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Sherman rejects idea he blew play-call late vs. Arizona

Mike Sherman, like most football coaches, has certain convictions. As Don Shula used to say to me, 'you must have the courage of your convictions."

I get that.

But sometimes there's a disconnect between courage and wisdom.

And so while it was courageous for Sherman, Miami's offensive coordinator, to continue pressing the issue against the Arizona Cardinals late in regulation Sunday, it absolutely hurt the team. It was not wise.

This is what happened:

The Dolphins led 21-14 with 5:14 to play. They had the football at their own 35 yard line.

On first down Reggie Bush rushed for 7 yards to the Miami 42 yard line. On second down, Bush gained 15 yards on an outside run to the Arizona 43 yard line with only 3:45 to play. First down.

Sherman called on Bush again and he gained two yards to the Arizona 41 yard line. There were now three minutes left in the game and the Dolphins faced a second-and-nine from the Arizona 41 yard line.

If Sherman gives the ball to Bush two more times, he could have taken the clock down to the two minute warning before, at worst, punting on fourth down. The way Brandon Fields is punting this year, the best Arizona could have done is probably get the ball at their 20 yard line with 1:50 or so to play.

Then it would have been up to the Miami defense to keep the Cardinals from marching 80 yards in less than two minutes to tie.

That's worst case scenario that assumes the Cardinals, playing with an eight-man front, would have stuffed the Miami running game -- something they didn't do on the previous set of downs.

Sherman didn't see this as the way to go.

He called a pass on second-and-nine. And the Cardinals blitzed and quarterback Ryan Tannehill not only was sacked and lost seven yards, he also fumbled the football.

The Cardinals took over at their own 49 yard line when Vonnie Holliday recovered the fumble.

It was a disastrous decision by Sherman and no, that is not hindsight, because I'm looking at it in the pressbox and expecting Miami to run the ball and play the odds and was as surprised as anyone with the pass.

 Of course, Sherman doesn't see it that way. He was asked Tuesday if he has to change his approach and he said he doesn't think so.

"We were never in a situation where the game was won, so it wasn’t like we could just sit back," he said on Tuesday. "When you have a 10-point lead, that’s a little different than seven points or three points obviously. How many possessions is it going to take? We have to play, I don’t think you can play conservatively at that point. Did we take some risks? I didn’t consider them risks necessarily, but we were going to try our best to the move the football against their defense and their defense was playing a lot of eight-man fronts, so we had to do some things there.

"No, I don’t think so. I think we just have to do things a little bit cleaner, a little bit better and I think we’ll be ok. I think that’ll come. I really do."

So it's up to the players to get better and perform at a higher level. And until then, apparently, the offensive coordinator will continue putting the pedal to the metal. And expecting everything to be "ok."


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Home says this to u Mr Sherman




Tannehill has broken Marino's single game rookie passing yardage mark and didnt even have the Marks brothers. He had Hartline, Bess and no 3rd wr. LOL

Miami Wins vs Cincy

Tannehill 3 TDs

Tannehill 0 INTs

Go Phins!

Mark Sanchez is 3/4's down the road to becoming a complete bust. Rex Ryan brought in Tony Sparano to finish the job! LOL

All finfans should boycott ESPN. We all know its BS they didnt list the Tannehill/Hartline 80yd td pass amongst its top 10 plays.


I would love to be in an alternate universe, where we ran the ball on that play, and Bush coughed it up, and Arizona got the ball, and heard all these people criticizing the play here criticize running the ball and being conservative in that situation (because everyone here knows that's exactly what would have happened).

So Sherman is d*mned if he did, d*mned if he didn't, and that's why this whole conversation is stupid. What happened happened, grow a pair and stop whining about it. A USUALLY reliable lineman flubbed a block, QB might have shortened his drop (that's how it looked to me) and the play got blown up. Still doesn't dismiss the defense letting them take the ball down the field and score a TD on FOURTH DOWN to tie the game. NOR does it dismiss the offense in OT having a chance to win the game and making another critical mistake to turn the ball over.

But it's done. It's Wednesday. Crappy teams look back and think about what if's. Good teams look ahead to what's next. It's Cincinnati week, how do we stop A.J. Green and Andy Dalton?

