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Every throw Ryan Tannehill made against Arizona

Ryan Tannehill's performance against the Cardinals didn't finish the way a Dolphins fans would want.

It included a fumble late in regulation that allowed Arizona to tie it. It included an interception in overtime that allowed Arizona to win it.

So why did I just watch his 41 throws in the video below courtesy Joe Alvarez and feel good about things?

Well, because Tannehill showed great, great, great accuracy this game and I had been concerned the past couple of weeks about his accuracy.

Because the Cardinals brought the house in blitzes against Tannehill and he showed ability to move in the pocket and find lanes to throw.

Because the Cardinals brought the house in blitzes and Tannehill did a fine job connecting anyway.

Because the Dolphins had very little in the way of a running game and Tannehill simply put the offense on his back -- and after a 431-yard passing day, the offense didn't seem to heavy for him.

And, because the guy is still just a rookie and time promises he will continue to get better. And hopefully the Dolphins will be able to give him more weapons -- like a tight end to threaten a defense down the seam -- to make Tannehill even more lethal.

So was this a victory?


Did Tannehill get lucky on a couple of throws that might have been intercepted?


Did he make other mistakes?


But should you be encouraged?



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i agree, coaching staff doing great job. im so pumped for 2013

Craig M....

100% chance you are right...@ 5:23.....I am positive I have talked to this guy under a different name....LOL......


In order for the team to be more successful in the Red Zone, the players need to get open. From my eyes so far that has not happened. The passes I've seen to them they've either dropped or they've been out of their reach. So that tells me the wide open chances haven't been there. I'm not convinved we have the players to be successful in the Red Zone. No one will ever mistake Fasano for Gronkowski.

Tannehill will get better in this area, as the play-calling gets better and the seperation happens more, either with these guys or new guys.


His writing style looked very familiar. Can't quite place it. I'm sure Armando could tell you, if you sent him an email.

Phins 78, I am not hating on the Cardinals. WATCH THE VIDEO!!!! Miami recievers were open all day long. DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEO!!! On the Hartline 80yd td it was a 30yd toss and no one was within 15 yds. How does a guy get that wide open?????

Bess was faking these guys out of their shorts for crying out loud. If that is the #3 defense in the league, then that was not a #3 defense performance.

I would advise you to watch the video again, you clearly do not know what you are talking about.

Craig M,

You defend Ireland far to much. Someone can view his body of work and determine he does not have what it takes to make the numerous talent acquisitions for skill position players that will take place in 2013. I'm one that believes Jakester is correct on Ireland but dead wrong on Stephen Ross. Ross certainly had the vision to go after Harbaugh, dump Sparano and update his thinking. My guess is that he kept Ireland because of the many mistakes that he was forced into by his mentor Parcells who clearly was a dinosaur in the changing NFL. That said Ireland seems to have learned far to much from Parcells. Parcells was never highly regarded amoung insiders at identifying NFL talent, in fact one scout told me that Parcells did not understand todays NFL, chose big slow players and left teams early. I was told this right after Parcells was hired...and so it went. There are enough mistakes by Ireland in the last two seasons to understand why Ross was quoted saying that his faith in Ireland is not blind.


Asking a rookie to throw 40 times plus in a ball game, at times bad things will happen. Especially if he's had only 18 college starts and is only 4 games in as a nfl starter. Still he gave us lots to glow about. He truly showed he has "IT".

Fully exhibiting the "IT FACTOR", Tannehill has given high hopes he will omly get better. If you can get 256yds recieving out of Brian Hartline, then cap it off with over 100yds recieving to Devon Bess. Then that qb truly has to have the "IT FACTOR" working in his corner.

Lookout, because this kid Tannehill seems to be on the road to greatness. You'll see him take those those steps game by game. Just look at the leap he's taken from gm 1 to gm 4.

The problem is right now we have a few guys who are great in between the the 20's but disappear in the redzone. Hartline and Bess are not the answer in the redzone and especially the endzone. IMO Hartline and Bess are awesome as #3 and #4s but are forced into roles as #1 and #2.

