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On Dolphins vs. Jets, live blog, Pouncy

EAST RUTHERFORD -- It is already windy here.

The combination hurricane-cold front weather anomoly known as FrankenStorm is not here yet. It is coming, but not today. There are gusts inside MetLife Stadium and that promises to wreck plans of throwing the football around all day.

The running game is important today.

That means Reggie Bush is front and center. That means the run defense will be big.

On offense, I look forward to seeing exactly what Mike Pouncey is going to do about the New York defensive front. I'm particularly interested to see what he'll do about Aaron Maybin. While you consider that, please read my column on Pouncey rising in stature as a Dolphins leader. It's good. Really.

I'll have the inactive in the next few minutes.

[UPDATE: Jabar Gaffney is active for today's game. He will work in three-wide sets.

The inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Rishard Matthews, and Anthony Armstrong.]

There will be a live blog today. It starts in the comments section below. Meet me there at kickoff


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See, you score first you have a better chance of winning. Better 7 than 3. Yes?

Good question Carp...

Great Call !!!!!

Let's get a 3&out!

Yeah noticed the shift. Will that happen throughout? Maybe its a ploy to get them thinking run on Jake side!

How's that for aggressiveness!

And what's with this jets commentator!

Wow philbin is trying anything today!


LOVE THIS COACH!!!! Mando, Ryan with a coaching edge????

Don't worry, it will even out.

Points...I guess. I hate out play calling on 3rd and 4-6 inside the 20, always putting iot on Tanny to make the perfect thrw to the outside. Why not something inside to Bess.

WOW!!!!!! ST/Philbin!!!


F U REX...

keep talking.....

I love Philbin. Great gutsy call.

Reggie with 25 yards on the ground already

Remember two weeks ago Philbin said he told team to be prepared for onside kicks, etc... Orders carried over to this game.

Good thing we tried an onside kick... You gotta be kidding me.. Now Tanne is hurt. Awesome

Oh crap...knee extended looks like.
Moore has no velocity

We can still pin them deep....

Matt Moore is warming up on the sideline as doctors look at Tannehill.

Well that was a bad turn of events

UFF! We'll see.

Almost kris...still, he's been a real weapon all season, especially when we really need a big punt.

thill done. not good

T-Hill is OK. Just a low blow. Shake it off.

OK D! Let's put the pressure on the fluke!

Good thing we tried an onside kick... You gotta be kidding me.. Now Tanne is hurt. Awesome

Posted by: Chase | October 28, 2012 at 01:19 PM

Yeah....cause in some weird TROLL parallel universe....one is a direct result of the other....

where do you guys come from....

That is why you just can't trade Matt Moore. You need a quality back up in case your starter is hurt.

Whew, apparently not Tanny's knee.

why the singing of god save the queen?

Really guys this orgainization is curse big time

Knee or ankle?

miami/jets game

The Jets will not be able to run the football against us. This game will be on the Sanchez' back.

Wow, Sanchize sucks!!

Tannehill is on the bike. Matt Moore coming in the game.

Damn 79. Turn around and block someone not run into the Punt returner!

thill done. not good

Posted by: bill connors | October 28, 2012 at 01:21 PM

Bill...if you know as much about KNEES...as you do about WEATHER....

Then Tanne will be on the field next series....

At least he's riding the bike!!!

Time to score with Moore

Any bets for a pick 6 by Moore?

Oh no Matt Moore is in. I think he is under rated but for the Dolphins to do anything this year they need Ryan Tannehill and we need this game.

Ima .. He has on the damn bike ... Either knee or groin... Cmon

whoo hoo a stop!
They're singing God save due to the game in London today. Still seems odd.

We're lucky we have the wind, as Moore doesn't have the arm strength for the medium length throws.
Please, no sideline throws.

Tanne looks like he'll be OK

Agreed Orlando

Hey u matt Moore fans u can all come out from hiding!

Cause Matt Barkley suck! And let's hope Moore can at least play 1 series!

O-line needs to pick it up!!! Now they're REALLY gonna stack the line..

Tannehill has a quad injury.

Well hopefull Matt Moore looks better then in the Preseason. Cant look any worse...

I worry that Moore is a fumble machine, even when not touched.

Next man up...

we know Moore can win....

Moore has moxy

Tannehill's return is questionable.

Where's the FLAG?????

Dashi, did you notice you didn't say a thing in your answer beyond insults? Was it on purpose?

Are you kidding me!!!!! Look

Activate Pat Devlin.

That official was going to throw the flag. That is incredible. That ref is a coward.

How much the official bet ?...hummm

Tannehill getting hurt is a blessing in disguise. Just like last year. Moore > Tannehill

Wow!! Conspiracy of refs against Fins? No! But we sure get tons of crappy calls!!!

Quad injuries near impossible to heal during season......sadness covers the Fins' hopes.

I am super-bummed

DB never turned around. That ref is unreal.

What would we all be saying if a replacement ref did that?

Refs Always BLOW!

Don't pay them more, make them more accountable

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