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Naanee remains on the Dolphins at this hour

Throughout the day many of my twitter followers were asking me when the Dolphins would get rid of Legedu Naanee. They were also asking the same about Dan Carpenter.

Carpenter missed a kick against Arizona Sunday, his third in two weeks, while Naanee had a memorable fumble that was scooped up by Patrick Peterson and returned to the Dolphins one yard line. The mistake was erased when Arizona quarterback Kevin Kolb threw an interception in the end zone two plays later.

Nonetheless, this evening the questions about Naanee's future took on a different approach. My followers were claiming a report said Naanee had been cut.

Well, that was a fake twitter report from a bogus account. And as of this evening, Naanee remains on the team.

"The Miami Dolphins front office has not had any discussions with me nor any of my six clients on the team today about any roster moves," agent David Canter texted me.

So move along.

Nothing to see here as of this moment.


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Ahhh f uck it


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I was wrong about the Dallas CBs yesterday. They were eaten alive by Marshall and Co.

Who is calling our O plays, Sherman? Time to give somebody else a chance.

Also, very peculiar use of our O personnel. You have 2 receivers in the PS that Tannehill feels comfortable with, Marlon Moore and Fuller. Use them. Naanee is invisible and when he surfaces he fuc-s it up, as usual. Sit him down. Egnew, the only TE with speed we have on the inactive list? D. Thomas is as dumb as a rock and not trustworthy in any aspect of the Game. Play Miller.What can I tell you? Seems like we inherited another stubborn Coach.

Nanee isnt the issue--its the GM who thought he could replace Marshall...till Ireland is gone, we will be "rebuilding"

Our OL is great, you say? Maybe Run wise but certainly not in Pass protection.

I'm not quite sure about that, andyk. I believe that now, Philbin and his Coaches are having a great deal of input on Player selection. Maybe Philbin didn't want Marshall here, same as with cj and Gates.

If i can remember right i think Carpenter missed two field goals in the first four games last year that cost us games. Not 100% percent sure but i do believe he did before he got it straightened out i would keep him just get closer so that he can kick some field goals to get his confidents up. We need to bring in another wr T-hill can not keep throwing to the same two guys and expect to suceeed he needs a third option

Oscar, I agree on using Fuller or Moore, particularly Fuller as be came from A&M with Tannehill and they already have good enough chemistry as evident in preseason as Tannehill's go-to guy. Not sure what's going on with Egnew. D Thomas is playing ok all-in-all minus the fumbles (not good, or great, simply ok) but he is a much better pass protector than Miller and that's why Miller can't sniff the field. When he's in it's an obvious run or short/quick pass, anything that takes time to develope he's a turnover risk due to Tannehill being hit and throwing an INT or fumble or getting hurt

Agree on Miller and long developing plays, D20. But Tannehill can roll out and throw or run, can't he? Very unimaginative and frankly mistaken play calling.

sign Gaffney, play Egnew and call up Fuller.....how much worse can they be?--may as well give the rookies some snaps......

Good morning guys,

My first chance to get on since that heart breaker, wow. It was the worst loss I felt in a long time. Miami did everything they could to win and it still wasn't good enough. At least vs the Jets I felt that game was crap and the winner wasn't determined by the better team but who stunk it up more.

Today, I hate to sound like Mando or even a homer which I never am but that loss gave me hope on the biggest front and that was at QB. I know Tannehill had a few passes that could of been INT's but every good or even elite QB gets away with those. Tannehill looked confident and even when he makes a bad throw like the reversed Adrian Wilson INT he showed emotion and life on the sidelines. Tannehill made a few throws where he stared down a WR but on one set of downs on third down he looked left, looked middle and then fired an incompletion. It was a sign of progression that he is getting better. I know it was only 1 game but the Cardinals were being hailed as this dominant defense that was shutting down the likes of Philadelphia and New England. Miami showed signs of life across the board. Sean Smith my favorite whipping boy even had 2 ints that were against Kolb but nonetheless he made athletic plays on both. Neither of those were freebies. Cam Wake had 4 sacks vs a rookie, so what? He did exactly what a very good pass rusher is supposed to do vs a rookie and that's dominate him. Last but not least Miami had 2 WRs making plays. Hartline was a outstanding as was Davone Bess. I still think a true #1 is needed but I do believe Miami has a top 5 slot WR and a good #2 who looks to have progressed.


