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Quickie live chat at 3 p.m.

It's Friday. Before you check out for the weekend, let's talk!

There will be a live chat on here starting at 3 p.m.

Ask your questions ... make your comments ... interact!

I'll be here as long as the questions continue. 


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he choked is jealous

to have a life or not to have a life, that is z questiôn

How Many Names Do I Have?

Miami wasnt the only team with injuries but a team still neefs it backups to make plays and fill in adequately occasionally.

How Many Names Does Odin/Oscar/Dashi/YesterdaysGone Have?

Is Sammo/Truth/Oscar/YesterdaysGone A Loser?

Do These People Have A Life They Are Proud Of?

Is This There Only Accomplishment?

Why Dont They Work?

How Unattractive Are They?


What Positive Qualities Do They Possess

Why Did There Parents Have To Get Divorced?

Why Did They Experiment With That Lad In High School?

Why Wont They Address These Questions? There Obviously Here Just Weirded Out And Unsure Of What To Do

Do They Know?

How sad Odinstank now pollutung the good name or "Odins Blotted Liver", Just a few more hits that you saycontributes to mando's blog hits.
Stank, Everone knows that the true ODINS BLOTTED LIVER never trashes anyone but you(Well except maybe Flipper breed) come on you old coot, Stop adding to armandos "HITS".
Your truly a poor excuse for a human being.

I see your points. I agree on JI 50/50
But like you say Dashi thinks that no Sherman no Tannehill, you see JI got lucky enough to hire philbin that hire Sherman that hire Tannehill, now I wonder what happens from here on, drafting players is about evaluation having that eye for talent. TBE question in my mine says, does JI have that eye for talent or just went on what his staff saids about what is out there. That's how it probably works but I just don't trust him. Maybe it's going to take awhile for me to trust JI Ross, let's see what happens!

Ironic your calling out someone for commenting on a blog... by going on a blog and running your mouth. And your life is soooooo great you have nothing better to do but stroke a keyboard? Now be a good waste of body fluid and go wipe that pb&j off your chin mom just made ya.

ray, I trust Irescum will continue to set new records for most busts ever by a GM.

P.s.- Who says before every fin game the key to the game is to stop the other team on 3rd Down!

Posted by: Dashi | October 12, 2012 at 06:38 PM

About as profound as saying "pitch a shutout, you win."
Your "Elmo" 3rd person persona is really the mark of a wannabe.
Quit justifying your existence constantly.
At least you don't use the ubiquitous "I'm OUT."
Thank God.

Who is this pointed to sammo?

"The team that score's the most usally wins"

Sorry my schedule does not coincide with yours Mando! Let's hope fins can beat rams!

I picked up Fin Defense on my fanatasy football team, I had Chicago but there off this week, How do you think they'll do?

Someone is angry. But Dashi knows "We will never know"

Get over urself!

Talk football not Dashi! Ur done?

Dashi Out!

IMAFool the stop somebody on 3rd down! Proclamation Dashi makes every week.

It's about the Most Overpaid Duo in the NFL!

The key to our defense not our secondary!

Dashi, Are you actually "HOME" with out the tin-foil hat?
Just a question sir, No disrespect.

Home is Truth?

That's what Dashi thinks.

Dashi is the Reason Home can't be The "Illeist" anymore!

Reason he hate Dashi! But It's Ok. U mock And Desecrate Dashi's Name. Yet no Football!

Dashi will leave my Weekly State of The Defense!

And dang Buddy if U don't understand the Basic Principal Of SARCASM!! Why Talk about the Dashi?

Dashi just tries to break it into Tarzan Terms For Ur Elmo AS2!!

U Sesame Sweet Fruit CAke!

Dashi doesnt want to lose Big Bird

So Dashi is voting for Obama.

Dashi, When will you announce your wedding to Odinseye.
TMZ wants to know.

Dashi's State Of Defense

D-Line- The Strength of the D! what More Can I Say? Sign Starks!! The Line is What Makes for 2nd and Long! 3rd and 10!

We have Great Depth and See no need to Upgrade. Even at the Sacred Spot Opposite Wake on Passing Downs! Let Vernon and Shelby Develop!

We have at least 4 good D-Linemen with 3 Rookie's Developing Nicely Behind Them! No Need to tinker! Definitely no Need to Waste 1st round Picks on! Just Sign Starks!!

LB's!- If the Line was the Strength! The LB's Are our Weakness!!!!! On D! Misi is Solid and Developing into a Good Young OLB! 4-3 or 3-4!

