record today (I picked them to win). They are trying to do right by televising a game that really did not sell out. They are trying to find the right course and navigate to better days.

That's today.

But today is also about some better days -- the days Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor were on the team.

Taylor and Thomas are going into the Dolphins Honor Roll today, and as I write in my column at The Miami Herald, it is a nostalgic time for the pair who were the signature players of this franchise for many years.

Check the column as the duo share the irony of their greatest NFL moments, share what being on the Honor Roll means to them, share with you what they would do if possible to fill the void that was left in their careers.

A couple of things I didn't have room to fit in the column that I will here because, you know, there's no space crunch or deadline here as promised:

What do he pair not miss about the NFL grind?

“There really is nothing," Taylor said, "especially now with the new [workout] schedule, it’s really easy now. This is an easy job. It’s an easy, fun job. I won’t miss the losing. But the problem with not risking the losing is you don’t get a chance to win. And that sucks.”

“You sound like the old guys when we were playing that would say, ‘You guys have two-a-days, well we used to have three-a-days,’" Thomas chimes in. "Now you’re one of those guys.” 

"Dude," Taylor responds, "these guys today wear pads once a week.”

A pause from Thomas and then, "That’s true,” he said. "There’s nothing I don’t miss -- because even the losing, that made you more focused the next week. And the stress? Man, that’s what I miss the most because that brings out the best in you. You know?”

 Thomas played for the Dolphins from 1996 through 2007. What made him so very, very good?

“No. 1 he was more prepared than anybody on the football field," Taylor said. "He was ultra competitive, very intense, very focused. He refused to lose. And he always played with that chip on his shoulder and carried himself with that chip on his shoulder. He refused to be denied. It was amazing to run around and do the things he did. As a teammate, you know he’s playing well. You watch him all week. You see him do it throughout the course of the year. And I never felt he got the respect or notoriety for it off the field that he deserved. That used to [peeve] me off. Not to take away what any other linebacker would do who was playing well. But I saw what this guy was doing. And he just kept on going."

Taylor played for the Dolphins from 1997-2007, then in 2009 and 2011. Why is he going to get Hall of Fame consideration?

"No.1, he’s just the most competitive person I’ve ever been around," Thomas said. "He’d do whatever. He’d throw his head in there, he sacrificed a lot on the field because he’s a wild man on the field. You only get respect in the locker room when you make plays on the field and he had an impact on the field. He was a high-character guy that everybody respected. He got more respect from his teammates than anybody else I ever played with."

Come back for today's live blog ...


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That's all very nice....yadah yadah,,,,,that was then , this is now...

Winning tradition cpmes from winning....winning comes from superior players...

.....let's get a top WR, superior DE... a ball hawk Corner...and a downhil RB and see the difference that will bring....

as for today...Dolphins 24 Rams 16.......GO FINS !!!
(am I supposed to say First !! ??? LOL

This might be the beginning of a beautiful Run.

Hey Oscar...wuzzup?

Guys lets live for the now stop looking back those days have gone bye we can remember but those days have gone away go dolphins beat the crap out of the rams I mean the lambs

It would be kool being .500 going into the bye week

...and I agree ...yesterday is gone...let's look ahead,,,

Go Fins!! Go Tanny......

When you have a crap team like the Dolphins...the homers turn into trolls. 40 years since a SB win..and counting. 12 years since a playoff win...and counting. Its pathetic. How does Ireland still have a job? Ross, WAKE UP!

This might be the beginning of a beautiful Run.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 14, 2012 at 09:23 AM

Oscar quit the LSD!

Such optimism.....geez..I suppose gradual improvement.....ie new HC....new O-sytem.....1st Round QB playing well...improved O-line....Top Run D in the league....

.....doesn' t qualify above "crap team" status...


This is a horrible game. It shouldnt be on TV.

Yo Mango...why is he on speed ?????

I think we can beat the Rams..and the Jets...and the Colts....

...let's see...that would be 4 staright wins....sounds like it COULD be a run to me...

...dunno, maybe I'm the crazy one...

Today is a very important day in this teams future. A win today could alter the balance of the AFC east and set the dolphins up for a real .nice potential winning streak against Rams Jets Colts Titans Seahawks Bills. Maybe we win them all Why Not its not like playing Greenbay NyGiants Atlanta Texans again etc etc. The Dolphins could be 8-3 before you know it heading into New england

The QB being ranked 30th is "playing well"?? Huh? Tannehill has been friggin terrible.

