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Morning news on Thomas, Fisher, steaks

This is what's happening at this hour:

Running back Daniel Thomas, who apparently suffered his second concussion in five weeks on Sunday, has not been cleared for contact and is not practicing this morning. Thomas will be re-evaluated later this week to see if he can pass the NFL mandated tests by an independent doctor before he can be cleared to practice, much less play on Sunday.New Thomas

Thomas missed a game against the Oakland Raiders after he suffered a concussion in the opner against Houston. His status against the Rams on Sunday is questionable at best, although that status doesn't come out officially until Friday.

Without Thomas at practice, that means Lamar Miller is taking second-team snaps as he's the next guy up on the depth chart. Reggie Bush continues to be Miami's starting RB.


The Richard Marshall back saga continues.

Marshall, whose missed practice most of the past two weeks and did not play at Cincinnati, was not at practice today. Nolan Carroll continues to take snaps with the starters in his absence.


As you know, Joe Philbin was Miami's second choice for the head coach job. First choice Jeff Fisher declined Miami's job offer and took the Rams job instead.

Now Fisher and the 3-2 Rams visit Philbin and the 2-3 Dolphins on Sunday at Sun Life.

Fisher was on a conference call today and had no interest relitigating the reasons he picked the Rams over the Dolphins.

"I went through that before, I don't think it's necessary to go through that again," Fisher said. "They made the right decision. They've got things going. Coach Philbin is doing an excellent job there. I really had a great time there. I have a lot of respect for Mr. [Stephen] Ross and [Jeff] Ireland and I felt this was the better opportunity for me."

As you know, Fisher was offered the job but wanted final organizational say over personnel as well as coaching decisions -- which he has in St. Louis. The Dolphins declined to give him say over personnel, deciding instead to keep that in Ireland's hands.


You're going to hear about this in the next couple of hours so I might as well tell you now. Much talk early in the lockerroom this morning centered around the dinner the offensive line had at Prime One Twelve on Miami Beach Monday night.

The total tab was approximately 7,400.

Word is the players ordered one and in some cases, multiples of everything on the menu. There was also wine, beer, shots and champagne.

The offensive line does this several times a year as a bonding experience.


Randy Starks, who had a monster game against Cincinnati on Sunday, has been named the AFC defensive player of the week.

Starks had an interception and was a beast against the run. He is also unsigned after this season.



The Dolphins this morning added linebacker Josh Kaddu off their practice squad to the active roster and added defensive end Louis Nzegwu to the practice squad.


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I'm transfering this post from your old blog. Do you know if FO is doing anything to get a receiver?

Several Oct. 10th blogs are talking about the need to get a #1 receiver next season. This might be a good idea but I believe they could do something right now.

I suggested some time ago that the FO should do their due diligence and check KELLEN WINSLOW out. He's been the 7th ranked TE in total yards the past two seasons.

Read the following article.


Excerpt from the above article:

"While a player getting released might be seen as a red flag, Winslow asked for his release and it was likely for good reason: he wants to be a bigger part of a team's offense. The Dolphins need an impact player to push their offense over the hump. Winslow would be perfect for them right now, at least as a one year rental."

that is news that is worth reading. those are things that the readers are looking for when reading your blogs

Mark, Craig, MD20,

I don't know if I believe in Karma but can't recall the last time I saw a team loose their best D player & O player and 2nd WR along with the T.E. and Pro Bowl Center in a span of 8 Qrts. All after hiring in the off-season our X-H.C. to be their OC after the man's offensive proficiency was the butt of jokes in NFL circles (feeling a Parcells influence on the hire here with both Tannenbaum and Rex)

It really is hilarious that Ryan would hitch his wagon to Sparano and in my guesstimation they played their S.B. on Monday and will fold now. I say this because in watching the 1st Qrt. of that game it was evident to me that RB Greene and their Pro Bowl LT & C are basically simply running through the motions and woke up late, especially Greene given the team effort.

