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Morning news on Thomas, Fisher, steaks

This is what's happening at this hour:

Running back Daniel Thomas, who apparently suffered his second concussion in five weeks on Sunday, has not been cleared for contact and is not practicing this morning. Thomas will be re-evaluated later this week to see if he can pass the NFL mandated tests by an independent doctor before he can be cleared to practice, much less play on Sunday.New Thomas

Thomas missed a game against the Oakland Raiders after he suffered a concussion in the opner against Houston. His status against the Rams on Sunday is questionable at best, although that status doesn't come out officially until Friday.

Without Thomas at practice, that means Lamar Miller is taking second-team snaps as he's the next guy up on the depth chart. Reggie Bush continues to be Miami's starting RB.


The Richard Marshall back saga continues.

Marshall, whose missed practice most of the past two weeks and did not play at Cincinnati, was not at practice today. Nolan Carroll continues to take snaps with the starters in his absence.


As you know, Joe Philbin was Miami's second choice for the head coach job. First choice Jeff Fisher declined Miami's job offer and took the Rams job instead.

Now Fisher and the 3-2 Rams visit Philbin and the 2-3 Dolphins on Sunday at Sun Life.

Fisher was on a conference call today and had no interest relitigating the reasons he picked the Rams over the Dolphins.

"I went through that before, I don't think it's necessary to go through that again," Fisher said. "They made the right decision. They've got things going. Coach Philbin is doing an excellent job there. I really had a great time there. I have a lot of respect for Mr. [Stephen] Ross and [Jeff] Ireland and I felt this was the better opportunity for me."

As you know, Fisher was offered the job but wanted final organizational say over personnel as well as coaching decisions -- which he has in St. Louis. The Dolphins declined to give him say over personnel, deciding instead to keep that in Ireland's hands.


You're going to hear about this in the next couple of hours so I might as well tell you now. Much talk early in the lockerroom this morning centered around the dinner the offensive line had at Prime One Twelve on Miami Beach Monday night.

The total tab was approximately 7,400.

Word is the players ordered one and in some cases, multiples of everything on the menu. There was also wine, beer, shots and champagne.

The offensive line does this several times a year as a bonding experience.


Randy Starks, who had a monster game against Cincinnati on Sunday, has been named the AFC defensive player of the week.

Starks had an interception and was a beast against the run. He is also unsigned after this season.



The Dolphins this morning added linebacker Josh Kaddu off their practice squad to the active roster and added defensive end Louis Nzegwu to the practice squad.


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Do some of the people in this blog have amnesia or do you seriously just like talking about the same crap over and over?

I mean seriously wtf? Are we going to be reading posts about how the Dolphins should have taken Matt Ryan even after the team gets good? If they make a nice playoff run next season is someone going to come in here and talk about , "if we had Matt Ryan we would have gone to the super bowl"!

Let it go and move on already. This was 5 years ago. We passed on Randy Moss too. Maybe we should start talking about that again. When is enough enough, it's over and done, nothing can change it now, please stop.

Let it go and move on already. This was 5 years ago. We passed on Randy Moss too. Maybe we should start talking about that again.

Phins78 | October 10, 2012 at 05:17 PM


Mark I was really just commenting on the media's ability to turn a piece of poop into a golden egg.

I already think if Marshall is healthy he's an upgrade over Vontae. Hopefully this thing is just an anomaly in his career.

But it just makes me laugh when a player's injury is described as a "saga". Always with the dramatics. It's not a JRR Tolkien novel or the epics of Homer. It's a football player with an injury.

Who do we sign?
Who do we franchise?


Damnit! How in the hell did we pass on Moss and take John Avery! I'm so mad about this!


Good question hmmmm.

First off, imo they shouldn't use the franchise tag this offseason UNLESS, Randy Starks continues his great season. I would think about giving it to him because he will be highly sought after for teams looking to add final pieces. And they will pay him big money. He's 29 or 30 years old. Give him the franchise if he earns it and see if he can repeat next season. If not move on, if so sign him to a 5 year deal.

