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Live blog chat at 3 p.m. today

The Herald asks its "experts" to pick the outcome of the Dolphins game every week. Let me anticipate your next thought: "Well, they're obviously not contacting you, Salguero, because you definitely are not an expert."

In truth I am on the panel. And I have a perfect 4-0 record so far this year. I picked the Dolphins to beat the Raiders and picked them to lose the other three games they played and indeed lost. Not bragging. Just stating a fact.

My pick this Sunday?

I'm picking the Bengals. I think their passing game is too good. I think Miami's secondary, mediocre to begin with, is really a mess with a diminished or absent Richard Marshall. Marshall missed practice Friday for the third consecutive day and is expected to be doubtful for the game.

[Update: Marshall has been ruled OUT for the game. He will not play.]

The game is on the road. The Bengals defense creates a good pass rush and feeds off turnovers.

That's a lot to overcome.


If you wish to discuss this analysis or if you have anything else on your mind, I will be here starting at 3 p.m. for a live blog chat. Everything is on the table.

In the meantime, leave me your analysis of the coming game.

See you then.


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Its the creature that ate whatever was left of your ability to be logical.

Yo I been a dolphin fan since birth you don't know me. But now I would love to meet you. Please email me your contact info so we can link up.

Posted by: truphan | October 05, 2012 at 06:39 PM

If all these players are great, why do we stink so bad?

Posted by: Scotty | October 05, 2012 at 06:45 PM

Hi Dashi!

Posted by: Twinks R Us | October 05, 2012 at 06:49 PM

If Monkey Bu-oy isn't working hard to stay in front of the political and business blogs, then I'm a Monkey Bu-oys Uncle!

This is obviously the same Troll, it has Jack Swallows Pedo-Prints all over it. Matter of fact, **I MYSELF** believe Armando's so-called "Reprimand" earlier was all show in an **ATTEMPT** to deny the obvious without having to actually do so.

It's sort of like Philbin can't come right out and say a player sucks to the press, even though we all know he does. The **OBVIOUS** Blog Troll Hits are a pathetic attenpt to underhandedly7 stay on top of the Blog Rankings.

Take the 3 above as an excellent example:

Post 1:

Essentially makes the point that Monkey Bu-oy want to **Get with* Armando later on, "After Dark".

(Which BTW-Dashi, is this not exactly what I've been saying about these two for months and months? Troll Bu-oy washes the Vette, works the pooper scooper around Mando's yard and then "Polishes All The Knobs" put in his face).

Post 2:

A classic one line strawman(simpleton trolling)argument. Posted for no other reason than to ring up a hit. It's meant to incite if possible, but way to weak. The main objective is to keep ringing up the hits without being to obvious about it. This is done here EVERYDAY, day in and day out. Mr. Swallows LITERALLY racks up hundreds of these everyday. Think about that! Literally HUNDREDS, for the simple goal of maintaining bragging rights over the other blogs at the Herald.

It's Cheap, Unsportsmanlike and Pathetic. It's even worse than that when you consider what it puts YOU
the average everyday LOYAL BLOGGER! PUuuuuuuuuuuuuKE!!!!

Post 3:

Hi Dashi? Thats it?

This is obvious proof of what I just posted about post 2. See above.

This bullshyt happens here **LITERALLY** hundreds and hundreds of times a day by these two simplton Gaytarded Trolls. It is FUNNY, in a despicably pathetic kind of way.


Jokes over and the Gigs up. We've all had enough. Simple threats to Mr. Swallows will no longer suffice. My sources from deep within the Batcave have informed me of a plot against you and the two Gaytards.

It seems there is a Cell of Cyber-Terrorists that just happens to be fans of the Phins and fans of your Blog. They want me to give you **One Last Warning**.

In their words, not mine: Put your Two Little Gaytards to Beddy Bye! We've all had enough, they've ran their pathetic course and it's time to MOVE FORWARD!

I don't know exactly what they mean Armando, but they sound serious. Please, for the good of the blog, loose the Pedo-Tard Trolls.......PERMANENTLY!

