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Rams lead Dolphins 6-0 to start second quarter

The Dolphins have given up a pair of field goals to the Rams and their kicker Greg Zuerlein.

The Dolphins, the NFL's top run defense, has given up 63 yards on four carries to Daryl Richardson. The Team was allowing an average of 61 yards per game before today.

The offense, meanwhile, has been inconsistent.

So Miami has its work cut out for them.

This one may not be easy.

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Mando, update on Vernon?

Smith is back to his old ways today playing 5-10 yards off the receiver. Where's the jam at the line of scrimmage???

Bradford isn't this good. He needs to turn the ball over!

our DBACKS are horrible


please go away troll

SEAN SMITH playing down, LOL. SEAN SMITH has been is, and always will be terrible. He had a couple good games, the first of which he still gave up TDs...He's garbage

Carroll was absolutely LOST on that pass. What the hell was he looking at???

Posted lastnight, given a choice, I would choose Sam Bradford over Mark Sanchez all day long. Not even close. You guys are seeing here today.

Dashi believes Smith has problems with quick wr's.

Guys that can change direction real fast! Not with big prototypical Wr's!

We need to get a stop! We should've stopped them already!

Lol I guess nobody noticed smiths good games came as cam wake blew up

Olivier Vernon is headed toward the locker room.

I'm surprised we're not stopping the run, but stats a re a bit misleading, as most of our opponents Threw a LOT more than they ran, for obvious reasons.

if the secondary cant stay close to their wr's then the pass rush will have no chance!!!

Coach FAILbin is being out coached and out played.... fish can't stop them...

Sean Smith hasnt really given up that much this game marc. Settle down..

Lets hope our secondary doesn't succumb to probabilities...they played so well last week.

SEAN SMITH playing down, LOL. SEAN SMITH has been is, and always will be terrible. He had a couple good games, the first of which he still gave up TDs...He's garbage


I don't know about 'garbage.' I'd say inconsistent.

"Olivier Vernon is headed toward the locker room."

That blows.

these guys SUCK, they can't stop the run or the pass.... looks like fisher was no dummy not coaching these losers....!!

Bradford has awesome velocity and accuracy on his throws. Makes a big difference. Put great pressure on db's in coverage.

Finally a holding call

gotta continue to defend that end zone....bend don't break and hope for a turn over...

or penalty....


Seriously our Dbacks are pathetic

Carroll, Smith, Clemons, Jones....all standing there watching receivers catch and then group hug them to the ground.

Press 'em and Bang 'em. Play football!!!

Odin, actually Sam Bradford IS that good.
Injuries have curtailed him a bit.

Now them holes are holding?

Told u these rams linemen are wrapping up the d-line!

There we go. Need to get more pressure on Bradford with our front four

Does suck about Vernon. Just as he was beginning to make much impact

We're winning this game BUT their offense is gashing our defense so far.

Guppies you are another Tard go away.. this must be te first game youve watched all year. It was a blessing Fisher didnt come here.. he is a mediocre coach.. went to 1 superbowl and thats it..

Bradford looked good on that pass!

God creates fumbles.
God creates first downs.
God creates touchdowns.
God tripped me up behind the line of scrimmage.
God damn it !!

That's 1 more superbowl than any coach we've had since 1984!

holding! again

So far we haven't gained positive yards on 1st down.

Not kind of or sort of. Not one single first down has been for positive yards, for the entire 1st half!

This is on the players. But after a whole 1st half of play, some of that starts transferring to Sherman!

God Damn!!!!

What a throw by Bradford & a great catch by Kendrick.

Rams have one of the worst OLs in the NFL.

Nice...back'em up....

Like Dashi said YG

Bradford is a better version of Sanchez. Still just OK in my book!

See what Dashi is saying about holding!

Starks is an animal Starks is our #1 priority in FA

There's the pressure!!!! Nice.

Fisher is going for the end zone on the next play

Marc and he lost it too didnt he? what else has he done? If you want Fisher go pull for the Rams.. hes is and always be a mediocre coach.. blessing Ireland wouldnt give him complete control like he wanted.. Right call on Philbin

yea some idiot on here saying we cant stop the run when its been what 17 or 18 games in a row without allowing a 100 yd rusher.

trolls on here are pathetic

We need a stop.
Man, mtheir RB's manage to fall forward for 2 extra yards.
I wish we could stand them up, maybe get a takeaway strip.

jets 21-6....over the Colts @ the half....


Mando just because they have a bad line doesn't give them free will to hold on every play and not get called!

Please don't tell me Joe PHilbin is trying to ice the Rams kicker before halftime... Really?

I don't like that T.O....

Lucky to have a lead. Fins got whipped up and down the field.

D bends but doesn't break!

It's Fisher's mentality that weighs down the offense.

Beautiful effort to force a FG.

Whatever carpenter has, it's catching!!!!

he missed again!!!!! yes!!!!

Mando, I didn't agree with it either, but it worked!! Prob since he had missed the last kick.

Mando I think he was it it did let the coach do his job

Starks is an animal Starks is our #1 priority in FA


Thank you!!! I've gotten tired of saying that for months now.

I love you guys that tell people who to root for or what kinda fans we are because we don't think the team is infalable...blow me

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