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I posted the Marino legacy not to incriminate Dan, but to point out that in his prime and even later years, was always our greatest chance to win a game. Beit regular season or playoffs.

Dan Marino carried this team on his back for many years. He was the true definition of "franchise qb". Many of the playoff losses were simply that we ran into more complete and balanced teams, both sides of the ball.

At times, even franchise qb's cant overcome complete or more balanced teams, especially if the team he plays for is not.

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Great posts YG

Great post YG.

Notice how u breakdown his playoff legacy. And it is still not good enough. Dashi bets Marino never had 1 running back go over 75 yds in any playoff game. Never mind a defense!

Plus, the guy went to the playoff's 10 times in 17 years! And won a couple. Not bad for a 1 man team!

People forget Marino was a 1 man team for most of his career!

Again, The Most Prolific Passer! Not greatest qb or winningest qb!

The Prototype Pocket Passer! Most Qb's in the NFL copy his release! At least the one's with a quick release.

Ask any top 5 qb right now who do they try and emulate the most. Not Montana. But Marino!


They copy marino's style.

Against the Bengals, the Dolphins ran the ball 35 times for 67yds. What this suggest is defenses have chosen to gang up on the run and force Tannehill to beat them.

What the win also shows, is our "DEFENSE" will have to show up big each game to secure a victory.

Yes, I love Tannehill's developement a, and the way he's he's coming along. But if defenses have decided to make Tannehill beat them, Houston, there might be a problem. Last I checked, though Hartline/Bess are pretty good wr's, They arent going to place "fear of God" into any nfl defense in the league.

We still lack the big time wr dc's have to game plan for, and I dont believe Hartline/Bess put up huge numbers on a consistent basis. However, I hope they can prove me very wrong on this.

I believe we need to be a top 5 overall defense this year to make the playoff, and then make some noise while we are there.

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Truth I hate to break this to you. But Marino was 18-8 in play off appearances, 4510 yard 32 TD's and 24 INT's. Did yo even look the stats up before posting that Marino was terrible in play off, the reality doesn't seem to fit what you post/.

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Great post on Sherman and Tannehill
That's what I've been trying to say Dashi
But people here think JI is the best GM in dolphins history.. Yes he has done some good, but the bad overweight the good that Jeff has done. He had four years like Obama now it's time for a change..

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U know Dashi is still 50/50 on Ireland. But yes it's true.

No Sherman, no T-Hill. Or J.Lane

No Philbin, No Sherman. No O-line coach, No J.Martin.

On the political thing. Dashi will take 4 more years as long as their is a plan in place. This is the end of the recession football and economical. Who ever takes over is primed to do a good job! We are primed to get back to prominence.

Dashi would just rather have the guy with a real plan and is already responsible for taking us out of the darkest decade in franchise and country history.

Instead of the guys with no plans. Grass isn't always greener on the other side!

We could end up with a guy that trades all of our picks for a bust! Or a guy that will get rid of Medicare and social security. U know privatize everything. Corporations over Gov't!

Not that had hard a choice. Romney is bigger business than bush or cheaney!

Not saying Obama is the next Bill Clinton/Don Shula. Just saying use logic and pick the team that benefits u and ur family.

Dashi doesn't mind u copying him. As long as u keep speaking the truth. And get on ur 3rd person game. Not enough Dashi in ur Dashi post.

It's also more PC to use IYM. Have gotten complaints about putting it In Ur Mouth!

And on the fire Ireland. That doesn't work here. People have some sort of hate towards the word fired around here.

How about "Hire GM X"

People are more receptive. It's a shame.

scourt, Dashi is a good addition to the blog. I have no idea who the other guy you mentioned is. Gnat on an elephant, far as I'm concerned.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 12, 2012 at 03:38 PM

The Troll is having a sissy fit because Armando praised Dashi's contributions and questions.

Stop polluting the blog you Gnat!

i am not gnat oscar is! oh wait

Mando praised other people not just Dashi.

But I see ur point. It could explain the Dashi hate. At least the little tirade he made under the Florida native name.

Also OBL u exposed urself for the 1001 time. Posted to urself and forgot to switch names.

Truth may be a bigger troll then anyone else here
oscar tattles if you make fun of him for being Cuban so id make sure you watch your mouth before making fun of him

Oscar the rat


WTF is going on? Troll U-oy completely flipped out after Mando put him in his place-ROTFLMAO!

I told him Dashi, I tried to warn him. If he thinks Irelands a ss is on the Hot Seat, Old Liver Spots ain't seen nothing yet. Mando is going to FIRE HIM if he keeps up with his jealous hissy fits-lol.

Don't be modest, Mando did praise others, but thats really not pertinent nor the point. Now is it?