Long has to be signed. We are not going to do better in free agency or the draft and we can't be relying on a rookie to protect Ryan in his sophomore season. Not to mention disturbing the chemistry he and Incognito have built. But this is obviously up for debate. If anyone disagrees please do so with facts. Don't just come at me with "Long sucks, cut him". If you think he sucks name the guy who will upgrade the position. If you can't find an upgrade (I know I can't) then the answer is sign him.

Hartline HAS to be signed. Great locker room guy and he will be one hell of a compliment to whichever stud receiver we bring in. SIGN HIM! And sign him now, no franchise, we can get him cheaper at the end of the season. If we wait too long his proce will go up too much.

Bush is a tough one. Love the guy but don't trust his durability. It really depends on Millers maturation this season. If Miller picks it up and looks the part there will be less of a need for Reggie. We can then concentrate on getting a big back for short yardage and goal line situations because I'm afraid Thomas will not be able to be trusted. Two concussions already and that usually gets worse. He is more prone for repeat concussions now.

..This is what I think is interesting...We all concede this is a pass first league. The stats surely back this up. Anyone watching can see this is the trend. I think we are starting too see the beggining of another new trend in the NFL and it will lean back to the run. Go look at the teams that were pass heavy the last 2 years..They are ditching the pass in favor of the run..The reason..It is just to difficult to protect your quarterback over a period of time..The Pats, the Packers, the Giants, the Saints..have all started to turn to the run...

I'm not saying that the pass will be ignored, and we will see run totals like the 80's-90's. I' seeing teams trying to run more up tempo..run more plays..Use the run in nickel and dime situatons against the oppositions weaker run defenses..Teams are stocking up on pass rushers, and defensive backs..How do you counter?? By running it. I may be wrong about the future..I'm just saying pay attention to some trends..you will see more runs this year then from teams at this point the last 3.


Great post. The NFL may be having an acid flash back but I hope that is not the case. I like when teams like the Niners run the ball & pound teams into submission.

Just when I thought the Texans were about to knock the will out of the Jets on Monday night they didn't seal the deal & kept a 'desperate' team in the game. Foster is a great RB but the combo of him & Tate are devastating.

Look...I like Reggie Bush & Thomas but CLEARLY they are banged up. Can you imagine R&R running behind this O-line???

Kind of a one trick pony route runner. I like G.Jennings and if to costly would get Steve Smith along with the Saints D.Henderson who should come at a reasonable price.

I've been a big fan of Greg Jennings but he's 29 & that's too late to sign a guy to be your number one. Smith is even older.

If we can't get Wallace who is the youngest & fastest of all these cats then I wouldn't mind Dwayne Bowe but then again--he's 28.

I absolutely reveled in the confusion of the Wildcat/Sanchize/Tebow/Sparano play calling Monday night!

It was hilarious and sooooo reminiscent of when Sparano/Henning were running things here. They actually just straight burned two timeouts due to "figuring" things out. Lol,...classic!

I don't dislike the Wildcat as a play or even flirting with things of that nature that are "out of the box" type plays. You HAVE to have a team that is competent to run it. They have to have the talent and still can only pull it off if the execute it like any other play.

That said, I am kinda glad the musical chairs nature of the whole Wildcat offense has taken it's broken down, played out ass to the Jests.

(Face palm) We shoulda beat the Jests the first go around!

I digress...Go Fins!!


I will tell the kicker we will ALL (Fans, Ireland, Philbin, Ross) wish we had drafted when it's all said and done...

We play him this weekend... Rams PK Greg Zuerline.

The guy is a 6th round rookie and he is booting 50+ yarders like it was falling off a log. He is a phenom for sure. If he stays focused and avoids injury, he will make a KILLER kicker and could be a HoFer someday. Yeah I said it...Hall of Famer! (file that one away as you heard it here first)


hopefully we see a kaddu sighting on special teams.

i guess 2 weeks becomes a saga

hes a kicker rob, i could care less

Hey Rob, what's up buddy? Is it just me, or does Philbin have his head up his arse? Let me back up, I'm not a Philbin hater. I haven't 2nd-guessed the guy pretty much all year.

