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Jabar Gaffney has not learned the playbook yet

On a handful of times this week Dolphins wide receiver Jabar Gaffney, signed just over a week ago, has told reporters he's ready to play Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

"I'll be there," he said. "Ready to play. I'm excited about it."

Yeah, well, why doesn't coach Joe Philbin sound quite as enthusiastic about the prospect of putting Gaffney, inactive last week, on the field this week?

“He’s making progress. He’s making progress, yeah," Philbin said. "Part of it is getting through the terminology barrier. Part of it is learning the concepts themselves. Football’s football. It’s not all that much different, but still there’s a little bit. He’s working hard at it, staying after practice. We’ll see how he progresses."

Let me break that down for you: Gaffney can be an asset once he's in football shape (not quite there yet), healthy (pretty much there) and fully versed in the playbook (not there at all). Gaffney, I'm told, is finding a comfort level with his game plan assignments. He's got some of that down. But he is nowhere near knowing the Dolphins playbook and he is struggling to learn the language of the playbook and calls.

So, yes, the team wants him and needs him. But is he truly ready?

"It can be a little bit more of a challenge if they haven’t been around much," Philbin said of the difficulty of putting a new player into games. "I think he’s making good progress."

We should know exactly how good Sunday.



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I get a general sense there are a lot of positive things being said around about the dolphins lately. I hope this dude learns the play book soon so he can get out there. No sense in rushing though, only going to be a liability. Hopefully he's a dolphin for a while


******** 4-1 ******************

We should be 4-1 except Joe doesn't know it's a game of field position.

*************** 4-1 ******************

Unfortunately that's the way it goes in football. Can't really drop a guy right away into a significant role. He should really be up to speed after he's been around 3 weeks or so. He's a heady player.

I would EXPECT that next week during the bye when other players get days off or the entire weekend off, somebody will be sitting with this guy and teaching him the playbook and making him do his homework.

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Maybe his fax machine to NE got jammed.

Cartman knows he's a moron.

Gaffney should play a few snaps this Sunday just to get some of the rust off of him. But, I'd be surprised to see him make a significant impact on this offense until after the Bye Week. I think we'll see more of Lamar Miller and Egnew against the Rams, resting Bush and Clay. Lane, our FB, needs to redeem himself some after last week and should be used in short-yardage situations. Expect a lot of screen passes due to the Rams pass rush. Our D should win this game for us provided Special Teams (kicking game) doesn't implode!

Miami 21
Rams 10

well the real issue is that the dolphins waited too long to sign gaffney in the first place... if they hadn't sat on their hands when this guy was first available, and knowing we needed help at the wr position, and had signed him then, he'd be well integrated with the team and playbook... i mean, of course he's still learning the playbook (duh) the dolphins run a no huddle, sometimes hurry up offense with a rookie qb regularly changing the play at the line; the cautious dolphins front office is an issue and i'm for one really glad the owner stepped in and said the priority in the offense is to get some more elite help at the position

They need to just start him! What's the worst that could happen? The dolphins will get as much production out of him as they did out of Nanee and at least he'll get the repetition.

Mike Pouncey = The best OL on the team.
Jake Long = Overpaid/Overrated

Joe knows missed 53 yard FG attempts giving the other tream the ball at midfield instead of punting and backing them up inside the 5.

Tracy, yeah, I think there are some matchups the Dolphins can win vs the Rams. Our defenses are about equal and we should be able to stuff their Jeff Fisher run the ball offense. 21 points should most definitely win it if the offense can play a clean game.

buchter, according to Mando, Gaffney was waiting on the Pats for a callback this whole time and finally gave up. That's a red flag to me. I only want guys who want to be Dolphins. When the other WRs csee what Tannehill has done for Hartline and Bess, a lot of guys will line up to get her, you see...

Brian Hartline, you can't stop him ... you can only hope to contain him!!!

Enought with running Philbin and Carpenter down. I noticed the Steelers missed a 54 yarder at the end of the game yesterday when maybe a punt was the right call. It allowed the Titans to kick a filed goal and win the game. Easiest thing to do is sit here and criticize AFTER the fact. These guys are good coaches and they don't get it right EVERY time. Not one of them. So give it a rest!

yeah i read the whole gaffney-waiting-on-pats-call stuff and quite frankly it doesn't fly with me; i mean, unless you're on the steelers, 49ers ravens or other current elite teams, everybody is waiting on a call from the pats and gaffney was around that franchise enough to know what his real status was and how they operate

Phibin is going to be a great coach..............Carpenter needs to get head on straight or else he is going to have to be replaced.

Jason, mando = coasting ...

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Yeah Craig, the Steelers' coach has a low IQ and is in over his head too. They've been getting worse every year since he took over, and the few wins were from the past regime's leftovers.

Throwing ben 50 times a game.

The Steelers used to win with Ben as game manager only.

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How can you expect gaffney to learn playbook he is a Gator.

ever heard of GAtor Mike Pouncey you ignorant trash.

