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Quickie live chat at 3 p.m.

It's Friday. Before you check out for the weekend, let's talk!

There will be a live chat on here starting at 3 p.m.

Ask your questions ... make your comments ... interact!

I'll be here as long as the questions continue. 


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I have a question Mando: Why do you put up with these tools like Dashi and Jason? Why not ban them?

What is the status of negotiations with Harline, Long, Smith?

What are the odds of trading Long by the deadline if no deal? I just can't imagine signining him for 12Million or Tagging him again makes any sense.

Armando, having covered this team for 2 decades now (God, are we all getting that old?), compare Philbin with the other Fins head coaches you have covered, both from media relations perspective and also his X's and O's? Is he as respected by his players as Shula was pre-1995 (when he let the inmates run the asylum) or JJ before he checked out in mid-season of '99?

Mando, what has the football world outside of Miami been saying about Tannehill? Good? Bad? Promising?


Any other injuries to report besides Ameodola?

Good afternoon everyone. Hope everyone is in a good spirit today.

MiamiD20, the national media is starting to get the idea Tannehill belongs in the conversation with RG3 and Luck and other young QBs. But he is not driving that conversation at this point.

I kind of like that. I would prefer he fly under the radar and until is a more fully formed and ready for the prime time attention. Easier that way for him, I think.


Why hasn't Starks been re-signed??? Considering what Starks has done over the last five years in Miami--- there's NO ONE on this team who has earned an extension more than he has???? Agreed???

Is a "half" ready Gaffney better than Moore?

How many interceptions do you predict for Randy Starks this week?

Yeah, the injury report for today is not out yet.

But T Roger Saffold has missed practice this week for the Rams. So has LB Mario Haggan and DE Williams Hayes.

I'll update when the Friday injury report comes out.

If Thomas is going to be out for awhile because of concussion problems, who do we have behind Bush and Miller, or who can we bring in?

Spotsyrick, I don't think Thomas will be out beyond this weekend. Remember, the team has a bye so he'll get another week to recover.

Three RBs is good for now.

Thigpen is listed at RB, but the Dolphins don't really want to go there.

How is Bush's knee doing. Will he fair better this week from a health standpoint?

BOB, not predicting any interceptions for Starks this week.

I'm going with rushing yards ... I say 3 rushing yards for Starks this week.

Armando, enjoy your twitter enormously! What's the story with Thigpen, I thought he was doing a nice job of returning kicks and punts and then he dissappeared, what's the story? Dolfan Doug



...is John Jerry serviceable?

Did that happen?

I think Randy Starks will kick a 50+ yard field goal this week. :)

Is Odrick playing out of position at 4-3 end a decision by coaches to play to team's strength's (run defense)?... To become an even more fordable run defense, while sacrificing a bit of pass rush due to Odrick's 300 pound frame going against athletic tackles rather than guards. And if the above is true, will Odrick not realize his full potential as a player until he moves inside to 3 technique where he played in college?

WehaveRBs, Starks hasn't been re-signed for the same reason no one else has ...

The Dolphins aren't willing to loosen the purse strings at this point in the season. They might do a deal if it is very team-beneficial, but most agents won't go for that.

And so, no one has been extended.

Since Tannehill was a WR, do the Dolphins have a throwback pass play to him, and if so who would throw it?

See what Dashi is saying.

The usual bloggers know Dashi. Has Dashi posted in the last couple days?

Has Dashi ever talked to troll named "sCourt" ?

Does Dashi ever go on a rampage to the posters?

Does Dashi ever strike first?

Oh yeah troll. Dashi knows u don't like Dashi using Dashi over and over. Don't worry Dashi doesn't like ur constant ignorant hate!

Dashi just doesn't repeat stuff 1001 times.

Again my stuff gets deleted. Yet keep the troll's work.

Dashi doesn't mind this blog is full of haters. What Dashi minds is the Favoritism to the trolls.

This is the Miami herald and this is the Miami dolphin blog? So if u can't be a homer here, where can u be a homer?

AzPhin, I don't know if rusty Gaffney is better than Moore or not.

I say play him!

What do they have to lose? Targets to Charles Clay? Play him.

The Miami Dolphins are showing up on people's radar that are in the know across the NFL. Even heard tehm discussed as a team with an outside playoff shot by Jason Laconfora this morning. Word is getting out ...

Jim, that happened!

He fills a role. He's a c-plus player at this point.

Not great, but good enough. So far.

Not quite what you want from a third-round pick but better than we've seen the past couple of years.

Given the Dolphins issues with covering TEs and the rams lack of their main offensive weapon, do you think this Kendricks guy has the ability to do damage? I don't see much production from him (like 10 for 88), but does he have the skills that can kill?

Doug, thanks for the twitter love.

Thigpen is kinnd of a victim of his own success. He lit it up his first game and now we kind of expect big things from him.

I think he's going to be a good 12-yard per punt return guy and once or twice a year, he'll make teams sorry they punted to him.

On kickoffs, I like his courage. He doesn't always pick the right hole but he has not fumbled or made any other big mistake. Give him time.

"WehaveRBs, Starks hasn't been re-signed for the same reason no one else has ...

The Dolphins aren't willing to loosen the purse strings at this point in the season. They might do a deal if it is very team-beneficial, but most agents won't go for that.

And so, no one has been extended."


I understand. With Smith, Hartline, Starks, Bush, & Long all about to become free agents which players do you realistically think Miami will make a strong push to re-sign???

Mando, I am one of the few Jeff Ireland supporters that are not related to him. I feel he has the phins in a strong position for the next 3-4 years, will he be able to finish building this team


Would it be too early to compare this to the best QB class since Manning, Rivers, Roethlisbuger of (I think) 2004?

