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Every throw Ryan Tannehill made against Arizona

Ryan Tannehill's performance against the Cardinals didn't finish the way a Dolphins fans would want.

It included a fumble late in regulation that allowed Arizona to tie it. It included an interception in overtime that allowed Arizona to win it.

So why did I just watch his 41 throws in the video below courtesy Joe Alvarez and feel good about things?

Well, because Tannehill showed great, great, great accuracy this game and I had been concerned the past couple of weeks about his accuracy.

Because the Cardinals brought the house in blitzes against Tannehill and he showed ability to move in the pocket and find lanes to throw.

Because the Cardinals brought the house in blitzes and Tannehill did a fine job connecting anyway.

Because the Dolphins had very little in the way of a running game and Tannehill simply put the offense on his back -- and after a 431-yard passing day, the offense didn't seem to heavy for him.

And, because the guy is still just a rookie and time promises he will continue to get better. And hopefully the Dolphins will be able to give him more weapons -- like a tight end to threaten a defense down the seam -- to make Tannehill even more lethal.

So was this a victory?


Did Tannehill get lucky on a couple of throws that might have been intercepted?


Did he make other mistakes?


But should you be encouraged?



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I couldn't care less about Jake Long being ranked 43.

I know huge holes on the left side to run through when I see them.

That number is ridiculus.

Screw. Gaaaaaz. Home.

Civility is all anyone asks for to make this blog work the way it should.

Now what can Miami do to hide their secondary weaknesses vs. A.J. Green? Anything? Make Sean Smith cover him solely like he did with Fitzgerald? 1-3 doesn't sound so bad, 1-4 sounds awful!

Screw. Gaaaaaaaaaaz. Hoooooooooooooome.

Clipboard, do you know barely molested pass rushers nailing Tannehill in the small of his back 7 or 8 times this year so far through 4 games when you see that?

DC, I read the saem column Omar wrote. I can't say I really agree with Omar here. I mean, in all of Henne's years, did we see progression? I think we all kind of saw a nice starting product but it never really advanced. He never grew. He only plateu'd then subsequently regressed, then became the old Henne again, and got hurt. I remember debating with Andy and he pointed out that the same Henne he saw at Michigan was the same Henne we had in Miami. he was right.

tannehill from last year at A&M to now is a completely different QB.


They are who we thought they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clipboard, do you know Long getting shoved around and often knocked on his fat a_ss by guys he outweighs by 70 pounds when you see that happen?

Mark, as a Canadian you are entitled to only 2/3 of an opinion.


Answer my question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand your postion better now....

Many things get lost in this blog....and sometimes I just need clarification...

Your post was excellent....

I think I see more Tony Romo in Tanne than anything else....and I'm not talking about 5 interception Tony Romo...

I mean the good stuff...the IT factor...the calmness....even the mistakes..the way he bounces back from them...

in 3 weeks....we have NEVER had the same conversation in regards to Tanne repeating last weeks mistakes....

I was a doubter...but he's making a believer out of me...


I was skeptical as well & I fell victim to the knuckle heads who said Tannehill was a 'project' & a 'reach' at eight. Thought we blew it again. Well if this kid is a 'project' can you imagine what this kid will look like when he gets acclimated to the NFL??? LOL!!!

blog is lame

i'm out


I'll watch a little closer then. I have seen some mistakes, but 43?

I refuse to believe adults talk and carry on the way most of the posters here do. Very hard to sift through the trash just to find a good thought or comment. To be honest for anyone to actually take the time out of they're day to post some of this stuff, they'd have to be either extremely immature or extremely bored with life or both. Either way it's sad.


The addition of Philbin and Sheman..along with the QB THEY WANTED....is making the FINS an exciting team to watch....

Tanne stays healthy...and we get him some legit recievers..and TE....

we might be dangerous....

I think we are dangerous now...but not deadly (wins)....

can't have fumbles

can't have interceptions

For anyone who cares ...