We need those wrs who can get separation in the endzone, who can OUT JUMP opponents, who are strong enough to come down with contested catches.

The fact that we have a rookie QB and no end zone threats is the exact reason we aren't getting more tds. An inexperienced QB will make mistakes. Most GMs realize this and they get a good TE AND WR to bail their rookie out. I'm not a big Ireland fan but I will give him a pass because there were no te's available that would have been any kind of upgrade and he had no clue, like the rest of us, that Tannehill could beat out Matt Moore for the starters position. And actually he would have had to beat Garrard and Moore.

But yeah, I don't know how tds are going to come but if you put the struggles all on Tannehill's shoulders you aren't seeing the big picture. I'm so sick and tired of fans trying to blame one person for something that happens on a team with 53 other guys. Fantasy football has DESTROYED fan intelligence.

Last year against NE on opening day Henne passed for ocer 400 yards and everyone said we finally had a solid QB...3 games later he got hurt and we threw him away...Don't get sold on Tannehill yet..wins are what counts..we're on the verge of our first 4 season losing record streak since 66-69...no one can be judged on 4 weeks work...I hope Tannehill is the real deal but two td's and 6 int's isn't a great start

CraigM @ 5:32 PM,

Recievers getting open in the redzone is exactly why Jabar Gaffney's such a great addition. The guy just knows how to get open whether its in the redzone or in the endzone.

Jabar Gaffney will blend in perfectly. I also believe, beginning Sunday, Armstrong should be ready to make a strong contribution too.

Craig M....

Armando only cares about the HITS....how he gets them....well he could care less.....

Our last conversation during the "live" blog....

Armando basically said as much....

So if he's not gonna even try to FIX IT....then I don't even care....

We shouldnt have the problem of a reiever getting open in the endzone any longenow that e've signed Gaffney. Jabar Gaffney has a specialty of getting open n the endzone.

As Gaffney forces teams to pay more attention to him in the endzone, it should help free up other recievers.

I would be critical of Luck and RG 3 if they did the same thing. However I am not commenting on a Colts or Redskins blog.

I was not critical of Tannehill against the Texans. I won't be against the 49'ers either. Those teams are great. With the Pats, their offense should carry them to wins.

I am not calling for Tannehills head I am being critical of him. I simply made a statement that he has to stop turning the ball over at critical points in the game.

Craig M are you Tannehill's wife? Because if you are then I apologize if it seems like I am criticizing your man unjustly. Just ask him to quit turning the ball over.

Craig I'll go further.

1. If Carpenter makes his kicks
2. If Smith plays the out knowing he had inside help.
3. If the defensive line got pressure at the end.
4. If Pouncey blocks the obvious blitzer.
5. If Hartline doesn't slip and fall on a timing route.
6. If we didn't have to rely so heavily on Carroll.
7. If Nannee doesn't fumble that catch.
8. If we had a true #1 WR.
9. If we had even ONE TE opposite Fasano that could stretch the field.
10. If Bush doesn't get injured
11.And yes, if Tannehill holds the ball for a sack.

So many reasons why a team wins and loses. I can't begin to tell you how mind numbingly annoying it is to listen to some fans try to pin an entire win or loss on one person's shoulders. When you play ANY sport you win and lose as a team. Everyone makes mistakes and they all cost the team. Everyone comes up with a few good plays to help the team.


The reason I defend Ireland is because he's not NEARLY as bad as you and others make him out to be. Not NEARLY. It's interesting, a few of the guys who weren't too keen on him are starting to change their opinion of him since Parcells has left. The Ireland you see now is a guy who is working well with Philbin, getting him some of the players he wants. Guys like Tannehill, Martin and Miller. He wanted Marshall and Davis gone....see ya later! Not sure where this idea is that Ireland will 'only draft in Parcells' mold' has come from. That's not what I've seen from Ireland since Parcells left. Think Parcells would have traded for Bush? Not a chance.

