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Richard Marshall out (again) this week

Cornerback Richard Marshall is not playing on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams, according to a source.

That should not surprise anyone considering he didn't practice Friday ... or Thursday ... or Wednesday. He didn't play last week. He didn't practice last Friday ... or Thursday ... or Wednesday. And not only has he not practiced, he's not been seen near the field because he's either been getting treatment for a back injury or seeing a doctor about this issue.

The Dolphins hope Marshall might be able to contribute after the coming bye week. But even that is uncertain.

Nolan Carroll, who had a good game in Marshall's absence last week, is also nursing an injury but he is expected to start again despite a sore Achilles.

On another injury front, it is also looks doubtful running back Daniel Thomas will play Sunday against St. Louis but I am only speculating on this one. He's been nursing his second concussion in four games this season. He missed the Oakland game after his first concussion, suffered at Houston.

Again, the club is hopeful Thomas will be cleared and able to play following the bye week.

The Dolphins will release their injury report later today.



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Ready to be back at .500 and closer to taing over the Pats for division lead!!!

Please let this team go into the bye week at .500.

Hopefully, the extra week off will be enough time for our injured to heal.

Gooo Miami!

Not exactly a stellar pickup in free agency but then again who was?

Tannehill = Henne
2TD 6 Picks.
WHats the difference?

Do we need Richard Marshall this week?

Doubt it.

Yep, no Ed Pope

Look at how Mando puts his jealous ex-girlfriend, debbie downer, negative spin on Marshall's injury, as if to say that Marshall is faking it or purposely not trying to come back and play.. "Hey everyone, look who's out (AGAIN) with an injury." "That's right, I put the word 'again' in parenthesis so that everyone knows how right I was. Right about what, you ask? It doesn't matter, just anything bad that ever happens to the Dolphins I want credit for."

Seriously, if you would've just left the word "again" alone and not put your sarcastic and cynical parenthesis around it, it wouldn't have been anything. But no, you just have to be sure to make sure everyone knows what a woman-scorned you are.

Another Ireland bust, as the organization makes its way to another underwhelming record this year (again)

Florio or whatever your real name is, you got problems kid.

Comparing Tannehill to Henne after five games shows a lack of brain cells, and that's the Truth.

I posted last week this will most likely be a season long, on again/off again issue with Marshall. Back injuries are the worst to have no matter what the profession or non-profession is. Even worse when your profession happens to be a sports as physically violent and demanding as pro football.

Very likely Marshall has offseason back surgery, usually the way this ends. May as well IR him not to get a jump start on the long rehab process if expecting him to be ready beginning of next season. That or cut him not with injury related settlement.

In reality, Nolan Carroll played much better in his only Game staring last week than Richard Marshall played against the Jets and Arizona. He might have been hurt but.......

Henne is a joke compared to Tannehill.

i wish i knew what i was saying

NUMBERS DONT LIE! 6picks is no joke

seriously tan-hill compared to Henne you got to be crazy or blind dude!

What is the difference between 0-7 Henne and 6pick Tannehill? wish i could tell you wish i was able to analyze and that's the truth

no steve im the anti-homer, i see things how they really are, and thats 6pick Tannehill losing games for this team. should be 4-1 but we arent cause Tannehill is gonna be a Henne bust

Marshall out (again), after the Bengals game I'm not sure this hurts or helps the Dolphins.

Then truth you would see that Tannehill has Miami as the number 11 offense in the NFl 5 games into his NFL career and 14th in pass offense. Rookie mistakes are all part of the learning curve so if you want to stick to the one bad stat and overlook all the positive positions that henne couldn't get MIami to even after 4 seasons in the league than go ahead - but we all know THE TRUTH. Carry on ...

Mark in Frenchland We are 2-3 and he has 3 times more picks than TDs what other stats do you need and that is really the TRUTH. numbers dont lie and 2-3 doesnt lie.BUST IN THE MAKING

Truth, you need to become a Pats fan. That way you will have a perfect quarterback and your panties won't be in such a wad.

