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Quickie live chat at 3 p.m.

It's Friday. Before you check out for the weekend, let's talk!

There will be a live chat on here starting at 3 p.m.

Ask your questions ... make your comments ... interact!

I'll be here as long as the questions continue. 


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Truth, I can't believe you think Marino was overated!!! What planet did you come from? That's about the most stupid comment I ever heard.


I was a bit skeptical when Coyle became our DC specially since it came at the expense of losing M Nolan, what is your opinion of the guy, I actually think he is doing good.

follow up question...any news if the Dolphins are trying to re sign S Smith and Starks???

Daniel, I think the Patriots will win the division. And I think they will be the only team from the division in the playoffs.

The Jets are garbage. The Bills' defense under Dave Wannstedt is garbage. And the Dolphins don't have playoff talent to make a push in December when the schedule is going to be very, very hard.

mando If Dan Carpenter misses another kick this game do u see the phins making a move to get another Kicker ?

Timbo, the bye week schedule is not out yet.

But typically, teams practice several days during the bye week and then get the weekend off.

scourt, Dashi is a good addition to the blog. I have no idea who the other guy you mentioned is. Gnat on an elephant, far as I'm concerned.

But wouldnt u say if starks,hartline,smith keep this up they should become part of the core of the future.... Starks is still 28 hes been great and soliai is only signed ghrough next year, hartline is proving to be something we were desperate for and its not like we have true depth there, then smith ... Well hes showing that he CAN be an elite corner which we kno is not easy to come by in this league... I jus really think we need these guys to become an elite team for years to come .... The elites in this league that stay that way for years like NE,Pitt,Balt,GB these teams keep there good players there n add small pieces through free agency and most importantly replace those cores with the draft those teams thinks 5 years ahead n they can cuz they keep those cores together

That's all for now, folks.

I always appreciate your interaction with me.

Come back Sunday for the live blog. Also, I'm writing my column on ZAch and JT. I love those guys!

I already told you, if DC$ misses another kick, we're gonna let Starks kick anything over 45 yards. Also, if Clay screws up again, we'll plug Soliai in at H-back. Problem solved. LMFAO!

Thanks Mando.
You kick ass buddy! Keep up the good work. You are the Randy Starks of Dolphins beat writers.

Not re-signing Starks would be a MAJOR mistake. I can understand not re-signing Langford last year (Rams paid a LOT of money for him) BUT Starks is a far superior player & one of the best 4-3 DT's in the NFL.

Personal opinion Dashi, no, I don't think a qb who leads the 29th rated passing offense is good enough, despite the turnover ratio. have to be at least top 15 to register in this league.

Armando do you think that choosing Ryan Tanehill in the first round was really Jeff Ireland or Ross's choice?

Thanks for answering Mando. Great points. Playbook knowledge is important for a QB.

Dashi knows a QB will always be looked at in a different light. He is the most important player on the field. Has the most responsibility. He is the guy with the ball on almost every play.

Only way u can compare individuals is by pro bowls. Or all pro. Or stats but linemen don't have stats. Or if the players happen to be picked in the same slot or close.

Reason why everyone is quick to compare Jake to m.Ryan. Not the #2 pick the rams spent on a LT the next year.

People want to compare apples to oranges. Specially when the one people want to diminish doesn't produce stats. Easier to make ur point.

Agreed, compare linemen to linemen and qb's to qb's. Helps when u compare 2 things that are a like than 2 different things.

Now to all u matt Ryan fans. Is T-Hill better than Ryan as a rookie? And who has more potential or upside? Even as a Rookie? Ryan or T-Sizzle?

A DL of Odrick, Starks, Soliai, and Wake will result in a top-notch DL like we're seeing this year. Keep this core together so we can focus on our secondary and WRs (and soon LBs)

Armando, do you see the Phins making any trades before the deadline?

Luis from PR,

I know that is difficult for all the Ireland haters to accept this but Tannehill was Ireland's choice all the way.

