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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Bengals here

CINCINNATI -- Something's different today.

The season has changed in that the weather is officially turning to Fall. It's jacket weather here -- in the 40s, gray overcast. It just feels like football weather.

The season has changed in that pretty soon the Dolphins either have to start winning some games or we're going to be discussing free agency and the draft as primary topics. In other words, as I asked in my column today, can the Dolphins salvage the season?

Players say yes. We'll see.

The inactives today are something of a surprise in that Jabar Gaffney is inactive. That is a disappointment because he's supposed to be a veteran upgrade at WR. He's healthy. Saw him working in warmups. Obviously, something didn't click in that he is not playing today.

Marlon Moore may have something to do with this. He's been inactive the past couple of weeks so he's back today. That frees him and Anthony Armstrong for WR work today.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew and Rishard Matthews. Carroll starts for the injured Marshall.

The live blog is coming also. It starts in the comments section at kickoff.


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Can we can the Jake Long negativity so soon.

hartline over under 250 yrds???

Please, be inventive in the rd zon, not 3 to hartline

Qb looking good

So far I think the dolphins look like the better team on both sides of the ball.

clay sighting... uh oh.

Completions are great, but they must end in tds. That the most important stat of all.

Nobody has a link????

If the pass protection can keep Tannehill upright & healthy this kid has IT.

Right now the Dolphins are in the Red Zone and the NFL redzone is showing the colts measurement.

If we can give the d the lead we should win this one

Let's see if we score in the red zone or if it's the same problems, no red zone play makers. Let's see who steps up! LETS GO PHINS. LETS SCORE A TD. PLEASE!

The fast paced offense of the dolphins is confusing the bengals defense right now

Brian, welcome. You sure it;s not "Kelly?"
Canes got beat down last night, Brian Kelly's team.

Moore just sexually assaulted Tanne. Look like Tanne doesn't like getting slapped on the bum.

How many years since Marino retired & we never took a QB in the first round before Tannehill??? Does that sound right to anyone???


LOL @ all the people who wanted Moore to start

Turnvoers. Turnovers. turnovers. Sheesh.

Wow. We really suck.

Overall 4 qtrs execution and error free football wins game. Oh boy, here we go again.

F!in shoot me


This is such a dumb, snakebit team.


I just said it. No play makes except bush Hartline

This team has the worst luck of any professional franchise. God it sucks being a fan of this garbage... terrible play call too...

Drinking in the AM PST is getiing rough. The Dolphins are Killing Me!

It's official we're cursed worse luck in the entire league

TRAIN WRECKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does our defense NEVER create fumbles

This team is a joke. Why not just forfeit the damn season already?

Oh gawd. Lane fumbles.
I liked the call too, as he usually gets positive yards.
At least we showed offense and the D got to sit.

Starting to believe we are cursed.

LOL, you guys need some help?

Ahhhh lane... Damn he's been playing so well too!

Not enough talent. That's why I bitc h about fir JI. He sucks picking play makers!

Turnovers hurt, especially down in scoring position.

Just so I'm clear.

Using the playmakers on the team is against the rules now?

No Bush on that play?

This young team has got to stop turning the ball over and missing field goals. The Dolphins have been in every game, yes, including the Texans game, but turnovers are killing us.

Ohhhhhhhhhh those tricky Fish! Give it to the FB! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You can resume sucking losers.

Wow it's like a new way to loose each week with the same turnover formula. Hope we have gotten them out in the 1 st quater so we can finish strong in the 4th

Every week some component of this team finds a way to contribute to losing football.

How much longer must we suffer?

These Fvcking Pukes!

I'm so sick of it!

Do they take turns?

Maybe they should have passes in that predictable run situation? HAHA

They have to stop it with the turnovers. This is unbeleivable. You can't win in this league with these many turnovers. You just lost a chance at easy points.

The Bengals are having problems moving the ball and we are moving it up and down the field. The turnovers keep holding us back. This is correctable though but until we stop turning the ball over we will not take the next step.

Jesus can t these idiots hold on to the ball , every singkle week its someone fumbling our scores away , phucking perennial losers!!!!!!!!

JI can suck my c o c k fire that s h I t GM

Football 101
Protect the ball no turnovers

Two turnovers in less than ten minutes??? You've got to be kidding me???

Philbin is going to blow his brains out with this team.

Sad if it weren't so comical. I keep looking for WilE Coyote to come out.


I see coach FAILbin has really figured out the turnover problem????


Dolphins like to lose...Enuff said!!!

Dumpster fire.

Farik youre a tard go pull for the Wets

IMAWriter I do admire your optimism.

A DECADE if RED ZONE blunders

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