I've said this before promichael, regardless of what you and I think of Ireland, it's clear that Carl Peterson think he's more than up for the job and coming from a guy who knows what it takes to the job, in that he did it and was successful at it, means more than what a 1,000 guys like you think about it.

Craig M....

100% chance you are right...@ 5:23.....I am positive I have talked to this guy under a different name....LOL......


His writing style looked very familiar. Can't quite place it. I'm sure Armando could tell you, if you sent him an email.

If you are speaking of me, then I have to say I don't remember having a conversation here with anyone before. I have posted from time to time, but mostly only read this site. Tgard is the only name I have here and the only one I have posted as on here. Been using it for a couple years but only made a handful of posts. Mostly post at Scout and Omar's blog under a different name. Would use that name here too but I was here Tgard here first and my name and email is filled in automatically so I just didn't change it.

If you weren't speaking of me then please disregard.

Craig I wasn't saying you did that. I have read post after post where people want to blame one person for an entire team's failings, or triumph one person for an entire team's successes. It's really ignorant and I was using your post to hop onto and make my point. :)

Guys guys. I think Jabar is a upgrade Over Naanee but he has to get in football shape he needs to polish his route running, he needs to build cohesiveness with Tannehill so don't expect a great performance out of Gaffney not right away, he has not played he needs to shake off all that rust!

Rhino lol,,, I have a business to run. I don't have time to be breaking down videos for football games I have nothing to do with. I'll just take your word for it. But I will say that our wrs getting open can have something to do with their talent, do you agree? Or do you think the only reason they are able to get open is because someone else must suck?

If Gaffney is as advertised by the board its about time the Dolphins one up the pats in the aquisition dept from one team to the other.


Gaffney's a nice addition, but if you think all the problems are going to go away because this guy is on the team then you're going to be disappointed. Where's the Gronkowski on this team. Where's the guy everyone knows is getting the ball but he still makes the catch in the end zone? I don't remember the last guy like that we had. Duper? Clayton? Gaffney will help but I still don't believe this will be a high-powered offence for another year or two. It's too much to expect Hartline and Bess to do it evey week. Fasano is average at best. When was the last BIG catch he made? Raiders game? Not sure it was big, but whatever.

That's what this team is missing right now. Can they get it in the draft or FA this offseason? We'll see.

For a lot of transactions between the teams pats and fins huizinga seems to have been in krafts pocket

Ireland is doing well, despite what "fans" want to say. He's only had two drafts without Parcells' thumb on top of him. He's had a couple of misses, but some good hits too. We're only missing 4 solid players at TE, CB, S, and WR to be a really outstanding team. Keep it going!

OK guys, I'm out. If you're watching the game tonight, enjoy the game. For the record, I'm picking the Rams to break the Cards undefeated streak. You can give me Hell tomorrow if the Cards win.

I'm still a Jeff Fisher fan and he's doing exactly what I thought he would in St. Louis. Better days are ahead in St. Louis and just watch that team in the next year or two as they add talent and some more experience.

Cheers boys!

Any idea why Gaffney has bounced around so much? Seems he doesn't seem to stick long where ever he plays. The only stat I could find on his speed says he has about a 4.53 40.

Hopefully he can contribute right away.

Of course were speaking of YOU....

the post right BEFORE IT mentions you directly....

This is what we call a continuation .....so once two people understand the topic...there is NO REASON to mention every detail.....

Even you figured it out.....proving there was NO NEED to mention you by name.....


".I hope Tannehill is the real deal but two td's and 6 int's isn't a great start"

You are correct. But the problem is, in saying this you have to be fair. We don't know what Thill will do but we are excited about what we can see. His progress etc. Being fair is telling the whole story when you judge him.

As in, Tannehill has thrown more ints than tds so that's not good but keep in mind he has the second most drops in the nfl and is playing with two guys who barely break 6 feet tall and aren't very fast. He is also playing on a team that is rebuilding it's core philosophies. They have changed their head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and a bunch of assistants. They are installing all new schemes and even the veteran players are feeling their way through and still trying to get comfortable.