Armando we all know the green bay way... Do u see the organization trying to keep our most of our free agents this year (the core of this team) or we going to see philbin trying to change the core into his own guys?? I guess im really askin is philbin happy with the core of this team , do we just need a few pieces here n there like im hoping??

Charlie B, I asked Bush on Wednesday if he's 100 percent.

He said no.

That doesn't mean he cannot play, but he is obviously not at the same level he was the first week or two.

any plan in the future to go on radio again..by the way as soon you let the 640 everything there is in candela ...you drop something before u leave? LOL I was kidding I wish the best for you

Seth, as long as Ryan Tannehill continues to improve and the Dolphins continue to show signs of getting better, I think Ireland stays.

But to say absolutely that will happen right now and that he'll absolutely be here or be gone is just speculation.

So far, he's safe.

Mando 2 part question

Is Sam Bradford a better #1 pick than Jake? And is Bradford better than T-Hill right now?

Yes, I know T-Hill is only a rookie. But he's already physically better. Just wondering if he is mentally better? Bradford's strong suit.

Mando, not good Thomas having 2 concussions already. Is there like a 3 strike rule now where he won't be able to play for an extended period??

Tony, you are a good man. I appreciate you, bro.

One of the intangibles not being talked about in the Rams game is the South Florida heat. I know it's much more pronounced in September, but is it still a factor in October?

Ctrob, the core is Tannehill, Jake Long, Pouncey, Cameron Wake, Brandon Fields.

Everyone else has to kind of continue to perform. Starks looking great, Sean Smith same. Hartline same. But they cannot fall off the table or opinions will change.

Everything else is up in the air. I will say this: I don't see the Dolphins going crazy in free agency. Maybe a guy here or there.

You, Volin and Omar in a steel cage match. Who comes out victorious?

MiamiD, best QB class? Five games in? Yes, too early, my friend. But that is just my opinion.

Armando, for the weekend looks like we will have a heavy dosis of Lamar Miller, is he looking good in practice this week?

Dashi, Bradford's Rams are 29th in the league in passing ... Dolphins 14th ....

Rams are better at holding onto the ball though ... better turnover ratio ..

Armando, do you believe Dan Marino was overrated as I do? He never won the superbowl and his stats in post season games was atrocious.

Love Lamar Miller's upside. Loved the pick. I think he's close to doing something special if he gets a chance.


So you believe the Dolphins break the bank & keep Long??? What makes you think that Philbin believes Long is worth over $10 Million plus a year???

Bob, Dashi will answer this one for u.

Mando should win a steel cage match. Omar will be to busy having a man crush and Violin is undersized.

Sheehanje, it is hot as ... It's hot in St. Louis. Sometimes hotter than Miami because there's no ocean breeze.

Excellent questions, Dashi!

I like Bradford a lot, but I would put Tannehill in the same conversatin with him right now based on his knowledge of his system which he has run LONGER than what Bradford has run is system in St. Louis.

Is Bradford a better overall No. 1 than Jake. At this point, today, no. Jake has been much more productive at his position than Bradford at his.

But because Bradford is a QB, he has the potentially for a much much, much higher upside over the course of his caree than the LT.

"Ctrob, the core is Tannehill, Jake Long, Pouncey, Cameron Wake, Brandon Fields.

Everyone else has to kind of continue to perform. Starks looking great, Sean Smith same. Hartline same. But they cannot fall off the table or opinions will change.

Everything else is up in the air. I will say this: I don't see the Dolphins going crazy in free agency. Maybe a guy here or there."


We have the best run defense in the NFL. It seems hard to believe that Soliai & Starks are not 'core' guys on this team. If they're not than something is off here.

Do the dolphins practice during the bye week? Wondering if the extra week will help Gaffney with practice time. Going to the Pats game in December, coming from Maine. Only hope he and the fins can shine that day!

Forecast for St. Louis on Sunday: 73 overcast rain
Forecast for Miami Sunday: 86 sunny

I know St. Louis is hot in the summer - but practicing in 73 degree heat is much much different than roasting in the So. Florida Sun. I just don't know if it holds as much of an advantage without the September humidity behind it.

True, it's only 5 games in, I just look at it in that previous QB classes have been awful between 04 and now. This seems to be the first draft where 3 legitimatrly good QBs came out of...but yes it is still only 5 games

I think we'll get mad sacks this game. Our D-line will expose the Rams O-line, and show what a string of paper dolls due to injury.

Mando, how do you think the AFC East will shake out? The Dolphins schedule doesn't look all that strong moving forward.

Mark do u take into account 4 of t-Hill's picks were thrown at Naanee!

Even the tipped passes. Maybe if Naanee ran a better route Thill wouldn't have to throw over jj watts!

T-Hill QBR has gone up with naanee's playing time going down. Now that he is not on the team it should keep growing exponentially.

Mark my question is Bradford better? Than Jake or T-Hill?

U know since everyone likes to bring up M.Ryan! A QB who couldn't get picked over 2 linemen on QB starved teams!

And Bradford was a #1 overall after Jake!

Truth, I do not think people say Marino was the greatest QB ever based on what you pointed out about his ability to win championships.

But ...

You have to remember footall is a TEAM sport. I believe Marino on Dallas in the early 90s would have won Super Bowls. I believe Marino on the Bills would have won a Super Bowl.

He is rated among the best of all time. So is he overrated? I don't think so.

Armando: Just to tell you keep the great work of covering the Dolphins and always look forward to your articles"In my opinion"

Luis, thank you very much!

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