Here's the point: Buy giving you a shout out, Mando muted all the BS they have to say about you. In one nice short sentence, Mando tells Monkey Bu-oy to Open Wide-ROTFLMAO!

PS: I too now understand why "Liver Spots" acts and posts the way he does. It all reflects back on his **LITTLE** problem ;)

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I'm out. I'm not wading into Monkey Bu-oys little hissy fit any deeper than this. But there is just one more thing I'd like to say:

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Reality Check,

Who made fun of Oscar for being Cuban?

I'm very proud of my "Dual" heritage and place the utmost importance on it. I teach it too my kids as well. But having suffered myself, I'm very "Anti-Racist".

Just curious..........?

Has that fat fraud Chris Berman EVER picked the Dolphins on his stupid 2 Minute Drill on Friday nights? Every time I watch this buffoon make his picks - he picks against the Dolphins. Whatever, he picked the Bengals last week. His record is like 3-22 on the year so I guess its better that he picked the Lambs this week. What a chooch.

Maybe Berman and a couple players on the Bills can go rub dickhe*ds somewhere this weekend.

What are the Chances the Phins shoot for GreG JenninGs???? 2nd rounder or 3rd rounder..... and do u think those 2 losses in O.T are gonna Haunt us later on in the Season shooting for a playoff run???

Brandon = no and YES!!

It seems as Truth is probably not old enough to remember Marinos entire career. The problem with the Dolphins when Marino was QB, problem meaning no super bowl wins, was that Marino got them through the regular season on his shoulders. When the playoffs came around the good teams simply had more talent across the board. The Phins couldn't hide behind Marino against the better teams.

To suggest the team failed in the playoffs BECAUSE of Marino is ridiculous imo. As if a different QB would have done better with the same players? Bwaaahahahaha stop it, you're killing me.

There isn't a Dolphin fan alive who would call Dan Marino overrated, think about it.

Odin agreed.

If someone knows the doc's behavior it's u. The object of his affection. Dashi also owns the clown. We can reset the score. But the troll has never gotten to dashi. Remember the troll is Dashi's bottom biit$h! Dashi owns him! And rents him out for a pack of cig's!

On Berman?

The guy is a prick bills fan! I've heard people on ESPN can't wait til he retires. Notice ESPN has cut his programming down! Took his NFL show out! He's regulated to 2 minutes on the Friday ESPN!

Even Kenny Mayne got more clout now at the network!

Also, nobody has insulted Oscars background?

We all know Dashi hasn't insulted his fellow island bros. Doesn't mean Dashi Cuban. Just that Dashi respects his fellow islanders.

1-10 in road playoff games for No Ring Dan says it all.

Dan Marino, local hero. But not top 15 nationwide.

Oscar u did ask if he was 15?

Keep exposing!

Agreed with phins78. Anyone who says Marino is overrated! Doesn't know football and is definitely not a Phins fan!


If that is bust or over rated u don't know squat! Heck, even god had to intervene! He cursed the fins! We were not allowed a competent Qb until we wasted a first round pick on replacing the most prolific passer in NFL history!

It took an owner from the old testament to see the errors of his peoples way!

13 years and 17 Qb's to find Dan's replacement!

And all we had to do was waste a 1st round pick!

Even though it does seem like fate? 13 years and 17qbs. For #13 to be replaced by #17!

The same people that said Henne is our franchise QB are now saying Tannehill is our franchise QB.... TOO FUNNY!

I have just got major breaking news- it looks like the decision to play Gaffney will be a green light , which is just awesome .

You are all funny. By the way if i switch my name to other names itll make me appear right, like a pack of wolves coming to snatch ya. careful now cause right now everyone, errr i mean myself, is agreeing with me

By the time the dolphins made it to the playoffs during the marino years the team wad always banged up. Clayton and duper were little but tough. No running backs and even worse depth. And I dont mean just at running back. The whole offense lacked depth. If a starter went down that pretty much meant literally one less option to throw too.Then by the end marino had gadson mcduffie and a just starting to emerge before breaking his leg wr lamar thomas. All in all not much. Not too mention a defense that loved to give up the big play before jj got to miami.

Gaffney looks like he is super sonic fast according to an undisclosed source who took field notes for the sb nation leading up to the game this Sunday. In addition,
Sam Bradford, was listed probable but another source said he is definetly feeling alot of discomfort from his latest injury. Please show up to the game Elliot - I have you and your kids covered for the visit with Jimmy!

1001 excuses for Dan Marino. LMAO!

Sammo, so come playoff time ONLY the Dolphins were banged up? Every year? Really Sammo? LOL

How can anyone in their right mind annoint the 30th ranked QB a franchise QB? A bust maybe, but a franchise QB? not so much.

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