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Sherman rejects idea he blew play-call late vs. Arizona

Mike Sherman, like most football coaches, has certain convictions. As Don Shula used to say to me, 'you must have the courage of your convictions."

I get that.

But sometimes there's a disconnect between courage and wisdom.

And so while it was courageous for Sherman, Miami's offensive coordinator, to continue pressing the issue against the Arizona Cardinals late in regulation Sunday, it absolutely hurt the team. It was not wise.

This is what happened:

The Dolphins led 21-14 with 5:14 to play. They had the football at their own 35 yard line.

On first down Reggie Bush rushed for 7 yards to the Miami 42 yard line. On second down, Bush gained 15 yards on an outside run to the Arizona 43 yard line with only 3:45 to play. First down.

Sherman called on Bush again and he gained two yards to the Arizona 41 yard line. There were now three minutes left in the game and the Dolphins faced a second-and-nine from the Arizona 41 yard line.

If Sherman gives the ball to Bush two more times, he could have taken the clock down to the two minute warning before, at worst, punting on fourth down. The way Brandon Fields is punting this year, the best Arizona could have done is probably get the ball at their 20 yard line with 1:50 or so to play.

Then it would have been up to the Miami defense to keep the Cardinals from marching 80 yards in less than two minutes to tie.

That's worst case scenario that assumes the Cardinals, playing with an eight-man front, would have stuffed the Miami running game -- something they didn't do on the previous set of downs.

Sherman didn't see this as the way to go.

He called a pass on second-and-nine. And the Cardinals blitzed and quarterback Ryan Tannehill not only was sacked and lost seven yards, he also fumbled the football.

The Cardinals took over at their own 49 yard line when Vonnie Holliday recovered the fumble.

It was a disastrous decision by Sherman and no, that is not hindsight, because I'm looking at it in the pressbox and expecting Miami to run the ball and play the odds and was as surprised as anyone with the pass.

 Of course, Sherman doesn't see it that way. He was asked Tuesday if he has to change his approach and he said he doesn't think so.

"We were never in a situation where the game was won, so it wasn’t like we could just sit back," he said on Tuesday. "When you have a 10-point lead, that’s a little different than seven points or three points obviously. How many possessions is it going to take? We have to play, I don’t think you can play conservatively at that point. Did we take some risks? I didn’t consider them risks necessarily, but we were going to try our best to the move the football against their defense and their defense was playing a lot of eight-man fronts, so we had to do some things there.

"No, I don’t think so. I think we just have to do things a little bit cleaner, a little bit better and I think we’ll be ok. I think that’ll come. I really do."

So it's up to the players to get better and perform at a higher level. And until then, apparently, the offensive coordinator will continue putting the pedal to the metal. And expecting everything to be "ok."


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Actually Thomas will never be outright cut. He does do a decent job at pass protection and receiving. He's just not a good runner like we had hoped.

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Winners: Tebow, Brees, Manning, Manning, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Brady, Welker, Gronk, Hartline

Losers: Newton, Vick, Brandon Marshall, Joey Porter, RGIII


Reality, Newton > Tannehill.

Cam Newton was Tim Tebow's backup, and don't you ever forget it.

Reality, do you have something against Black guys, were you gang raped in jail by them?

Henne > Tannehill

Actually I have a hot girlfriend who is a sex fiend and I make all the money I need. Unlike Newton, I usually win.

Tebow was there before Newton of coarse Newton was backup you tool

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John, I simply have been watching and playing sports for 30 years. Ever played a game of basketball with black guys? They usually try to be MJ, sticking out their tongues even, but rarely score points or win.

The Pats start 11 white guys on offense.

Brian Hartline is the league's most dangerous WR.

Along with Welker.

These are guys with heart who care about winning, not "swag."

Swag sucks and I'm fvcking sick of it being worshipped in our pathetic culture.

Also, Niki Minaj is a no-talent ghetto rat who does not belong on the same stage or in the same building with Mariah Carey.

Without black guys the NFL would be a slooooooww boring game.

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"Do you think the players in the locker room feel that way? That losing & making a play call mistake at a critical juncture in the game is OK because, WE WEREN'T EXPECTED TO WIN?"

No, I KNOW how ATHLETES in the locker room feel, they feel responsible. They aren't going to blame their Coaches for not making the plays on the field. They KNOW the call was for blocking assignments to be followed. They KNOW they are expected to execute plays that are called. They KNOW it is ultimately THEM who win/lose games, NOT the Coaches.

Only whiney loser crybabies such as yourself second-guess the play call. But, if you've always been the nerd who couldn't ever get in the game, you'd never understand how a true athlete thinks. So I give you a pass there.

What blk guys do you play with? maybe you should stick with the older jewish guys since they seem to be on your level. You cant compete with blk guys in b ball. LOL

I love the aggressiveness of this regime when the players stop making critical mistakes rhe dolphins will be ok

where's serge.?

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i'm with sherman. with 8 men up, a pass play makes sense. and the play call wasn't to get sacked and fumble, it was to complete a pass. every play call looks bad if the players don't execute.

I didn't see the game but I like what I'm reading from you guys. Finally, a collective agreement on the quality play from our team and coaching. I will say this, our kicking game is hurting us. We hit field goals in the last two games and there is nothing to discuss.


I don't know that it was a GREAT call, as some earlier posts suggest, but Dolfans collectively complained about the vanilla conservative play calling under Wanstedt and Sparano. This was an aggressive call that could have been very succesful if executed correctly. Another first down would have, similar to the suggestion you made about 2 more running plays, put a couple nails into the Arizona coffin. The OL blew it on a blitzer coming free and Tannehill should have been more careful with the ball. I think RT received a great lesson on the speed and physicality of the NFL defenders versus college. I think you are wrong to suggest that Sherman blew it; personally, I would have run once more and then tried to get the 1st down on 3rd, assuming that they didn't succeed a play earlier, but Sherman's choice was not terrible...bad things happen to bad teams, and the Dolphins are still a bad team until the grow up a little more.