Everybody is waiting on Tebow but in reality I don't think Rex will do it for one reason alone and that's the 9 Million guarantee that Sanchez has in 2013 which no team will trade for and is a salary they can't just dump. They are in a heap and we look to be in an upswing. I guess at the end of the day we will have the last laugh given that they have so many guys with high (8 to 15 Million) guarantees against their CAP that there will have to eventually be a fire sale of talent reloading picks on a rebuild and all for 2 AFC CHampionship appearances!!

I am lonely. Will you be my friend Armando Salguero? I don't mean in a gay way. But I really do think you're special. I don't have many friends. :(

I need to start throwing some TD's, and stop staring at Lauren in the stands during games. HBO still here?

Hi Swamy. You seem like a very intelligent and knowledgeable person. I am very shy. It is tough to be shy because I have trouble talking to people. The Internet is my friend. People are not. :(


I have eaten at PRIME 112.

Dinner reservation at 9:00 PM. Sat down at 11:00 PM.

Food was solid!!

f4l, agreed on the post. the jets deserve everything that is coming their way. Many people here predicted this grand collapse and now it is unfolding. F-them and f-Ryan!

Why would anyone care what they paid for dinner?

bobby, I agree with your post form the last blog, I hope the Dolphins use a high pick on a receiver instead of going the marshall route again of using several picks and cap space on one player who has outgrown another organization.

If it's a free like jennings, great but only after they re-sign their own important players - otherwise drafting a receiver in the first or second round sounds ok with me.

Marc, they are rich guys and partied it up - good for them - enjoy what they worked for.

We would all do the same if we were millionaires. In fact, i've been known to party frivilously but in my instance it would be a 1000-1500 tab instead of $7,500. And I'm picking it up on my own instead of splitting it among whoever ...

It sucks that the fins provided the Yets with one of their two wins.

It burns a little.

ARMANDO...any kickers being brought in this week?

I like Carpenter but not at the expense of winning.

The coaches must believe he'll turn things around. I will trust them.

Marshall was not a mistake. Gebril, Wilford, Nannee were

Sucks about Thomas, This does not have a good ending in store...

And a note on Randy Starks - he is ballin out of control and is going to get paid large. When you factor Kendall langford got a 4 year 24 m contract and Starks is much superior - ouch - that's going to make that PRIME 112 bill look like pennies.

what a bunch of fat pigs.

Marshall was not a mistake, I agree. But the thought that we should have kept him here this year with a rook QB and HC is silly. He only plays well when happy, he was not happy here an was not going to be, the guy checked out.

I honestly don't see Miami trying to sign a top WR after the season. They want to build through the draft.

Jennings would be the only guy because they know him. I think the price will be high and he gets injured a lot.

The thought that this team wouldn't be better with a perennial 1000 yard receiver is silly

the dolphins will make a splash with a d.bowe type.
no need 2 roll the kraps on anyone else...

We also need help in the secondary even though they have played well lately a high pick in this area would be good and looks like we need another running back as well, WR first pick though

I believe we are headed in the right direction. We are only a couple great picks from being a great team. There is real hope for a change. Go Dolphins !!!!

silly = stupid,idiotic.moronic.bombastic.

Marc, yes indeed marshall was a mistake because when you dedicate that kind of salary committment in a capped salary sport plus using two prime picks in exchange for that guy - he not only has to be talented but has to be a good company man. You just can't afford to spend that kind of money and resources on a guy who will not be a team leader. If it was baseball where you can spend whatever you want, fine. But in football, you are only allowed to spend so much so you have to be more judicious.

Now was I excited when they acquired him, yes. But form game one when I saw him out there and go half azzed and take stupid penalties and have easy drops - I grew tired of the guy. I'm glad he's no longer here for the simple fact they can use that cap on someone else. I hate him. I hate him as a player, I hate him as a person. He screwed my team and its fanbase hard. Yet there are some people here who still wish they had him. I can't figure it out.

f4l, agreed on the post. the jets deserve everything that is coming their way. Many people here predicted this grand collapse and now it is unfolding. F-them and f-Ryan!

