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Live blog chat at 3 p.m. today

The Herald asks its "experts" to pick the outcome of the Dolphins game every week. Let me anticipate your next thought: "Well, they're obviously not contacting you, Salguero, because you definitely are not an expert."

In truth I am on the panel. And I have a perfect 4-0 record so far this year. I picked the Dolphins to beat the Raiders and picked them to lose the other three games they played and indeed lost. Not bragging. Just stating a fact.

My pick this Sunday?

I'm picking the Bengals. I think their passing game is too good. I think Miami's secondary, mediocre to begin with, is really a mess with a diminished or absent Richard Marshall. Marshall missed practice Friday for the third consecutive day and is expected to be doubtful for the game.

[Update: Marshall has been ruled OUT for the game. He will not play.]

The game is on the road. The Bengals defense creates a good pass rush and feeds off turnovers.

That's a lot to overcome.


If you wish to discuss this analysis or if you have anything else on your mind, I will be here starting at 3 p.m. for a live blog chat. Everything is on the table.

In the meantime, leave me your analysis of the coming game.

See you then.


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How much time with the #1's has Gaffney gotten and does he seem to be coming along in the few days he's been on the team?

Me and my uncle, who's a bengal's fan, have a bet each game in which the loser has to wear the opposing team's jersey next time we go to a bar. If Miami wins I'm getting a Tannehill jersey just for him to wear next time, god help me if I have to wear an authentic Ki-Jana Carter jersey again

Oh yeah hows old loud mouth D-bags come back to the NFL coming along? By loud mouth D-bag I mean Channing Crowder

I think we're sunk this week but then again, I've thought we would lose the last two weeks. I'm more interested if they give great effort. Past teams would fold up like a cheap suitcase over the news that Marshall was out. I think I'll put a few bucks on the Bengals this week to cover. Just my gut feeling. Doesn't make me any less of a fan for doing it.

Its a live blog here everyday without you Armando, we dont need you now

But also, if we are not able to cover AJ or Gresham man to man, Dalton will eat us alive.

Good Call If Dashi was a Betting Man, I would pick the Bengals Also. 28-21

But Dashi Isn't. The Fins will win until the Game is Played. Fins 21-13. If we Win the D Shows UP!

#1 Key. Stop Cincy on 3rd Down!! Get off the Field as a Defense!!

#2- Pass Defense, Yes Close to #1 because we all know CINCY WILL NOT RUN THE BALL AGAINST OUR D-LINE! So Cincy will be Passing alot on 3rd & Long! Against the Worst LB'S Money can buy in the NFL. Dollar for Dollar! Excluding Misi!

#3- Turnovers! We Need to Create and T-Hill and The Offense Need to Eliminate. They Eliminated 1 TurnOver. Naanee!! Also, If those Highly Paid LB's Created Some Impact Plays. A Fumble! A INT! A Sack! ANYTHING! Heck, Break Up a Pass on 3rd Down!

#4- Our Secondary! Yes, this is as big a Problem this Week as our Slow Fat LB's are a Problem every Week. The Lack of Depth is Hurting Us. At Best we have 2 Good CB's(1Good,1OK). And With Marshall out that leaves us with only 1 CB! That's Good for the AFC EAST, but Not the Rest of the NFL!

#5- Our WR's and Passing Game. Can T-hill eliminate the T/O's? Can he keep getting better? Will Hartline and Bess Get Help? Will Fasano Catch the Ball Consistently?

Bonus #6- Reggie's Health. With Reggie we are a 150 yd a Game Rushing Team(#1 In the League!). Without him we are D.Thomas! Sherman has stated Until mid-way thru the Season he won't make any changes to the Depth Chart. That Doesn't Mean Miller won't Play. Just Expect to see D.Thomas Start as the #2 For Now! In-Game Decision will mean whether to keep him on the Field!

Yeah, sure, Armando.

Mr Canosa your beloved Cuba will sink.