I agree Jim....no reason why they can't....

..true, we are not at the Pats level ....but I see an improved team here...

I've been as critical of Ross and Ireland as any here...but am realistic enough to see encouraging signs for this team...

JabbarGaffney should be ready

Continental...go easy dude, he's a ROOKIE !!!!!!

Give him his due time, please...

just like Eli and Peyton and every other QB needed as a Rook....

Yes Jim...excited about the Gaffney acquisition........he's a talented WR....need another drafted for next year....

Eli's first couple of seasons...the Giant fans wanted to tar and feather him....

PATIENCE is everything when it comes to QB development,

We were patient with Henne for 4 YEARS! How'd that work out? Tannehill looks like the same crap or worse.

The Phins should run the ball & push the Rams off the field & back to St. Louis. Good day for some smashmouth.

No comparison to Henne...sorry...it's not even close....Henne never improved.....Tanny has already surpassed him in his QB skills at the pro level.....

He is the Real Deal....just give it time....5 games is not 4 Seasons after all....

Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano made in starting the draftee instead of Moore who's better and also young.

...or do we think we will get instant dan Marino...like mixing a hot chocolate or something...????

just asking for an open mind for the next 10 games..then we'll have something with which to judge him....

Just my view of it....but Matt will NEVER move as well as Tanny....and I like him as a QB...but Tanny has the potential...and is far enough along to handle the Pro game....

...the right decision to play him.....he is not our problem....pressure on the opposing QB, and getting off the field on 3rd down is a much bigger problem....

I think its safe to say they wont miss D Thomas. LOL

...and please don't use Sporano and Philbin in the same sentence....:-) thanks

The team would be 4-1 if Moore was playing.

Great post Mando! And the articles were great also! They were the heart and soul after Marino!


T-Hill isn't the 30th ranked qb. Stop spewing extreme ignorant hate. Ur Jihad against the fins has to stop!

Both ur jet qb are worst. Weeden, Wilson, gabbert, Fitzgerald, etc. Etc.

T-Hill is already a top 20 qb in the league!

Agreed TGH....

TY Dashi, for clearing that up.....and TGH...I hope Lamar Miller gets some carries today...

...I like his leg surge at contact...he is a gamer....if he has improved his blitz pick-ups these last few weeks...he'll be ok...

hard to do when they only practice once a week in pads....

Gonna get some breakfast.....was fun tossing things around with y'all .....see u again around game time.....enjoy it

GO FINS!!!!!!

Fin77 and Lincoln are trolls!

They repeat the Moore should be a starter and

Philbin = Soprano/Cam
T-Hill= Henne
Moore should be a starter!

U guys/troll repeats the same ignorant extreme senseless hate EVERY TIME!


Ur arguments are weak!

Also, please don't waste today with ur ignorant jihad against the fins!

Ur dolphin terrorism has to stop! Trying to be cyberbully's!

U charmin soft punk! Get a life! It's Sunday!

At least wait til after the game to post ur blasphemous Jihad!

Tannehills's 2 TD's and 5 INT's in 5 games are worse then Henne stats.

Case in point ^^^^^

Straw man argument!

Please explain how ur boy henne is better than T-Hill statistically. What happen to Hen e's 3rd start! His best start ever!

U know the mystical MNF game. That Ronnie brown won! Yet u claim henne was dropping bombs to win!

Game day prediction

21-6 fins!

Lincoln continental why don't you shut the f++k up and get out of here you stupid know nothing little child.

lincoln go away you arent fooling anyone now go back on your own teams website because cearly you arent a dolphin fan

Love when Zach laid out that Patriots receiver that thought it might be a good idea to cut back to the middle of the field. Big Mistake...lol

Dashi's Favorite Zack Thomas Moment

Tackling Barry Sanders 1 on 1. The Lions threw it to barry in the Flat in the Red Zone. Zack and Barry 1 on 1! Barry tried to Shake him. But Zack Caught him by the Ankle. Showed everything Zack was about. Quick, Smart, and One of the Surest Tacklers Ever.

Also the Epic Battles between Zack and Peyton when the Colts were in the AFC EAST!

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