Mark in Toronto | October 10, 2012 at 12:32 PM

There were alot of folks including myself after the 1st AFC Champ run who questioned how they could resign everybody and give Revis 15 Mil per and they obviously back loaded tose deals starting with the Sanchez 9 Mil 2013 guarantee which is the mistake that will burry them till at least 2015. Rex can't afford to start Tebow and deal with the scrutiny of a 9 Mil back up at this point given Sanchez was his call if you remember, stick a fork in them!!

Cut Thomas or trade him for perhaps a 7th. I never cheer an injury, but Thomas being out can only help the team. Miller is clearly the better back, *including* on pass protection. Any statement otherwise, including re: pass protection, is mere sheep talk. Watch games instead of being fed your opinions by commentators.


In fact, i've been known to party frivilously but in my instance it would be a 1000-1500 tab instead of $7,500. And I'm picking it up on my own instead of splitting it among whoever ...

Publicado por: Mark in Toronto | October 10, 2012 at 12:39 PM

Been guilty of this on many occasions myself.

2nd concussion in 5 weeks is not good. Read somewhere about cumulative effects. Something like, the more concussions you get, the easier it is to get concussed.

Honestly can we figure out a way to trade Thomas for something good? What team is *really* hurting at RB and would take Thomas and can give us some help at DB or something?

Marc, easy to look at his stats and say he's awesome but what does he do to the team fabric? How many yards did he cost his team in stupid penalties that don't show up in stats? how many points did he take off the board by not doing his job.

If you want to factor in penalties and dropped yardage, that 1,000 yard receiver is probably more like a 700-800 yard receiver if you penalize him for negative plays. he's just not worth it. Marshall is an ESPN/XBox player. he looks great in stat lines and highlights and video games but when you watch him play for an entire season, you know the guy just isn't worth it.

I mean hartline in 5 games has done half the positive things Marshall did over his best year without all the garbage to go with it. Forget him, I say.

Before all the negative comments about Daniel Thomas being hurt, we are talking about the guys well being here.

Concussions are way serious, and you can't blame him or hate on him for it.

f4l @ 12:51, as have many people here I'm sure. I have no reason to think it's newsworthy on how much they spent. But I like the fact that they hang together and have a good time. A unit that parties together, bonds together and will play for each other. Good on them!

And I'm sure the bill got much higher after they left the restaurant if you knwo what I mean ...

I know everybody will start with the Thomas is soft talk throughout the day but look at the replay. He put his hat in there and took a solid hit to the head from the Bengals defender. That particular play would have concussed alot of players. He has been questioned for running to upright and when he finally puts his hat in the line happens to catch a shot. I believe Thomas can be a serviceable 3rd down utility type in the Nathan mode from watching how they've used him this particular Season.

If Miami DECLINED to give Jeff Fisher the position he wanted then doesn't it make sense to say that Miami DECLINED to hire Jeff Fisher as opposed to saying Jeff Fisher DECLINED to take the Miami job???
If you are in a postition to enter into a serious relationship with one of two ladies and one of them demands access to your bank accounts and passwords and you DECLINE and go with the one who isn't so power hungry...then did you get dumped??
Don't answer because it is a simple NO
Folks like Armando like to have something to write about to fill page space so it is much easier to fill a paragraph about how Jeff Fisher declined the Dolphins when in fact THEY DECLINED HIM.
Just not as much of a story there.

And I'm sure the bill got much higher after they left the restaurant if you knwo what I mean ...

Mark in Toronto | October 10, 2012 at 01:00 PM

Most definitely and have been way guilty of those when getting together with old friends.

Reality Check i mean yesterday's gone, you make absolutely no sense. Why dont you enlighten us on your football knowledge oh wait! you dont have any! you are just another troll!

Posted by: Reality Check is a Troll | October 10, 2012 at 12:03 PM

LMAO Where are your football related posts? OH THAT'S RIGHT, YOU DON'T MAKE ANY EITHER! LOL HAHA

I don't talk football & I admit it. Why don't you tell us your real name where you post football from?