I supposed your going to tell me now that our current president is the second greatest president in the last 50 years.

its funny you say the word logical, I am a very logical person, when I post something whether sports or politics I always say it based on facts not some irrational spur of the moment comment, something you obviously cant relate to.

YOU RIGHT I AGREE WITH YOU ON BILL BLOW ME MONICA! But the worst president in the last 50 year is Obama bin laden.. Not a true leader, no leadership skills. Thinks that the government knows how to run your life better than we do, wants to share the wealth. He is a marxis thinks government builds jobs not the American people. With out the rich you and I don't have jobs! You tax the rich too high they stop hiring people it's just common sense. Green energy is too expensive. Waste of money. With a bad economy. He wants bigger government Obama care is going to put our children future in jeopardy.. Buttom
Line it's too expensive.. Right now it's about creating jobs not debt. It's funny after the beat down Obama got at the debate. The job numbers came out 7.8% and the orginazation that come out with the unemployment numbers, funds the Obama campaign! What a coincidence... Time to win back America from this American president, that divides our county instead of uniting it.. I'm out!

FZB, We Can Agree to Disagree.

All this Hoopla about him De-Regulating and all that. Is Just that Hoopla.

He De-Regulated in 97 right? and Was out of Office in 01. That's 4 Years!

The Economic Collapse Happened after Bush Took Office(08)! Plain and Simple!

On the War thing. Clinton handled Conflict like every Great American President! Covertly! Clinton was a Lame Duck President by Winter 2001! Who starts a War or Signs a Treaty after U know Ur Not Going to be Back? Oh, Yeah George Bush 1 & 2!

Bush was the One who Looked at The CIA REPORTS THAT YEAR! And Said No! He was Reading them Backwards!

Bush was the One that De-Activated the CIA!!!! Ur telling Me The CIA didn't Give Bush the Same Briefing as Clinton? Remember this Happened almost a Year after Bush was President!! Bush wasn't that SLOW!!

How was the Economy when Clinton Left OFfice? The Biggest Surplus IN US HISTORY!!!!

Bush took the Biggest Surplus in US History and Created the Greatest Deficit In Human History! Dollar for Dollar!! Or Ceasar for Ceasar! Even Worst than the MONARCHY'S of the Dark Ages!

Now, All everyone wants to talk about is Obama and His Debt?

What Debt did Obama Create? The $10 Trillion Deficit and Collapse of The Housing MArket happened before he was in Office!


FZB, Remember that's how Clinton beat Bush!!! He told Bush1 to Admit to the Country We Are in a Recession and W-1 Didn't! Bush NEver admitted we were in a Recession! Neither 1 or 2!!!

Republicans Never Admit to Anything!!! Look at the Debate! Romney Never explained HIS PLAN! Tell him about Social Security? Nah, he's not going to Cut it! But he won't say what he will do!

MediCare? Nah, Romney is not going to Eliminate it. He just won't Say what he is going to Do!

RegulationS? Not Going to Eliminate All, But Won't say what he will DO!!

Dashi has no PArty Affiliation! Dashi just Votes for who is More Reasonable!

I might get Grief for this But Dashi actually likes Rick Scott. Governor of Florida.

Even JEB BUSH. Dashi met him once and Had a Nice Little Conversation! Talk About Changing Ur Views on things. After Meeting Jeb, Dashi has a New Respect for the Bush Clan! One of the Most Down to Earth People U will ever Meet.

If JEB Would've been President he would've done a Better Job than W 2.0!

He's done with Politics, but he would've been better than the HillBilly!

Odin @8:12 Great Points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dashi suspects the Troll Gimmick!! Was just that a Gimmick!

Notice how Clown Always tries and Claims, Dashi and Odin are the Same!

He Knows we Know and He just wants to Discredit our Opinions!

Yep, Dashi has been there when Monkey Boy Deleted Pages after Pages of People's Post. Because it had his Rants on it! U know ELIMINATING EVIDENCE!


It's Funny only on the Internet can a Punk be a Bully!

Again, Dashi will Fold U. Slam U on UR NECK! Dashi will end U.

Yes, Dashi will/Can Slam U on Ur Neck. Unless ur 350+! Max Dead Lift 315. (Just in case U come with a Asinine Comment that Dashi can't Drop U!)