Arizona was geared to stop the run inside our tackles and got exposed somewhat in their secondary. They are a good D.

Zona has a good secondary that was playing man most of the game with no help over top.

They made the timely plays to win the football game.

Miami sorely needs a deep threat. Hartline will not be consistent week to week.

Dline needs more depth....ends got tired an couldn't generate a pass rush when it mattered.

Bush and Miller tip toe too much on plays when there is no obvious hole.

R. Matthews needs to see the field and Nanee needs to certainly be waived.

True, he can, but I'd want to minimize those chances unless it's a designed play, I've seen it twice this year when Tannehill rolls out, is about to get sacked and just dinks it out of bounds. One I thought was a fumble the other could have been a penalty; but that's besides the point. I'd rather see him firm in the pocket and utilize his roll out accuracy as a luxury. At this point I just think the extra year of experience for Thomas has him as a smarter player that can recognize blitzes better and pick up defenders better. Miller is just guessing when he's out there.

Cut Naanee and sign Marvin McNutt from Philly practice squad!!!

I think our fans are going to like this WCO when it all comes together. We still need secondary and a #1 receiver but it looks like our OL is fine, RBs are fine, DL is awesome, LBs are, well, I'll wait on that one.

Marshall had a good game last night. I guess we'll be spared the Craig M MMQB speech today about how smart Ireland is for dumping him.

Ain't it funny, he says it EVERYTIME Marshall has a bad game but, not after the good ones. He just wants to tell you how smart Ireland & he are & how dumb you are.

I see Odintroll was already spewing last night about how he'd take Bess & Hartline over Marshall.

When you're sober, look at this offense without Marshall & then try to imagine it w/Marshall AND Bess & Hartline.

Neither Carpenter or Nanee can take the entire blame for the past two losses.Unlike some of you on here before the season started I knew the Dolphins were not going into the postseason they dont have enough players to replace the ones that were released(Marshall,Bell,Davis) and traded for FUTURE draft picks.BTW by the boldness of these moves and others Ireland has a long term plan that Ross is in accord with.They are rebuilding.They just cant cut and release players because of their play in the last game or in the last two games.Do you know what they are paying Nanee and Carpenter and if they have guaranteed contarcts and how much will they still have to pay them if they want to cut them and get someone to take their place.Its not just about sports there are a lot of business considerations that have to be taken into account before any player moves are made.

Morning FinFans,

My take on the Naanee thing is, we've now seen him in 7 games. Forget practice, practice is for p*ssies. 3 PreSeason games (he probably didn't play much in the 4th one, can't remember) plus 4 regular Season games. In those games, can anyone think of anything memorable (good) that he did? I can think of ONE play, and it was on special teams. I think he was the guy with the critical block on the Marcus Thigpen kick return for a TD. Other than that, he's done nothing.

So, based on this last month, what is it the Coaches are actually expecting him to do? If he hasn't caught on by now, what are they waiting for? It doesn't make sense to me. I could understand if he had a history of success previously, but he doesn't. I think last year he was rated one of the worst WRs in the league.

The reason this bothers me so much, is because they jumped the gun on Brandon Marshall (who's a legitimate #1 WR). They got rid of him for what turned out to be nothing (and I don't want to get into the debate of he's not good for the team, I'm not saying I want him around, I'm just trying to understand the tendencies of the HC and FO). Then they got rid of Chad Johnson again, jumping the gun, on character issues. There's two guys right there with more talent at the position in their little pinky, then in all of Naanee's body.

So, character issues gets you canned right away, fine. But Naanee is a cancer of another sort, he's a disaster waiting to happen. He's a threat that something bad will happen anytime he steps on the field. And that should be JUST AS IMPORTANT, IMO, as character issues in deciding who to keep/get rid of in your personnel. Everyone has a bad game, but can a team accept someone having a bad month? Two months (if you include August, as Naanee didn't do anything then either)? The guy is a drag on the team, they are carrying this baggage and I don't really understand why. Because he's a nice guy?

