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Naanee remains on the Dolphins at this hour

Throughout the day many of my twitter followers were asking me when the Dolphins would get rid of Legedu Naanee. They were also asking the same about Dan Carpenter.

Carpenter missed a kick against Arizona Sunday, his third in two weeks, while Naanee had a memorable fumble that was scooped up by Patrick Peterson and returned to the Dolphins one yard line. The mistake was erased when Arizona quarterback Kevin Kolb threw an interception in the end zone two plays later.

Nonetheless, this evening the questions about Naanee's future took on a different approach. My followers were claiming a report said Naanee had been cut.

Well, that was a fake twitter report from a bogus account. And as of this evening, Naanee remains on the team.

"The Miami Dolphins front office has not had any discussions with me nor any of my six clients on the team today about any roster moves," agent David Canter texted me.

So move along.

Nothing to see here as of this moment.


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This is the same clown insulting the Dashi this Morning.

People talk to u with logic and U answer with Ireland moved Carey to RG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep using 1001 Names!! LowLife!!!!

"I agree totally with you on Matthews. Only thing I can say is I think Philbin has a plan and we have to trust him. I believe he's really making Matthews work for his playing time and it's going to really help him long term. As fans all we care about is winning Sunday but I think we need to look at the bigger picture here. Matthews will get his chance when he's ready and I guess Philbin doesn't feel he's there."


I absolutely do trust Philbin & the coaching staff. It's Naanee & Armstrong that I don't trust. LOL!!!

I'm not sure which posts of mine you read & don't read BUT I'm a fan that is ALL about the big picture. Losing games hurts BUT winning meaningless games hurts us going forward. I want the highest possible draft picks we can get. We found the young talent at QB we've been looking for & we have the right coaches to develop him so that's HUGE. I just don't know if the 'bigger picture' should include the GM, the scouts, & the personnel department we have. It's a MAJOR decision that Ross is going to have to make at the end of the year.


Sushi say, dashi not to brite

Sushi say, dashi like to pick fight

Sushi say, dashi to f-ing dumb to know left from right

Sushi out!

BTW--There have been GM's fired in the past where the HC has been retained. It happened with Jeff Fisher in Tennessee when Floyd Reese was axed.

The JETS....LOL. Let's start talking about the Jets. Revis done for the year. Sanchez down, Tebow warming up. Holmes out for the week, could be a lot longer. Fatboy Slim out at the end of the year, Sparano close behind.
Looking good, guys! As trolls you must be VERY proud!

Posted by: Craig M | October 02, 2012 at 01:33 PM

Stay on point Mrs. Canada.

We hate the Jets as much as we hate you. Maybe more.

Only the target of blog mockery resorts to talking about the Jets instead of the dumb things he says.


Your points are well made. It is about rebuilding through the draft and highest picks possible. I'm not interested in going 7-9 or 8-8. Been there and done that. If we're gone to have a lousy record this is the year to have it. Let's get some good talent and keep improving, as the Rames are doing.

How many rings does Fisher have?

Trolls and Ireland Sucks,

What's up fellas? Can't face it that the team is playing better? Are we taking your fun away? Will you have to go and play somewhere else? Are you afraid that bring up Pat White and Patrick Turner will have little impact once this team is on it's way to winning?

It's funny guys, you're comments are ringing even more hollow than they usually do. I didn't think that was possible. Your time is running out....tick....tick....tick.

People are just grabbing at anything to support a lame arguement if you were truly fans you'd stop flip flopping and just support your team. It's like your a bunch of spurned children angry at one man for not picking up the players you like.
BTW Mike Pouncey and Karlos Dansby are ranked this year at the very top of their positions.

Ireland sucks,

see, you still didn't answer my post, JUST GIVE ME IRELAND BAD MOVES THE LAST TWO YEARS..


That's the point. They're NOT fans of the team. They're idiots on here to stir things up or Jet fans. Reagrdless, they are irrelevant.

what people don't like to bring up is that the success rate of most of the GMs around this league isn't anything to talk about either. Every year every team has players either in FA or drafted that don't live up to expectations or another unknown factor comes up. There are steals and players that for whatever reason drop that 31 other teams passed up as well. If Gronkowski hadn't had 3 knee surgeries in college he would've been a 1st rd pick instead he fell to 2nd. 31 other teams passed him up as well. Sometimes it just takes time for a kid to mature. Other than 1st rd picks most GMs expect the later rounds to take some time to develop. Learn patience it's a virtue.

Irelands personnel genius is the sole reason Dolphins are 1-3 rather than 0-4. Sure, they have lost a few, but they have lost with pinache. I predict that even if they finish with a 1-15 record, Jeff Ireland's personnel skills will be the envy of the NFL. And Craig M will correctly point out that Jeff Ireland is not only a chess master, but has moves way above the IQ of other posters on this board (with the exception of FZB). Keep in mind we have Michael Egnew as a secret weapon, ready to unleash on the NFL at any given moment. Again, the influence of Jeff Ireland is like a sprouting acorn.

Ireland is twenty times better than Tannenbaum. That guy is clueless. Not professional whatsoever and never deserved the job in the first place. I've watched all the Hard knock shows and Tannenbaum by far was the most slovenly looking slob ive ever seen.

as long as they compete and are close... Atleast they weren't shutout. That was pathetic.

Ireland's republican army,

You're a clue-less moron but I meant that in the nicest way possible.

by the way, you may be more right than you know, I do know some inside information about what really went on between Parcells , Ireland and the Dolphins..

Craig, U ever notice how as soon as you bring up the jets the trolls start to spew more nonsensical garbage? I might as well start addressing them as jet fans cuz thats the truth... They're so bad that they have nothing to say about their own team so they gotta come down here and talk trash.