"Truth" (kinda funny you pick that moniker), do you even watch the games or do you just look at the stat line at the end. Anyone... and I mean ANYONE watching Henne play then watching THill play, knows that THill is at least twice the QB that Henne is/was. Yeah, he has six picks in 5 games. But I've been around long enough to remember Marino throwing several in one game. Based on that one stat alone (the same measurement you're using for THill), Marino must have been a complete bust... In your's and only your opinion.
Now... go away and let the adults talk amongst themselves.

Demi moore you are hot so i wont bash you but grow up. What have you seen in this QB other than interceptions fumbles and a losing record. our offense is good cause of Reggie not because of HenneHill. what are you looking at? the TRUTH is in front of you get use to it

Of course the "Truth" is 100% on the money. Which explains why a respected QB evaluator who works for NFL films and appears on Colin Cowherd's show weekly (I think his last name is Cosell) said just this week that aside from Andrew Luck, he has been most impressed by Tanny over all the other QB's in the league with less than 3 yrs. experience. He is especially impressed with his pocket toughness, his accuracy and his ability to throw within tight windows. He also noted that the coaches have given Tanny a lot of pre-snap responsibities which is highly unusual for a young QB, let alone a rookie. Bottom line, We have a keeper who figures to only improve with experience and more weapons in the future.

the homers are out in full force today REALITY CHECK this is a losing football team with a losing attitude. Tannehill is nothing more than an overreacted QB who hasnt done anything to help this team win. Hes hurt us with his turnovers just like Henne. youre living off hope not reality!

Oh, I almost forgot, Truth, go back to your Jets blog. We are sorry that your team and especially your QB are regressing so poorly.

"Overreacted Quarterback"? Truth, is the NYC school system really that horrible or are you still working on that GED?

Truth says the same stuff day in and day out.. just ignore him. No matter what the blog topic is its the same post. If he can not see the difference between Henne and Tannehill then let him bask in his tardness..

5 games is equally enough time to compare to someone whom played 4 Years lol..

Why is it we always get the early bye every year, it`d be much nicer to have at the halfway mark, or later , it seems every time we start getting it together, gelling , we have to take an early week off. And whats up with Marshall, when did he sustain this weeks long back injury ,I have 2 crushed disks in my neck and herniated disks in my lower back , and I`m still up and around ,granted I ain t playin football but I`m 52 for christ sake , suck it up , ya get a shot of demoral and a muscle relaxer and get your ass out there, your being paid millions, do your job. just sayin never saw him even act like it was hurtin , when mine goes out , it pulls me to the floor and ya can t get up , never saw him carried off the field with it, bunch of pansies these days,

xtremewayz7 it was a coaches and doc desicion..

I see that our old pal Dave Wanstache is doing a bang up job up in Buffalo with their defense. The unfortunate thing is he is likely to be fired before we actually get to play against them. Too bad.

JW is ready to admit he was wrong..


If brains were dangerous, Truth would be the safest person on the planet.

I ve been dealing with back problems since my twenties , no one tells you when it hurts believe me, and how do you know that , you got a direct line to Philbin and the team Dr , even Mondo said (again) like come on stop milkin it, If you hurt your back that bad , we`d of seen him go down , or at least clutching his side , but none of that , just one day he`s playin , next he`s not you think Zonka let a sore back keep him out of a game , hell no , and he got paid peanuts compared to these guys

so where did the blog go?

Tannehill = bigger bust than Ginn Jr and eventually worse than Jason Allen. He will have more career picks than career snaps in a playoff game. in fact he already topped that feat

Actually Dan Marino was a bust! How many superbowls did he win?? Also whats his career playoffs stats. I bet terrible

hahaha, overreacted ... what a looooooooser!!!!

Go home faaag

im not hopeful that thomas plays. im hopeful that miller plays. thomas blows


Seriously, I am sorry your beloved Jets are so awful. You are a twit.

Hey TRUTH, if you think tannehill sucks your an idiot. cant you just tell by watching him that hes good? the guy throws dimes. you know nothing about football. stop blogging if you dont know what your talking about. moron

Truth eats his boogers, probably others as well.