Jason said:

Sun Sentinel reported this in more detail yesterday. Armando, you need a new job and the Herald needs a new beat reporter for the Phins. It's absurd.

Posted by: Jason | October 12, 2012 at 11:23 AM



Im not overly concerned about Gaffney, "almost there"(shape), could also mean 20-25 plays Sunday. Its not like he's the #1 or #2 wr, we're talking the #rd wideout at this point.

However, Gaffneys vet experience could also help a young wideout like Marlon Moore's quickened development, just sayin. Even if we get 20-25 plays out of Gaffney Sunday its a plus. That's pretty much what Naanee was getting to become a minus.

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As far as playbook, Gaffney and Tannehill have also been working on hand signals. Which in my opinion, suggests on playcalls Gaffney's not 100% up to speed on, certain hand signals by Tannehill will serve as route or assignment adjustments to Gaffney.

I believe Gaffney will be good for 20-25 plays and 2-3 important catches. Hopefull this is the game where Marlon Moore contributes a couple catches too. Tannehill having several guys to spread the ball around to, will help to keep the defense honest.

Gaffney is strictly an upgrade over Armstrong and Naanee. I'm not expecting him to be explosive or a threat. I'm expecting him to catch the ball when it hits his hands and not fumble the ball untouched. I'd rather him be ready rather than him run the wrong route and risk an interception

This just proves it's just ignorant to think someone who has only been on a team for a week will get down over 700 plays and concepts in a week!


Reason Dashi has said from the start. We have what we have. After training camp it's very difficult to get a playbook down. Specially one as massive as Sherman's.

But guess if u've never played or looked at a playbook. Understanding how long it takes to get it down must be dumbfounding! For some players it could take years, even if u know the WCO.

Hartline was here all offseason and he still needed a couple games to get the plays down!

But Dashi understands since Spo ran such a limited amount of plays. A NFL playbook must be easy.

The fins throw out of 30+ formations. Add to that multiple Wr's positions in each play! And route combinations! Remember 700+ plays!

The second hardest position to learn in the NFL is WR! Some would say it's the hardest. Name how many rookie Wr's are good compared to other positions! Most rookie Wr's spent the first year learning the playbook! Specially one as pass heavy as ours.

Notice, Philbin usually only takes Wr's that have already played in the wco. Makes it easier to teach, specially if u want them to play right away.

Rishard Matthews, Rishard Matthews!!! There is no legit 3rd receiver, so give him a shot, he is big, strong and has good hands. Was the most productive receiver in preseason (albeit in mop up duty) and should get a chance to see what he can do. You never know! Couldn't be any worse than Armstrong!

what the heck is he doing at practice all this time if he isn't learning the plays?? Sounds like a coaching problem.

This is why I wanted to sign Gaffney after week one even though he was hurt. Needed to be in the building to learn the system. Big mistake.

The game against the Rams is the most important game of the season. It's the opportunity to both consolidate the so far up-down team and to remain close of the Patriots, for the possibility to make the playoffs even if the Dolphins finish 8-8. It is very important to be in high spirit for the rest of the season. This is a key game.

would be nice to have Gaffney contribute something this weekend but not critical......doubt highly that they're leaning on him for much more than spot duty at this point--experienced, good hands and will help the younger WRs, but a 3rd receiver on most teams and not much different with Miami--hopefully he progresses and is more of a factor after the bye.

I don't think they are counting on Gaffney too much, he might end up being the #2 with Hartline as #1 and Bess returning to slot duty down the road, but not this week. I wouldn't be suprised to see him get some work in the RZ though, his size/skill is meant for that. Maybe a couple of packages/plays designed specifically to get him the ball. Either way he will be more productive (or at least less of a liability) than Nanee was.

Armando, do really think coach Philbin is going to stand there and show his hand on whether Gaffney or anybody else for that matter to the media and anyone else watching? Gaffney will play and the rams or you won't know where he'll line up and for how many plays. And that is smart coaching imo.

And fir those who don't remember, Gaffney was Injured that's why we didn't pick him up earlier.

dolfnman says;

Rishard Matthews, Rishard Matthews!!! There is no legit 3rd receiver, so give him a shot, he is big, strong and has good hands. Was the most productive receiver in preseason (albeit in mop up duty) and should get a chance to see what he can do. You never know! Couldn't be any worse than Armstrong!
Dude, you are clueless, both Gaffney and Armstrong were both injured, did not work out or catch the ball in their respective training camps. Moreover they did not have time to learn the Dolphin's play book which is a big deal. I would expect both to help the Dolphins more than Rishard Matthews ever could.

Sounds like Gaffney will be inactive again, due to inability to learn playbook.

Yup, that Gainesville "education" is paying off!

In due time fellows, don't fret nor fear we have now a complete facsimile of Joe Montana. Wait till he gets his share of Jerry Rices and Frank Gores. If he is doing what he's doing now with something that is BASICALLY NOTHING, imagine the day he gets authentic supporting cast. Good times ahead indeed.

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