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Rams lead Dolphins 6-0 to start second quarter

The Dolphins have given up a pair of field goals to the Rams and their kicker Greg Zuerlein.

The Dolphins, the NFL's top run defense, has given up 63 yards on four carries to Daryl Richardson. The Team was allowing an average of 61 yards per game before today.

The offense, meanwhile, has been inconsistent.

So Miami has its work cut out for them.

This one may not be easy.

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May not be easy? It's already almost like giving birth.

Sigh thats all i can say

judging from the first Q play, O and D line play belong to the Rams


These Miami Dolphins just got caught looking past the Rams! Can you believe that?
The defense just woke up, I hope the Offense does too.
This could've got ugly quick!
Spoke too soon, never mind.
The offense keeps digging holes on 1st and 2nd down. WTF! Every drive so far, we dug a hole for Tannehill!
Come the Fvck ON!!!!
Posted by: odinseye | October 14, 2012 at 01:39 PM

oh my...the Go-Go snap count put them into a trance


looks like you are being HORRIBLY out coached right now....

what are you gonna do....

How are you gonna get their heads in the game....

Posted by: Kris | October 14, 2012 at 01:39 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/10/gaffney-egnew-inactive-again/comments/page/3/#comments#storylink=cpy

team needs to step it up BIGTIME!!!


That's how you finish a play BUSH!!!!!

Ok Bess, you've had your 2 slips for the game already-enough is enough

Jake Long two penalties today.

dashi, as always you have to insult, a mark of a very small mind and.....
You deserved that.
I live in TN, and even with the Titans having a losing record, or an average team, they pack the stadium.

Stearatore's crew killed us in either the Jets or Zona game.

There's a reason Tannehill is 30th. He sucks.


the jets almost went up 14-3 on the Colts....

roughing penalty wiped out the TD...gave the ball back to the Colts....


damn hartline was wide open on 2nd down



Miami circus show ugh

should've drafted Matt Ryan.

Brandon Fields...At least he's playing!


Long also has allowed a sack.

And by the way, the personal foul should have been on Jonathan Martin, not Incognito.

That was a horrible call on Long. The Refs have been horrible. One flag after another. Let them play!

The phantom call against Jake and then the stupid penalty against Incognito. Nice to see this team taking their opponents lightly.

Refs hate this team, bad call on Long

Thank God for Fields.
Time for a turnover.

that Hold call on Long was wrong & inexcusable. Referees impacting the outcome of game bigtime there.

Incognito knocked Martin down

Getting a first down taken away from you is a huge Penalty. Do we ever GET THE CALL!

It is still a one possession game but I am really concerned about the Rams' pass rush. They are dominating the line of scrimmage so far.

Did we expect anything less from the refs? This is the same jackass Steratore who screwed us in the Pittsburgh a couple seasons ago.

If Tannehill could move the friggin ball we'd have a chance.

hate complaining about the refs but they have been brutal against us this season

Armando, that was Martin/Jerry that allowed the one sack they have

It looks like we are going to need a Defensive TD to even have a chance

bad call on long for sure, but is this offense trying to make things hard for the team with these really really poor errors etc????

Imploding before our eyes. Game is gonna be over we keep this crap up. Dumb penalties. This team lacks discipline, a lot of penalties this year that have been terrible. Lack of wr depth is killing us. At least Tannehill looks good, still think we'd be 4-1 with Marshall and Davis.

Alan you sir are a DUMBARSS.. you prob played high school football and only got to play on senior day.. He hasnt played the best thus far this game but he does not by any means suck..

I thought if the other team was winning the ref's would stop cheating!

Guess not!

The rams o-line has been holding all day!

#1 against the run? Not today!

that holding was horse doo doo

jets up...


now this game is EVEN MORE important...

The Rams have been extremely physical and are beating us up so far.

Man Fisher has really turned that team around. They were horrible last year.

I don't know if I undersetimated the Rams or overestimated My Phins!

Either way, if they don't pull their heads out it's going to be a long afternoon!

BTW - Credit the Refs will killing that last drive. It don't amount to shyt, but it is, what it is!

there we go....

Olivier Vernon, drafted to rush the passer, is doing a nice job against the run.

seems like the team went of bye a week early

Vernon has made 2 tackles in a row


Lol at everyone who think Reshad Jones and Clemons are competent in pass coverage.

Sherman's play calling is awful again.

Horrible contain

Holding again. The guy has been holding odrick all day

Think I better find something else to do, this game is going to give me a STROKE!

Nobody wants to make a play!

I'm out for the afternoon!

Surprise. They missed a holding penalty on the rams first down play

We look awful, both sides. Need to throw downfield on on offense they stacking the line. D is just not in sync

Nah, fool!

The rams are holding all day!

The Rams are working it to get Reshad Jones in man coverage. I do not like that matchup.

Holding! Nice.

Wake got the sack early and 52 other Dolphins figured they could give half a fvcking effort today.

Fvck this!

Once Steven Jackson gets into the secondary, not a lot of folks seem eager to tackle him.

If Tannehill could move the friggin ball we'd have a chance.

Shut up TGH do you even watch the game?????? terrible field position every time and penalties

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