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On Dolphins vs. Jets, live blog, Pouncy

EAST RUTHERFORD -- It is already windy here.

The combination hurricane-cold front weather anomoly known as FrankenStorm is not here yet. It is coming, but not today. There are gusts inside MetLife Stadium and that promises to wreck plans of throwing the football around all day.

The running game is important today.

That means Reggie Bush is front and center. That means the run defense will be big.

On offense, I look forward to seeing exactly what Mike Pouncey is going to do about the New York defensive front. I'm particularly interested to see what he'll do about Aaron Maybin. While you consider that, please read my column on Pouncey rising in stature as a Dolphins leader. It's good. Really.

I'll have the inactive in the next few minutes.

[UPDATE: Jabar Gaffney is active for today's game. He will work in three-wide sets.

The inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Rishard Matthews, and Anthony Armstrong.]

There will be a live blog today. It starts in the comments section below. Meet me there at kickoff


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With the Weather there, for certain they are filling that box, dare Tannehill to pass.

The big factor will be the Weather. If we can't throw neither will they.

Marino will get pushed further down the record books today @ drew bees passes him for 2nd most 300 yard games today....

Right before our eyes Dan Marino is turning into Dan Fouts.....

FINS need to beat the jets today....

Pouncey is a beast. I would not want to be on the other side of the ball facing that guy today. Stupid Jets running their mouths like only the Jets can.

Also FG kicking. Which is a killer in games usually decided by 3pts.

Do you guys remember when the Dolphins were good? Me neither.

Will Gaffney be active today?

Gaffney better be active today...he's had over three weeks to get used to the playbook and offense, if he's still not ready to go then why the F%ck did we sign him!!!

What are the weather conditions at the stadium now?
Windy? How strong?
Rain? Drissel? Pouring?
Cold? Tempature?
Info please

The forecast at game time calls for a 60-percent chance of rain, with winds out of the northeast kicking up to 20 miles per hour....

Bart Scott is out....

I guess he 'CAN WAIT'!!!!!!!!!!

The weather isn't the reason the Jests won't be able to pass, the Jests can't pass because Sanchize doesn't have the talent...

Gafney has to play today if not than you need to release him and get someone that can learn the playbook. it has been four weeks. I think T-hill will have a better throwing day than Sanchez due to stronger arm and Miami are used to those condition except being a little cold.

Its gonna come down to ground and pound and whoever can score MORE !TOUCHDOWNS! not fg's in the one...hope reggie brought his A game today..not too worried about green vs this front seven, but screen passes may be something to watch for alot today...

Philbin took the boys outside in the rain @ Giants Stadium....

I really like this guy.....

he is getting the SOFT out.....

Kris, I know you're old and smart enough to know that the game has changed from the days of Dan Marino. By the way, Dan Fouts was also a great QB. Yes, neither won a SB, and that will be their lasting legacy, but the fact BOTH are in the HOF proves they were amazing in their time.

I separate what the QBs today are doing from those days. It's 2 totally different games. You really can't compare what Brees is doing today and truly believe he could have done it back then. Frankly, Brees would have been KILLED in that NFL. At his size, no way he stays upright. There WERE no safety penalties for the QB then, defenders could headhunt, go for the legs, do practically anything. Today's game is more like a pillow fight in comparison. Also, the fouls cater to the offensive passing game. That's why I hated Sparano, he didn't get it. Throw the ball up, either your guy gets it or the defender gets called for a penalty. It's almost a guaranteed win-win.

I'm still amazed by what those guys could do. Marino, Fouts, Montana, remember Jim Everett? If you saw Marino play (which I know you did) you should respect him for what he did (even if he couldn't seal the deal with a SB win).

Miami 10
Jests 9

We don't care if Armando Salguero doesn't report the Weather conditions for the Game Today. Phibin has a 145 IQ and can adjust on the Go.

I'm glad a veteran can't learn the offense in 1 week. That was a Dan Henning/Sparano offense, how'd that work out? So well that Courtland Finnegan watched 2 days of tape and completely shutdown Brandon Marshall.

This offense has more nuance, and is harder to learn. Well done Mike Sherman!

Bout damn time Gaffney....Lets see how much he can contribute....

In a Halloween spoof NFL Network Gameday Morning show just showed the teams that will be "buried" with tombstones...surprisingly the crew showed the JESTS with a tombstone...can you beleive the biased media picking Miami over NYJ?


nice post.....you and I are about the same age....so i think its safe to say we both became FIN FANS BECAUSE of Marino.....

Having said that.....

Nothing cements a legacy like a SB....except for maybe MULTIPLE SBs......

I respect everything you said....

but I think even Marino would agree with me on this .....

Records are made to be broken....SBs are forever....