I've given Philbin all the latitude in the world, as the new HC, to develop the team as he sees fit. I'm enjoying watching him do it, have confidence in what he's trying to do. But this is really bugging me. It's painfully obvious this guy isn't worth paying let alone making another offensive player inactive for. And that whole b.s. about he practices better, give me a break. There's plenty of stories about players who look great in practice, yet can't ever bring that success over to the field when it counts. Philbin needs to come to grips with his love affair with what Naanee COULD be, and understand what he IS, which is a bum. Cut him, NOW!

Oscar Canosa says:
I believe that now, Philbin and his Coaches are having a great deal of input on Player selection. Maybe Philbin didn't want Marshall here, same as with cj and Gates.
It still makes no sense getting rid of a player like Marshall. Philbin was wrong if he did not want Marshall. Not because Brandon Marshall is a great receiver (he drops balls) but there was not a similar replacement. Marshall often gets double coverage. That is attention now being directed to Hartline or Bess. Other receivers benefit while Marshall is on the field getting secondary attention. A strong intelligent GM never would have made that trade. Moreover, sure Vontae Davis had issues but not trading him and using Richard Marshall as a nickle back might have been a better option. Santonio Holmes beat up on Marshall the entire game. Did these decisions contribute to making the Dolphins 1 and 3 instead of 3 and 1, perhaps! Ireland will be responsible for his personnel moves including bringing in Naanee etc....

I have no beef with Philbin up to now and which Player he decides he can work with. It' his prerogative. Besides, most Players on this Team are playing well. My beef is with Sherman, his playcalling and use of personnel.

Of course, mistakes did us in. But you have to help the Players to minimize mistakes, specially a young Team like this one, even if you have to simplify the Playbook.

Proper execution of a Play is prime. Then the rest.


My thoughts exactly. The same goes for Vontae Davis. I think if we had replacements for those 2 THIS year, with even half the talent-we would at least be a stronger team.

I think the best thing for our team to improve would be to win some of these close games. One more playmaker on either side of the field would make the difference. But as you stated, since we don't have that on our current roster, the least we should do is cut, deactivate etc. the one's that are liabilities.

Who do the Dolphins play Sunday?

Did you guys see Da Beast last nite? Awesome.

Dashi, Hes awesome one game and terrible another, for 50 million that what you want?

Mike Nolan and Brandon Marshall off the Dolphins and BOTH going to the playoffs while we sink further into the cellar. How does Ireland keep his job?


Why isnt D Thomas cut? He's friggin awful.

Ireland gave up 3 draft picks for him

Nat Moore says:

Mike Nolan and Brandon Marshall off the Dolphins and BOTH going to the playoffs while we sink further into the cellar. How does Ireland keep his job?=====================================================
That is a great question! If the Dolphins do not win seven or more games with their schedule Ireland should be held responsible. The issue with Nolan may have been that he wanted the HC job. The Dolphins were great on D with him and he is doing what needs to be done for Atlanta. He did warrant consideration but Ross was looking to make a big splash

Great rumor to start Mando, but only go after naanee. It's more realistic.

Carpenter is only 26 and has been to a pro bowl. Give him this season to straighten up. If not in the offseason draft the best kicker with the 6th from the VD trade.

U have to like that even Marino likes T-Hill! Funny the 1st thing he says he likes about thill is his height. Henne must've been to short to fill marino's shoes. Just teach him the footwork Dan! How u had eyes behind ur head! The sliding in the pocket.

Fuller and hogan are not on the practice squad anymore. We have this kid tymes! Let Matthews play!

FIRE NAANEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Dashi, where have you been? Marino likes every single QB that plays for the Miami Dolphins, you dont remember him saying he liked Robo Henne. And giving Carpenter the year is stupid if he cost us another game or 2 CUT HIM!

Dashi, for the love of god SHUT UP! Senseless & factless post after post!

Instead of talking first, try researching so that you post ACCURATE INFORMATION! You won't look like such a dillweed.

Jeff Fuller IS on the PS you incessant, babbling momo!

I thought the team strength was our ST? Fields & Carpenter?

Apparently that's not as good as once imagined!

i do remember when connor barth was brought in to provide some FG competition for carpenter. barth has presently made 24 consecutive FG's! i do think kicking is 50% mental so hopefully he can get his head right again.

carp = uwe.
u close u'r eyes when he kix.

i said 1-3 after 4 soooooooooooo.?

ireland = dense.

Home, Ur a As* CLown!!

Also, Stop Impersonating The DAshi with Corny One-Liners.