But in this one area, I am. WHY would he send out Carpenter, who's in a rough patch, to attempt a FG he should KNOW by now he can't make (over 50 yards). He hasn't been money from that range for years now. I, a lowly FAN knows this, why doesn't the HC? I'm not even blaming Carpenter anymore. It's not his fault, he is what he is. I AM blaming Philbin though, he needs to be smarter, that could have hurt us there. He should have kicked it away and pinned them down near their endzone. The way our run defense is playing, we could hold them back there and get the ball in great field position.

Anyway, glad we won, that's just my little gripe.

bill, did you see that stat during the game? In the last couple of years, we have the MOST losses of 3 points or less. You should care about kickers, if we had Janakowski we'd probably be a whole different team.

ireland needs to do his job then dc and cut carpenter and pick up a new one. most kickers in league now hit 50 yarders like its nothing

course we would dc, thats why i just said ireland do your job and go get another one. most any kicker out there is better than garbage carpenter

But if they do that they'll still have to pay Carpenter's 2mil contract. That's the hold up. They probably don't want to add to the CAP in a re-build year. That's why I say it's on Philbin to understand the situation and Carpenter's limitations.

who cares about the 2 mill, hes already cost us 2 games. how many more does it take?

Passing Game is devastating these Years, mainly due to the new rules for the D. How do you counter it? The only sure way to do it is to keep the ball away from the opponent's Offense.

Also,look at NE with Welker. Is there any way to stop these very quick, shifty receivers from getting 8 yard gains? Not up to now.

Bill Belichick has always been ahead of the Game. Look at the use of his TEs. He was fortunate in obtaining a rare talent in Gronkowski, but he uses those big ends to stretch the field and permit sizable gains underneath by other Players. And, of course, sometimes he cashes in with his big TEs.

Sure, you can put the heat on the opposing QB, but on the quick Passing Game, there is no time to get there and only hope to clog the lanes(a la Randy Starks, JJ Watt).

DC, the guy did hit a 63 yarder with a few yards to spare, so he has the leg, but numbers don't lie, he's been awful from +45 yards out. He was so clutch in past years and recently has been a liability. His 2.5m salary might be cut after this season. Especially with Carpenter performing this poorly for Philbin's first year. A rookie/cheap kicker can do just as good/poorly as Carpenter is right now. He needs to step up on the remainder of the season for us to keep him around. Denney is a top-notch long snapper, Fields is an elite punter who is extremely underrated. Carpenter use to be just as good as them but I don't think so any more

time for me to talk to myself

just cut him, jets will then sign him and we can sign folk after they cut him

The thing is that we Cubans talk so loud, that many other People listen.

Oh, and that quick blitzkrieg to the line works very well, also.

I really don't know why I like, you People, so much, but I will continue Teaching you.

Tannehill is TBD in my opinion. Even if he turns out great. I don't see him better than Ryan or Flacco, both of which we passed on. I'd say his ceiling is probably Flacco. Just a hunch. I do know he needs to work on his TD to INT ratio....QUICKLY

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 02:33 PM

TBD in my opinion as well. But you say you have a "hunch" he'll never be better than either?

Thats all fine, but based on commanalities, all indications are that Tannehill should **QUICKLY** surpass the both. Look at where they were at the same points of their respective developments, and Tannehill is BY FAR ahead of where either Flacco and Ryan were.

Everybody is entitled to their opinions, but I get the feeling all of yours have been to the negative lately. At a time when optimism seems to be at it's highest level in years, yours sound dubious at best. Even in regards to the Team overall and as a whole.

The fact is, Tannehill has exceeded virtually everyones expectations and is FAR AHEAD of where Ryan and Flacco were at the same time.

PS: I know someone will try to come back with how well the Falcons did during Ryan's rookie year. But first off, the Falcons were LOADED with talent and secondly, my post ie in regards to QB development. Matt Ryan managed games very good and developed quickly. But he still didn't do the things Tannehill has done in his FIRST 5 GAMES!

This blog is like reading Andy Cohen. Dolphins internal propagandist. Eternally optimistic with only positive statements.

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 03:55 PM

I'm not picking on you Marc, so this will be the last one.

That same finger you're pointing can be pointed right back at you in the opposite.

Optimism is at an all time high. It's to be expected. In your case though, I went back and read all of your comments today. And what do you know? Not a single solitary positive comment one. In three hours it was one negative post after the other.