This is what would make any judgement on thill objective. Understanding that while he isn't killing it there are also tons of mitigating circumstances that aren't making it easy.

Craig M....lol....nothing I can't handle.....

I look forward to hearing more of Tgard's opinion's of me...as well as his opinions of the FINS....

Since I have never seen the Tgard name...it's a high probability that I may never see it again....
Posted by: Kris | October 04, 2012 at 05:13 PM


are we speaking about you....lol.....

I hope you're right YG and I hope he can pick up the offense really quick because we need him now if they're going to t better any time soon. I was happy to hear Thill stayed after practice to throw passes to Gaffney.

Thank you for validating my point Phin 78. This blog was based on a video above, one you clearly did not watch. The Cardinals secondary sucked this game. I hope you run a business better than you contribute to football discussions, much like the Cardinals secondary in this game, you sucked.


Yesterday's Gone | October 04, 2012 at 05:27 PM

The evolution you want to see in the redzone O is directly connected to our O personnel as much as anything. In a short field teams take our WR's in man straight to the corner post. This is nothing new and for a while from 08-2010 we had this underneath crossing route which Bess ran to perfection were if the Safety was over the top Fasano was the 2nd option in the back end of the endzone, it was our most successful play outside the Wild Cat down close.

Like everything in the NFL teams have seen it enough and now usually flood the area with their Safety's. Say what you will of Marshall and his drops but he was a dangerous threat in the corner post or fade route but as we all saw for 3 loooong Yrs. Henne couldn't throw a fade or corner post to save his life!!

We have changed Coaching staffs but the personnel is basically the same minus Marshall so teams leave their CB's out there one on one keeping the Safety's in the middle of the field taking away the underneath stuff and crossing routes while keying on the run game with the front 7. I have seen it enough in the last few Yrs. to actually CRINGE at a 1st and goal outside the 5 yard line given 8 out of 10 times it ends in a 3 point play!!

I believe we saw some wrinkles last week in close with J.Lane and will probably see a ton more before Seasons end but at the end of the day we just don't have the players that scare D's out of very basic man coverage formations when we get a 1st and goal and are in close outside our 5 Yard line with only 15 yards of real estate to work with. Facts are Facts and I know Sherman is looking at devising ways but lacks the horses still.

The funny thing is I used to stick up for Ireland but after another year where he failed to identify a quality WR or TE I'm done.

Our biggest need before the 2013 season is finding a very good WR and Jeff doesn't know how. His TE signings have been atrocious. It is pretty obvious that he struggles in these areas.

I will give him credit for what he has found, what he has done and am not going to kill him on his missed draft picks because every gm has them. But I'm looking to the future and getting Tannehill a real WR and TE to be his go to because I don't see any other way to fairly evaluate him. I don't have ANY faith that Jeff can get that done.

Craig M says:
I've said this before promichael, regardless of what you and I think of Ireland, it's clear that Carl Peterson think he's more than up for the job and coming from a guy who knows what it takes to the job, in that he did it and was successful at it, means more than what a 1,000 guys like you think about it.
Craig M., irrespective of what guys like you think, I do not look at Ireland's record only based on his joint acquisitions with Parcells. It is not recognizing talent and looking for acorns in the 3rd and 4th rounds that makes Ireland infamous. Moreover to use Carl Peterson who once helped the KC Chiefs win as many years ago as Parcells was winning Super Bowls on Bill Belichick's abilities does not reflect anything positive. Carl Peterson did nothing for Kansas City for years before he left. In fact Peterson may be the only reason why Ross has retained Ireland thus far. Ireland worked for Peterson who obviously has a close relationship with Stephen Ross.

What was your point Rhino? I watched the game, I don't need to watch the video.

Thank you for validating my belief that you are one of the trolls who continues to be a di&&bag and talk down to people.