Dansby! Oh How Dashi Loathes Thee! How U earn Patrick Willis Money and Perform Like CHANNING CROWDER! How U only play Half-A-Season! Are a OLB masquerading as a MLB!! Can't Cover Ur Zone When Drop Back into Coverage! Can't Break Up a Pass even though U played SS in College! Are Horrendous On 3RD DOWN!! ETc. Etc. Just Get Better and Hopefully the Fins Can REPLACE U WITH TE'O NEXT YEAR! $13 Mil? Ur Not Worth it Carlos with a K!

Burnett- Ur Okay but at almost $4Mil a Season U Have To go Chump! U Sir are Channing Crowders Statistical Equal! And Derrick Rodgers Twin Brother! And We Don't have Zack in the Middle! So Ur worthless! Might as well Start O.Vernon Over U! At Least the Kid can Run!

Again If we Cut Or Replace that $16 Mil Duo and Replace it with 2 Stud Rookie LB's! Te'o and Someone Else(Doesn't even have to be a 2nd round Pick)! U know the Cap Relief and Youth Our Defense Will be Getting!

These LB's Can't Cover TE's Or RB's! Might as well get 2 Blue Chip Rookies and Let them Develop! Dansby and Burnett are already on the Downside of their Careers! Why Keep them After this Season?!

Get a Couple of 22 YR Old 4.45-40 guys that Can Run With any RB or TE in the NFL! Derrick Brooks Type! For this 4-3 Cover 2 that We Run!

Secondary- U have to be Pleasantly Surprised! Carroll is playing WAY BETTER THAN EXPECTED!!! S.Smith is Turning into a Solid NFL CB! Plus his Height for a CB is Special! Sign him up if he keeps Playing at this Top 5 Level!

Marsha2.0 seems to be hurt, but his stay in Miami Might be Short! Maybe Dawn Fixed his Contract so we can cut him and Not get a Cap Hit, Next OffSeason!

The Way Dashi Sees it If Carroll can Start the Rest of the Year! Start Carroll! Make Marsha the NickelBack!

Wilson seems to be Progressing.

Even Our Wretched Safety's! R.Jones in turning into a Football Player! A PlayMaker! A Baller! A ShotCaller! Whatever U want to Use. But the Kid can Play and he is Being Coached Up!

Clemons another Story. But Even He is Playing at a High level for him.

We haven't given up the Big Plays that Haunted Us Last Season! Good Scheme and Players seem to be Buying in! Bend don't Break! And Don't get Beat over the Top!

Now Should the Fins Use the 2nd we Traded for Vontae on another CB! Sure! But not a 1st!

Dashi wouldn't even waste one of our 1st 4 Picks on a CB! Really. Let Carroll and Smith Start next year With Some 3rd Round Pick Rookie as the NB! and Future Replacement Of Carroll or To Develop Alongside!

Rather Waste that 2nd Round Pick on a FS! Get a Playmaker! A FS is a Bigger Need than a CB right Now! and Moving Forward! Get another SuperStar Safety and Watch this Become a Top 5 Pass D!!

We Need LB's and 1 Real Good FS!!!

Oh Yeah Stop somebody on 3rd Down! And Break Up Passes on 2nd and 3rd Down! These 2 OverPaid LB's and 1 FS can't seem to get that Done. If they only did their Job at a HighLevel or at what they Get Paid to do it at!

We Will Whoop STL!!! 31-13 Fins!

Dashi, don't read your long diatribes. Sorry, keep it short.

Odin, just watching Bill Walsh on Palladia, DirecTV channel, hunter Hayes, zz top, and others! Great rock, thought of you, rock on my friend!!

"My Maseratti does One 85," yeah baby! Rock n Roll!!!

"Life in the fast lane", go Joe Walsh!

Metropolitan Yogurt Nostril

ennnn ennnnnennnn MIsterioso lsd 25 adjucnt yakima kazoo ben bernanke fed reserve OWL and ASP say it 'aaassssp'

Chief Wahoo

Check out this buffon Bloated and/or Blotted Liver BUSTING HIMSELF YET AGAIN-LOL.

This pathetic loser mispelled his own sign in name. Then, while changing aliases and signing back in he corrected himself. It's right here for all to see-ROTFLMAO! Even as a Troll Loser he can't get the job done. You should just sign in as "Odin's Blotted Loser" you Derelict-Ha Ha!

Interesting side note: Below, he obviously changed his name to and quoted Yogi Berra. Funny how Cuban Menace use to constantly quote Yogi Berra, particularly this Phrase, like all his drivel, OVER and OVER and OVER.

Anywhoo, Cuban Menace got caught Red Handed being ALoco too. So, Blotted Liver is also OBVIOUSLY ALoco/Cuban Menace(as if we didn't ALREADY know. Thought I'd repost it just the same for any newbies-LOL).

And this Fvcking Dufus thinks he's fooling people-Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

NOT WHILE I'M HERE......Son! Read it for yourself.

Who is this pointed to sammo?

