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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Bengals here

CINCINNATI -- Something's different today.

The season has changed in that the weather is officially turning to Fall. It's jacket weather here -- in the 40s, gray overcast. It just feels like football weather.

The season has changed in that pretty soon the Dolphins either have to start winning some games or we're going to be discussing free agency and the draft as primary topics. In other words, as I asked in my column today, can the Dolphins salvage the season?

Players say yes. We'll see.

The inactives today are something of a surprise in that Jabar Gaffney is inactive. That is a disappointment because he's supposed to be a veteran upgrade at WR. He's healthy. Saw him working in warmups. Obviously, something didn't click in that he is not playing today.

Marlon Moore may have something to do with this. He's been inactive the past couple of weeks so he's back today. That frees him and Anthony Armstrong for WR work today.

The other inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew and Rishard Matthews. Carroll starts for the injured Marshall.

The live blog is coming also. It starts in the comments section at kickoff.


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we have actually been better at blowing leads lately. maybe this is a good sign?

Go Wilson!

Nice play by Wilson!!! Finally steppin up!!!!

Good play by Wilson

Dodged a bullet.

Feel bad for players on d. Offense keep putting them in these position every game

6 points off turnovers

So two turnovers result in 6 points for Bengals so far.

What irritates me is that other teams play so bad against us and we still lose.

One TD and we're right back in...ONLY IF

And another great play by Wilson.

Could have been much worse. Jimmy Wilson saved the TD.

he got a boo boo dropping the phucking ball

12 turnovers in 4 games means you suck!

if we can hold on to the ball we would have a shot at a W. Not bad TWO turnovers 3 stupid penalties only 6 points.

fins only need a TD to be back in it

let's see if they can stop shooting themselves in the foot

Last great Dolphin TE, Mandich!

Boy we escape another one! Thank you D for stepping up! WOW. The PHINS need to score now a TD. Period!!!

Well lets see what new way we can turn the ball over on this next drive. Its easier to accept if u know its coming

My prediction 4 TO from Dolphins today. 2 picks from Tannehill

Dont blame the officials. They can affect 2-3 plays a game. We control 50-55 plays a game on both sides of the game. You canty put yourselves in position to let officials decide a win or loss.

You greatly contribute to your own losses.

Don't like the effort overall up to now.

why was lane running off-tackle inside the 10 anyway? sherman is going to suffer the same fate he did at a&m

Jack I would like to think our d makes teams look bad each week and we turnover the ball to loose. We fix turnovers we win more games

Carpenter probably starting to get that sick feeling in the pit of his stomach right about now.

If it comes down to him again, and he misses again, I would just fire him and take my chances with a cat off the street.

Pass every play

Great play by Jimmy Wilson. Let's give some credit to the Defense. The Bengals are supposed to be explosive. We have turned the ball over 2 times and we are only one score down.

Let's stop complaining we are headed in the right direction. We just need to stop turning the ball over and start finishing games. That is better than the past 15 years. We have the talent on defense and offense. One more Receiver and TE next year and we are going to be elite on offense. We can use a shut down corner on Defense.

prolly 10 other NFL teams would have scored there, but you HAVE to say this is a MUCH better team (sans mistakes) than we expected.
So much to be hopeful for, but we don't know how to dominate on both sides of the ball at the same time. And for 60 minutes.
Fumbles happen, and the cold is alien to some of these guys.
Having lived buy first 21 years in Miami, then moving to Dallas, i can TELL you my first winter, those winds was a killer.

Hartline had that in his hands

quit wasting space and time in here.. go upstairs and get your mom to cook you some meatloaf then head back down stairs to pull one off before you start your quest in world of warcraft.. go pull for tebow and the wets th

2 turnovers, only down 6. Not too bad.

guys i missed the first fumble what happened?
Also the offence need to help the defence out by taking it up the other end eating up some time and getting 7pts

12 tunovers this year..... yep good team from coach FAILbin, too bad the blowfish will add ad least 4 more in this game on to another loss, all I can ask is for the bunlgel to blowout these loser so I can do something this afternoon instead of watching these clowns keep it close only to give it up again.



What say you? Defence held against the Bengals and only gave up a FG. What say you? Nothing positive to say about that?

Yeah I know...'TE's have been killing us for years'. 'Ireland needs to be fired'.

VERY original thoughts bud....

Could be worse. We could be the jets

Mando it could always be worse, for example, not winning a SB in almost 40 years, that's worse!

That's stupid play calling. Outsmarting themselves

First turnover wasn't a fumble. Hit Jones in the back during a punt

Why isn't miller in the game over Thomas. He is clearly a better running than Thomas and gives the offense more energy. Thomas must have naked pics of Ireland's wife

pick six coming up..... thats the way they coach the BLOWFISH SUCK!!!


We need to score on this drive and stop turning the ball over , or we are done , our defense needs a rest

6-0 not bad after two to's and the d let their rb get a couple of runs, no worries


lane running to the left would have made more sense

Mistakes drive me insane. I make very few of them for the same reason.

We have suffered so long. What gods did we puss off?

I believe effective running between the tackles will win this game for us. Cant have anymore turnovers.

Efective running inside will set up Bush for a home runner to the outside and effective Tannehill passing to our recievers. Cincy's trying to stop Bush to the edge.

qbclub...every QB we played this year, played bad. That was my point. We are not winning those games.

Almost pick six!

Very lucky to be down 6-0 but the turnovers always come back to hurt you by putting additional pressure on your Defense. When that happens it's just a matter of time when your defense slows up &/or the other team figures how to attack.

Devone bess has to win the one on one... Tannehill had noone to throw to on that 3rd down

2 turnovers, only down 6. Not too bad.

Posted by: Angry Elf | October 07, 2012 at 01:41 PM

I suppose losing the hundred yard dash by 2 seconds, coming in 6th, is not that bad either.

We need to throw up the middle, Bengals sitting on the short sideline stuff Hartline , and sometimes Bess run.
If Tanny keeps trying that, it will be pick 6.
ref picks up a flag.
What else is new?

Can't Fields kick the FGs?

No foul for block in the back?
Since when?
Bring back the replacements

They don't make mistakes? WTH is going on here!

Tannehill is king of the 3 n outs. Puts tremendous pressure on the D.

This team looks lackluster They look like they had a poor practice week! That's the coaching staff fault, but it rookie coaching staff growing pains. And Tanny is staring down the WR it's going to get pick off if he continues doing that

We can't throw up the middle to the shi!!iest tight end in the league

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