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LaRon Landry comments may awaken Dolphins

LaRon Landry is apparently not thinking this one through. Either that or he has to lay off the Red Bull. 

The clinical evidence of what I'm saying was apparent Thursday when Landry got to chirpin' to the New York media about what he's done and what he's going to do to Reggie Bush and the Dolphins.

Landry, you may recall, is the Jets safety that basically was credited with the tackle on the play in which Bush, Miami's running back, injured a knee back in the Week Three meeting between the teams.

And now Landry believes that otherwise routine tackle is going to play mind games with Bush and make the former Heisman Trophy winner nervous or scared everytime Landry gives him the evil eye or stank breath or whatever.

"He will remember that hit,” Landry told The New York Daily News on Wednesday. “Every time he sees me, he will remember that hit... if I'm in the box or coming downhill."

And this:

"Just watch the way (Bush) runs on Sunday,” Landry added. “I'm not going to overtalk it or make it a story."

Landry suggested he's something of a head-hunter and he's going to be trying to bag an new skull on Sunday.

"If I get penalized, I'm not going to stop hitting or head hunting,” Landry said. “I'm not going to stop the way I play.”

Ohhhhhhh. I perceive Bush is afraid now.


Not really.

Angry maybe. Motivated. Not afraid.

What's worse, Landry apparently wants all the Dolphins to feel that way, too.

As if announcing oneself as a head-hunter is not enough to get one's knees taken out, Landy also predicted the Jets were going to beat the Dolphins. This nugget he gave to ESPN New York.

"This game is a must-win," Landry said. "We can sweep these guys and also get to the bye at 4-4. That's what we're striving to do and that's what we will do."

Is this dude for real?

Look, professional football is a grown man game. It is not for the weak or feeble. But Landry may just find out it is also not for the feeble of intelligence.

By calling out Bush, he has thus angered Miami's best offensive player at minimum and likely all of his offensive teammates as well. I will be counting the number of times a Miami offensive lineman will be lining up Landry for a tooth extraction shot on Sunday.

Furthermore, in predicting a victory, now Landry is certain to awaken the ire of the Miami defense, too. I have zero doubt that Landry's comments will make their way to Miami players Thursday -- either through the coaching staff or the media or both.

And for what?

What did Landry accomplish with his bravado? He certainly is not intimidating anyone as he seems to believe. Indeed, he might have made himself a target. And he might have awakened the otherwise unassuming Dolphins.

The irony of this is that Bush and Landry are tied in a manner of speaking. They are both represented by super agent Joel Segal. And Segal is betting both stay healthy and continue to play at a high level to get each a new deal in 2013.

Bush is a free agent as his deal with Miami runs out and Landry's one-year deal with the Jets similarly is set to expire after this season.

All Landry has done is suggest Bush will be hurt again -- thus possibly limiting Bush's earning ability going forward. And he's made himself a target for reprisal -- thus possibly limiting his own earning ability going forward. Segal would be wise to explain this to the safety.

Crazy stuff, right?

There's a reason Bill Belichick doesn't allow talk like this. Landry may soon understand that reason.


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Jets 27 Dolphins 17

Dolphins may lose but Landry may not be on the field healthy enough to see it...just sayin!!!

30 Dolphins 10 Jets

I always like it when the other side says something stupid, I can't wait to see Incognito, Long and particularly Pouncy (not to mention Lane) line up Landry for a nice little greeting. The Offense is now playing for Bush, to prove Bush right, and the defense will prove how a real D plays. Phins 38 Jets 10 I agree with racemnw Carpenter 1 Fg's, Tannehill 2 TD pass 0 int's Bush 150+ yards 2 TD.

Dolphins 162 Jets 3

Rex Ryan was also running his big mouth, talking about how nice it would be to sweep us for the 1st time in years.
We will Destroy them and I can't wait.
Reggie will get his, pay back is a mutha...
And so will Tanny!!

Wow if iam not wrong its been over 24 hours since the last Odinstank post, Now if we could rid the blog of Douchie I'd Be happy.