Don't Worry then if ur a Big Ol' FatBoy, Dashi will box U Up like He worked for UPS!

Give u More 2-Pc's than Popeye's!

But Again it's the Internet! Keep Acting Hard Punk!

We all know Ur Sweet and Ur Heart Pumps more KoolAid than a Dolphin LB!


Clinton signed the deregulation in 1999 and the reason it didn't happened until 2006-2008 was because it took time to develop, banks and mortgage companies started lending money like it was going out of style and property values skyrocket because now everyone could buy a home and live the "american dream".

Bush was too stupid to act on it but the fact is Clinton signed it, the reason the whole market crashed is because the cycle had to stop, most people had gotten interest only loans and when their mortgages started going up because interest rates had changed then people simply stopped paying on them and we had our global meltdown..Please educate yourself on that clown Clinton, you've be surprised at what will learn.

Except that small little fact that all facts are based on where an individuals opinions and ideologies lie.

Odin talking to himself(Dashi) LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

FZB, Bush wasn't stupid. He just played the Dumb Card to perfection(Bush went to Yale! Can't be a Complete Idiot!)! During his time as President all Company's Associated to Bush and Cheaney Prospered! Meaning the Only people Making Money from 02-08, Bush and his People! Specially during War! Ever Seen the Privatization of IRAQ? More than Half The Money for the War in Iraq has gone to the Private Sector!!!!!! Not Our Military!!

Hey, the Private Sector does a More Efficient Job of fighting a War than the Gov't!

OK, So Clinton signed it in 99. That doesn't excuse Bush or the Republican Congress from Acting on it!

Bush should be Impeached and Arrested for Crimes against this Country!

Sorry FZB but Republicans are Hypocrites. They Claim their #1 problem is the Economy!!

Yet, W-2.0 destroyed the Economy and We are all OK with it!

Why is that?

Bush ruined it for Republicans for the next 10 years.

Hi Dashi!

I said it the other day I will say it again. If the Fins pull off a win, they will take 5 games in a row!

GOD i wish mando would of got rid of jack sparrow!
maybe we could all vote on it.

whats most disturbing is that both teams that miami lost to in overtime were manhandled by opponents following their victories...just goes to show that the wets nor the cards are that much above the pack in regards to competing for a championship any time soon..

Mitt never explain his plan?? How about Osama! Wanted the the house to pass a bill before anyone can find out what was in it! In four years Osama has spend more money and created a bigger government than the last three presidents put together! WTF has Osama has created! No jobs. Just debt. Osama care billions on my kids everyone who has kids are going to pay for that in taxes that are not imaginable.you probably don't have kids and don't care about the future of America, Osama ideology is to have big government share the wealth
Tax the f u c k out of the rich! You tax the rich at a higher tax bracket people are going to get layoff Don't you understand that. Do you work for your self.if you did you see how many regulation are there, everyone knows someone that doesn't have a job, instead of Osama working to create jobs for people to better them selfs he wants to give motobacco bail Corp out factories out! Everyone out! He us worried about the earth green energy hello wake up America! If that guy stays in off we will be like Europe! Broke and will cause a up roar.. People are blind by these president that said the consitituion needs to be updated! WAKE UP AMERICA!! Man you are being fouled! What is Osama plan ask that you fools! The same crap that hasn't work in four years. It's time for change! It's just like JI of the PHINS you guys think he has done this great job! Man what a bunch of fools. I want a president that is a leader not apologist that tells the terrorist that America is sorry for freedom of speech, not doing anything toward those killers that murder all those fellow Americans. Paying millions to Pakistan Egypt arming them for what those are not our friends and never will be our friends. That's the leader you guys want! WAKEUP. LETS GET IT RIGHT!

These debates are all good. Specially, the Town Hall meetings. Err, Mr. Romney, Mr. President, you both say you're going to improve the Economy. How do you plan to do that? In detail, please. We'll give you all the Time you want.

"You can only help others only if you have the intent and means to do it", Oscar Canosa.

That's another good quip, Oscar. You have always been a good boy. We know.

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