Look oh ye of little understanding. I have repeated over and over that your little theory about the Cards defensive backs sucking is false for more than one reason. And I have stated twice that our wr's are good between the 20's and MIGHT HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THAT THEY WERE OPEN. They weren't sleep walking out there. They were playing football and you for some reason won't give players on your own team credit for playing well instead choosing to believe the only reason they did well was because the other guy sucks.

And you keep ignoring it in your return posts to me because you don't want to have a real debate. I have to leave so I won't hear your ridiculous come back and you will ignore the meat of my debate anyway because it won't further your agenda. So I look forward to talking to you under whichever name you choose to use tomorrow when you realize you have offended everyone and no one wants to talk to you anymore. Have a great night hater.

It's as ignorant a statement to say that Ireland is doing far better than most give him credit for than those who state he's trash. He's had two full drafts under his belt. The first one, for the record, I have listed player by player as entirely underwhelming, The second draft might uncover a couple of future franchise players but we can't determine that after one season- yes, Tannehill has promise. Is he the future, who knows? That's partially due to the fact that he is a rookie, and partially due to the fact that Ireland (yes Ireland) provided no bonafied weapons for him to develop quickly. Hartline and Bess are nice players, but dont get them confused with the elite receivers in the league.

Miller looks like a find, but our rookie TE looks lost, and who really knows about the other rookies after one season?

In summary, how long is Miami willing to take a risk on Ireland while the Fins continue to hover at the bottom of the standings? Let's face it, Ireland was involved when Parcells was here and, whether you choose to believe it or not, a GM is not kept around to provide no input to Parcells. I believe Ireland is more hit than miss and wouldn't mind seeing him go tomorrow.

Even you figured it out....

Sorry I didn't have time to go back pages, got too much going on right now. That is why I put the disclaimer on there. And there you go again being dis-respectful. You could have simply said yes. Why must you be rude and condescending. Why can't you just discuss the Dolphins intelligently and without all the sarcasm against other posters. You are seriously self-righteous and appear to have a superiority complex by all indications reading over several of your posts. You try to belittle, talk down and incite. I don't need that hassle.

If Armando or the Herald wants people contributing to these articles and conversation then he needs to get some moderators in here. If he has them, then apparently they haven't been listening.

I am a 50 year old, 41 year Dolphins fan. I enjoy reading about them and sometimes discussing them, but I don't need the hassle. No confidence problem on my end either, as you so eloquently tried to accuse, but it seems to me that you seriously suffer from little man syndrome yourself. Your talk seems to seriously be trying to compensate for something. I am guessing what department that would be in, big man. Either that or maybe you are just a snot nosed punk. Either way I do not have the time or patience for the hassle of that, or to put up with your rudeness. Too bad there is not an ignore button on this site.

So I guess maybe you made your premonition of not seeing me any more come true. I should maybe just stick with Scout.com or the Sun Sentinel.

It's been real.

Tanny is only a rookie that needs to time to polish his game. Fact is he is going to throw a lot of interceptions this year and make a lot of mistakes. People have to temper these high expectations and stop talking crap about him IF you are a fan.

thill improving every week. u have to love what we are seeing, playing close games and getting better every week. and losing instead of winning is helping us for next year. 2013 is gonna be fun, real fun

1-3 is GREAT!!

Cant get my hopes up for Tannehill after my hopes for Henne were totally crushed.

I'll stick up for Ireland this year, not so much last year. Best thing he ever did is get rid of Sparano. He's done very well with what was out there to draft and sign. Sorry if you can't see the positive direction this team is going. He drafted a TE in the 3rd rd, signed Chad Johnson, and signed Gafney.

Later Tbag.....I mean ....Ttroll...I mean Tgrad....

Look forward to having my next conversation with you under your next name that I have NEVER heard of....

could be a few mins...could be a few days....th anticipation is killing me....That's the one thing Armando has going for himself ....we never know how...or when the Troll will act....

but the 2 things WE KNOW FOR SURE.....

You (the Troll) are always here....

and ...

I will continue to hand you your @ss when you foolishly engage me......

Those two statements are like death and taxes.......

Until next name (time)....

