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On Dolphins vs. Jets, live blog, Pouncy

EAST RUTHERFORD -- It is already windy here.

The combination hurricane-cold front weather anomoly known as FrankenStorm is not here yet. It is coming, but not today. There are gusts inside MetLife Stadium and that promises to wreck plans of throwing the football around all day.

The running game is important today.

That means Reggie Bush is front and center. That means the run defense will be big.

On offense, I look forward to seeing exactly what Mike Pouncey is going to do about the New York defensive front. I'm particularly interested to see what he'll do about Aaron Maybin. While you consider that, please read my column on Pouncey rising in stature as a Dolphins leader. It's good. Really.

I'll have the inactive in the next few minutes.

[UPDATE: Jabar Gaffney is active for today's game. He will work in three-wide sets.

The inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Rishard Matthews, and Anthony Armstrong.]

There will be a live blog today. It starts in the comments section below. Meet me there at kickoff


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Ref momentarily forgot he was a Jet fan

the ref has no gonads. toss the "pink hanky" please

Fin 77, congrats!! Gotta b the most idiotic post of the yr!

Pace cheap-shotted Tanny.

They & Goodell & Refs are laughing as the League's (Park Avenue's) darlings & their cheating plans are allowed to go unpunished


Hate to be a broken record! These refs suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the difference between the replacemnet Ref's and the actual Ref's?....none

A quad injury and Tannehill sitting out you would have to drag Marino off the field.

Fin77 you have no idea what youre talking about... Moore couldnt beat Tannehill in the preseason.. which is why he is and always will be a back up..

Whose fault was it on that sack. Did Tannehill not recognize the blitz or was that all on the offensive line?

WOW - does Rex need his knee pads and a napkin for his chin??

pick 6 coming...

Jets OL gave Sanchez a lot of time on third down.

Wow anyone will get a completion with that much time. That was ridiculous..


Way too much time. Keller has been a monster against us, but that's WAY to much time.

Love the away our guys are playing the run.

Surprise we can't cover TEs

Wtf!! Now Starks!!

Lutz what Dashi said wasn't a insult. Now what u said can be taken as a Insult.

I was just stating facts. Alright Putz!(Now that's a insult)


Lucky that we didnt get a personal foul there...

Cornerback blitz by Jimmy Wilson. Sack.

Our defense is awesome. We are going to need them today with our starter out of the game.

WOOO HOOO Special Teams!!!!!!!! Stick it to Westoff!!!

Jimmy Wilson Sack, Punt block back to back Plays!!! Thats how you do it!

What has Dashi said all along!


Bring the pain!

Mando, u got it wrong on edge for Ryan, but I give u credit for Fin edge on Fins!!!

This last series was a serious F**K THE JESTS moment

Dolphins are killing the Jets on special teams. TD on blocked punt and onside kick recovery.

hey leggo.. what do you have to say now.. horrible O and just exposed your speical teams for the 2nd time

Meant edge on special teams...

Jimmy Wilson!! Yes. This kid has been a great find. Big sack and then the blocked punt. He was a 7th round pick.

How about that PERSONAL protector TBOW...time for TBOW TO GO....away....hahahaha what a joke..

We need Starks on the run D.

Our team is bringing it...
OMG...what a game our guys are playing.

What a game.
If only Tanny comes back, worried about Starks.

New day for this team. no more "curse.
The Sporanos and Wandstedt Fins wouldn't have got ]ten a safety, not a TD

can't remember the last time we scored like that. sweet.



Ur right. Our boy Philbin is deadly with a extra week to plan!

Go for the jugular!

Do we need another pass rusher? Vernon is the truth!

Jimmy Wilson starting to bloom this yr :D

Love that Jimmy plays angry!!!

The result of this game has been pre-determined by the Fascist Goodell & his Twenty-One Club expense account cronies including one Woodrow "Woody" Johnson


Find ways to score...PHILBIN FOR PRESIDENT....

Any word on Tanne's possible return?

Keep Carpenter close...still hooking

Any word on Tannehill. Loving the special teams.


Jimmy Wilson MVP today.

Trust in Philbin

Tannehill injury is now changed to left quad and Knee. Questionable to return.

Wouldn't we love a TO?
Would be maybe the best first quarter in a LONG time.

The funny part is even with Tanny out. We still have the better QB

True Chase!

Sheesh, Mando. Hope the knee isn't hyper-extended, but that's what it first looked like.

I have a feeling this play will get Overturned.. Just the way things been going

Corner blitz a plenty today

Fins ball!!!

Moore HAS to show something, not sure if coaches will trust him. Maybe a screen to slow down the rush.

Sanchize taking his time in th pocket!!


Soliai with a pick!

This game is just to sweet!

Yep, mass harikiri! At the end of this game for jets fan!

Ha...wished for the TO.

Keep it in the middle

All the stupid dumb fans that thought that they would be winning by 2 TDs and thiking this would be an easy game.

I think we play it close to the best. We are winning the Turnover battle and making all the big plays in this one.

Though Moore is looking pretty good so far.

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