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Live blog chat at 3 p.m. today

The Herald asks its "experts" to pick the outcome of the Dolphins game every week. Let me anticipate your next thought: "Well, they're obviously not contacting you, Salguero, because you definitely are not an expert."

In truth I am on the panel. And I have a perfect 4-0 record so far this year. I picked the Dolphins to beat the Raiders and picked them to lose the other three games they played and indeed lost. Not bragging. Just stating a fact.

My pick this Sunday?

I'm picking the Bengals. I think their passing game is too good. I think Miami's secondary, mediocre to begin with, is really a mess with a diminished or absent Richard Marshall. Marshall missed practice Friday for the third consecutive day and is expected to be doubtful for the game.

[Update: Marshall has been ruled OUT for the game. He will not play.]

The game is on the road. The Bengals defense creates a good pass rush and feeds off turnovers.

That's a lot to overcome.


If you wish to discuss this analysis or if you have anything else on your mind, I will be here starting at 3 p.m. for a live blog chat. Everything is on the table.

In the meantime, leave me your analysis of the coming game.

See you then.


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Marino wasnt better then Greise IMO.

Sorry YG, I don't watch Lebby's dad or the show.


The numbers say different. Marino is top 5 all time. Griese no way...

We surrounded Henne with talent and how'd that work out?

No, Griese had Warfield and a all world running game. Something Marino never had. Teams laughed at our play action passing during the Marino era. We couldnt run on a gril scout troop.

Greise 1 superbowl ring
Marino 0

It is what it is.

OK folks, gotta roll.

Live blog Sunday. Please come back.

Hey hey hey YG, never said it had to be a gameday drink, when the job is done and your night is done what do you sip to (when not on the clock) don't want to get anyone fired over this, but we all know theyll attend a bar on non-game days when visiting a city, frankly, why wouldn't you! Explore the city and the night life

Even Jack Sparrow doen't know the answer to the problem he presented us here. In real life, he don't know the %s.

Pz out Armando

Marino isnt top 5 in my book. Choked way too much.


Will T-hill play with thumb injury? See link



Griese has 2 sb championship rings. You must be very young right?

So youre comparing Henne and Marino now?


Do you think Sparano is kicking himself for all the oline tinkering? The "one unit" approachreally seems to be helping.

Mando, do we even have enough healthy DBs to line up in a dime package?

Mando, will the team be holding an open tryout for DBs like the Eagles did in that movie featuring Mark Wahlberg?

Armando, are they still sellers in your opinion before trade deadline? Or should they go after a playmaker to try and make this season a playoff run?

matty, where did I compare Henne and Marino? What are u talking about?


I heard Tanny hit his thumb on someone's helmet in practice. Not confirmed. Not expected to be a big deal. If I find out more, I'll report it.

Thanks for all the work, whenever I mention your name to other dolphin fans they always look to you for accurate analysis. Am I correct that going forward Miami has to address cb, te, nickel, third wr,and s. It seems rg, rt, qb, ss(jones), and starting wr seem to be developing. But to be a sb contender we have to get a playmaker at lb. Am I close or in denial?

Armando... Tannehill is already in record book U konw that?

Do you think that one of the reasons we picked up Gaffney is because the Jets lost Holmes for the season?


He could have a problem gripping the ball.

Damn it. I missed Mando because I left the office to go to the gym. Last week I dominated this live chat, getting Mando to respond to me directly 3 times (more than any other participant) and confirm that Jason Cole was correct when he told me that it is possible that I could be right and a professional head ball coach wrong about play calls and strategy.


Thumb injury on throwing hand is bad. Tanne has got to learn to protect himself and see what's in front of him--avoid both tipped passes and slamming his own thumb onto oncoming helmits.

Now, if he can do that, our only fear re: Tanne getting injured is Long's man planting his helmit in Tanne's low back or knees, as Long has allowed to happen 8 or 9 times so far.

Now we see how tough Tanne is. Almost every player is playing with nagging injuries by week 5.

Will he still be accurate and have zip with an injured finger on his throwing hand?


We already know Tanne can take a hit, because we have seen Jake Long's man plant his helmit in Tanne's low back or back of knees 8 or 9 times through 4 games.

Great job mando, ignore the idiots !

Armando, the dolphins are getting better, the offense is ranked 9th overall and the d is number one against the run and our qb looks like the real deal and seems to be getting better every game, he has had some turnover problems not all is fault but I believe he will get better. And the coaching is way better with a few exceptions, but you can tell Philbin is way smarter than Tony remember we had the lead in every game, if our kicker could make field goals we be 3-1 right now, and our offensive line has played well something Tony really struggled with except for maybe one, the Dolphins are getting better and will win Sunday!!!!


I'll DEFINE Troll for you and give you a PRIME example from as recently as last nights blog.

This is from the Troll that **YOU** have allowed to post here for at least the past 5 years. The same TROLL that virtually all the posters are sick of and have complained about. I know he's been here for at least 5 years, because that how long ago it was that he started up with this RIDICULOUS Duanne Allman stuff.