They have a whole more to worry about than the Dolphins. They're team is a total disgrace and in disarray. Their head coach is an embarassment and still a fat ass. How many lap surgeries is he going to have before it actually makes a difference and their starting QB is a pretty boy who's only claim to fame is he can get Eva Longoria on her back. To bad she can through a football better than he can.

FZbeeber, why do you keep asking me the same question over n over when I already addressed why I will not talk to you?

A.D.D. or something? Do you read or only type?

When you are of the midset that Ireland only had say the last 2 years you have ZERO relevance! ONLY A DUMB, BLIND SHEEP WOULD BELIEVE THAT PILE OF HORSE MANEUR!

But, go ahead. Keep posting to me as if I'm ducking you or something. LOL

Ireland's Army...LOL

Craig M, playing better eh? WOW!!!!

Too bad it's about wins & losses. What's the record again? There is NO prize for 2nd place. Unless, you like moral victories or consilation prizes. Based on your posts, you must always finish in 2nd place.

So, lemme get this straight. Fans that are critical of the team & GM, with good reason, are labeled as Jets fans or trolls?

Yet, fans like some of you, who buy everything this team does hook, line & sinker are real fans & not suckers? LMAO

I can see why the trolls make fun of you. Can't you?

Ireland Sucks,

And considering you haven't won a Super Bowl since 1969, you'd know a lot about losing.....

Naanee is horrible and will not be a part of the future of the Dolphins. Put in 7/11! He's better than Naanee.

Naanee has got to go..should bring up Hogan from the pratice squad..he is alot more reliable..

finfan 78,

'With good reason'?????....

Oh do you mean when the team plays its guts out back to back and loses two tough ones in OT? Do you mean when your rookie QB travels to Arizona to play one of the toughtest defences in the league and eats them up for over 400 yards? Do you mean when we finally have something excited to feel about this team and that we're heading in the right direction? That kind of 'for good reason?'.

So which are you? Troll or Jet fan?

Craig, LMAO you are a desperate pathetic cream puff!

Enuff of the grade school Jets fan talk, please? Pathetic. You act like a jaded exgrilfriend. How old are you, 12?

A fan shouldn't be afraid to admit they're favorite team sucks or mention it's faults. You're a scared lil girl!

I've forgotten more about the phins than you'll ever know. You think you're some kind of superfan for not wanting to face the truth? UHHHH NO!

A blind sheep like you, finds it sacreligious to admit your team sucks! Grow up & own up. You're team is a joke & has been with this GM in charge.

I'm not afraid to admit it & it no way means I'm less of a fan than you or a Jets fans. That's something a 12 year old says. PLEASE!

Just remember big mouth, not every fan is a gullable tool like you. CLASS DISMISSED!!!

Ireland sucks,

the reason I keep asking you is because you have not answer my post correctly and I wonder why..

let me put it another way, maybe this will help you understand the question better since your mental capacity is limited.

I assume you work, your company has an owner/CEO and a second in command or VP, so if your company makes really bad choices and losses a ton of money or goes under who do you think will get the majority of the blame if not ALL of the blame for the companies failure?..

the Owner/CEO or the second in command or VP ???

Craig, what's your deal? I have my reasons for hating ireland and what this team has been for the last 5-10 years.

You got a problem with that? TUFF!

Unlike you, I don't look for silver linings or moral victories. Its about L's & W's. What's the record the last 5 years? Crickets...

Not bein happy with the GM or the team doesn't make me a troll or a Jet fan. Stop pigeon holding people. You only make yourself look petty.

PEOPLE DISAGREE. You seem like a very intolerant(and ignorant) person.

FZB, I have no interest in speaking to you & I've explained why & in very clear terms.

In case you missed it, see my post to YOU @ 1:32.

And you question my mental capacity? LOL

I've wasted enough time with you limps already.

Enjoy your homer circle jerk!


whether you want to admit it or not the team is going in the right direction, we have a really good young QB and we still have holes but not that many holes, there are a lot of positives but most of you guys are still stuck on this Ireland and Ross suck mentality that won't let you see the positives.


60 mil in cap space for next year, a lot of draft picks and what looks to be a good head coach..

Ireland sucks,

Yes you have made your point clear but you still refuse to answer my post or my hypotetical question, you know why??..Becasue I'm correct, you're too blinded by your unfounded hatred for Ireland...

all you have to do is look at the guys track record the last two years and you'll notice a big difference from the previous three years, Ireland has been handiccaped by Parcells decisions on both the draft and free agency, your just to blind to see it, is way easier to blame than to think.

by the way if he was RESPONSIBLE for everything you guys blame him for, do you think that Ross would have kept him????

finfan 78,

So if I don't agree with how you feel about the team and Ireland I'm a 'very intolerant and ignorant person'? Yeah OK, that makes a lot of sense. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?

Geez man, sure how you don't raise your kids that way. You 'hate Ireland'? For what? Seems like you've got some anger management issues, pal. This is sports and entertainment, not life and death. Try getting one!

The fumble was erased??? uhhhh no!!! we were in scoring range when he fumbled, not to mention the running time off the clock we lost

Craig M,

I'm with you on Ireland. It will always be THE GLASS HALF EMPTY GANG on this blog.

These idiots expect every draft pick and FA signing will work. It doesn't work out that way.

The optimism for this team right now is 100% higher than last year!!

We got a 2nd round pick for Vontae Davis!!

The guy got burned every game so far in Indy.

Lets relace Naanee and replace him with Marvin McNutt, rookie wr on Philly practice squad. What do we have to lose?

Naanee released, Dolphins sign Gaffney!!!

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