Comparing Tannebum (jests GM) and Ireland's 1st roud picks:

Great Players: Revis, Mangold
Good players: Fergusson, Keller (iffy)
Busts: Sanchez, Gholston, Wilson
Book is out on: Coples, Wilkerson

Great Players: Long, Pouncey
Good players: Davis
Busts: N/A
Book is out on: Tannehill, Odrick

At least our GM isn't a 1st round draft bust like the jests
Tannehill > Sanchez, Odrick > Wilkerson

YG, ESPN has long been a joke when it comes to their blatant biases. As Mando once said, they are a northeastern business full of northeastern employees who have a northeastern point of view. It's disgusting. The Bills are ALWAYS a contender in their warped world (though they never materialize). The Pats are in the Top 10 teams (though they were 1-2). And the Jets are always the topic of discussion. It'll never change...UNTIL, Miami FORCES them to talk about us by winning football games. Then they won't have a choice and will have to give us our due. I want to stuff it in ESPN's face almost as much as I want to beat the Jets/Pats and Bills. EFFE EM!

One fan says if the scenario had played out like Armando laid it out and the Cardinals drove and still scored, we fans would still be here complaining. I totally disagree. If they would have punted, made them drive 80 yards, we'd be sitting here blaming the defense. The defense is not off the hook, but they aren't hearing it like Sherman hearing it. And if he thinks the players blew this and doesn't take some of the blame, what kind of coach is he really? Just asking.

I have no problem with them passing there. Getting the 1st or 2 of them ends the game. I do have a problem with the blocking though : ) Can't fault that play call, trying to end the game with the offense. They were passing all day on them, the running game wasn't working as well as it has (until the end really).

DB, he's a Coach who's putting the execution where it should be, on the players. He's making them accountable. The last guy wanted to come up with gimmicks to try and hide the incompetence on the field. The last guy didn't want to trust his players to get it done, so played for FGs and got his butt whooped time and time again (and still is).

Players play, Coaches coach. Do you think the play call was let this guy come untouched into the QBs face? Do you think Sherman wasn't thinking, "we can clinch this right here and not have to watch on pins and needles as our prevent defense lets them take it down the field and crush us?"

If Ron Rivera had the b*lls and trust in his team that Sherman did, he would have gone for the 4 and 1 in the game vs. Atlanta, and not punt and let his defense fold and ultimately lose. That's just a likely of a scenario and the rosy picture you guys like to paint if we ran the ball. PLAY TO WIN! Get used to it. No more playing not to lose. It's a new day!

We are a great team now and we cannot be lose anymore.

Hey man

Sherman is right, and I agree.

We were not up by two scores, 10 points with 2 minutes left is much more of a guaranteed win than just playing it safe up by 1 score.

B) They were stacking the box. When teams stack the box you throw.

C) Reggie Bush was averaging 2.1 yards per carry. He was stuff for negative yards more than not.

D) The real reason the pass play was a total bust, one lineman who is 99.9% of the time on point, turned and picked up the wrong defender leading to a unblocked defender hitting Tannehill for the sack. Has this simply not happened, you are talking first down + more time off the clock + a Miami Dolphins win.

E) West Coast Offense. Aggressive, aerial, reliance on offense. This is the philosophy of the WCO. Sherman's offense will rely on Tannehill's brains and arm, end of story. Tannehill has only played FOUR NFL games, and you can see already how they have just turned the kid loose. This is a good thing. He audibles, changes playes, adjusts his guys. When your kid threw for 431 yards, you TRUST him to keep doing it. It is the RIGHT play to TRUST what HAS been working for four quarters. Cardinals had NO answer for Hartline-Tannehill connection, nor the Tannehill-Bess connection, they had an answer for Reggie. SO YOU PLAY THE BEST CHANCES.

Sparano Ground and Pound, Wannstedts Defense Wins Games, are different approaches, and ones that have had limited success here in Florida.

This is a new regime, this is Green Bay football in Miami. I like it. Expect more games that end on aggressive notes, and thats what WE ALL WANTED. Armando and other writers complained about the super-conservative approach the Dolphins had before, now they clamor for it to return... no they do not want it to return, sorry they just want to "question" it because we didn't win our fourth game of the year, with a QB that's only played 4 full games, a new head coach that has only coached 4 full games, and a team that's half composed of rookie to three year starters. They're all kids!


AGAIN, with the second-guessing. WTH, man? Is there nothing else of substance you can report?

I followed you live during the game Sunday on this blog and ALL DAY you were calling for 'protecting the ball', 'nothing risky', 'milking the clock'. If it was left up to you, Tannehill never would have thrown for 400 yards, they never would have had the 80 yard TD pass to Hartline and there wouldn't have been the long runs we had. It would have been an incomplete hollow game, similar to what we had under Sparano and it would have been a loss. The Cards were stacking the run all day and Bush wasn't healthy. Your plan would have failed.