I like the rams tonight too

I got. Rams. 28-14. Rams worn out by the PHINS beating!

rams def win the game, just a plain better team

rams def win the game, just a plain better team

Posted by: tvegas897 | October 04, 2012 at 06:21 PM

"It's as ignorant a statement to say that Ireland is doing far better than most give him credit for than those who state he's trash. He's had two full drafts under his belt. The first one, for the record, I have listed player by player as entirely underwhelming."

No disrespect but "entirely underwhelming"? Seriously? Mike Pouncey is nearly a Pro Bowl center already dude, in his 2nd year! Daniel Thomas, Wilson, and Clay have not been great, but I wouldn't consider them busts just yet. Tannehill is the future QB, Martin looks solid now and improving, Vernon not sure yet but promising, Miller is a definite keeper, and Matthews and Randall look like they may be contributors in the future and they were 7th rounders! OMG........ :)

Kris @ 7:39,,lol,,nice.

My bad. Guys. Cards. Worn out by our PHINS!!

It's funny how some players get a pass sometimes. I guess being the teams most recognizable and arguably best player will do that for you. But it still surprises me that Reggie has been saying he was hurting against the Cards and that effected his play.

Of course the team wanted him to play but the week leading up he was really pushing to get in there. The doctors told him he wouldn't do more damage by playing, it was a matter of his pain tolerance, and he said he was good to go.

So it seems to me if he was hurting enough that it was effecting his play he should
have told the coaches. If he is using it as an excuse now than it was bad enough that he should have come out of the game. He needs to be smarter as a leader of this team.


I got some lessons Today from Somebody on the aggressive Offense. Sure. By all means. Use it. It's lots of Fun, if to Win the Game and not to show off.

Damn Tannehill looked great this game. I was out of town this weekend, couldn't catch it, but for sure Tannehill's best game as a phin so far. There were some mess ups here and there, but a lot of that it's tough to blame on him.

Whenever you see a different poster here misspelling the same word, you can bet it's the same guy. effecting? From there, you draw your conclusions about the Blog. Eh, Paul?

Tannehill played very well and will continue to do so. Offensively we are in alot better shape than most thought we would be. Gaffney was a very good addition, who will really help us on 3rd downs. Unfortunately the secondary has been a glaring weakness. Hopefully Coyle figures it out. Other teams know how to beat us and its through the air.

I am puzzled why people would be talking about wanting to lose Starks. He is a key part of one of our greatest assets, the ability to stop the run. He is a gifted athlete with a great attitude and you keep guys like that.

Meanwhile, while losses are a bummer I am thrilled with what I am seeing in the Dolphins this year. Our defense is very good talent wise and will improve as they learn the new system. Tannehill has growing to do but I personally have no doubt that, barring injury, he will be our starting QB for a very long time and a star at that. I am pleased that the right side of our OL, a killer liability a year ago seems fixed (and will improve as Martin and Jerry develop as players). I am pleased that we have two very gifted runners in Bush and Miller, one runner who is a very good blocker (but seems to be stopped by the first Tackler in Thomas and someone who might emerge as a surprise contributor in Lane. I am glad to see Bess remains very good and Hartline appearing to raise his game (finally!!). We still have holes - need a third and excellent WR, need to strengthen QB and probably safety, need to upgrade pass rush, need to strengthen TE - but that is all fixable in a single draft/FA. I worry whether Long will ever return to his earlier dominance but the OL is adequate even with him at his current diminished status.

Agree oavery,
Starks is playing at a pro bowl level as is Solia. There is a reason we only give up 40 yards rushing a game. No way the should let Starks go. Just too valuable and a great pass rusher from DT.

At least basketball season has started. Adding Ray Allen cant hurt.

Whenever you see somebody typing cant(instead of can't) it's the same guy.

Just look how Arizona's D has shut down every offense they have faced....except Tannehill and the Fins. Bradford is 5 of 18 tonight and less than 100 yards. Brady and Vick couldn't solve them either but Tannehill did. Think about it.

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