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Rams lead Dolphins 6-0 to start second quarter

The Dolphins have given up a pair of field goals to the Rams and their kicker Greg Zuerlein.

The Dolphins, the NFL's top run defense, has given up 63 yards on four carries to Daryl Richardson. The Team was allowing an average of 61 yards per game before today.

The offense, meanwhile, has been inconsistent.

So Miami has its work cut out for them.

This one may not be easy.

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apparently PHILBIN is a GENIUS....and I don't know CRAP....

Missed!!! LOL!!! Rookie kicker.

Missed the fg. YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iced him lol good job Philbin haha

So, we made him think a little bit.

The rookie kicker has caught carpenters bad juju!

Hopefully the Miami Brujos! Have cleaned carpenter!

How come nobody told me carpenter was visiting Santeria shops on flagler this week?

Marc i talked directly to you.. you cant do the same? Im not saying theyre infalable im saying youre a tard if you wanted Fisher here.. thats all..

This is the worse 1/2 they've played all year, except for 5 min against Houston.. AND we're still leading.. Hope they come alive in 2nd half!!

The ice call works. wow.
They will stop talking about how great this kicker is finally.

lets be honest the only reason the fish are up because of one good play and a turn over... the rams have stopped and moved the ball at will.... can coach FAILbin make the right adjustments at the half????

We have 4 rushing yards & the Rams have over 100 yards....How are we winning this game??? LOL!!!


You are one negative reporter on this team, can you tell me a) how many coaches would NOT have done the same? b) what level of coaching have you done?????

How's this for a stat Reggie Bush 4 attempts for 4 yards

Yes, he did look up.
Hope no one on the Rams sees that.
We got lucky that half, but we did make some excellent plays on defense when it counted.

There is much to be admired about bradford, but at least today, he doesn't seem to see the open receivers very well.
For THAT, I'm very thankful.

Lost my composure...My bad. It's just a silly statement. I believe Fisher is a good coach. Either way. Que sera sera

First Half Break Down:

Defense: Playing a hall of fame running back. We should expect them to run pretty well and they did. But the Bend Don't Break Defense paid off. They basically let up one huge run and one huge pass. Other than that the Defense held up and prevented TD's. I'd like to see the Rams punt more and how about creating a turn over from this unit? C+ Overall

Offense: Line hurting us today. No holes to run through. Too many penalties. Allowing too much pressure. THILL 11/15 +100 YDs and 1 TD 0 Int. Anyone suggesting he is not playing well should go watch soccer. C Overall

Special Teams: Created two fumbles and recovered one. Carpenter made a 42 Yard Field Goal (God bless him). Fields had a huge punt out of the end zone to the RAM's 30 YD line. A Overall.

Coaching: Why anyone would be barking at Philbin right now is beyond me. The penalties are not his fault. He hasn't had to make any judgement calls so far. Only critical point I have is with Sherman. Run a draw, roll out THill, throw a screen...do something to slow down the blitz. B Overall

Ram's Kicker For President!! Two missed field goals....nice to see Carpenter has some company.

Guppies, do me a favor.. go look at Greenbays O this year.. they look like crap without Philbin.. He wasnt in their install of the Offense last year in the playoffs either and they lost to the Giants.. He is coaching his 6th game as a head coach and youre calling him a failure..

3 rushing yrds to 137 by the rams... Wow how are we winning??

Marc I agree he is a decent coach.. just wasnt a fan of him coming here and spreading his career mediocrity..

Great recovery in the second half of the first half. I expect the same play on the second half but it won't be easy. These guys are good.

lol just read your post We have RB... great minds think alike


You are one negative reporter on this team, can you tell me a) how many coaches would NOT have done the same? b) what level of coaching have you done?????"


Of course he is. He's been covering this team post-Shula for the most part which is the last time we had a good HC.

We are winning because we are the better team.

The rams can only score fg's!

And yes we run the cover 2! Anyone who remembers the tony dungy's bucs! Can see this Bend don't break style of defense the fins run.

That's why Dashi has problems with the highest paid lb duo in the NFL! They can't cover there zone when they drop back!

All good qb's have to do is throw it in that gap they leave between the LB's and the Safety's! Reason why we can't stop te's in the middle of the field!

Will be Fins 24 Rams 16 like I predicted this morning....have faith peeps...

WHRB, should be reporting how he sees it, not how it has been in hte past!!!
nearly every coach ices the kicker, what was good about this was he called the TO before he had chance to go through his routine or the kick. it is always easy to critisize a play/team than get behind it!!!!

Looks like D jumps offsides every play!! Need 2 change snap count!

Looks like Sherman woke up....Screen pass...couple of roll out passes. Big 3rd and 4 here.....


Slow down the bits and THILL will pick them apart!

Steratore should never do Dolfins games. He screwed us years ago against Pittsburg @ home w the Rothilsberger fumble which he called a non fumble@the goal line

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