Let me explain something you will see in the coming weeks to those who apparently have never played organized sports or been part of a team, even at the office: leadership matters.

On a football team, the starting QB is the leader. You need a leader who works hard (doesn't ask of his underlings anything more than he himself does) and inspires.

Mark Sanchez is a pretty-boy latino who's only interest is hooking up with Eva Longoria and appearing in GQ "swag" on the NYC night scene. He's not a leader, not a winner, not inspiring. And he's not good enough mechanically to overcome these flaws.

What you will see in the coming weeks is what you saw in Denver last year: Tim Tebow will be named the starter and the Jets will start to win games.

For you dummies, read this part real slowly: they will win games while Tebow's passing stats are unimpressive and the Jets' O does not put up many points. The idiots and that racist on ESPN who is against Tebow (the loudmouth; forget his name--he humiliates himself daily in those debates) will say the Jets' DEFENSE, not Tebow, is winning the games.

It will be the same defense that Sanchez is playing with, just as the Broncos' D was the same last year before and after Tebow.

What you racists will fail to understand, because all you care about is "swag," is that *Tebow's leadership will be part of making the DEFENSE better even though Tebow, of course, will not play a single down on the defensive side of the ball.

The players on the team, even the thuggish ones, cannot help but elevate themselves to join in Tebow's winning ways.

Tebow *insists* on winning. Leadership matters.

You will watch this happen (they'll give Sanchez one more game, to get crushed by the Texans) the rest of this year whether you like it or fail to understand what you are seeing or not.

Cam Newton's record is 6-15 so far. Perhaps he should get a record that comes within a country mile of .500 before he starts painting himself Superman.

Tim Tebow's record in the NFL is 9-3 including a playoff win over the vaunted Steelers, in which Tebow threw for 316 yards.

You will see the Jets start to win games 17-16 after Tebow is finally allowed to play.

We blew our chance to beat the Jets while they were still playing Sanchez, on our home field in front of loud home crowd.

And nobody talks about the Refs blown miss call of an illegal pick play on the cards first TD.... you take away that play and Miami wins... we got screwed by the refs again.

r thr refs hot females.?

here is my problem good or bad call you are questioning the coach. I have not seen one person say that going for the TD in the first half when it was 4 and goal. Not one person said that was a bad called cause it work what happens if Miami gets stopped on that play and lose the game would you be saying that was a bad call. If you are going to say play the odds right decision it would to kick the field goal. I am glad for the new approach. stop question the coaches

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what happened 2 tamarac. it used 2 b all white?

Good afternoon guys,

Players have to make plays - Javorskie Lane has to know his blitz assignment.

Coaches have to coach better - Sean Smith had no legs and doesn't need to be out there in that crucial situation.

Sherman - coached a great game!

sherman still tinks this is college,
he's made some really f'up plays.smfh.

hey armando, what is 2days off topix gonna be.?.

i been on sirus listening to cincy radio show and here is what they are saying about the dolphins (not player) that Miami is a tough team but they lack that winning attitude that the best teams have. good teams know they going to win bad teams are hoping they are going to win. I think the radio host up there might know more about the dolphins than the people that cover the dolphins

2nd and 1, pass bad move
2nd and 9, pass good move

While the result was bad the decision was good. For to many years we have been playing not to lose. I prefer to play to win.

I would rather lose swinging and fighting with Philbin and Sherman than lose scared with my tail between my legs like Sparano did the past 3 years.

Tannenhill vs Cardinals mini-game will be up overnight tonight on my Slipperysoaap channel on YouTube!


4th and goal from the 1. Probability says they will stack the box. The field goal is the safer bet. Why are we not bringing this up? Please don't tell me you are not playing the result. You are. Have they won, this article would not have been written.

You play to win the game.

Bad risk-reward play calling for the following reasons:

1. Rookie QB who has thrown some bad picks.

2. Only second down, an incomplete would stop the clock.

3. A first down wouldn't have ended the game at that point.

4. Defense was playing great, let them go 80 yards or more with no time outs.

5. Despite what Sherman said, big difference between a 7 point lead and a 3 point lead in that situation.

There's a time to be aggressive, and a time to be conservative. This was the latter on all counts. Admit your mistake Mike, and let's improve and move on.

This team is getting better evry week. The last 2 games were tough in that they resulted in losses, but I like where this team is headed. They are playing to win. That means being aggressive. This team can play with anybody right now. They have to learn how to win. That will come in time. They are going to surprise some teams this season. Tannehill is a future star.

I also felt Sherman probably lost the game with that play.
I also felt the offensive play calling of passing with lead in the Jets game deep in your territory probably lost that game as well

Mando you are such a hypricrite. I bet if we look at your blogs last year you second guess Sparano and Dabol when they went into conservative run mode to protect a lead. In fact I know you did. That is what you do, act like you know what these guys get paid for. Pathetic dude.

Unfortunately for you, Phinatic, what you're saying is a lie.

I did not criticize Sparano and Daboll last year for failing to hold a lead and play smart football. Fact is, the Dolphins were 0-7 last year and never found themselves in a similar position.

I did criticize the defense for failing to hold leads against Cleveland and Denver but that is another issue. And I'm sure you think that was wrong, too, because you clearly don't know anything about football.

When you drop back to pass, only 3 things can happen - and two of them are bad. Poor call by Sherman with a young, turnover prone QB and a defense pinning their ears back blitzing 6.

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