Oscar, Gresham is a good TE in the making, and with our pathetic LB pass coverage he should have a field day, I can see him having a better day than AJ Green would since he'll probably be doubled all day. We should have no trouble with green-Ellis as their RB, and his fumble issues should only help us if we can knock one or two loose....but I'm looking at our offense again, want to see how we fair with Cincinnati's "good" defense. Let's see if we can get Tannehill's first multi-TD game instead of continuing the multi-INT trend

Armando, wouldnt you have fired Ireland if you owned the team?

Now that Marshall (Vontae's replacement)is injured and Nanee has been cut, Are there any of Jeff Ireland's free agent aquisitions left?

I'll be back at 3 p.m. Mando. Looking forward to the exchange.

Mando, the Bengals are not exactly great at holding onto the ball themselves, and their defense is a tad overrated. 24th against the run.

If Reggie is 100% there are some elements that could lead to us casuing the upset.

I surely wouldn't be putting any money on the Bengals.

Tannehill on pace for 10 TD and 24 Picks and you ppl are saying hes doing good. Silly Rabbits!!!

1-3 and the idiots are ready to throw a parade. SHEESH!

Mando,have any of your sources mentioned another kicker auditioning for the Fins?

When will you learn Armando?
This coaching staff knows how to game plan.
We will be in this game and with a break or two we will win. These recievers we are doting on are the same ones that under Sporano were inadequate.
Under this coaching this team is getting better every week.

Dashi Heard thru the Grape Vine T-Hill's a Hell of a Craps Player, All he rolls with are 4,5,and 6's!

The Florida Gators are my college team. I remember Florida for the most part shutting down A.J. Green when he was at Georgia. I did not think he was going to be this good as a pro.

Mando do you think Ireland gets fired if the team goes 5-11 or 6-10?

Yo Armando needs to go. Get this hater out of here. We need less doubt on our dolphins news section. Your opinion is not valued stick to the facts. Boycott Armando.

I predict Armando will get 4 out of the next 6 weeks predictions wrong.

Anyone else notice that when Dolfan homers brag, its never about the W's? LOL

What up, everyone. Here a couple of minutes early. Let's get started shall we?

I hope everyone had a good week?

Everyone excited about Sunday?

Including preseason I'm 5-1 betting against the Fins. Probably taking the Bengals this week.
Bengals 27 Fins 13.

serpico jones,

Ireland will not be fired, just wishfull thinking on your part...

Folks saying Matt Ryan is MVP through four weeks. Has Jake Long ever been MVP of anything?


Why the hell do they put an injured Player to cover Santonio Holmes and the likes. No wonder he was so open.

I know, I know, our seconadary's substandard with Marshall and should be completely awful without him. Still the rule of thumb is:


Im not guaranteeing a victory, but it may be a little more difficult for the Bengals than many of you think. I KNOW MY TEAM.

"MY TEAM" is ranked #1 in the nfl against the run. "DO YOU GUYS REALLY KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?" It means the Bengals will have "TO THROW" the ball upto 45 times to secure a victory.

It gets awfully tough to throw the ball when a defense doesnt have to respect your running attack. Playaction passing is a very good ally to have in any passing attack. Just like against the Cards, I expect Dalton will face moderate to heavy pressure for most of the game.

Also, like the Cards game, the defense will have to come up with a couple critical scoring stops deep in our own territory. We had one, the Sean Smith enzone pick, 2 other times we came up empty. The worst being the Cards td score on 4th and goal with 22 seconds left. A stop there and the game ends with a V-formation with 22 seconds left to play.

Armando, thank you for doing a great job.

Truphan, also known as Mike Laudano, you are well known to me as one of the biggest haters on this blog.

So please do us ALL a favor and do your little boycott. Why are you here in the first place?

Jake Long = Big Botch

Serpico, I don't think Ireland will be fired as long as Ryan Tannehill continues to play well enough to suggest he'll be a good quarterback.

That is a very strong defense for the GM keeping his job.