His name alone constitues a personal attack. The personal attacks that claim are not allowed here. Anywhoo.......Yes, he impostors me as well as others. He makes up false posts in other peoples names and then tries to start arguments over it.

He rarely if EVER posts about Football and attacks anyone and everyone that asks him to stop. The ENTIRE blog is sick of him and have to complained to you about this sick piece of shyt NUMEROUS times.

Make no mistake about Armando, this guy is the living, breathing, embodiment of **TROLL*.

You aksed us to Define Troll for you, well there you go. Consider it done. Now, whats it going to be? You going to make this blog a better place and get rid of the Tard? Or are you just going to ask us to help you out with some more definitions?

This is your Guy Armando. This is the guy that 99.9% of the Regulars can't stand and want gone. He has done more than enough to prove he's the worst kind of troll there is. And if it is the hit numbers Bro, I guarantee you, the rest of us will do MORE than make up for his absense.

This just from last night:

And I came accross this exchange from OdinStank, Now lets see, Odin Stank Swears he "Jammed" With Duane Allmen who passed away back in 1968.HUMMMM, Odin claims he's only 45 but "JAMMED" with a guy that died 44 years ago??, Odin, Your a eather a great guitar player who at age 2 "Jammed" With duane allmen or your just passing more B.S like when you post about your "HOTTIES"...
Which one is it?
I'll bet the latter.

Posted by: Odins Bloated Liver. | October 05, 2012 at 03:35 AM

We are ALL patiently awaiting the good news Mando. Do the right thing.......and Thanks in Advamce ;)


The Dolphins should take out the linebackers unless it's a short yardage situation. Play six CB's or Safeties most of the game. Make the Bengals run the ball and gain yardage on the ground running the ball. The book on beating the Dolphins is to pass the ball and take advantage of their weak secondary so whenever it is feasable use more defensive backs for coverage. This may seem extreme but it can also be modified to fit different situations. In other words take away the strong part of the Bengal's game.

Do we have six dbs promichael??????????????

Dolphins 56 Bengals 13

Thanks for the live blog...

I hope we see Agnew at least line-up in a double slot formation with Bess, if blocking is the issue, at least get him out there catching balls. He has to def. run faster then FASANO.

Fins 62, Cin 17, Ditka 172

If you guys really get offended by some trolls on a Dolphins blog your really a loser nerd. Please!

Posted by: Armonda | October 05, 2012 at 04:26 PM

Listen up Troll Bait,.....oh wait, first let me say, I thought it HILARIOUS that Armando at least threated to ban TODAY during the live blod-lol!

Right here in front of all of us that can't stand you too-PRICELESS! You got TOLD and SCHOOLED all at the same time-Bhwaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa!!!!

Anyway, what I was going to say, it isn't that YOU offend us. It's that day after day we have to wade throught your childish, gaytarded rantings that NO ONE cares to read. You BORING, UNFUNNY and totally un-sophisticated in hoiw you go about ruining the blog.

NOBODY(lol).......I repeat NOBODY wants you here-ROTFLMAO!

(PS: You better cool it Mr. Swallows, even Armando is about to put a smxkdown on you. And Mando tolerates just about anything. It kind of puts it all into perspective, just what a total a sswipe degenerate you REALLY are-Bweaaaaaaaa Haaaa Haaaaaaaa!!!!)

Is the blog broken....

Didnt Irescum notice that Eggnew cant block? YIKES!

glad Armando called out Jack Sparrow.
Guy wins the Troll award

If Egnew can hit the weight room and mature fast he could be a factor. Glad to see TE coach take notice and push the rookie, as a 3rd rd pick he has a pass for this year but he needs to produce to keep his spot on the roster. In college he was a top ranked pass threat junior year w Gabbert. He dropped way too many passes his senior year and probably hurt his draft spot. Could have been the 2nd best TE in 2nd rd.

Another huge plus i've noticed is how well Karlos Dansby has played since the start of the season. Last year was completely different. You could tell it took almost the till the half of the season till he was in football shape and killing it. He has also transitioned well to a new position. Very impressed.

Too funny. The guy is now even pi$$ing Armando off? Do you know how much of a douche you have to be to make Armando mad? This is basically an anything goes blog and Sparrow somehow crossed the line. lol

If you think this situation with the Dolphins is tough, think about our upcoming Presidential Elections. Some Mormon guy with a Religion that most Americans do not fully trust vs a guy who, in essence, has done neither very good or very bad for the USA in his first term as President and who, frankly, his skin color is also not fully trusted by many Americans. What you think?

Is the blog broken....

Posted by: Kris | October 05, 2012 at 05:36 PM

Yes Kristopher, the Blog is Broken. Fret not, for Good Times, they ARE a Coming! At least Mando stepped up and reprimanded the twit as opposed to insulting with another "Websters Dictionary Question"-lol.

ENOUGH about Trolling Twit.......for NOW-LOL!

