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On Dolphins vs. Jets, live blog, Pouncy

EAST RUTHERFORD -- It is already windy here.

The combination hurricane-cold front weather anomoly known as FrankenStorm is not here yet. It is coming, but not today. There are gusts inside MetLife Stadium and that promises to wreck plans of throwing the football around all day.

The running game is important today.

That means Reggie Bush is front and center. That means the run defense will be big.

On offense, I look forward to seeing exactly what Mike Pouncey is going to do about the New York defensive front. I'm particularly interested to see what he'll do about Aaron Maybin. While you consider that, please read my column on Pouncey rising in stature as a Dolphins leader. It's good. Really.

I'll have the inactive in the next few minutes.

[UPDATE: Jabar Gaffney is active for today's game. He will work in three-wide sets.

The inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Rishard Matthews, and Anthony Armstrong.]

There will be a live blog today. It starts in the comments section below. Meet me there at kickoff


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MATT marino!!!


Mando, get up post fast!! Don't wanna wait till 10 min have gone off the clock b4 it shows up.

good first quarter. Dolphins dominating Jets on all phases. Not sure if Moore should be running the no huddle offense though?

Matt Moore
Probably the best backup QB in the league

Leggooooo in the words of Chris Carter.. Where ya at?

Who IS this Dolphins team I'm watching? THAT'S how you start a division game off a bye week! Everything but the injury to Tannehill has been PERFECT! Keep it up team!

WHAT A QUARTER. Maybe the best defense quarter in the past couple of years.
If we get 7 here, I really hope Coyle turns the dogs loose on Sanchez, as they can't run.

That was some beautiful pass from Matt Moore.

Love the aggressive Coaching. Take that Tony!

Feel like a throw to Fasano here.

Should we keep it close to the best today with Tannehill out. We are getting all the turnovers and big plays today. Though Matt Moore is playing pretty well so far. It is great to have a quality back up behind your franchise QB.

Naked bootleg!!

Naked bootleg!!

Come on. Just give it to lane

I have absolute faith in Moore. Off the bench, he's a gamer (just don't want him to be the starter).



Irish guy in Dubai absolutely loving this commitment by the Dolphins. Brilliant.



Lucky Jets. Get this one by a TOE...

Could have gone either way, of course it's the same ref making the call that didn't throw the flag. Vegas investigation? He's trying to help these Jests any way he can.

Ref for Jests MVP

Need 7 here!!! Force Sanchize to bring them back by throwing!! Crucial 3rd down coming up!!!

Joe better borrow Rex's knee pads and napkin if he expects to get this call overturned

Sure. Throw it.

That was a great pass to Fasano. Although it looks like his foot may have been on the line. Moore is balling today.

What's up with the super jets fan as a commentator! HAD TO PUT THE RADIO ON! It's just to much for Dashi!

It sounds like Aloca and his 1001 characters are announcing the game!

No problem! 21-0 here we come! Well 24-0 with the fg!

I still like the gamble by Philbin.

Woooooooo-hoooooooooo!!!!!!!! Tough run Thomas!!! Good job baby!!!!!

What can be take as an insult? Don't you know that Salsa is a dance, the traditional social dance of the Cubans? Oh, man! And am I the ignorant? there is no single word there that could be taken as mean, yet Dashi's answer saying I am an ingnorant is a direct referense to my person.

Yet, I really do not care.

Philbin is out coaching Ryan in this one. Philbin might actually be the find of the year for the Dolphins. I knew that he would be ready for this one. He has been great with the half time adjustments all year and now with two weeks to prepare, you had a feeling this was coming. 17-0

Why is Spitler out there

Best game of the year minus all the freaking injuries!!!!! Football Gods not letting me thoroughly enjoy this 1st half shellacking!

Where's Dansby?

I'm just checking in to say hi to all the Jets PITA's who love to hang around the Herald chats and talk smack. Hi, guys! How's it goin?

Why can I never see the quarter by quarter blog updates

Still don't see a blog for the 2 quarter

Too many injuries
Need another bye week

No 2nd quarter blog? Mando just needs todo halfs.

The Dansby injury is big. We do not have depth at that position. What is the injury with Dansby?

WOW!!..... WTF.... Rex's knee pads and napkin is working overtime!!!

If the wets score they can thank Rex's skillful lip work on the refs!!!

NFL needs to stop these early whistles. They have now cost us a potential fumble recovery and a long pass reception by Bess. I realize they're being safety consceious, but c'mon....let em play the game.

Lets continue with the tough play in the 2nd half Fins. I hope none of the injuries are serious.

Trust in Philbin

Nothing is better than putting a beat down on the Jets. Got to get Tanny back in there if he can play.

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