Ross is the owner but he is clueless on football matters and contrary to what you or anyone else might think Ross doesn't get involved in anything relating with the football team.

is funny how most of the haters jump on Ireland when he does something wrong but are never quick to point out when he makes a good move.

Thanks for answering all our questions Mando.

On the Marino thing for truth. We No longer say Marino is the greatest Qb in history. He needed to win at least 1 SB for the title. Peyton Manning will be the greatest when he retires. If he passes Marino and Favre when he retires.


Meaning Nobody ever threw the forward pass more proficiently!! Nobody slinged it like Marino!

To put Marino's 84 season into perspective. If he did this today, he would've thrown for 7000 yds and 65+ TD's.

Name one qb that would've done this now or ever!

Will Brady or Manning have thrown for over 4000 yds in 84? Specially not 5000!

First of all you can take your nose out of Mando's anus.
Big-Dan-13 jerked off this franchise and it's fans for 19 years.
Always losing the last game of the season was bad enough.
Those Isotoner pantyhose commercials made it unbearable.


If Jake Long has another sub-par year and/or misses playing time this year due to future injury(ies) as he did last year, would you be willing to let him walk if his contract demand is higher than what J. Thomas got in Cleveland?

Love J. Long but am honestly afraid on investing so heavily on a player who doesn't seem to be the same ever since Sparano left him in that meaningless Dallas preseason game.

Thanks, always have enjoyed your blog.

All you guys STFU, Marino choked in the playoffs check his stats. Montana, Brady, Manning, Favre, Bradshaw are all better than your love Marino. MARINO CHOCKED!! ENUFF SAID!!!

Chibios I know who you are


Really? Dashi sucking up? OK, champ!

Thanks for Answering Caddy! Now open up them cheeks freak!

Also, Marino is Second in 4th qtr comebacks! Now did Marino play on SB caliber teams! Did Marino have any weapons? Did he have a running game? A guy that can average 4+ yds a carry!

Again, Marino is not the greatest qb ever.


Dashi go eat some curry chicken you chicken s*it

Ethnic slur alert!!!

Where in the top 3 QB's of all time Mariono ranks is debatable, but anyone calling him a choker or doubting his skills is an idiot and not a Fins fan!

Sorry, Marino

who am I?

Dashi = Towel head

Sorry Dashi Im just kidding, your a great poster


Getting jerked off by someone else is always better than doin' it yourself :)

Thanks truth!

U too sir open them cheeks! Hold it with both hands as dashi puts it IYM!

That's the truth!

Dashi likes Curry Chicken. Also, BBQ and Jerk. Even Asado

Marino is a top 5 qb. And the most prolific passer. Meaning he can throw the ball like no other. Layman's term

Others might be better game managers. But no one can throw like Dan.

Armando, I like the blogs , not crazy about all the guys using each others names and fighting all the time though , here`s my question , Are we forever stuck with this early Bye every year , I`d much rather have it later in the season , we always get it early when we start getting on a roll , seems like its a momentum killer

James ... not always.

Mando, Dashi is a good addition to the blog like the Bubonic Plague was good for the Dark Ages.

Luis from PR.
I'm from PR, but I disagree with you on JI wanting Tannehill all along, if JI and sherman wasn't here I think JI would have pick a OL player like a RT. And Guard. I wonder if another coach was hired instead of JI. Sherman would JI picked Tannehill? No one knows but given JI track record I think not!
IMO. JI is overrated GM. How many play makers he drafted to say he has done a great job. How many good free agents he has hit on since he was dealt the drafting of players and F/A. Yes he has pick some god players. You can count them with one hand. Including the free agents. Yes he didn't sign Flynn. Or Orton. But philbin had the inside on Flynn. But in reality JI has done a below average job since he has been here IMO!

Mark ur going to get hell for that.

But mark is right. Last thing u want is disk burns from somebody screwing with ur hard drive! It happens with inexperienced users.

