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Live blog chat at 3 p.m. today

The Herald asks its "experts" to pick the outcome of the Dolphins game every week. Let me anticipate your next thought: "Well, they're obviously not contacting you, Salguero, because you definitely are not an expert."

In truth I am on the panel. And I have a perfect 4-0 record so far this year. I picked the Dolphins to beat the Raiders and picked them to lose the other three games they played and indeed lost. Not bragging. Just stating a fact.

My pick this Sunday?

I'm picking the Bengals. I think their passing game is too good. I think Miami's secondary, mediocre to begin with, is really a mess with a diminished or absent Richard Marshall. Marshall missed practice Friday for the third consecutive day and is expected to be doubtful for the game.

[Update: Marshall has been ruled OUT for the game. He will not play.]

The game is on the road. The Bengals defense creates a good pass rush and feeds off turnovers.

That's a lot to overcome.


If you wish to discuss this analysis or if you have anything else on your mind, I will be here starting at 3 p.m. for a live blog chat. Everything is on the table.

In the meantime, leave me your analysis of the coming game.

See you then.


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jeje. I knew you were going to ask that one. Aristocracy, man, aristocracy.

Amando, what do you think of the Marshall for Eggnew deal? OMG!

Geno, last i looked Vontae Davis was on the injured list in Indy. He also got torched his first game up there.

I think the Dolphins have not really missed him so far. BUT ...

If Marshall is out for an extended period or is out for the season, then everyone will be screaming because I do not think Nolan Carroll is ready to be a starting NFL cornerback.

Armando, is it true the Dolphins will be honoring the late TV and film star Telly Savalas at a geme later this season?

I'm really looking forward to it (and the baklava!)


Pounding Steven Jackson maybe the way to close out a game, but we dont have anything close to the combination of physical ability and speed on our roster.

Even with Bush, you could clearly see last week, he wasnt the same explosive Bush of the previous weeks. I didnt have to read he was in pain. I saw it on the plating field Sunday.

Armando what do you think of Philbin as a coach so far? The only conclusion I have is that he looks like he's been dead for 4 years.


With Marshall out, what is the line up in the secondary now?

clue, the team signed Presley from the practice squad to help at CB, but I believe next Tuesday they bring in major league help if Marshall's problem continues.

Frank, Jimmy Wilson will be thrust to nickel and dime work. Stanford also getting work in that package.

Armando, do you think we can trade D Thomas for a ham sandwhich?


I've been telling these guys that Ireland has been getting a bad rap for Parcells moves, I know he was here at that time (Ireland) but the bottom line is Parcells was in charge and Ireland was not.

I also think he has done a credible job for the two years he has gone solo, where do you stand on this issue??

Heck, I and many others here can put up a good Game plan for Sunday with the facts we have. They can't run against us and we can run against them. Dig?

Felix, I am shocked you broke away for this blog because your apartment needs to be cleaned up a bit.

What up Mando, tough week this game but IF we win, I see us going on a good streak!! Rams r not better than us! They just got a Card team tired of a short-week and they DON'T have our rushing attack!

A balloon is rising at the rate of 5ft/s. A boy is cycling along a straight road at a speed of 15ft/s.when he passes under the balloon it is 45 ft above him.

How fast is the distance between the balloon and the boy increasing 3 seconds later?

Hey Mando, what is your beer and/or drink of choice?

Hi Armando--

Anything on the grapevine regarding the team's rumored plans to change the uniforms and logo next year?

I'm actually all for it, provided they go with a cleaner look and make the dolphin less anthropomorphic and 'cartoonish.' I think it's time.

Curious if you've heard anything (supposedly any revision has to be submitted to the NFL by November)


YG, SJ is done with, they have a rookie RB starting over him. SJ is the the third down back now, RB's in the league have a shelf life of about 5 years before the start declining.

Even though he is never active, I see Egnew and TE coach Dan Campbell working before every game. It's is always work relative to his blocking.

Apparently that is the MAJOR issue. Blocking.

The Dolphins need to find a way to win the close games


So that dolfans may have a more personable view of you. While attending Fins games, what is your favorite gametime drink and snack? If beer, what brand?

I see it as a shootout, whoever scores more, Wins.

Mando, even though u r 4-0 on Ur picks, how close have u been on predicted final score? Have u foreseen that they'd b this competitive the first quarter of the season?

How many fingers am I holding up?

Armando, Ive been listening to WQAM for the last year and you've never been on any show except the Sedano show. Why is that?