Hey Mando...what's your expectation for Reggie this week? Does the injury linger? You think he gets 100yrds against the soft Cinci run defense?

Sean Smith asked for Larry Fitz, got him, and held him to 8 catches for 64 yards. The rest of Arizona's receiver corps shredded the Dolphins' sorry excuse for DBs, but Smith did his job. If Smith can minimize Green this week, then Miami has a chance of winning. Not a good chance, mind you, but a chance.

Also, this Coach is certainly better than Sparano was, but he'd better be talking to his Assistants about the low% play calling, no adjustments to adjusts in the Half, etc.

In no matter what, you make a case with no evidence.

The team is getting better how?

What areas are getting better?

Where do you see improvement?

Be specific to back up your words.

Let's see with Marshall...30th in pass defense. What's the big deal?

Hows Gaffney coming along?


A few months ago everyone was happy we had a easy strength of schedule.

Now its looking like we have a hard strength of schedule.

I'm thinking 5-11. 7-9 if they win one or more of the next two games. I'm thinking they lose both but if they win ONE we're talking 7-9.

They must go into the bye week as winners and not losers.

First.... for 3pm live blog.

Ralph, no kicker tryouts at this point.

It is a very delicate subject. Carpenter is obviously a little shaky right now. Do you bring in another guy when you don't really expect to cut Carpenter because of his salary cap situation?

Does bringing in another guy motivate Carpenter or does it make him more shaky?

Tough call.

If Dalton throws the ball 35 times or less, it means they had an "effective run game" to balance thier passing game. In this scenario, I pick the Bengals by 17. In this scenario, the secondary gets mercilessly torched. It means the Bengals will have very effective "play action passing".

If Dalton throws 40 times or more, Though I still wont guarantee a Fins win, but the score should be a lot more close. The more Dalton throws, the greater chance for error becomes

Also would like to see Tannehill not have to throw beyond 35 times Sunday. That will increase our prospects for vicroty.

What's going on with Jimmy Wilson? Does Marshall's injury promote him to nickel? Dime?

Tom Brady is the best QB of our time but Matty Ice may ne the best QB today.

Gaffney is in the gameplan and will play Sunday. He's rusty, from what I hear.

But his reputation is for having dependable hands and he usually gets open. Good enough for right now.

Armando, are the Dolphins looking to bring some CB help in? Bryant Mcfadden is out there and he was pretty productive for the Steelers.

One + point is the return of T. McDaniels, our D line only gets stronger. He's a difficult piece to move + he's very tall and can disrupt passing lanes.

If Reggie limping around after 4 games, he won't last 16 games.

Our 1 win was because of Reggie. Can't afford for him to blow out his knee. Well, that plays right into Irelands hand. Cut Reggie and replace him with Emmitt Smith or LaDamian.

Hey Larry!

Reggie is 100 percent. He had some pain during last week's game. None this week.

I have no idea how he'll do against the Bengals other than to say I hope the game is close enough at the end so that he can do to them what I saw Steven Jackson do to Arizona late last night. That's how you close out a game.

Armando, the V Davis trade may have cost us being 3-1, and certainly is killing us now. What do you think of that move now, four games in??

Thank you, TGH!

One last question about DBs, what's the status of the CBs for the Bengals? Last I heard, they were getting most of their injured corners back. Is that still the case?


Our DC was a coach on Cincy's D last year wasn't he?

Does that help our D in being more aware of certain things, or no big deal?

Hello Oscar. How are you?

Tell me, how do you know Philbin is a better coach than Sparano. Give your reasons.

I know this may sound Simpleton. But every time we decide to blitz, make sure we have AJ Green double covered.

Is this the part of the week Mando gets to talk to himself in public and it not seem weird?

The Signal, I believe Coyle helps in knowing the Cincy system and personnel.

Philbin said Coyle "visited" with the offensive coaches to give them ideas.

Armando, do you believe Romney won the first debate?

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