I normally focus on trolling the homers but, man, you are a dumb dumb!

I would like you to continue accusing me of being this reality guy. Maybe if you tap your feet together like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz it might come true for you! LOLOL!

I see now though you may realize how dumb that is & now call me yesterday?!?! LOL

Just because a person uses the LOL doesn't automatically make them YG LOL

I do prey on the gullable & stupid. You certainly fit the bill on both counts.

Never thought 1 troll would troll another but, you are worthy! LOL DOLT LOL DOLT LOL DOLT LOL DOLT

OK. Let's give Ireland a pass and only talk about the past 2 seasons that we can all agree were entirely his doing. Westerman, Richard Marshall, Mastrud, Hicks, Baker, Garrard, Slaton, Tyrell Johnson, Feinga, Mike Rivera, Steinbach, Guyton, Ocho, Daniel Thomas, Colombo, Clay who is regressing, Egnew, dumping Marshall and Vontae with no back up plan.

Your personal opinions and feelings have no basis in reality. So, he yelled at his QB for crap passes? Marino yelled at receivers all the time. He did not cost the team hundreds of yards either. Fabricated nonsense

I know everybody will start with the Thomas is soft talk throughout the day but look at the replay. He put his hat in there and took a solid hit to the head from the Bengals defender. That particular play would have concussed alot of players. He has been questioned for running to upright and when he finally puts his hat in the line happens to catch a shot. I believe Thomas can be a serviceable 3rd down utility type in the Nathan mode from watching how they've used him this particular Season.

Posted by: fin4life | October 10, 2012 at 01:02 PM

A 3rd down back? Sounds like a waste of a 2nd round pick & 3 picks total if you ask me!

Agree. They traded up for a 3rd down back? You can find them all day in the waiver wire

We really need to re-sign Starks to ensure continuity in our defensive front. A deal similar to Soliai's would be great. Below market, team friendly, and Starks could continue to dominate as he has throughout his tenure in Miami.

I am sorry Thomas is hurt. I think he is beneficial to the team and plays really hard.
But, do you believe that Lamar Miller is only 21 years old? Can you imagine what he will be when he grows up?
AND, Olivier Vernon is only 22!!
I can't believe we, the Dolphins, got them as third and forth rounders in the same draft. I hope this is an indication that our draft luck and skill is improving. We deserve it.

thavafin....@ 1:02...

You should post that 100 times....or @ least until Armando get's it thru his head....

Thomas is more than a 3rd down back, fin.....I'm apparently in the minority, and yes, now 2 concussions is troubling (but not exactly his fault) but I like what I see from Thomas when he actually gets carries--had a couple of big games as a rookie before injuries slowed him and he runs hard and gets positive yards almost every time he touches the ball (yeah, I know he got stuffed a couple of times......all RBs do)--decent avg yes/carry (needs to get better) so I think its way too early to write him off--and don't forget that Bush is a FA at year end so for all those wanting to trade/dump him, we might need him (along with Miller) if Bush walks.

Let's see. Thomas injured last year, injured this year. Fumbles. Yeah, good job.

Polish kielbasa out and African kielbasa in.PEEEUUUUU.

we should sign some RBs quick, because this group is taking a beating and we're only at week 6. Just throw the ball more.

Many holes and uncertainty on this squad. But there is a nucleus of STUDS to keep building around.

Top priorities and impact positions:
QB, LT, 2 DE, CB, 2 DT and K.
THill - STUD
Long - STUD
Wake - STUD
Starks - STUD
Solai - STUD
Odrick - SOLID, but needs more pressure on QB.
Smith - SOLID, but needs consistencyt and tackle better
Marshall- BUST get rid of him!
Carpenter - SOLID - but we need STUD. Poor success rate >45 yds is a problem!

Next valued positions:
C, RT, #1 WR, #1 RB and 3 LB's.
Pouncey - STUD
Martin - SOLID and predict STUD by end of year.
Bush - STUD
#1 WR - Don't have one. Big vacancy this year.
Dansby - SOLID but not worth the money
Misi - SOLID - improving each week.
Burnett - DECENT - but I am not a believer.