All them guys had a running game , Marino never had a Roger Craig , Thurman Thomas, Emmit Smith , these other teams knew it and they bull rushed Marino every down , they knew we were one demensional and they just kept the pressure on Dan , if he`d of had someone to hand the ball to , make them back off he`d of eaten them teams alive , the fact that he made it to the super bowl speaks volumes about his ability as a QB , like Mando said had he had a big line and a Emmit Sith he`d have a few rings

I meant Philbin wasn't hire would JI still pick Tannehill. We will never know that. But Tannehill is here because Sherman coached him in college and knows the Offense, so JI agree to it but it was Sherman influence, it just makes sense wake the f u c k up!
But I love my PHINS. The PHINS this week. Will win 21 to 14. Only because fisher is a good coach and they play hard for him.. It's going to be a good game.

Hey the great plague was actually good for humanity.

If it wasn't for it happening. We would already be overpopulated. Over 75% of the worlds population died off. Less than a 1000 yrs ago!

Pick something with less success, still deadly and sucks. Like Polio.

U know how u cripple this blog like polio. Handicapping us with ur ignorant tirades!

Ur done with T-Hill, how about going after a HOF'er!

Ignorant remark after ignant remark.

I`m glad Tannehill is doing good , but I question how good Sherman actually thinks he is , he did turn him into a receiver when he was coaching him ,to me that says Sherman didn t have much faith in Tannehill as a starting QB in college ,let alone the NFL , but he`s got my vote , he has guts , hangs in the pocket and he`s pretty accurate lately , makes good decisions and can scramble , hope he proves Sherman wrong


Sherm made T-Hill a Wr so the kid can see the field as a freshmen. He still made T-Hill go to qb classes. The kid went to qb meetings not Wr meetings.

Trust sherm he knows what he is doing. Notice, how he always lowers expectations for the public. The man wants T-Hill to succeed. He was acting distant before the draft because he knew what he had!

Some would even say sherm is babying him to much. Not letting him run around yet. But Dashi trusts sherm and his tactics. Let him develop his kid!

And yes, no Sherman, no thill. Plus no Philbin, no sherm!

Last post on this sorry blog.

MARINO SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I go into every week thinking that our team can win that weeks game even if we are playing the superbowl champs. I just think the team has alot of heart and it's not often that they get so dominated they dont have a chance to win. that said realistically If i may the question on Phins fans minds, can this team make the playoffs, or are we relegated to spoiler like the last few years?

How happy is Mike Nolan that he left this cespool? LOL

Alain, the Dullfins are spoilers for THEIR FANS! LOL

Marino was the biggest choke artist in sports history. Not a big game QB.

Dashi, I don't post as much as I used to. But from your comments it's so obvious you read what this & that 'expert' says and you post it like it was your belief.

The knowledgeable fans on this blog can see right thru that BS. You come across like some kinda expert and you're not. Lose that 3rd person crap and be real. The regulars would respect your opinion more. Just some advice, take it or leave it.

This the same mike Nolan that can't run his own defense! And is ranked 28th against the run!

Yea, sure would love to be him! The same guy who got passed over for his DB coach!

At least Philbin let's his coordinators run their side of the ball! Mike can't even run his style of defense!

Not a lot of pull for a DC! Good DC's run their own scheme! Not the other way around! Plus who has Nolan developed?

Heck, Doyle has got him beat by a mile! Look at what he has done with Misi, N.Carroll, and the 2 safety's! Nolan never developed talent!


We'd be 4-1 if Matt Moore was playing. Tannehill has only 2 TD's and is ranked 30th! If he continues to suck they better make the change to Moore. Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano did in not starting Moore.

Hi Dashi!

Native, u neither post enough and read enough.

Plus, be a man. Caring about how Dashi writes?

The regulars here will tell u how Dashi feels about ur "feelings" on dashi's "opinion". We(the regulars) know only 1 person is extremely bothered about Dashi being Dashi!

Dashi is a illest! If u are going to biit$h about something appear knowledgeable at least.

