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Richard Marshall out (again) this week

Cornerback Richard Marshall is not playing on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams, according to a source.

That should not surprise anyone considering he didn't practice Friday ... or Thursday ... or Wednesday. He didn't play last week. He didn't practice last Friday ... or Thursday ... or Wednesday. And not only has he not practiced, he's not been seen near the field because he's either been getting treatment for a back injury or seeing a doctor about this issue.

The Dolphins hope Marshall might be able to contribute after the coming bye week. But even that is uncertain.

Nolan Carroll, who had a good game in Marshall's absence last week, is also nursing an injury but he is expected to start again despite a sore Achilles.

On another injury front, it is also looks doubtful running back Daniel Thomas will play Sunday against St. Louis but I am only speculating on this one. He's been nursing his second concussion in four games this season. He missed the Oakland game after his first concussion, suffered at Houston.

Again, the club is hopeful Thomas will be cleared and able to play following the bye week.

The Dolphins will release their injury report later today.



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hahaa, chocked, overreacted ... wth??

Like I said last week when we were 30th in pass defense we can't fall much further. Turns out Carroll did just fine. No need to panic or worry about things we have no control of such as injuries. That's why you have back up players.

Bring in the J-Train on 3rd to block, he is big enough to handle Long/Quinn. It's almost like having another O-Lineman in the game. Added plus, T-Hill can hit him on the swing pass giving the J-Train a chance to roll over a DB or two.

Trade marshall and thomas. No loss either way.

Truth??? Hardly.

The real truth: Most of the 6 picks were not his fault. Most of the experts who have no bias to the Fins have said this, as well as my own eyes. BTW While Henne had his faults and stared down receivers and had not touch, he didn't have much of a chance in Tony Morono's system. (see the Jets mess) Tanne has been in charge and played above expectations since the Houston game. JJ Swat has made every QB he's played against so far look bad. Bottom line is Tanne is improving, exceeding expectations, and making his teammates better. What else do you want from a rookie?

I cant stand daniel thomas!!! Ive never ever been thankful a dolphin is out dur to injury but im hopin and wishin he is unable to play due to.injury! The guy is slow! Has no football cuts or jukes! The guy is a bernie parmalee no talent! And hands like samie smith always puttin the ball on the turf!! Go away thomas you suck!! Lamar miller can play!!

R. Marshall and D. Thomas are always on the Injury list. They should be let go. Not contributing to team

Truth is a tool. T-hill has pocket presence, a leadership mentality and a strong accurate arm. Henne got a bad wrap and is still in the NFL. Stop complaining and support your dam team of move to NY. Morons like you just love to complain. Get laid if you can and chill the F out

Bigkidison says;
R. Marshall and D. Thomas are always on the Injury list. They should be let go. Not contributing to team
R. Marshall contributed to the team against the Jets; he got beat like a drum by Santonio Holmes.

Richard Marshall - Another Jeff Ireland bust.

Rodney, your booger post about Truth made me laugh SO hard!!! Best post on the thread. Btw, Tannehill is farther along after 5 games than Henne was in his entire career here. Although a lot of the blame should be placed on our ex Coach and OC. I mean, look at the Jets and Chiefs offense! We are very lucky to have the coaching staff we have right now!

Great draft class but EPIC FAIL of a Free Agent class. Im not gonna whine about Ireland, but we're gonna need better results next season if we want to continue to turn the page.


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