So, were all entitled to our opinions, as are you. But how are you going to point the finger at others, while you yourself were doing the same exact thing, only in the negative?




I believe it is communalities.

That's one hell of a question, ALoco. Always has been.

It's the same as TO BE OR NOT TO BE, ALoco.

Did I clarify your inquietud for Life, ALoco? Neither did I with Mine.

Phins 78,
Great post at 5:43pm. Totally agree with the free agent assessments. What to do about Sean Smith? Is he gonna be worth what he will command? He has done well so far this year but will he stay motivated? That decision may be Dolphins biggest.Opinions anyone?

I see that Tannehill is finally getting attention from ESPN. They rated him 5th best out of the 10 starting Qb's drafted in the last 2 years. I have a feeling it will be a lot higher 6 weeks from now.

I am "tricky', as you say, Aloco, because I only tell the Truth. It is YOU that turns things around to adapt to your "Truth".

Why would anyone care what they paid for dinner?

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 12:35 PM

OK. Let's give Ireland a pass and only talk about the past 2 seasons that we can all agree were entirely his doing. Westerman, Richard Marshall, Mastrud, Hicks, Baker, Garrard, Slaton, Tyrell Johnson, Feinga, Mike Rivera, Steinbach, Guyton, Ocho, Daniel Thomas, Colombo, Clay who is regressing, Egnew, dumping Marshall and Vontae with no back up plan.

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 01:14 PM

Agree. They traded up for a 3rd down back? You can find them all day in the waiver wire

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 01:22 PM

Let's see. Thomas injured last year, injured this year. Fumbles. Yeah, good job.

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 01:40 PM

I see your point and still disagree. Long hs regressed the past 2 seasons. Made the pro bowl last year off name recognition alone. Even with that he was Parcells.pick. You can't find Jeff immunity over. Those picks and recognition. It's one or the other. Still Matt Ryan was the smarter pick.

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 02:02 PM

Anyway. Here's to hoping we can go into the bye week at 500 and next year's draft so we can take a guard in the first round.

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 02:17 PM

Well, if you want to grade the entire body of work since Ireland has been here...I just don't have that much time, but there were MANY more missed than hit. I'll give him one thing. He's good at finding undrafted gems occasionally, but that hardly makes up for the Egnews, Thomas', Chad Johnsons, Nanees, etc.

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 02:29 PM

Tannehill is TBD in my opinion. Even if he turns out great. I don't see him better than Ryan or Flacco, both of which we passed on. I'd say his ceiling is probably Flacco. Just a hunch. I do know he needs to work on his TD to INT ratio....QUICKLY

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 02:33 PM

you've seen spurts in Thomas...Haha. sounds about right. He's got to have lady parts the way he gets injured.

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 02:54 PM

You guys are missing my point. We could have had Flacco or Ryan. Neither a stretch and be a much better team RIGHT NOW

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 02:59 PM

It's concussions this year. It was something else last year. It was a joke. Sorry you don't understand humor. Do I need to spell it out. His avg is paltry. Not worth trading up...

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 03:03 PM

This blog is like reading Andy Cohen. Dolphins internal propagandist. Eternally optimistic with only positive statements.

Posted by: Marc | October 10, 2012 at 03:55 PM

The old drunken viking is right on the money. Marc went blathering on for 4 solid hours and not one optimistic post. Not one?

Pretty much the standard and at a time when everyone else is estatic. Me thinks another toll just bit the dust. And you all were falling for Marcs trolling antics lock stock and barrel Ha Ha.

heehee, this guy doesn't know that the Truth doesn't care about any White Elephants or anything else. She just continues on her Course. Don't you all see that She is Neutral?

For whatever reasons and where ever you want to plave blame, Daniel Thomas is stacking the deck against himself.

The fumbles in College and a few big ones last year and this year won't help his cause. Then injuries are bad enough and the concussions downright discouraging.

Having said that, Thomas does fit nicely into the offense. When healthy he's been impressive. He's supposed to be the grinder type to compliment Bush and Miller. Every team needs one of those. Also, his pass catching abilities are perfect for him and our offense. We can put him into the game at anytime without tipping our hand as to what we might run.