All the Post on this Post made by Dashi till 5 Minutes ago is the Troll trying discredit Dashi's Integrity!

U can tell someone wasn't here Yesterday!!! Dashi guess today we have trolls like Homer!!!

Also, we needed to get rid of MArsha(If u Know dashi U know Dashi always calls Brandon, Marsha!!!!!)!!

Marsha wouldn't let T-Hill grow as a rookie!!! Remember Marsha is the Guy who said Henne sucked his 1st year here. And Who said in the ProBowl he finally has a Real QB throwing him the Ball.

Marsha doesn't just have PErsonal Problems, he has team problems!!!

Thomas = second round pick that cost us a 3, 5, and 7....oh boy what a loss of low end picks *sarcasm*. Yes he's been a disappointment and "technically" he's a 3 round bust if you want to declare him a bust, but we exchanged a 3 for a 2 and lost a 5 and 7...some people make it sound like we blew the draft because of him

Lagedu Nane=Ronny Turiaf, excellent cheerleaders

zach was a 5th.
clayton was an 8th.
sb champ rb t davis was a 6th.
brady was a 6th.
so what does that mean.?. it means shi+,that's what.

Bengals 28
Fins 24

Time for let down game. That's why we needed to win the games we should have won, such as home game vs the terrible Jets.


Clue, Marino has never endorsed a QB!!!



Peyton said it, he would've came to miami if marino would've gave him a Call! Remember that!

Marino never said nothing good about henne!

This is the 1st time Marino has said something Positive about a Miami QB!

Think about it Marino knows This is the first time the Fins haven't insulted the Position Since He Left!

We Finally wasted a 1st rd Pick on a QB!!

Even Marino respects the Kid. Also, why hasn't Marino said anything about T-Hill until after the AZ Game?


Marino has never backed a Miami QB til Now!!

Did he say Henne was the 2nd Coming? NEVER!!!!!!!

Marshall had a nice game, but nothing close to what our stud Hartline did.

Dashi You cant just cut a player and keep paying him and replace him with somebody else on the speculation that he IS the answer.Some of the posters on here act as if rearranging your roster is as easy as that.I dont see any GM talent on this board.Ireland is very safe in his rebuild for the future plan as long as Ross is in accord.The Dolphins will not have a winning record in 2012.

True story about Jeff Ireland.
After Bill Parcells snagged Pat White with a second round pick, celebration was in order among the Dolphin's draft team. Parcells fired up a huge cigar, blew some acrid smoke in the air, and chuckled at his good fortune in having White available in the second round. Sitting at his side was Jeff Ireland. After a quick high five with Ireland, Parcells said he had to step out for a minute, and handed the cigar to Ireland. Hold this for me, and don't drop the ash, said Parcells with a smile. Parcells then left the room for 45 minutes! Ireland watched the ash as the cigar burned down, and became nervous as the ash became about half the length of the cigar. Careful not to shake it as to lose the ash, Ireland broke out in a cold sweat, not wanting to incur the wrath of Parcells. Eventually, the ash fell, shortly after which Parcells returned. Only then did Ireland realize that he was the victim of a pratical joke, and confided how relieved he was not to be in trouble. After a few laughs, Parcells ordered champagne for all and he and Irland toasted the Pat White pick into the evening.

Activate Rishard Matthews!

I;d get rid of D Thomas before I'd get rid of Naanee.

Who cares what choke artist Marino says?

Fuller is but is Hogan?

Get off Dashi's Jock!!

U Pole Sniffer!!

Remember Dashi told U!!!

Insulting someone's opinion doesn't Make urs fact AS*CLOWN!!!

Talk like a Functioning Adult and Not like Some Simple-Minded Low-Life!!!


No, Dashi was just stating They weren't on the team. Just helping a poster without the info. Hogan is not on the Practice Squad. Fuller was let go, They brought him back to the practice squad a Couple weeks ago!

Sue ME!

Funny, Dashi talks of himself having integrity while telling the blog Jeff Fuller isn't on the PS. Even when he is.

Yea, that's integrity alright!

I think Marino didnt help recruit P Manning because he knows the FO is an incompetent joke.

Peyton Manning is a noodle arm throwing QB on his last legs, glad we didnt get him, we went with Pennington before and it just set us back.

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