One more time I'll say, I trust Sherman and Philbin a lot more on how to use this personnel they know, far more than I'll ever trust you and your Monday morning QB after-the fact critique. I'm sure if we took you're approach we could find something to criticize in the play-calling from ALL 15 games. I'm not going to play that game.

I for one am sick of playing scared,sick of playing not to lose, sick of hoping to hold on to that 3 or 7 point lead. It is a very refreshing change to have coaches that refuse to let up thinking the game is won if we can just hold them on defense. All I would hear the past 10 years is how we are to conservative, we need an offensive minded coach who's not afraid to go after it. Now we have one and you are complaining? These games will start turning into wins i feel pretty confident about that for once.

I see the Pats brought back Bobby Carpenter today. We're completely screwed now! This is the same Bobby Carpenter that DOMINATED when he played for the Dolphins a few years ago. Geez....what an addition!

By 2015 we will have 12 pro bowlers just like Atlanta and we will win multiple super bowls because no other teams will have any great players left only we will.

I get that he called a pass on second down ,but why did they not have inside gap protection?Rusher came between guard & center ,quickest path???????This is the second game play calling in th eend cost the game!

Tanne will not jerk us off for 16 years like Big Dan 13 did he will win multiple super bowls like Bob Griese, like a man!

I agree w/ DC @8:58. What Miami did is exactly what the Pats have done forever. Go for the throat! The problem wasn't the call, it was the execution. But these guys are learning and will take it as a learning experience. Next time we put the dagger in their hearts. After all there was five minutes remaining, not 1.

And after what we've seen since Wannstedt brought this scared to lose mentality to Miami that we've given up the lead with defenses a lot better than this one?

Yeah, I'm ok with the call. I remember sitting there saying to myself" they are expecting the run, Dolphins should throw it now, take a shot" Soon they start making does plays and this becomes a very dangerous team.

I found these comments from Mike Pouncey this monring. This folks, is what leadership is all about. This is accountability. This is caring about winning. This is not being content with being mediocre. This is changing the culture of losing that has plagued this organization for years. This is about bringing in quality individuals who want to make a difference here in Miami. This isn't your punkish Channing Crowders or Joey Porters or Brandon Marshalls, guys who were content to accept a paycheque but never really felt the pain of defeat. Too content about putting money in their pockets and padding their stats. Mike Pouncey is about winning and there's a bunch of guys like that here now.

Better days are head....

"Pouncey took the unusual step of issuing a public apology to Dolphins fans this week after losses to the Jets and Cardinals have left the team with a 1-3 record after the first four weeks. Pouncey said that it has been tough shaking Sunday’s loss in Arizona because he feels the Dolphins are a better team than their record might suggest.

“It’s tough to let go of a game like that. We got to figure ways to make those plays at the end of football games. If you look at film and watch this team we should be 3-1 right now, but that’s the NFL. Very frustrating. Say sorry to the fans, it’s all on us, those games we should’ve won,” Pouncey said, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “We got to finish these football games and we’ll turn it around and be a winning football team down here. We don’t look at ourselves as a 1-3 football team; we look at ourselves as a 3-1 football team, which we should be today. You can’t take it back; it’s the NFL, it happens, but we got 12 more games and we will turn it around.”

I think people complained about Sparano because he'd do the three run punt thing with any lead at any time of the game. He would also call run on 3 and 20. Sherman isn't doing that and that's fine.

Mando's point and I agree is clock killing is the key with the lead in the final minutes. A pass play there was two risky and an incompletion stops the clock. If he'd calle run and got now where the clock is still moving.

I'm in a 24 person FF league. Gets awfull tough finding players late in a draft and when injuries happen. I'm thinking of picking up Gaffney because the pickings are AWFULLY slim. What do you guys think? I think he can have reasonable contributions right from the get go.

Mando its amazing you are not a coach. You can put in winning strategies 3 days after the game has been played! Remember 2 made field goals and the fish would be 3-1 and you would be writing entirely different articles.

Sherman and Philbin suck. But no good coach would work wih Irescum.

"You play to win the game!" I'm okay with the call, just not the execution.

The team has tried hard in a couple games but just doesnt have the talent to get over the hump. I have a feeling some of the future losses wont be nearly as close as the last 2.

yeah, well, personnally I am tired of watching the phins play to 'not lose' and I'm happy to hear that Sherman will call that play in that situation.

Not a bad call, just poor execution. The line broke down at some really inopportune times on Sunday.