PS: That leads me to one of my complaints about Sherman. I realize it's all new and we have the Rookie QB starting. But we need to get our Backs more involved with the pass game.

It has improved two weeks ago and especially last week. But we could be so much better at it isn't even funny.

I agree as far as getting the backs involved. Sherman needs to look at tape of how the rams used marshall faulk. Screens lining up in the slot and motioning out from the backfield. Would draw defenders away bess or hartline and make teams think teice about blitzing.

Daniel Thomas will be brain dead by the time he retires. Miller is far more effective when he knows what he's doing. Anyhoo.
Can't wait till Sunday.

Bill Conners, You don't have to care about kickers as it America and you can think what ya like...BUT, you should. You say something like that when a few kicks would have the Fins with 2 more wins in this young season?

Come on man! Good/great kickers are not a dime a dozen which is why we are having any discussion over it. Like DC pointed out...the guaranteed $$ is why they have not brought in other guys. In the distant past, Carpenter has been money. They know he is capable of it so they are giving him the opportunity to work it out.

Just my opinion. I hope he pulls back on the yoke as Carpenter is flirting with a change if things keep going south.


DC Dolfan,

Wasssup bro? Good to see ya still banging on input in this blog. Content gets dicey at times if football chat is what u seek. Mando is not exactly a blog minder.

As to your Kicker comment about Philbin. I thoguht the same too originally "Why trot him out there for that kick?" "He is fragile right now" etc.

I have since changed my way of thinking. I believe Philbin does not want to play scared #1. I think that permeates the ideology and sends the wrong message. I think players want you to believe in them and do things like "Go for it" to prove to them you believe in them.

Secondly, I believe Philbin will need ample kicker stats good or bad to determine if he needs to get a NEW kicker and if so how soon. Do they wait, NOT take the cap hit and see if Carpenter can kick himself back to good standing and draft a kicker? Or do they give him "XX" amount of shots to say give him the rope to sing or swim this year? By coddling Carpenter on the sideline as not to wreck his mojo he would be circumventing the opportunity for Carpenter to prove he belongs a Dolphin.

I hear ya though... If Philbin was "safe" minded, he would have punted and played DEF. I think it is just the Packer training coming through. Everyone has a job...go do your job.


Cheers all...check back in later.

The year Atlanta drafted Matt Ryan(2008), they has two-1st's, three-3rd's, two-5th's, two-7ths and all their regular picks too.

They drafted Left Tackle Sam Baker, Safety Thomas DeCoud and signed RB Michael Turner as well. Ryan had a great O-line and was throwing to Finneran, Michael Jenkins and Roddy White. Marcus Pollard at TE.

The Defense was stacked too. Abraham, Anderson, Brookings and Lawyer Milloy too name a few.

My point is, I believe Ryan landed on a very good team. Not to take anything away from him, they won 11 games and lost the Wildcard game. Needless to say, Ryan was considered a quick study and did well right off the bat.

Make of this what you will. Ryan was 3 year starter at Boston College and had 32 starts. Again, I can't take anything away from his rookie season. But he was definitely more of a Game manager playing behind a great O-line, a very good offense(RB Michael Turner) and a complete Receiving Corps featuring WR's Michael Jenkins, Roddy White and TE Marcus Pollard.

In the first 5 games of Ryan's Rookie Season(on a LOADED TEAM), he went:

3-2. Completed 53.3% of his passes for 863 yards and threw 4 TD's and 5 INT's.


2-3(Should be 4-1). Completed 57.4% of his passes for 1269 yards and threw 2 TD's(Rushed for 1) and 6 INT's.

(PS: Save all you're arguments until after we win our 10th game and clinch a Wild Card Birth this year, THEN we'll talk(Joking)-LOL!)

Cote has a nice write up titled:

A Case Can Be Made To Defend Miami Dolphins' Jeff Ireland.

In the article, Cote quotes next years cap number at 60 Million. I've heard verious numbers from sources with various credibility levels. But they've all been in the 50 - 60 Million Dollar Range.

The last time I posted a reference to a write up at the Herald(Barry Jackson's), it got deleted. I'm not sure of the REASON, so I'll just use this to seguey into the next.

If nothing else, Philbin has proven that he has a plan, an idea about what his team should be and a Philosophy thats supposed to accomplish as much.