The Dolphins are actually getting recognized out of the greater Miami area. This morning on my way into work, listening to sports talk radio, they had a segment on betting the NFL this week and the handicapper pointed out how dangerous it was to bet against the Miami Dolphins this season. Word is getting out there.

I was skeptical as well & I fell victim to the knuckle heads who said Tannehill was a 'project' & a 'reach' at eight. Thought we blew it again. Well if this kid is a 'project' can you imagine what this kid will look like when he gets acclimated to the NFL??? LOL!!!

I wanted a real QB. I thought he would have to ride the bench for at least a whole season. Only 19 starts at QB after being a WR. I wanted to believe, but I figured we would be looking at drafting a QB next year also. I also wanted to believe in Henne and countless others. I bought into Henne too, and his just never seemed to get any better. He was just OK at best.

Before Garrard went down, I was wrapping my head around "we are rebuilding yet again" and had very little hope as I thought Garrard was going to win the starting job. He seemed to have the better skill set for our new offense. I felt like we had 6-10 or 7-9 written all over us and I had no hope for even a decent season.

I wish Garrard all the best, but his unfortunate injury may have been the best thing to happen to Tannehill. I don't have false hope for this season, and I see the glaring holes our team still has, but darn-it I do have HOPE. And I have an excitement about this team and our new QB. We are going to surprise some teams this year and we already have to some degree. I also feel that Philbin was the right man for the job at the right time and he seems to be able to get the most out of this team.

I am excited about Tannehill; I am more excited than I have been in a long time and I sincerely hope he works out. Time will tell.


Omar wasn't saying Henne was good, or Tannehill was Henne. He was saying don't anoint Tannehill just yet and used Henne as an example of what can happen if you just take a small snapshot of a young QB and start thinking they are going to be a long-term option.

But I agree, Henne was all over the map. Took a step forward, then a step back, and really never got comfortable or improved in what his deficiencies were. Now guys like Poizen might say that was because of Coaching and other things, but in the end he didn't cut it.

And Tannehill so far has grown leaps and bounds. I don't see any of Henne in Tannehill. Tannehill's problems don't relate to stiffness or lack of leadership qualities or no touch on passes or anything like that. He really just needs time (IMO) and experience and he'll be fine.

This guy CARTMAN aka CARTFAG is an idiot.

I have no reason to believe Tannehill is any better then Henne. His QBR is very low and he only has 1 win thus far.

Also, as an American who's travelled extensively abroad, it's pretty ignorant of us to think we're the only culture or country in the world. There's plenty of great countries out there, with their own customs and language. Not sure why the grammar police decides to patrol the blog, who cares how people spell things, as long as you can understand their point, that's all that matters.

But we'd be much better off if we realized we're all inter-connected on our tiny planet. Look at politics, look at science, look at the global economy. Understanding and partnership is the key to everyones future. For the sake of your kids, you should accept our differences and see how we can come together to survive.

Dashi says Tannehill is the same QB he was in college.

Batted passes,lots of turnovers and the W's are scarce.

Canadiens should only have opinions on ice fishing....and bowling.

well said DC! well said.

DC, I have no problems with Americans and chat weekly with my American family - not not the people on this blog, haha, actually blood relations. He's a pats fan in Mass but I still love him and we can almost talk football civilly.

What I do have a problem with is ignorance. And that shifts it's head when you have people say the comments that were said earlier. Some people don't realize tha the way Americans talk and wriote is not actual true English in it's purest form. It's been adopted, it's been modified.

It's like the Spanish in Spain v Mexico or Portuguese in Portugal v Brazil.

Same language but modified.

Losing against a NFC Team is not a big a deal as losing in our division!!! Everytime we play our division this team slacks & keep it close WHY??? The junk jets were beat all game long & they won we should have PUT IT TO 'EM big time but it don't happen!!! FIX IT!!! GO FINS!!!

What are Canadians doing on a Dolphin blog?