Again, buddy thanks for calling Dashi a expert. And we all know Dashi comes up with his own train of thought. Many here can tell u Dashi disagrees with a lot of what the experts say. Specially from the networks.

Who is the only one who says we have the most overpaid LB duo? Who is the only one that has said go MLB with the 1st pick? Who has been screaming our next pick should be Te'o from ND!!!

Those are just a few of the obvious points Dashi talks about and no expert on any site does!

Now do I give proof when Dashi talks!

Not just blasphemous lie's like u!

P.s.- Who says before every fin game the key to the game is to stop the other team on 3rd Down!

Let me guess the experts and Dashi just copies!

We all know who is making it their troll life mission to attack the Dashi's integrity!

Moore is garbage TRUTH
Tannehill is garbage TRUTH
this team is garbage TRUTH
Ken S is garbage FACT

Dashi = turd garbage

Funny truth.

Thought u were leaving?

Also aren't u ken s?

Only a troll will still say start Moore not T-Hill!

Common sense!

Also, Sanchez and tebow suck! Ant that's the truth! Truth!

Armando,. great point on Marino. IMO if dan played today on this roster he'd win superbowls... Best QB i've ever witnessed championships aside he is the prototype we now as fans have to base all QB play... Gift and a curse. But excited to see Tannehill come into himself and set a new legacy.

Marino Legacy


Rookie season. They host the Seattle Seahawks in the Divisional round. The Dolphins lead 20 to 17 in the fourth quarter but the Seahawks score ten points in the fourth quarter and win the game 27 to 20.


The Dolphins host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game. The Dolphins win the game 45 to 28 to capture their second AFC title in three seasons.

Super Bowl XIX vs. San Francisco 49ers at Stanford, CA. The Dolphins lead 10 to 7 after one quarter. But the 49ers dominate the rest of the game and win 38 to 16.


The Miami Dolphins than host the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game. The Patriots dominate the game and win 31 to 14.


Fail to make playoffs.


The Miami Dolphins return to the playoffs for the first time since 1985 as a Wild Card team. They host the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round of the playoffs. The Chiefs lead 16 to 3 after three quarters but Dan Marino throws two fourth quarter touchdown passes to pull the game out and give the Dolphins the win 17 to 16. They advance to play the Bills in Buffalo. The Bills win the game 44 to 34.

1992. The Miami Dolphins win the AFC East and after a first round bye they host the San Diego Charges in the second round. The Dolphins dominate the game and win 31 to 0. They host the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship game. The Bills win the game 29 to 10.

1994. The Miami Dolphins host the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round. The game is tied at 17 after the first half but the Dolphins score ten second half pints to win the game 27 to 17. They travel to play the San Diego Chargers in the second round. The Dolphins lead 21 to 6 at the half but the Chargers shut out the Dolphins in the second half and win the game 22 to 21.

1995. The Dolphins travel to play the Buffalo Bills in the first round. The Bills lead 27 to 0 after three quarters. The Dolphins rally to score 22 points in the fourth quarter but the Bills win the game 37 to 22.

1997. The Miami Dolphins are a Wild Card team and travel to play the New England Patriots in the first round. The Patriots win the game 17 to 3.

1998. The Dolphins host the Buffalo Bills in the first round. They go on to win the game 24 to 17. They travel to play the Denver Broncos in the second round. The Broncos dominate the game and win 38 to 3.

1999. The Miami Dolphins as a Wild Card team travel to play the Seattle Seahawks in the first round. The Seahawks lead 17 to 10 in the third quarter. But the Dolphins score ten point to pull the game out and win 20 to 17. The Dolphins advance to the second round where they play the Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville. The Jaguars destroy the Dolphins 62 to 7. The 62 points are the second most points scored by a team in an NFL playoff game.

Truth ur a maggot.

U know the thing that lives off the turd garbage!

U waste of an overused cumragg!

Yesterdays Gone no one read that post FACT
You are also another turd garbage poster FACT
Which name have you been using TRUTH
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