Philbin has a certain type of player he likes. He has some type of prototypical requirements/expectations that he sticks too. He's proven this over and over again. Marshall, Johnson and Davis come to mind.

So, if nothing else, Philbin's been consistent. He says things, he sticks to them. He does things, he expects them to be examples. Without a doubt, things are now being done Philbin's way.

Having said that, I'll remind everyone that Philbin has consistently stated that he believes you **Promote From Within** Meaning you Teach and Coach your own young players up. He's also repeatedly stated, **You Build through the Draft**. And we all know what that means.

So, with 50 to 60 Million Dollars on the books, what do you suspect Philbin will want to do with it? My guess would be that we end up putting a priority on signing the majority of our own Free Agents. A couple of short weeks ago people where talking about who we'll let walk. The two biggest names being thrown around were Starks and Bush.

I do see that happening though, not with Joe Philbin running the ship. I think they'll find a way to sign all of our guys that they decide are worth keeping. Regardless of the Money.

First I think they'll determine who(and I think we retain all of our main contributors). And THEN they'll go about finding ways of getting them signed. I can't see a Philbin led team letting any of our Stars walk over money alone(I'm not unaware that somebody can simply demand a ridiculous amount and that sometimes there is nothing a team can do. But I don't see that being the case with most of out starters and big contributors).

Mainly though, I see Philbin and Ireland putting the emphasis on getting our own guys signed first, and then looking towards what will be available in Free Agency. Which leads me to this, I don't think they'll look to the open market to make a gigantic splash or fill alot of holes.

I believe we sign the majority of our guys and then target TWO POSITIONS in Free Agency, with an eye towards opening up more options on draft day. For example, a Big Time No.1 WR and maybe a good to great CB or pass rushing OLB. PERIOD.

What I don't see them doing is targetting alot of guys to be back ups/rotation guys or depth. I think they'll promote these type from within and address these needs through later round picks.

This way, we resign most of own. We get ONE, possibly two playmakers that will conribute RIGHT AWAY in Free Agency. And in the process, free-ing up the draft picks more and more for the BPA.

It'll be tight, but it CAN be done. And I think this is the way they'll go about doing it.

(PS: Also, I don't see Dansby going anywhere anytime soon. I believe his money was guaranteed and I can't see us unloading his contract on anyone. Not at his age. If we're lucky, we could possibly get him to restructure(freeing up more money). But as far as him going anywhere else before his contracts up, don't hold your breath.

Good God OdinStank, Why are you on here?
No "HOTTIES" Around?
Please leave.

Here's A stat for everyone, Odinstank(Since he started posting in blue) Has had over 886 posts since Oct 1, Good lord, what kind of person posts an average of 84 posts a day?OdinStank, PLEASE take up a new hobbie.
Perferably Russian Roulett.

My Bad, After further Review it was 298 posts in 10 days.
But you guys get the message.
And thats not counting Odinstanks other names he goes by.

Ace, Mainly Taekwondo. In doing so, I came into contact with a lot of various/hybrid types. My two "secondaries" are Jujitsu and Judo.
Commented May 12, 2010 on The revote on Defensive Rookie of the Year at Miami Dolphins In Depth

More Delusions.
Odinstank claims he's a MartiaL aRTS EXPERT.

WOW OBL,Obsessive?alittle?But hey if you got the time?????Ireland is bulking up for the 13 draft for WR's. They will be cheap and he will keep most of the D intacked with the money saved by not over paying for older guy's at WR.Ya start with the QB.Still not the beliver but I'm older than most of you and have seen the good and bad.Hopein tanne is as good as we ALL THINK HE IS.

Sorry P.A Got a couple hours to burn so yeah, what better way to show what a POS Odinstank is, I Mean collecting all that goverment hand outs and such, I Just gotta figure out how he gets internet.
Maybe he lives in a old folks home and gets WI-FI.
But I guess the old coot should have some type of Hobbie.


You poor pathetic little dweeb. If I knew who you REALLY were, I'd buy you a can of soup and give ya enough for a Hit of De Meth.

Sorry Man, but I'd help you if I could, for REAL-LOL.

The dolphins need the tight ends to step up ASAP.........

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