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Live blog coming while Gaffney, Egnew inactive again

The St. Louis Rams just announced the Dolphins inactives. Sad, but true. Theinactives are:

Michael Egnew, Jabar Gaffney, Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Daniel Thomas, and Rishard Matthews.

That means linebacker Kevin Burnett, who appeared on the injury report Friday with an ankle injury, is active and apparently starting.

I know what you're about to say: Gaffney is a disappointment. Well, not yet. Obviously he still is not quite familiar enough with the offense to be viable on game day. But it has only been two weeks since he arrived.

He gets a bye week this week to learn the offense better. I suppose/expect he'll be in the playbook catching up rather than vacationing in the Bahamas with teammates. If he doesn't know the offense when the team comes back Oct. 28, then I have to question his learning prowess.

As you know, the Dolphins will induct Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor into their Honor Roll today. The new name tags are in the west end of the stadium.

There will be a live blog. It happens in the comments section below. I will join you at kickoff.


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looks at the trolls calling out tannehill already.

shut up and go away


try clicking on the other links....

mine is working fine...link 2

Seriously can any of you guys, (except for a few exceptions) talk about the game and not the future.


U must be in Jacksonville.

Just as bad as the other guy posting that fisher is a good coach!

The fins ain't going nowhere!

Does anybody know why the first row sports link will not work. It keeps saying to load the player but that does not help. The last time it worked was the Miami/Arizona game.
Posted by: Ken | October 14, 2012 at 01:29 PM

The player is a pop up, don't load it.

Wait the twenty seconds and then click on big screen.

Matt Moore is twenty times better than Sanchez. 100 times better than Tebow.

Moore > Tannehill

Thanks for the reply ncfinfan33. Must be that ilived player. I'll try a few more things.

got a bad feeling about this game. need a big play.

Tried that Chris. Thanks for the reply though.

Zonk the Pats game doesnt start for awhile.. if Moore was better than Tannehill hed be playing but he couldnt beat out a rookie bro... 2nd stringer for life..

Crazy that they're runnin this well against us!!! I don't get it!!

They are getting blown off the line.

Burnett great play, especially with a bad wheel.

@Ken Here is the link that is working for me, hopefully you just have a bad link. http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/146692/2/watch-st.louis-rams-vs-miami-dolphins.html

fair catch = Bess


please go play in traffic

Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano made playing the draftee instead of Moore.

NP Ken...

hope you get it working....

although...right now it's kinda depressing to watch...

That was Burnett covering a WR!!! Great play.

Can we try a new SNAP COUNT..


Why in the hell is burnett matched up the wr? It's like the third time. Can't run the ball for sh%t. It's going to be a long day!

Judging from the first quarter the Rams have owned the O and D line play.

lol Moore cant rise to the occasion.. he supposedly wasnt a practice player but turned it on when the lights came on for a game.. couldnt beat 2nd and 3rd stringers.. whereever he goes next year.. follow him to that team

I wish Richie was MORE Icognito-instead of getting penalties every game!


looks like you are being HORRIBLY out coached right now....

what are you gonna do....

How are you gonna get their heads in the game....

wow we cant win the field position battle ever. Feels like every game we are always so backed up

These Miami Dolphins just got caught looking past the Rams! Can you believe that?

The defense just woke up, I hope the Offense does too.

This could've got ugly quick!

Spoke too soon, never mind.

The offense keeps digging holes on 1st and 2nd down. WTF! Every drive so far, we dug a hole for Tannehill!

Come the Fvck ON!!!!


Tell ray. He's convinced our LBers are the worst at covering in the league. Wants them both gone.

Tanny is the man, to say otherwise is truly clueless. Moore is a fumble machine, especially with a pass rush.

The live blog has moved to the second quarter post. go there please.

We look like crap today.


Miami. Looks like they didn't have a good week of practice...they look like they are not playing with no urgency on offense. Defense playing good but just giving up some big plays that my come back and bite them on the a s s. They need to wakeup. Rams D for real. Let's see what Philbin does to adjust big test coming up for this coaching staff.

Uptempo or not, this team has a history of starting slow. Come on, wake up!

There's a reason Tannehill is 30th. He sucks.

Looks like we're playing the Niners...LOL!

Horrible call!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!

Can we ever for once get the CALL. Ridiculous call

Terrible call on Long!!!

Thank goodness for Fields!!!

I guess fisher and his staff Out coaching Philbin and his staff.. Right. But there is a old saying that you are what your record saids you are.. Right or wrong. We will see at the end of the game. LETS GO PHINS PLAY HARD WITH URGENCY. ESPECIALLY ON OFFENSE!!!

Obviously, they are having problems with the Rams pass rush.

The Jets are winning & we're getting our a##es kicked in. Sick to my stomach....

And the Rams have a makeship line!'

Obviously, something wrong with this whole Miami Team in this 1st half.

Wake For President!

Sons, we have to score now, you know? Anything.

Miami. Secondary back to normal. Suck a s s
Do anyone see. How many JI picked players making plays? I don't. I tell you that!

Let's beat fishers rams!!

What status on Veron?>

Armando whats status on Olivier Vernon ?

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