Hey JJ, You related to JJ Walker??? DYNOMITE!!!

Jake Long = wasted pick?

JJ Walker?? No, is he an ice fisherman?

DC, stop being so earnest! This is a football site.


We're an equal opportunity loser. We lose to everyone. LOL

Absolutely Mark. Heck, we should know best. Speak to someone from New York, Texas and California, you'd think it was 3 different languages.

Cartman, at least I didn't start breaking out into "We Are the World."

Jets suck!! ha ha ha


Looks like you've got your hands full on the blog today. Good job to everyone that it didn't disintegrate into name-calling.

Seems like a million years ago we used to go mono et mono on here, in a similar fashion. Good thing we grew up!

I still say Tannehill had great game, but patient with the Rookie, that's what all PHINS fan need..the kid is going to make mistakes. I hope he learns from his mistakes and not repeat them... Especially. Turn overs!

The Arizona Cardinals secondary sucks. Guys were wide open all day. I want to see him do that to a quality defense. The last three Dolphins opponents have been weaker teams in the league. They are 1-2. 9 of this teams remaining opponents are on that bottom rung of teams. If this is to be our future qb, he has got to start putting up better numbers than 2 td vs 6 int's.

He threw the pick 6 that cost the Dolphins the victory the week before against the Jets, and now has the two turnovers that were the tying and then winning scores in this one.

I don't want to hear the excuses that he is a rookie. He was selected #8 overall in the draft, and this is the playbook he ran in college. If he cannot improve his performance in these 9 games then we are back to square 1.

Geez Rhino,

Do you throw a temper tantrum at your kids the first time you drop them in the pool and they're not able to swim? East big fella! What's your rush? Are you expecting to check out some day soon? Very few QBs have success right out of the gate. Yeah OK, I'll give you guys like Big Ben and Matt Ryan but what about Peyton Manning, Elway, Aikman and Brees? The guy had something like 19 starts. He's not going to win these games all by himself. At some point Carpenter needs to start making some kicks and the defence needs to stop someone when it matters. But keep blaming the rookie....I'm sure your kids will love you for it.

I wish nothing more than these Dolphins to win and have as good a season as we can get from our rookie QB and the players we have....saying that, the only, and I repeat, O-N-L-Y, way we can improve is if Ireland is out. We desperately need a GM with intelligence, player savvy and can hire scouts that can recognize talent..gems in the rough is what would be nice every once in a while but we can't even get that. Ireland is stifling...The owner is an idiot but we can't get rid of him that easily.

"What I do have a problem with is ignorance. And that shifts it's head when you have people say the comments that were said earlier."

Mark you're in the wrong blog if you're trying to avoid ignorance.

The people or person you are talking about is an idiot, period. You can not listen to that garbage in blogs. There are sick people out there who would like nothing better than to get a rise out of someone. If you respond to them they have already won. They are not interested in learning or becoming a better person, they are not civil,objective, or rational. They do not deserve to be allowed in conversations with normal people and you have to ignore them.

What bothers me about this is people from other countries pick the dumbest Americans to make points about how ignorant WE as Americans are. It's like watching a liberal news source question Republicans at the GOP. They pick the dumbest people to talk to and then say , 'see, Republicans are idiots'. Same the other way, Fox news interviewing Democrats, they always pick the freaks.

So I'm not talking about you specifically Mark, I'm sure you know plenty of intelligent polite Americans and may not feel that we are all ignorant. But just in case, keep this in mind the next time you are faced with stupidity from our side of the border. We're not all like that.


Have you eer met Jeff Ireland? Ever had a conversation with him? I'm guessing no to both of those. So what qualifies you to calling both he and Ross as idiots? Because everyone else says that? Because the media says that?

Seriously bud, you're parroting a comment that many others have made. However, there no basis for this, other than, 'I've heard others say the same thing'.

God damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 and god damned 1 god damn it!!

