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Live blog coming while Gaffney, Egnew inactive again

The St. Louis Rams just announced the Dolphins inactives. Sad, but true. Theinactives are:

Michael Egnew, Jabar Gaffney, Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Daniel Thomas, and Rishard Matthews.

That means linebacker Kevin Burnett, who appeared on the injury report Friday with an ankle injury, is active and apparently starting.

I know what you're about to say: Gaffney is a disappointment. Well, not yet. Obviously he still is not quite familiar enough with the offense to be viable on game day. But it has only been two weeks since he arrived.

He gets a bye week this week to learn the offense better. I suppose/expect he'll be in the playbook catching up rather than vacationing in the Bahamas with teammates. If he doesn't know the offense when the team comes back Oct. 28, then I have to question his learning prowess.

As you know, the Dolphins will induct Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor into their Honor Roll today. The new name tags are in the west end of the stadium.

There will be a live blog. It happens in the comments section below. I will join you at kickoff.


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This stadium is QUIETER than a high school football game...

Wow, that was close. That was a missed opportunity to recover a turnover. At least we have them pinned deep.

Why is Miami the worst team in the league at recovering fumbles...

Good Game.

We should've recovered!

Let's see the d settle down now!

They wrote a section in the Grant on ESPN about how bad we were at recovering fumbles last year as well.

I guess we need more hands drills-that could have been a game changer

so pathetic everytime we jump on a lose ball we cant ever get it

Dies anyone think John Jerry still a starter in this league? I don't think so!

Now the D is a WAKE.....

You look at those missed opportunities with 3 minutes left, and hope they DON'T matter.
Like the Canes having a 2 point attempt messed up by the officials.
They get the 2, and a field goal ties the game at the end.

BAAAAD coverage there by jimmy wilson. Kinda embarrassing

An interception for TD would be nice

Mismatch when you have a safety man to man on a WR.

Our head is not in this game so far. They are giving up big plays on defense.

Pathetic, one receiver pattern and double coverage gets beat

I thought we would be the more PUMPED up team...

500 looks like a dream right now

True that Armando. Reshad Jones keeps saving chris clemons butt. Thats the second time he had to chase someone down on chris's side of the field

Armando, how is this game not blacked out? The place is empty.

How about that secondary. Clemons suck like I said. No corners only one. I'm surprise other teams haven't attack that secondary
But a good coach will attack it!

Red zone D keeping us in the game....


I thought you had our linebackers as the worst in the league too. Which is it man?

Giving up field goals isn't a killer by any means

There's more fans at a Stanford water polo match.

We should not underestimate Sam Bradford. He's solid.

That's two scary threat so far. Luckily the D bent but didn't break.

Missed fumble recovery a 10 point switch.
Thank the Lord our Red Zone D showed up, and we're not playing the steelers or Packers...or Patsies.

FLAT today!!!! They're only down 6 so I hope they wake up fast!!

But, we don't score we can't win.

We are lucky to be down 6 after the way we have played so far. Hopefully, we can take advantage of the Rams missed opportunities to score touchdowns.

One disadvantage that I see so far is that their kicker is money. Meanwhile we have Carpenter. We are going to have to hit our field goals today because the Rams have a tough defense.

The D is looking suspect.

Need a change of momentum.

We need to pound this D to slow down the rush!!

Its pretty obvious what the rams are trying to do. Spread us out and attack our inside corners... Good strategy

Chris Clemons was so out of position and took such a bad angle he put a pick on Jones on that 65 yard completion!

Wilson got psyched out of his shoes on the play prior!

If Clemons and Wilson thought they were going to sleep walk through this game, somebody needs to beatch slap the both of them.

PS: Why is Clemons on the field? Seriously, one WR on the field and he takes out Jones?

Clemons is pretty terrible. It's almost like were playing with one safety.

Armando, what is not solid is our secunadary ....is one of the worst if not the worst !!!

Not landing Fisher was a dagger to the Fin franchise.

weak tackle and misses assignments on the field. He is a mental midget.

its crazy how we have a chance to recover a fumble and they are backed up yet somehow everytime we almost make a key play the other team goes down and scores


The strategy is obvious, but they one receiver and are getting deep. That's the troubling part. I guess if you spread the fins out as the game wears on they might be able to run.

Got to run the ball

Harmel.... are you serious? that was the dumbest blog post of the year..


Clemmons is the weak link on the team. He won't be starting next year....GUARANTEED!

Sherman better can the cute shyt and call up some smash mouth ball today!

keep dancing around reggie moron

Seriously can we even try sending one WR deep....

Tannehill stinks!

we got to hold here....

Ryan doesn't look pumped up.
He has to lead, we have to RUN the DMAN ball with authority.
Wake up this pathetic crowd.

If we are 5-5 or better, and we're not filling the stadium (I'm in TN, so please don't shoot the messenger) Ross would have no choice but to move the team to So Cal.
This is not the city of Miami I remember my first 20 years of life.
Too many "Gentleman's Clubs" and gambling joints.

OK, dinking and dunking. Not good.

Does anybody know why the first row sports link will not work. It keeps saying to load the player but that does not help. The last time it worked was the Miami/Arizona game.

Tannehill is going to have to find the open receiver. It looks like the Rams are going to send the house after Tannehill today. Their defense looks very strong.

block in the back...whew....

Put Matt Moore in.

Son, what are you doing? They are bringing the house. Neutralize them.

OMG it's a christmas miracle. Our #3 WR made a catch...

Thats two 3rd down passes in a row that gets us 5 when we need 6!


Ken im watching the game on firstrow man.. its worked fine with me since week one...

@Ken try a different link. At the top there is 6 different links.

You tards that are still calling for Matt Moore go pull for the Jets.. atleast there you will have an actual QB controversy

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