Well if the coach says youre not playing then its kind of hard to suck it up and say yes i am... when he deactivates you from game day and you dont get your uniform, kind of hard to dress. And yes anyone who knows anything about football knows that the coach has final say in if a player plays or doesnt. If I were a betting man Im sure Philbin is trying to use Marshall for all year and not just this one game. And if youre going to talk about a Dolphin legend then give him the respect he deserves and spell his last name right... Csonka not Zonka

I cant wait to see how Miller plays in his increased role this sunday. This should be his best test of the year with his increased playing time. Hopefully hes learned more of the play book and increased his blocking abilities which have been holding him back.

Dan Marino was a bust? Does insanity run in your family? How many SBs did he win? You're obviously a fan from (probably jets) another team.

Envy plays a role in most forms of mental illness, you need help bro.

Actually Dan Marino was a bust! How many superbowls did he win?? Also whats his career playoffs stats. I bet terrible
Posted by: Truth | October 12, 2012 at 02:17 PM

How many super bowls have the Jests won? 2 less than Miami which brings their grand total to 0. Impressive. Look at the hall of fame comparison. Look at the franchises career regular season record. Sorry but our franchise isn't the butt of every joke

You only wish you had a QB equivalent to Marino's caliber, then you wouldn't be such a pathetic franchise. Namath? Sorry I'm referring to a good QB not another joke. But that's enough of this you're just trying to ruffle up some feathers for what reason I have no idea

MD20, in all fairness namath did have the best QB moment in the history of football when he tried to put the moves on Suzy Colbert and got rejected by that pancake arse. Typical Jets - EPIC FAIL!

Wow truth way to be a D-bag. You know if you take away the ROOKIE QB's 1st start and then look at his stats they are pretty good across the board.

Their whole franchise is an epic fail lol once again their arrow is pointing down while we are heading up. Only time will tell but clearly Tannehill has caught the eyes of many around the league


Richard Marshall out??? That might actually be a good thing considering how well the secondary played last week.

As for Jabar Gaffney--the guy doesn't need to know the whole playbook. That's just not going to happen in less than two weeks BUT we definitely need him on the field Sunday to give us a 3rd option @ WR.

Well, I am glad your life is pathetic enough to devote time to attempting to create arguments on a message board blog. Congrats, but I don't think anyone gives a french.

Posted by: Truth | October 12, 2012 at 02:46 PM


Oh.....sorry.....thought we were trying to yell

Nolan has been playing well, so this isn't really a concern. Now Miller will get some more playing time, which should appease the people that were calling for it. Still Thomas is a decent back, especially when he gets some space. Though Miller seems to have the big play potential like Bush. If the kid has a big game, he might demand a roster spot (figuratively).


Your posts are part of the 'dumbing down' process that exists on the internet. Go troll somewhere else or find some naked pictures of Mark Sanchez to drool over.

The truth is somebody's feelings are hurt.

Why Dashi's post got deleted? No cussing, no insults.

Just truth. And that's the truth.


Stop ur illogical bias. Out of 1000's of NFL players only 53 Win the SB each year. Out of those 53 only 1 is a starting qb! Add to that only 42 games have been played! And Marino only played 18 seasons! Plus he did go to a SB.

But keep on perpetrating on a Miami dolphin blog with a jealous Jet writer as a columnist. Who censors real dolphin fans.



And Hateful

Again no ed pope! Last fin writer with integrity. The rest of these clowns are a bunch of James walker. Just write because it's their job, no passion and don't stand behind what they say.

Nolan has been playing well, so this isn't really a concern. Now Miller will get some more playing time, which should appease the people that were calling for it. Still Thomas is a decent back, especially when he gets some space. Though Miller seems to have the big play potential like Bush. If the kid has a big game, he might demand a roster spot (figuratively).

Common Sense,

Miller is the better runner. That's not the question. The question is can you bring in Miller on 3rd downs to pass protect the QB??? We're going to see for ourselves Sunday but I wouldn't be surprised if Miller struggles in his blocking assignments against guys like Chris Long & Robert Quinn.

@RBs, theres truth to that. Not going to say Miller is definately better. Haven't seen much of him yet and I think Thomas is better than he gets credit for (especially here). Though Long/Quinn will give most OL/RBs issues. Should be a good test for Martin.

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