What an idiot. Miami is going to crush the jets.

Just following the lead of ole fatboy, his coach. I hope we can finally put an end to all their blubbering. But then again----hard to stop a runaway train also. Once the momentum has been achieved---impossible to stop.

What a pathetic pile of crap both that team and their coach is. Go Fins!!

Too much $ involved. That's just hype.

F the Jets anyone?

F the jets I hate them so does every real dolphin fan!

I see alot of screens headed landrys way with the main intent of bowling him over.maybe even a wheel route with reggie running by him and flipping him the bird.

lol,just another ploy to get the team off track,focus,that is the goal.

Redsky,you out there?

Go Phins

I have been a very diehard loyal fan since I was old enough to turn on a TV. I am from the same medium sized blue collar city in Indiana that gave the Fins Bob Griese... I have been through the highest highs, and the lowest lows and never lost faith, I KNEW something good would come AGAIN... And finally, I sense that sweet promise of something wonderful approaching. Those young, take mind... this is how good teams find GREATNESS!
Trust your heart and soul, let this team become a part of you. I promise, you will remember these next years, for the rest of your life, with a boyish grin, and a heartful of pride... and someday... you will say....... " I Remember When Tannehill" and to hell with all the Devils!

Steve from Rivercity IN. GO FINS!!!

Hell ya

Nice steve,I hope the team has turned that proverbial corner and J.I is not the G.M some on this blog think he is.GO PHINS!

Had some yuenglings tonight and they were GOOOOD!

Dolphins had 2 weeks to prepare for this game. They better lay the smack down on the wets punk a##es! The division is theirs for the taking. Get that s#$t!

Drop the Jets to 3-5.....NUTHIN else matters...

Let Landry follow Rex Ryan's lead and put the foot in his mouth.

Rexy would like some foot-in-mouth action I'm guesing.

Sorry I also am a die hard Dolphin fan, and as a product of that I have also seen too many loses in the past years, untill they prove otherwise to me they still are the same tem that finds ways to loose. But I never stop hoping, that is a true fan.

Typical jets lets lay them out dolphins 24-jets 6

karma is coming again soon....

We are gonna F U C K this team up!!!!

Sunday can't come fast enough!!

27-3 final!!

I wanna put my.foot in red Ryan's mouth alls it does is tell lies and now it's rubbing off on their new comers and all their talking has only set Miami up to make an example of them this Sunday and wake will have 3 sacks without Starks to prove the rest are surely a waste of a team

Dolphins 162 jets 0

31-0 Phins

Foot in mouth, Rex Ryan's kinda player.


The players only have time to think before the game and in between plays so Landry is a good player to have on a New York team with all the different writers and media.Ditto for Rex Ryan but in both cases they have to perform otherwise they will do their talking in a smaller market team.

It's comments like Landry's and columns like this that give me a distaste for football. Doesn't the money they're paid provide enough motivation to play hard? Do we really need to cast this as though these adults were kids taunting each other in a school yard?
It's this kind of continual and relentless dumbing down of the culture that makes me want to turn the tv off and spend my time more wisely.

Great post Mando!

Landry is a tool! And if he does hurt someone! Wouldn't he be fined? Or maybe suspended for saying he's going to do that!

The Jets are not a smart team!

Like Dashi said at the start of the week! And This Time I really mean it! 21-0! Shut them out and humiliate them at home!

And Fool! Odin said he had a family emergency. U are truly stalking him!(Ur the one always here 24/7 under a 1001 different names!)

And U know dashi's rule! talk football not Dashi!

I was just kittin Miami 117- Jets 11 My cousin Landry really is a tuul.

Oh and comments like these is the reason the jets are the franchise Dashi hates the most!

Not the pats or the bills!

The stinking jets!

Was I wrong for wanting them to lose all 16 games every year!

Dashi hopes Incognito has a talk with Landry! Or he meets The J-Train! Express down Broadway! Choo! Choo!

Take Landry out on a stretcher with a broken neck! So he can keep head hunting!