Philbin said it...when you have a pass rusher run untouched through the A gap, that is not good football.

i c a team that is no push over like everyone thought, we can win the next 5 straight , but idk, i c no less then 8-8 , n next year i c one hell of a football team,the tables just turned, we r in 2nd in r division n e thing can happen...DOLPHINS**********

I usually go with the "bad play called", but in this case I believe it was the lack of blocking the blitz that killed the play and the game. Hind site is ALWAYS 20/20. Its kinda funny, the sports media types have never played the game, not to mention, they have never called a game. So what makes the sports media types think they have all the answers??? Just tell us what happeded, we'll decide if its right or wrong.

Craig/Mark, we are in complete agreement here. I applaud you guys for staying true to what Philbin's trying to do with the team. And with guys like Pouncey, good days are ahead. That's exactly what you want to hear. Some people want to criticize the HC/OC/GM, yet there are 53 players that actually step onto the field game time and make their own destinies.

As far as Gaffney, not sure Craig. He's smart, a great possession receiver, but when does he get acclimated to the team, and by then has someone else stepped up (remember, Marlon Moore has been hurt)? Those are concerns I would have before I put him in the starting lineup. I guess if you're hunting for a #3 receiver, he's as good an option as any (can't be much left available with so many people in your league) but I personally don't expect him being a huge part of the offense (like in DC, where he became the go-to guy for Rex).

The fan base has such low standards now that they get excited over playing a close game. How sad.


I was calling for his head too but look:

Hartline - Bess - Reggie Bush - Koa Misi - Kevin Burnett - Jerry Jones - Jonathan Martin - Sean Smith - Cameron THE BEAST Wake

These guys are playing really.. really well.. guess who brought them in.


Forgot Mike Pouncey.. #1 Center in the NFL.

Brought in by?


He's redeeming himself and you just have to hate to admit it.

Maybe Ireland doesn't suck, maybe it was Sparano who wasn't good at milking his talent and putting them in a position to win.


We're scraping the barrell of the NFL's dreds right now. Hartline was out there after week 1 and I'm kicking myself for not picking him up. Like a dummy I went and grabbed Braylen Edwards. Complete dud!!

I wouldn't be looking to start him. But I think he'd be great for depth and injury protection down the road.

One more thing
I don't know if you could hear it on tv, but during that last drive, the crowd was chanting REG-GIE, REG-GIE. It was awesome....overheard a Cards fan say " I never thought I'd see the day where I would hear an opposing teams players name being chanted in our own stadium".....and let me tell you, it was loud! Just goes to show you that not all real fans are from Florida!


1-3 is playing really well? TOO FUNNY!!!

Amazing what low standards Finfans have...


I've held onto that argument for a long time now too. How can people possibly hold a GM accountable because the players don't play well. At some point shouldn't the player and coaches have some responsibility in those conversations too? To simply point and blame the GM is inaccurate and irresponsible. I'll trust Carl Petersson's opinion about Ireland's capabilities much more than I'll trust some of the BOZO's on this blog.

the consistant losing has made them numb.

LT, anyone that trades 3 picks for a D Thomas is a total MORON!

Anyone that trades Brandon Marshall for an Eggnew is a total MORON!

I remember how conservative we were last year, now we decide to put the game in the rookie hands and Armando beatching and complaining about the play calling. SO if Reggie fumbled I assume an article would of been writen stating how our young QB was having the game of his life, why did Sherman go so conservative? Typical Armando BS..

Love the signing of Jabar Gaffney, hopefully we see the benefits of it come to fruition this Sunday in Cincy

fin fans r every where,
they r like dog shi+.


You're either an idiot, a Jets fan or both. Regardless, your not worth worrying about. If you've honestly watched the first four games and have that dsame idiot opinion, then you fall into one of those two categories. I would think all of that would be simple enough for even an idiot/Jet fan to understand.

Anyone that curses at their paying custoers is a total Moron!


If we complete that pass then we are in perfect position to set Carpenter up to miss another FG. There probably aren't a lot of kickers in the league that have an opportunity to miss 2 game clinching FG in TWO games in a row.

Only a Jests fan would support Irescum.

carp > mare,stoyo,faud,uwe...

Craig M = MORON

Mike Sherman is pure, 100%, unmitigated, unhindered, direct, straight-line, to the point, *GARBAGE*.

That is all.

Mike Sherman is the reason we are not 3-1.


I'm done for the day.

We gave the game to the horrible Jets before they became smart enough to play Tebow.


Craig M = MORON

All of Irelands busts luv coming to Miami and stealing Ross's $$$ so they can go to South Beach and blow it all after they get cut.Lmao

Craig, you're from Canada, right?


Yo Irescum, where's Pat White and Chad Henne???

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