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On Dolphins vs. Jets, live blog, Pouncy

EAST RUTHERFORD -- It is already windy here.

The combination hurricane-cold front weather anomoly known as FrankenStorm is not here yet. It is coming, but not today. There are gusts inside MetLife Stadium and that promises to wreck plans of throwing the football around all day.

The running game is important today.

That means Reggie Bush is front and center. That means the run defense will be big.

On offense, I look forward to seeing exactly what Mike Pouncey is going to do about the New York defensive front. I'm particularly interested to see what he'll do about Aaron Maybin. While you consider that, please read my column on Pouncey rising in stature as a Dolphins leader. It's good. Really.

I'll have the inactive in the next few minutes.

[UPDATE: Jabar Gaffney is active for today's game. He will work in three-wide sets.

The inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Rishard Matthews, and Anthony Armstrong.]

There will be a live blog today. It starts in the comments section below. Meet me there at kickoff


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ok i see your point bill. this storm shouldn t catch anyone by surprise though...

bill, people can decide for themselves what they want to do. there is not much you can do to prepare for the cane beyond boarding up windows , having water and canned goods.

stop acting like a mary poppins caring for 100 five year olds.

@ Renaldo | October 28, 2012 at 12:24 PM

Good post.


you win HUMANITARIAN of the blog award....

now talk FOOTBALL.....

bill, I know you're from the middle of the Country (KC) so hurricanes freak you out. But it's a Cat 1. Yeah, a frankenstorm, but for most of us, the biggest impact might be no power for a few days. We've been warned, the smart people took precautions, we'll be ok. I'm a Dolphins fan, I'm not going to whine to Miami residents about a hurricane. Best thing NFL can do for me is play the game.

I think we come out throwing, that in turn opens run game plus later in game wind will pick up and we have to run

OC, very good plan. LETS GO!!!

If we win today we'll have no chance of drafting Matt Barkley.


cat 1 is the lowest rated cane, a cuunt hair above a tropical storm.....which is not even arriving until tomorrow. there is no reason to cancel the game today.

21-0! Dolphins!

And really! Tough new Yorker worried about a little rain! Ha!

Get over urself! When winds hit over 150+ then we can talk! U guys are getting tropical storm weather! And remember the mountains break up a hurricane! So expect it to weaken up as soon as it hits the Appalachians!

Man Up! It's only a little rain u new York sissy's!

Miami 10

What's up y'all!! I'd like to share with u that I absolutely and completely DESPISE the Jets!! GO FINS!!!

Game time fellas. Go Fins. We need this one.

Uhh, Jay, wasn't that Barkley who lost to Arizona yesterday? No thanks, I got my QB. I'd rather have a pass rusher (Clowney from South Carolina maybe) or a CB, WR.

I'm surprised Mando gave coaching edge to Ryan!!! Defensive genius who's team ranks 27th in sacks!!! Weird!!!

Dolphins in there drap home uniforms again.They have obviously diched the aqau pants.That means that they will be wearing these boring all white uniforms most of the season.Sad!

sadness looms

ideally, Dolphins win big, send a statement to big mouth jets!

Fins 28 Jets 6

Can't believe the NFL's gonna put a team in London. Brutal road trip for most of the league. And the God save the Queen bs is stuptid

I better be getting my dolphin game!!!

Why you put this Queens crap here? We have no Queen, or Kings.

Don't you find it paradoxical that the Jets talk about hot sauce, yet all the true Salsa is in Miami thanx to Cubans?

Steelers wearing crazy uniforms.

Apologies to all Brit Dolphin fans. :)

I still think the brit singer is hot ;)

I'm here everyone! Winds here at 7 MPH. Nothing, really.


so i guess you like our anthem about celebrating bombing the hell out of the rest of the world better?

let's all join hands and sing about exploding bombs now.

Nice lol.

Lutz really? That was ignorant of u!

Then u wonder why everyone else in Miami can't stand the Cubans. I know the rest of the Cubans aren't happy with that ignorant remark.

bill, see below:

I'm here everyone! Winds here at 7 MPH. Nothing, really.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 28, 2012 at 01:06 PM

watcha got to say now?

Hi Armando...Another Sunday, another blog and another game to win

And Salsa is Boriqua! Fool!

Steelers look like bumble bees.

Is Tanne nervous?

Yea Reggie!!

Thing are chippy!!!

Mando, concentrate on fins!

Hahaha!! That's how Fins do their talking!!!

LOL Bush owned Cromartie

Dolphins are defending their player.And their turf today.

first row pretty crappy....

might be affected by the storm...


Jets are falling apart. Pouncy is a beast.

Do T-Hills passes look like they r lacking zing or is it me??

Bush making great decisions

Bush means business

Is the ball wet?

Did you guys catch Jake Long lining up on right side?

Thanks for the motivation Rex. It looks like Reggie has an extra hop in his step.

Please, no FG

Refs are handing us the game.

I hate those fades to Hartline...hasn't worked all season.

Bush not running scared today!

Good game!

Boy thats smart. Their best corner is out. that have 8 in the box and we are trying to run on that 2nd and 5. NOT smart. Hope we get more aggressive then that. Waste of a good drive

Some of the post=play pushing included John Jerry punching Bryan Thomas in the chest.

Sparano just stopped himself from a big fist pump

I'd like to c T-Hill run more often, he's a helluva an athlete.

Anyone have a link besides first row? Laggy as crap

I agree those fade routes haven't worked all year

Have to have td's today. Now let's play some D.

phew...carpenter sucks...thank goodness he made it. the Jets secondary looks weak. Pouncey is an animal

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