Final priorities:
RG, LG, #2 RB, #2 WR, #3 WR, SS, FS, TE, Nickel CB & P
Jerry - SOLID
Incognito - SOLID
Thomas/Miller - TBD - need one to rise to SOLID quickly
Bess - SOLID
Hartline - SOLID
Clemons - BUST - get rid of him
Jones - TBD - showing some recent progress
Fasano/Clay - Decent - but that is not good enough. Carroll/Wilson - TBD - Hope one rises to SOLID quickly
Fields - STUD - and thank god for him


yes they got to get the hat hat player tnat burn dpown the feilds. I seen that one time before hey had that guuy very fast, but he was and wise reciever not and run back! so yes true anyways!

Marc, Ireland isn't perfect but I think the first and second rounds are when you need to nail your picks. And in this regard, he has been very good, top 5 in the NFL since his time in Miami.

They've added a perennial pro bowl left tackle (the only 4 time pro bowler drafted in the last five years)
A starting corner who's severly limited two of the best Wrs in the last two weeks
A starting DE, starting OLB, A starting Centre, aserviceable RB, a starting WQ, and a starting RT.

All this on a young team that sits respectable in offensive and defensive rankings in the NFl. Not like the guy inhereited a lot (any) talent from prior regimes.

People may ask where are all the pro bowlers, we keep in mind only one team has drafted more than 2 pro bowlers in the last five years in the first two rounds and that is NE with a tonne of picks.

A couple of teams have drafted two, and some have drafted none. So to only have one pro bowler in the last five classes is just about where the rest of the league is.

...The injury bug may be a concern for Thomas. Some may shrug this off as coincidence. It could be. The only thing that is fact is that he struggles to stay on the field. We may never know exactly what Thomas is a as a player if these knicks keep pilling on.

BTW...We spent almost this much at the Spearmint Rhino on Saturday night..Krug Riems at 650 a pop, and 400 bucks per in the VIP..Adds up. We like these lineman..Had a fine evening.

I see your point and still disagree. Long hs regressed the past 2 seasons. Made the pro bowl last year off name recognition alone. Even with that he was Parcells.pick. You can't find Jeff immunity over. Those picks and recognition. It's one or the other. Still Matt Ryan was the smarter pick.

ross is dumb.

What good is a RB who gets a concussion every other game, then misses two games? Next? Joe put in the fullback when u need help in blocking DLmen

Anyway. Here's to hoping we can go into the bye week at 500 and next year's draft so we can take a guard in the first round.

Marc, agree that Matt Ryan was the better pick but you can't fault Ireland for the picks that go wrong and not credit him for the ones that go right. I wasn't in the war room, I have no idea who picked who, but I know Ireland was the GM during this entire time and had significant impact over the entire process. Got to grade him on the entire body of work, not just here and there.

Bottom line is this team is finally rounding out and we can almost see a finished product. personally I would like ireland to be around to see it through. I think he's earned it. Do I like him? Buh, don't even know him but I know he's done a fair job of acquiring talent.

Shula in his last ten years couldn't do it at the same rate. JJ had this annoying habit of missing on 1st picks, Wannstedt was a moron, Saban had no clue either, so by comparison, Ireland is manna form heaven.

Marc, I know you're half kidding but I've seen RGs mocked to us in the first two rounds and can't understand why.

And personally, Ireland would really peeve me off if he did take one. We have a good young line, leave it alone ...

You were a stud last night, too!

Posted by: Father William Bean, St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Muncie, Indiana | October 10, 2012 at 01:53 PM


$ 7,400?!?

How many calories do you think they consumed?

Well, if you want to grade the entire body of work since Ireland has been here...I just don't have that much time, but there were MANY more missed than hit. I'll give him one thing. He's good at finding undrafted gems occasionally, but that hardly makes up for the Egnews, Thomas', Chad Johnsons, Nanees, etc.

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