Posted by: Odins Bloated Liver. | October 12, 2012 at 11:49 PM

"The team that score's the most usally wins"

Posted by: Yogi Berrea | October 12, 2012 at 11:52 PM

Sorry my schedule does not coincide with yours Mando! Let's hope fins can beat rams!

Posted by: redsky | October 13, 2012 at 12:00 AM

I picked up Fin Defense on my fanatasy football team, I had Chicago but there off this week, How do you think they'll do?

Posted by: Odins Blotted Liver | October 13, 2012 at 12:05 AM

If thats not pitiful enough, Blotted/Bloated Liver's Ex-Boyfriend called him out on his........NOT so well endowed..........mini-endowment-LMFAO! Now we all know where the nick name "Lil Smalls" came from!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Pretty bad when your own boyfriend comes on the sports blog where you hang out and tells everybody you have a Mini-Whanker-LOL.


Thanks Lil Smalls(Ahem....)your idiocy has made my day, yet AGAIN!


My sources from deep within the Bat Cave have informed me that Richrd Marshall is Done for the Season and will placed on IR before the bye week is up.

These are the same sources that allowed me to break the Jabbar Gaffney signing here on the Blog.

According my sources Marshall has herniated discs T1 and 2. At this point Team Doctors and a specialist have stated the injury will require surgery.

While Marshall will probably seek more opinions, he will be placed on IR before the bye week is over.

Stick a Fork in Marshall, he's done for the year!


Home and Dashi are different bloggers

Home was not on here y-day

Miami 20

Rams 17

Go Phins!

Agree w Mando

Pats WIN the division

No one else in the division gets a Wild Card game

have a HAARPy day :(

Home and Dashi are different bloggers
Home was not on here y-day
Posted by: Coffee Talk w Home | October 13, 2012 at 07:34 AM

Why Is He Talking Third Person About Himself Like Dashi Does?
Cause They Are The Same?

Heck of a Game the Nationals lost yesterday. Wouldn't want to be in DC now.

All those Wahington pitchers were wild. They need a new pitching Coach.

Why am I not talking about Tomorrow's Dolphins Game? I don't know.

Miami by 4 as per LV. Probably right on.

Mando... From a fellow writer, I'm a Playwright, a big "thank you" for your work. I start my day, every day, with coffee and you. Don't agree with everything but your opinion is intelligent and keeps me feeling informed.

Who cares about the crap Dolphins? The Heat is on!!

Looks like I missed the live chat yesterday. I was on transit to Toronto. Great city. Get your a** up here some time guys, if you've never been. You'd love it!

Some good questions yesterday guys. Pretty worried about this game to be honest. Fisher will have his team ready to play. We'd better do the same.

DC, really sorry about your Nationals. I realize you'll still be in morning today but one Hell of a game. I've always been a bit of a Cardinals fan but I have to admit I was pulling for the Nationals to move on. Going to be a long offseason, I'm afraid.

Craig M....

Fisher will be exposed for the .500 HACK that he is....



Cant be happy with 2 TD's in 5 games and the 30th ranked QB. They'll have to draft another QB if Tannehill continues to stink.

Mini-Mini What is it?

Who is Dashi?

Why always with all the Alleged?

U State Dashi has No Opinion of his Own? Yet, I Drop "Dashi's State of the Defense" and U still Complain! Give it a Break! Always Whining! U Must look and Talk like Gilbert Gottfried!

Here's The Short Version

The D is in Good Shape. We Have the Most Overpaid LB Duo in the NFL. MArsha2.0 will not be here Long(Later Confirmed by Odin). Carroll and Smith Should be the Starting CB's! Our Secondary isn't as Bad as Everyone thought at the Beginning of the Season! Get rid of Clemons. Draft Te'o and a OLB. Draft a FS. Do this with the Top 4 Picks!

Oh Yeah We Suck at Stopping People on 3rd Down! The Key to every Fin Game!

Craig M, no offense but I'd rather spend 8 hours at the dentist then go to Toronto.

With that Said We Should be able to stop the Rams!

Who do they have that is a Pass Threat? Bradford is a Better MArk Sanchez. Not Much to work with. The Rams O-Line is Suspect. The Rams are 30th in Passing! And 22nd in Rushing! Not much to be afraid of! Their best WR is hurt for the Next Month!

This Should Be a Great Week For this Defense! Even On 3rd Down! Come to Think About! Dashi is Predicting Shutout! At Least No TD's for the Rams Offense!

The D is the least of our problems. They've played great. If we had a decent QB we'd be 4-1.

Now where the Game and the Battle Would be Won is the Fins O Vs. The Rams D!

It's like playing the Jets!


go finssssssssssss

Count me out of your juvenile boycott. The team has found the answer at quarterback and has plenty of good, young talent across the roster. If YOU can't see the obvious that's YOUR problem.

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