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Live blog coming while Gaffney, Egnew inactive again

The St. Louis Rams just announced the Dolphins inactives. Sad, but true. Theinactives are:

Michael Egnew, Jabar Gaffney, Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Daniel Thomas, and Rishard Matthews.

That means linebacker Kevin Burnett, who appeared on the injury report Friday with an ankle injury, is active and apparently starting.

I know what you're about to say: Gaffney is a disappointment. Well, not yet. Obviously he still is not quite familiar enough with the offense to be viable on game day. But it has only been two weeks since he arrived.

He gets a bye week this week to learn the offense better. I suppose/expect he'll be in the playbook catching up rather than vacationing in the Bahamas with teammates. If he doesn't know the offense when the team comes back Oct. 28, then I have to question his learning prowess.

As you know, the Dolphins will induct Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor into their Honor Roll today. The new name tags are in the west end of the stadium.

There will be a live blog. It happens in the comments section below. I will join you at kickoff.


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first (place)!

It will be nice when we can start inducting WINNERS in to our RING OF FAME.....

and stop celebrating mediocrity.....

Be nice when turds don't post on here

REALLY Kris?? You've got an issue with Taylor and Thomas. Geez man, it takes 53 guys to get it done, not two. If we'd had more guys laying it on the line EVERY week like Taylor and Thomas did we would have won a WHOLE lot more. I think your criticism is misdirected.

Winners? There are plenty of winners who never got a ring. A first round hall of famer who wore #13 comes to mind. #99 will follow in those footsteps...that post was simply ridiculous.

I'll take a team full of Taylors and Thomas' ANY day of the week and I'll kick any team out there. Broing my your All-time team and I'll beat them. These guys are winners!....no debate about it.

Congrats on the honour today, guys! Well-deserved!

Hi Armando...another blog and another game we are suppose to win. I note that Rishard Matthews is again inactive... is something wrong with him?

Better to keep Gaffney and Egnew off the field if they are figured a liability. I can understand Gaffney but Egnew needs to get off the tit and step up.

Dashi will take no neck Zack over dansby any day!

Funny Craig M....

When Matt Ryan has a bad game....or Dez Bryant...or Brandon Marshall...I don't hear you say CRAP about the other 52 MEN....but when FINS don't get it done....it take 51 or 52 other guys....

must be nice to have both sides of the argument....

Craig M...

Just the other day you were blaming Winston (ONE GUY) for his team's record.....

We have a good chance at getting back into playoff contention today........if we don't blow it.

Kris, Jake and Zach won playoff games without an offense and Dave Wannstedt as a head coach - that's pretty incredible.

I have no beef with those guys but plenty with JJ for forcing Wannstedt down our throats. Our generation long downturn has more to do with him than any other person on this planet. I hate Dave Wannstedt. Ruined the Bears too.


What happened? Did one of these two or both refuse your Kid an autograph or something?

Kris.......for THAT you get one great big: C'Mon Man!

This is an Honor Roll Induction Day!

Forget about them autographs and show some TEAM SPIRIT!!!!


I don't have a problem with Zack and JT per sey....

I just want to know how people will feel about them when we are winning year in and year out with PHILBIN and his defense....

When we are winning SBs....this will put JT and ZT in perspective....

Not popular...but i'll stick to it....

How great is Eggnew?

Is this game streaming? I'm not getting it in my area today.


Jake Taylor,

Thats a fact. Parcells and SpOrano's teams would consistently falter in this position. How many times were we faced with this prospect. One win could get us back in it.......but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Hopefully, as a TEAM, we take that next step today!

New Coaches, new Players and a NEW DAY! We're taking that step. We're doing it for Zach's and Jasaon's. For Shula's and Mad Dog Mandich!

So it is WRITTEN!!!!



Not sure what your argument is. There's not ONE of the guys you metioned that could hold Taylor or Thomas' jockstrap. Not sure what point you're trying to make. I wouldn't celebrate ANY of those clowns you've mentioned. Not one of them shows up EVERY week.

Sounds like you're looking for a fight today, Kris. You've got the wrong guy. I'm going to celebrate their induction and enjoy the game. Hope you're able to do the same.

Marino was the furthest thing from a winner there is. Choke artist is a way more accurate description.

Craig M....

YOU responded to MY POST...if you forgot...then scroll up...and RE-READ the thread...so how am I looking for a fight....

We don't agree...that's OK....and an argument isn't a fight.....

it is a position that you take on an issue...

Game time folks. Dolphins won toss and deferred.

Stadium is half empty!

JT is 6th all time in sacks!

Zack would've had 200 tackles on this team!

Name one DE that played with JT!

Name one LB that played with Zack!

Name one of their qbs?

JT and Zack were the only bright spot those years!

Sad that the stadium looks so empty

Actually, folks are coming in from the concourses. It rained ealier. Still not a great crowd.


Fisher has done miracles with the Rams.


Let's settle down!

Is this game streaming

Bit worried about this game, Armando. St. Louis is an up and coming team. I'm worried the team will be flat today or take St. Louis lightly. Fisher will have this team prepared, I fear. We somehow have to take advantage of their youth. It's a VERY young team.

There goes one sack!

Well, Dolphins vs. Rams isnt exactly a marquee game. LOL

Now the D is waking up....


Dolphins need to tighten up the run D. That drive was a bit shocking.

Now that we're behind-it's time to win

Even a garbage can gets a steak.


Not the best of starts!! Hope they wake up!! Not used to being favorites yet!!

How is this game on TV? The place is empty.

definitely a SHOCK Armando....

That is a disgusting turn out for this game. Two future HOFers and the stadium is empty.

I can see the Rams are a well coached Team. No easy pickings.

Craig M, I wrote last week the Dolphins will be in tight games all the way through November. They can win them. They can lose them all.

All will come down to the fourth quarter, in my opinion. That's where the Dolphins and most of the NFL is right now.

Tanne Time...

There are more fans at Marlins games...

First batted pass of the day from a CB blitz.

Batted down pass....AGAIN!

How tall is THill? He gets passes batted like he is 5'3

Rams applying pressure up the gut but Tannehill got rid of the ball extremely fast.

Armando @1:10pm,

I think you're dead right. DD made this point a few weeks ago too. I had the team at 4-12 this year (maybe a bit harsh) but so many of these games could go either way. I expect that today too.


We will blow out this team by the end of the third....

I look forward to you writing about that later today....

don't forget to cite me.....

Reggie doesn't seem to be running scared today!

Tannehiill sucks.

Chris Long just school John Jerry and Jonathan Martin.

Crap, they're gettn to T-Hill fast!!!!!

Hennehill runs the prevent offense lol

Crap, we never get those fumbles...well almost never.

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