Mando, great article on Pouncey. I'm also THRILLED we have a player who can talk the talk AND back it up. He's by far our best lineman this year. And I was ALL IN on that pick (even though I was tired of 1st rd linemen picks). He was the best of what was there. Yeah, some say centers don't matter much, but every team needs players who are true football players. And Pouncey could easily move to guard if necessary. Great player, great to have him on our team.

how close are they to canceling game, anyone know. keep talking about it. shut down the ny subway system

So tired of seeing Jets on pregame shows. talking Tebow who is irrelevant , all the trash talk, all the circus. For a sub 500 team they sure yap a lot. Just beat their heads in today and silence all the chatter.

At 700 pm eastern time bill...game will be well over by then

Absolutely Kris, like I said, that will be their legacy. It's too bad they will be dimished by that, but that's the game. Your right about SBs, that's how we judge QBs. Which is why we both said we needed an elite QB to do anything on this team. An average QB will get you (maybe) to a Playoff game, but never will get you all the way (in today's NFL) so what's the point? If you ain't first, you're last.

connors......ZERO % chance they cancel the game....

that close....

bill, I'm in DC, no rain, no wind (and I'll see it before they do in NYC). It's 1 hr to game time. Things won't start getting serious until tonight into tomorrow. We'll be fine for the game.

Marino never won nuthin.

Storm not expected to be in force untill late tonight....dont know where your getting bad info at bill but this game will be played!!!

A Ricky Bobby reference.....

I like it.....

Ohhh, how I love Jets fans coming onto a Dolphins blog on game day (see 11:57am). Just shows they have nothing of their own worth being a part of. Welcome Jets fan, hope you stay the whole time to talk about this whupp-ass you're about to receive.

I definately like our chances at running the ball then passing it anyway..tannehill didnt have one of his better games against the jets secondary even when revis went down...Gotta run it to have a chance to win it...and maybe just maybe a FG too although in windy conditions and the way carpenter has kicked..dont like our chances too much in that department

PHIN, I hope they utilize Bush out of the backfield more (like they've started doing). These conditions are great for short, quick passes and allow your receivers to pickup YAC. That long bomb to Hartline, that's probably out. But the RBs catching out of the backfield, or the Davone Bess quick slant, that should help move the ball down the field.

Go get em Pouncey! Lets go today Dolphins!!!!!

i hope it is windy carpenter might actually make a fg due to wind help

AndyNJ right now is representing. Good man. MetLife's about as scary as a Scooby-Doo episode (that was a cartoon young-uns). Jets colors shouldn't be green and white, they should be rainbow.

DC...its going to be a very dink and dunk day for passing..and a lot of man pressing at line..stacking the line is almost guaranteed at this point for both teams...

Can't shake the sadness I have that the Fins mini-boom ends today....wish we had had better conditions.....not looking forward to a week of Fins trashing by the national media.

Marino was special to watch and I treasure the memory every Sunday.

But that was yesteryear, and today is the Jets!

You can be second, third, fourth...hell you can even be 5th!!

Oh yeah, is there a trophy for SB runner-up? What's that, the Tony Sparano trophy?

by the way, I know you were quoting also chaw. Touche.

ny subway already shut down. not good. might be about 100 fans there, should cancel it


Kris thinks he understands, but he doesn't. He is just displaying his usual negative, spoil sport view on things.

Records, shmrecords...even no SB doesn't discount what those QB's were able to do, despite what the silly media geared for ignorant juveniles tells us. Those reporting the news consider very little beyond getting your attention for one single second.

People in parts of New York City are under mandatory evacuation orders, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

The rule applies to people in "Zone A." To find out whether you or someone you know is in Zone A, click here. Evacuation centers have been opened in 72 public schools, Bloomberg said.

All schools in the city are closed tomorrow. .

Anyone have a stream to watch the game?

Subway will not close down until tonight. The game conditions this afternoon will be nothing more than a typical windy storm. The real force hits tomorrow.

Gaffney is ACTIVE today, finally

I like Tannehills arm better than Sanchez on a day like today, or any day for that matter.


Wish I was looking forward to fun, but I sense doom is impending.

wont need gaffney, just about 5 tes who can block. might be 10 throws in this game

Hello Armando, thanks for the live blog.

Now Dolphns lets go! Shut up Rex and Jets with a dominant beating!

subway shuts down at 7. stupid to play this game but oh well, go fins

why is it stupid bill? many games are played in worse weather every year. isn't it more stupid and impractical to reschedule a game?

Subway close at 7 to have all cars off line by 3 am That is when storm will be a problem. Having been through severa hurricanes weather at 1 to 4 wont be that big a deal. We have played in worst thunderstorms here. IMO

its not the weather realce, its the storm bearing down on them and how these people should be making plans on what to do and how to do it instead of being at a football game

from the live shots i see many fans are actually being smart and staying home, a lot of empty seats

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