I'm worried about the secondary, BIG TIME now(I've been worrying...**A LITTLE**....since Davis' trade. Obviously moreso now), I repeat, BIG TIME now.

Dalton is a high confidence kind of player in my opinion(BTW-Oscar and I were calling for him Pre-Draft. Everybody kept calling us crazy. Another poster even cited stats from Red-Haired players confirming they never do good at the NFL level-lol. Up until now anyways).

I digress, Dalton has a lot of confidence and won't be afraid to challenge every CB we put out there not named Sean Smith.

Marshall's status is/probably catasrophic for us, especially at this particular juncture. I saw the INITIAL injury(I'm assuming of course), it happened in the End Zone against Oakland, if I'm correct. It didn't look real serious, so much as it looked awkward........and Painful. I remember thinking at the time that he's through. I was surprised to see him shake it off. Well.......attempt to shake it off, because it was obvious **TOO ME** that he hasn't been playing as well since.

We're too young, inexperienced and lacking in depth for these kind of things to start happening. For me, this magnifies Carpenters misses even moreso now. Had we got the last two wins, it wouldn't **FEEL** like the entire season is riding on our back up Cornerbacks. Right or Wrong, thats Exactly how it's **FEELING** to me right now.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........CARPENTER(**STILL** shaking fist vigorously)!!!!


WE think this is a football blog...

and if you ever played....you would probably know that....in the LOCKER ROOM....and between the lines....

We don't care about


Its is truly a band of brothers.....

I almost wish you could have experienced it....

perhaps then your out look on life and society might be different....and you could see people for what they are...and not what box you believe they should be in...


I saw your post from last night...this morning (if that makes sense)....

Any way....

I thought it was a thing of beauty...and I was gonna re-post it on the FIRST BLOG today..but you had already beaten me to it....

great post...and balls accurate....


don't worry in the least about Davis...we were bottom 10 in passes defended when he was here....

Don't try to change the conversation troll!

Ha, it's true! Even Mando has had enough of ur corny gaytard antics. And it's true Mando let's us say whatever we want.

Mando should just post ur 1001 aliases! Or just call the cops on u!

All that perverted stuff u love talking about. U just know u have a little kid in the closet.

On ur political thing. Romney looks more deceitful than ever. The guy has never said how he's going to execute his plans. U know big business loves him! And Obama! Well he's Obama u either love him or hate him. The guy is average and the country doesn't want to compare him to Bush who he replaced. Instead they want to compare him to Clinton the best president of the last 50+ years! Makes it harder to live up to.

The republicans only have to worry about Romney not being worst than bush! Not that hard to do. Heck the republicans are happy he can talk properly and isn't some hillbilly redneck. Like they have been putting up over the last 20 years!

Very similar start for Arizona and Armando. Both 4-0, both way overrated, both come crashing down to earth week 5. Obviously Arizona already did.
Armando, you're up.
Keep up the...uuh, work.

Yo I been a dolphin fan since birth you don't know me. But now I would love to meet you. Please email me your contact info so we can link up.

If all these players are great, why do we stink so bad?

Use Smith to cover the best WR not named Green, and double cover Green!


with all due respect since you are a little young and don't know or maybe have read about slick willie (that would be Clinton) I completely disagree with your opinion of him.

HE IS NOT THE BEST PRESIDENT WE HAD IN THE LAST 50 YERAS, in fact he was one of the worst, yes, yes I know that the perception among democrats is the guy walked on water but let me fill you in on a little secret, Liberals blame Bush all the time for the current economic mess we are in however they neglect to mention this little fact, Bill Clinton was the one that signed into law the deregulation of the banking and mortgage industry which led to the economic meltdown that cause a world wide collapse.


in addition to that he didn't have the balls to take down Osama Bin Laden in 2001 when he had the chance, he put his personal image over the security of the country, had he done that maybe 911 would have never happened, please don't say nonsense like that, I like you but get a little informed next time.


Bill Clinton is a coward, the best president we had in the last 50 years was Ronald Reagan.

PHINS 28 bengals 20. I can't go against my team. We lost last week because of missed field goals turn overs. And as good as our D played they couldn't stop the big play when they needed to... Remember 4 down and 10 they gave up the TD. Period. We need a LB. A safety and a nickel back and corner back
To solidify the defense. Play makers. We just don't have enough of game changing type players. Ross Give Philbin control of the draft the F/A. If you want to keep Your butt boy JI. Do the paper work than fine with me.
But please Ross don't let JI pick anymore bust and bust free agents!!

sorry, the two links I posted are not working but you can find them easily, just search who signed the deregulation of the banking and mortgage industry and did bill clinton passed on killing Bin laden..

Reagan was a douchebag

George Sr was the best Rep president in the last 50 years. Too bad his son drug the family name through the mud.


that's your statement?..wow, you are either a clue-less individual or a gator fan..

obviously you have the IQ of an amoeba...

(you might want to look up what that is)

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