Rhino Arizona's defense is 3rd in the league. The week leading up to the game everyone and their mothers were saying that the Dolphins would not be able to throw on the Cards because their defensive front attacks and the dbs stick. Everyone said the only way Miami keeps it close is if they run the ball.

And now you're saying the Cards defensive backs suck? How and why? Where have they proved they suck?

Is it because they were supposed to shut down Tannehill and failed so now, in your hater mind, it can't have anything to do with our offensive line and their superb blocking or the incredible accuracy Tannehill showed through most of the game. There can only be one reason, the Cards defensive backs suck?

Puhlease, not even close to being true.

That's fvcking it. I'm not going to accept it. We *are* 3-1 god damn it.

We are 3-1 and in first place god damn it.

I mean how the fvck do we lose that Cards game?

I'm all in on Tannehill. I think we have finally found a franchise QB. As for Long I think we should resign him to the big bucks he will demand. When healthy he's still a beast. He's a hard worker, team leader, and plays hurt. I would like to see him start earning his money more this season though.

Canadiens should only have opinions on ice fishing....and bowling.

Posted by: JJ | October 04, 2012 at 03:14 PM


Funny how his two initials are fishhooks.


Craig M....lol....nothing I can't handle.....

I look forward to hearing more of Tgard's opinion's of me...as well as his opinions of the FINS....

Since I have never seen the Tgard name...it's a high probability that I may never see it again....

I have to speek up on all dis bout English goin en. We fom Quebec do not like the Englsh and won't allow it to be spoken or read. You are nuthin you English dogs!

Only a Jests fan would support Irescum.

Mark In Toronto RE the 1:06 There are no offensive lineman on your mock draft board If Ireland is calling the shots you always need o=lineman in any disscussions about drafting players.He&Parcells have drafted three you think the well has run dry I dont look for another one next year.


I'm sure you've talked to the guy before. Only thing is he was likely anyone of a few different names you've spoken to previously.

Hoping for a win this weekend. I don't want this ship to start sinking, even though it is getting closer to my 4-12 prediction. TO beat a team like the Bengals would do wonders for the confidence of this team going forward and for the rest of the year. It would be well deserved reward for a couple of hard fought losses.

Craig M welcome to the life of a starting NFL quarterback. The game is always on your shoulders. Especially when you turn the ball over. I am not getting angry at Tannehill, I am just not sugar coating the losses like you and the rest are.

BTW he is not doing it by himself. Watch the video. The Cards were blitzing all day and the o-line and the backs were for the most part getting the job done. Bess and Hartline did a fantastic job with the 1 on 1 matchups and getting a lot of yards after the catch.

I don't put the blame on the kicker. 47, 48, & 51 yards are not chipshots. If they were 45yds and under then you blame the kicker.

If Tannehill is to be the man, he has to face the critics. Fair or not, its part of the job title of NFL quarterback.

I wouldn't throw a fit if my kid couldn't swim the first time I dropped him in the pool, but by time 23 I would be some what concerned if he could not at least float.

The next evolution I want to see with Tannehill is redzone drive ending in tds, not fg attenpts. Also, fewer drives inside the opponents 50yd line need to end in punts and long Carpenter fg attempts.

For only 4gms in, it seems Carpenter's had an awful lots of fg attempts of 45yds and longer. This must change, offensively Carpenter must get closer looks, if a drive just has to end in a fg attempt.

One thing I noticed about Tannehill VS Henne comparison is on at least one of the sacks and or hurries the defensive linemen slung him around like a rag doll.I dont think they were able to do that to Henne eventhough they are listed close to the same height and weight.I got to figure somethings not right there.What do you think?


He's about to voted NFL rookie of the week. He threw for over 400 yards. What is it your are looking from your 4 game rookie QB that you're not getting?

Should RGIII and Luck be banished to the basement because their teams aren't winning?

It's a ridiculous argument. If Carpenter makes his kicks the last two weeks we're not even having this conversation.

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