Regarding Sparano, Philbin at least inspires hope. I cannot understand why Ryan chose Sparano as his OC. The NY press labels him the father of the Wildcat yet David Lee brought it to MIami, Sparano was supposed to an O-Line guru (ours was in constant turnover) and he was never an offensive coodinator. I am unsure of why he was ever considered an up and coming coach.

Armando - I know B. Marshall is a headcase but I think we would be set at receiver with him, hartline and gaffney if we would have kept him.

wow, someone posted using my name, he he ..

Armando, do you think we can trade D Thomas for a ham sandwhich?
Posted by: FZB | October 05, 2012 at 03:12 PM

my real post was the next one..

You're on the clock....Jake Long or Matt Ryan?

What was that, jack sparrow?

Couldn't hear you.

I was busy muttering to myself.

Armando will be back in a moment, folks. We needed to 'discuss' something.

Blocking was all campbell did and quite well so at least it should be quality teaching.How does it look to you Armando?

Armando ? I believe the fins will win every weekend. Believe in your team. Idiot.

By the way, jack sparrow, I can tell when someone posts using different names.

Just saying.

So fly straight.

Can't the D-coordinator do some more to help scheme wise to help the pass defense?


Your fans want to know your favorite game time beer and eatery?

Well, never mind, I guess you cant confess you've been getting paid to get drunk right here on your own blog. It would be like firing yourself. LOL

Haha, looks like Mando is getting quite the troll attack.

YG, you just gave me a great idea for this evening. thanks!

Ryan brought in sparano due to his record against big rex. Figured if you cant beat em, join em.

Finally, I got a shout out from the Almighty Mando and his multiple personalities.

My work is done. I will let you gals get back to serious questions. Be back later to disrupt the celebration of our 1-3 record. Soon to be 1-4.

It is true that I see more dedication from this Coaching staff on Teaching Football fundamentals(same as I try to do here with Probabilities).


Are any of those free agents working out in North Miami worth a look? I know the ex FSU DB is down there.

It now appears that for the first time since Griese retired (Bob not Brien), we finally have a QB that can win the SB.
What is our next step?

It seems we always have a weak link, whether it be secondary, OL, coaching staff, poor draft selection and dumping proven, productive players because some ego's are out of whack.

Hope for some great play against the Bengals.

Clue, I've been on with Sileo and I do a hit on the pregame show.

But that is only this season.

Before that, I had my own show on another station so of course I was never on QAM.

Difference between Sporano and Philbin is player development. They played hard for Tony, but wouldn't fix mistakes. O-line is improving, WR, D line and R T-Hill improves every game!

Cubans like to drink Jose Cuervo, so if I had to guess Mando getting wasted on that game days.

Hey Caddy, why the shot at Marino? He was much better than Griese ever was...

Robby, the Dolphins are around what I expected them to be. Some individuals such as Reggie Bush and Tannehill and Sean Smith have been better than I thought.

But everyone else has been around what I expected.

And, by the way, I got mocked when I wrote in my column that Brian Hartline wanted to be a 1000 yard receiver and that should not be dismissed.

By the way, jack sparrow, I can tell when someone posts using different names.

Just saying.

So fly straight.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 05, 2012 at 03:21 PM

Its just you and I here then right?

PS..I will fly straight when you report straight. How is that for a deal?

That is because we have lost the tradition, GulfDolphin, the Aristocracy.


Tell the truth, Dan Lebatard's father on his espn show, just makes you want to bust out in laughter. Doesnt it?

Did Lebatard's father force him to put him on tv or was it Lebatard's idea?

Sparrow, I report straight all the time. But you're thisclose to seeing your last comment on this blog.

Great article from Jeff Darlington on NFL network that I think YG posted, showing how bad off Hartline was in the offiseason 4 months prior to the start of the season..

Griese have a superbowl ring
Marino doesnt

Well Mando, imho, i don't think u should be annoyed. I hate losing as well but I see so much potential and I haven't felt this good about the direction of the team in I can't remember how long!!


That is just dumb. Look at who Griese had playing next to him versus Marino having veirtually nothing for the bulk of his career.

Cadillac, Marino was a QB capable of winning a SB so I would not overlook him.

Also, I'm not quite ready to call Tannehill a super bowl winning QB yet. The next step is getting him there and surrounding him with as much talent as possible -- which will not be easy.

Armando knows things. Of course.

Griese also had a great defense... something Marino lacked.

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