There is a reason nobody wanted Landry and the jets only signed him to a 1 year deal! And he just exposed it! Landry is always with the late hits! And trying to take peoples knees out! Watch how many times Landry is going to be hitting after the play is over!

Better hope the ref's are watching!

I also wouldn't mind rexy getting hurt! Since he loves to play dirty! Remember this is the same guy who told his coach to take out n.Carroll on a punt!

Overall its going to be fun to watch this game.

you think that's bad. read maybin's comment

“We want to knock him out, but we’re out to do it legally,” Maybin said of Bush, via Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com.

I'm sick of hearing the Jet's talk. It's just like listening to the bully in grade school. Knock him in the puss and he'll shut up. Unfortunately, Ryan is a bullying expert and he's passed that skill on to his team. The Jets are the number 2 team in NY, but the number 1 laughing stock in the NFL. People will actually feel sorry for them once the implosion is complete, which I predict will happen by week 12 this year. bwahahahahahah!!! I know they aren't ALL jerks, but my daughter is a server at a well-known sports bar and she said the most obnoxious fans are Jets and Steelers fans.....and we're in OHIO!

Note to John Jerry or Richie Incognito...when Landry rushes into the gap on a blitz...can you please "take the trash out" so we can resume the game?

Home and I have the Jets to win and Landry is a bad AZZZZZZZZZZZZ

The only person I'm worried about is Incognito... Ill bet the house he gets a 15 yd penalty, fine, or gets ejected this game.... Need my Phins to stay focused... If anything all Landry did was draw extra attention from the officials so anything that even looks flagrant or dirty, you'll see a pink flag being thrown... Thanks Dummy.... Their fans are no different.. Talking like a win is a lock for them this week!!!!... Calling OUR uni's ugly!!!!!.... Wow typical JESTS fans... I hope we not only win but DEMOLISH that puke green trash that is the JESTS!!!!!

Coconut head,

Who cares about homey's prediction? Unless ur boy is posting here under a different name. And we don't know about it.


Just saying. Now, don't go off on a rampage! Homey.

I'm just glad Dansby or Smith haven't followd it up with something even dumber...

@ least not yet....

Jets are trash! The whole stinkin lot of them. It will be nice to officially send their season into a tailspin once again.


I don't expect the Jets to lay down and die, but lets be clear, these teams are going in different directions right now.

With that said, this is an intense rivalry - but Tannehill will play better in the Meadowlands than Sanchez - Miami 20, Jets 17

I want Pouncey to maul Landry even if he get hit with a 15 yard penalty, who the F is this guy, has he even made a pro bowl? A no name talking tough for the Jets no surprise. Cmon Pouncey or Incongnito power drive this guy to the groud!

I hope the fins keep their mouths shut and focus on getting to 4-3...and making the yets 3-5.

That would make next week a great week.

he sux.

Landry is a BODY BUILDER who thinks he's a football player...

I live in VA and of course I listen to redskin's radio...

He is a work out warrior that RARELY stays healthy on the football feild...that is the reason he ISN'T playing for the SKINS any ore....they didn't want an oft injured safety/cb on their payroll...

So it's kind of IRONIC...or MORONIC that this fool is talking tough when he never could stay on the feild in DC.....

clue, he ain't have 2 get a 15ydr. he can plow him on a regular block.

landry = d.boston...

ss > vd.

I really hope we not only win but totaly embarrass the slime from NJ sewers. Landry's comment is typical of the garbage we have come to expect. And it's not just the team, the fans are trash that should have been eliminated from the gene pool eons ago.

To the jets and their fans: Eat $hit and die

pouncey #1 in nfl?

lux stats and wins r better than bob 3 so why is bob 3 getting all of the f'n hoopla.
becuz he b black huh.?,.
watch. rt > lux+bob3.

joe, tell us how u really feel.

bob 3 gets a lot of attention because of his dynamic style of play and sparkling personality...luck will just quietly win games.

They are both good young talents. The same, but different.

They are snowflakes.

Mr. Landry, please meet Mr. Incognito. :)I can just see Richie seeking this knucklehead out at some point on Sunday!

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