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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Bengals here

CINCINNATI -- Something's different today.

The season has changed in that the weather is officially turning to Fall. It's jacket weather here -- in the 40s, gray overcast. It just feels like football weather.

The season has changed in that pretty soon the Dolphins either have to start winning some games or we're going to be discussing free agency and the draft as primary topics. In other words, as I asked in my column today, can the Dolphins salvage the season?

Players say yes. We'll see.

The inactives today are something of a surprise in that Jabar Gaffney is inactive. That is a disappointment because he's supposed to be a veteran upgrade at WR. He's healthy. Saw him working in warmups. Obviously, something didn't click in that he is not playing today.

Marlon Moore may have something to do with this. He's been inactive the past couple of weeks so he's back today. That frees him and Anthony Armstrong for WR work today.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew and Rishard Matthews. Carroll starts for the injured Marshall.

The live blog is coming also. It starts in the comments section at kickoff.


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Hit him in the butt.
No control. No possession.

IMA...the play was over before the fumble. He was "grasped"

Hosed by the officials again.
Are they blind?

I think the other Ref crew do better job than this one ....LOL

Does anyone have a REAL/FREE link to the game?

You guys are missing the problem.... It thigpen refusing to charge the ball

Burfict was out of bounds.

Not a good start

1 job on special teams.....don't touch the F$@

8 consecutive motion penalties will even the score. LOL

Real refs are just as blind as the replacement refs. :sigh:

Thigpin needs to come up and field the punt. He's been getting worse every week

Is bad luck the price we will forever pay for the perfect season?

Her comes a TD. That just killed our defensive effort!

Cant keep outing our defends on these positons

between the canes refs last night and these morons we're screwed

7 yard gain, but nice pressure pressure up the middle

Link thanks

he cleary didnt have possession of the ball WOW

refs are a joke

Thank God That was a miss by Dalton

Possession of a catch is different than possession of what amounts to a fumble.

He had possession going out. Don't need to maintain possession throughout on a fumble. Once its POSSESSED, its your ball on the fumble.

Well d held them to 3

So far, our defense looks dominating.
First half is always better for them.

So turnover costs the Dolphins 3 points. Bad.

Get ready for the dilphins to get smashed!

Please bring back the replacement!

Great defensive stand by the fins after the turnover. That turnover was just a bad break. We are putting good pressure on the QB so far. The defense is looking good again.

They get worn down by the 4th because of our o

Can't give gifts away like that.

2 total yards. 3 points.

Good job by the d to hold to 3pts. May be a challenging day on offense today. May need to throw on 1st or 2nd downs to cool off the pass rush.


Copy & paste this;


Jack, the ball was never possessed, it was juggled. That was CLEAR on replay.

redsky...I think I will too.

Was that Thigpen or Bess fielding the punt?

Armando 3 is better than 7 and a good stop by the D... If it were Carpenter kicking it was a 50 = 50 deal weather he made it or not. :)

Time to open up the Offense a little Bush not the same before injury.

We need a score to get momentum

The offense needs to get some first downs on this drive.


Sometimes winning means overcoming adversity. Until a team learns this, they will never become a true winner.

I remember when the Bengals use to be the Bungles. Now Miami is the Mungles.

What a throw!!!!

we need a long drive to rest the Def...whao what a pass

Threaded that one

That was a heck of a throw

Dancing won't do it.
To bad Thomas is a fumble machine.

I keep hearing Tanne say GO GO then snap the ball. 90% of the time. Is that by design?

Nice throw to Bush.

Reggie Bush vs. LB in coverage is BAAAAD matchup for Bengals.

If that was the Canes, official would have called holding.

2nd and short.

If Ireland had job security I've got to believe there would be extensions for Hartline & Starks ASAP.

Long has been getting progressively worse

3 for 3

Well we are in fieldgoal range but with our picker u never know

Tannehill is going to be a franchise QB. Finally, all these years of suffering after Marino. It is a matter of time before we are a Superbowl contender.

Dolfan from St. Louis, The NFL redzone is during their usual Dolphins snub, so I thank you guys again for providing more information for me.

Anybody else sick and tired of the showboating after every play in every game.
No wonder most of these idiots are bankrupt ten minutes after retirement.

Red zone let's see if we scote

4 for 4

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